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To Continue with my search for fur and My escapades… While in high school I hung out with one guy whose mother owned one of those multi-colored rabbit jackets. One day we were playing hockey in front of his house. His mom had called to him that his dinner was ready. I didn’t have to…

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Sableman’s Post

I just wanted to take the time to post my fur fetish beginnings. I have found others very interesting and appreciate all who have written theirs on this forum. (Thanks Fur Burger for kind of starting it). By the way, before I get started, I am a Federal employee and I’m sitting at my computer…

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Minkme’s Post

When I was little, I remeber secretly playing with my grandma’s old china mink coat. While in my late 20’s, I used to store things in my grandma’s extra bedroom. One day, went by to pick somethings up. I wondered if that old coat is still around so I looked in the closet. Yes it…

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FurDiver’s Post

Hello all, I am a first time poster but a long time forum watcher. I was so happy to find out that I am not alone in my love of furs. My first experience with fur goes back to when I was about six or seven. My aunt had two fur coats, one was a…

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Foxfurbee’s Post

I’m new to this…like many I thought I was alone in my passion for furs and ‘soft’ female apparel. For me it started when I was about five as I was next door at the neighbours house I noticed the oldest of the three boys, who was about 10 at the time, was wearing his…

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Rob9846’s Post

I can never remember what exactly started it off but when i was a kid we had a fur in the garage loft which for some reason i liked to wear not pleasure myself just touch it that never aroused any suspision because i always used to play up there. Also while writing this i…

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Caveboy2002’s Post

My love of fur started in the late 70’s when I was reaching puberty. I had watched a documentory on tv depicting early man. I was awed by seeing those scantally clad cave women tanning hides and furs. I wanted to be a cave person so bad. Ironically, my neighbor owned a sheepskin store and…

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RonGav’s Post

At age 55, I can look back and remember how it might have started. As a very young child I would sit wrapped in a blanket and suck my thumb. (Gross!)I recall the good secure feelings I had during those times. When I was 4-5 years old, while taking a nap, the jacket of my…

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FurrierPaul1’s Post

My love of furs started when I was a little baby boy. When I was baptized my Godmother, Aunt NellyG, wore a mink stole. I guess as a little boy when I went over to her house I would ask her to show me the furs she had. Since I was so lucky, when I…

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Fluffy272’s Post

For me it started when I was quite young. I remember we had an art class where we had to make a mask. This was in maybe 2nd grade. I can rember the teacher had a bunch of bins with different material we could use for our mask. There was a bin labeled “fur”. I…

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