A 3 Minute Fur Story

by Furmuff

Jonathan sat on the edge of his bed, his head bowed in silence.

His mother stood over him her arms folded. “Look Jonathan she said angrily. I have to go out and we need to clear this matter up now. I am extremely disappointed that you would go against your own mother. Now, I know you like this girl and I know you have been dating her behind my back. I also know you had plans to go out tonight, but I am sorry dear, I cannot allow that.”

Jonathan started to plead. “But please mother……..”

His mother put a finger over his mouth. “Shhh dear. Now you just call Linda and tell her you cannot go out tonight. Then you can arrange a time to speak to her and tell her that it’s finished between you.”

Jonathan was almost in tears.“But mother, I really like her.”

His mother smile, “Of course you do. It’s only natural, but how do you think she would feel about you and your little problem, if someone was to tell her all about it.”

Jonathan was terrified.“Mother, you wouldn’t…..”

“Now honey. Your secret is safe with me, dear.” She was getting impatient with him. “Call her now!” She snapped.

Jonathan jumped at her order, but he was resigned to the task. “All right Mother. I will call her, but how can I?”

His mother laughed, “Oh! Sweet, silly me.” She picked up the phone and dialed the number as he read it out to her. She placed the phone to his ear. Jonathan was trembling. “What will I tell her,”Jonathan asked?

“Simple baby, why don’t you tell her you are tied up tonight.” She sat beside him as Jonathan tried to explain the situation, making up yet another excuse to break a date. However the conversation did not last long as Linda slammed the phone down. Jonathan looked defeated.

“Oh baby don’t be upset.” His mother pulled him over and swaddled him in her arms of her huge sable fur coat.“ Jonathan tried to struggle free, but soon was intoxicated by the softness and fragrance of the fur and smothered himself in its ecstasy. “Now baby, that’s enough,” pulling him free. “I don’t want you to get too attached to my furs because that’s what got you into this trouble in the first place.” She went to his closet and pulled out a large white fox boa.

Jonathan looked up, ”No please….”

She wrapped it around his mouth muffling his pleas and tucked it into the huge collar of his full length lynx coat. “I know there is no one hear to you tonight, but it’s the rule. When little boys have been bad they need to be sent bed and should not speak until they apologize. You can show me you are sorry tomorrow by cleaning the house and doing the shopping and we will forget all about this little incident.”

Because his hands were cuffed in a mink muff, she laid him down gently nestling his head in the fox pillows. Then she put the rabbit fur socks on his feet and cuffed them together, fixed his sheared raccoon night dress over his diaper and buttoned his fur coat. She drew the huge white fox duvet up and tucked him in tightly. When she finished. she bent over and kissed him on his forehead. “Goodnight baby. Be a good boy.”

She switched off the light, but the last thing he heard was the key turning to lock his bedroom room door.