A First Meeting

by Furslave

We’ve been talking on the phone for a while but never met. We were using a phone system to talk to new people and hopefully meet. She was a dominatrix and I was a slave. Using this system I spent a lot of money but never found what I was looking for. My search was honest. I was looking to find a true dom but also a lover. Of course in my deep fantasies I was hoping to find a woman who likes fur. It’s my fetish. I was a young men, 28 years of age, 6 feet tall, 175 pounds, beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. I consider myself average but girls seems to think I’m very good looking. She said she was 5’6, 130 pounds, green eyes and dirty blond hair.

We agreed to meet in a restaurant. She lives far from me but when she described how she was to dress to meet me, suddenly, I was ready to go around the world. She said she was gonna wear high black boots, black gloves and a faux black fur coat. I could believe it when she said that. She asked me to rent a motel room and to put on a collar and my ankle restraint, and of course to bring my wrist bracelets. What a hard on I had.

So we met at the restaurant, and let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed. She didn’t look like a dom but she sure sound like it. I wore the collar around my neck but all along dinner I kept my scarf on it so nobody could see it. I’m almost certain that she noticed how excited I was, especially when she ask me to take off her fur coat. I was behind her, so able to smell her coat, her perfume was divine! She then asked me, as a proof, to give her my ankle from under the table to verify that I followed her demand.

After dinner, she insisted on paying the bill saying she wasn’t there to use my money but to use me. So we head back to my car, and she asked me to put my wrist bracelets on. She then attached a leach to my collar and asked me to drive around town. I was ordered not to look at her and not talk only if I was ordered to. She told me I was better looking then what I said over the phone. She said she was very good at noticing things. For example she notice I looked at her boots when we first met. Then she said that I spoke about one thing a lot. She she notice I was hiding my feelings when speaking about it. She says she’s pretty sure I like black, boots, leather and something else. I had to say yes.

So, we made it to the room and ordered me to undress totally. Then she made me walk like a dog around the room with the leach on. The she ordered me to kneel in front of her and to put my arms behind my back. Close your eyes and look down the floor. So I did. Before I could realize what had just happened, she locked my hands behind my back, ballgag me tight and throw her coat on me. I couldn’t stop it and said: Ummmmmm!!!

She then trow me on the bed, on my back with my hand stuck. She then tied my ankle together. I almost couldn’t move. She then remove the coat from over my head, put it on and told me she had to leave and she was to comeback. She told me not to move and if I would do so, she would know and I was to be punished. And then she left.

I was there laying on the bed, all tied up, and could not scream. OH!, before she left she opened the TV and put it on a porno movie. I couldn’t remember the perfume of her coat on my face. Just thinking of it was enough to give me an erection…plus the movie…

Probably two hours went by, I fell asleep when she came back. She had a bag in her hand and looked at me with a big smile. She was almost dress the same way except for her coat. It was a long crystal hooded coat. She sat down next to me, caress my face. I could feel the softness of the fur caressing my face. Her perfume was so…!!! She then took out a paddle and a whip from the bag. She then turn me over, on her knees and start spanking me with the paddle. My erected dick and balls were on her coat. It was hurting me but the feeling of her coat and the smell of it could just make me sit there and accept everything this goddess was giving me.

After about 50 spanking, She turned me over and start kissing me, or at least, the ballgag and around it. She then told me she was gonna remove the ballgag but if I was to make any sound she was to put it back. I said thank you Mistress, and she smiled. From the same bag, she pulled out her faux black fur coat and put it on my head again, but only this time it was tight. I think she took my scarf to tie it around my neck. My excitement was very high. The smell, the softness, the touch, my position, her beauty…everything to make this memorable.

She then asked me if I wanted to be her slave, and I knobed YES. And this is how She started to be my FURQUEEN and I started to be her FURSLAVE.

After asking me if I wanted to be her slave, and after I knobed yes, she then removed the faux fur coat from over my head and looked at me. She then removed my ball gag and looked at me while I was lying there vulnerable.

Then she stood up, looked at me straight in the eye and ask me all about my fantasies. She said, “if you don’t tell me all about them, this is going to be the longest night of your life.” There I was, all in bondage, offered and there was nothing I could do. So I told her, thinking this was my best and only way to get out of it. I told her about the leather, latex, bondage, being the slave of a real dom, being raped by my dom…but I didn’t say anything about the fur. Once I finished with all, she asked me if I had forgoten anything and I said no. She insisted and again I told her that was it. She had a little smile on her face, nothing encouraging for me. Somehow, it felt like she knew I wasn’t telling the whole truth! <br>So she put the ballgag back into it’s normal place as she said. Then she helped me to stand up and put a blindfold over my eyes. After that she unlocked my hand from behind my back and put them on my side. I stand there for a bit while she stepped out of the room. I heard the sound of a car and thought to my self, not again!!! Somehow she likes to leave me there! But two minutes later she was back…thank god!

She now tells me that my education is gonna start now. So she starts touching my balls and my erected dick with her gloves and I can feel the touch of her coat. I don’t know if she is doing it on purpose but it’s good. Now she is masturbating me with the fur. Hummmm!!!!This is good, too good to be true actually. After a while she stops and start caressing me with the coat all over my offered body. I cannot stop the sounds coming from my mouth.

Then she stops and sit down and ask me what she is going to do with me. She tells me she as an idea and ask me if it is OK for me to be with her all week-end. Basically she wants to know if I have to go back to someone. She removes my gag and I tell her no. That I could be away for one or two weeks and nobody would notice. I have my own company and I travel a lot. People are used to not see me around.

As we are friendly talking to each other, meaning I’m answering all her questions about my private life, her cell phone rings and she starts talking to someone about the fact that she might have found something but she will need help. She hong up the phone and tell me that my education to be her slave is gonna start soon.

So, she stands up, go to her bag and take something. She ask me to open my legs while she puts my dick in a little something. Once it’s in place, she attached the belt behind me. She tells me she was waiting for my dick to be small and now she put it into a chastity belt. As she is laughing at me she tells me I wont be able to have an erection for a while!

Once this is all secured she starts wrapping me into saran wrap. I cant move anymore. My ankle are still tied up but now with this I’m absolutely unable to move an inch. She then put somekind of a bag over my head. She then help me down and roll me into something. I feel very helpless. I told her I was ready to be her slave but I never expected anything like it.

We waited there for what seems to be forever, and somebody came knocking at the door. I was so nervous. I couldn’t move, speak, hear or see anything. Then I felt lifted in the air. Somebody was at the front of me and somebody was carrying my legs. Don’t know where I was going, didn’t know much basically! I was put into a van. I tried to roll but couldn’t. After a while we came into a bumpy road and stopped. My heart was pounding. I hardly heard the voice of my Mistress saying…he lied to me. That was it, no more voice. I was taking and put somewhere and left there. Then somebody came and rolled me on the side, unwrap me from what I was in, remove the bag from over my head, and finally remove my blindfold. I was in the middle of nowhere and a girl was looking at me. Never seen her before. She then remove the ball gag, and ask me how I arrived here. I was in the middle of a field, naked, with a chastity belt, locked, and in saran wrap. She asked me who did that to me and why? I asked if she was alone and she said yes. She asked me if I wanted to call the police, and I said no. She started to remove the saran wrap and when it was done, it was cold, very cold. It was late November, she lives on a farm, alone, and was taking a walk, like every morning 5 O’clock. She had a fur coat on, it was a long red sheared beaver.

She offered me to wear it and come to her house. It was hard to walk since I had the restraint to my ankle and wasn’t able to remove them I accept, since it was that or walk naked to her house. The coat was too small for me so I put it on my shoulders. Once in the house, she made me a hot chocolate and we sat down in front the fire place on a bear skin rug. She offered me a blanket which I took but alo kept the coat.

When she came back to me, I notice how beautiful she was. She had a white blouse and seems to be a black bra with a pair of blue jeans. She had straight black hair past her shoulder and had a pair of cowboy boots. Once in the house, she remove them to put on a pair of black satin sandals with black maraboo on it. She the offered me to try to cut those locks but I told her we weren’t gonna be able to. She ask me if it was a chastity belt and I said yes. So I was there, on her floor, in front of the fire place, on a blanket with her fur coat on me, locked into a chastity belt, my ankle and my wrist also locked up!!!

She looked at me and told me she wasn’t scared of me and that if I wanted to sleep here I could do so. There was nothing I could do, and couldn’t think of anything to do. So as weird as it may sound we start talking.

After about five minutes, she then started to look at me straight in the eyes, and asked me, very seriously if I was somebodies slave? She said, obviously, dress like this you are! I said yes. She then came to me and start kissing me, and caressing me. she told me straight in the face, that seeing me like this was exciting her. She said since your a slave, that means you have to obey? I said yes, but obey to my Mistress. She said, do you see her? So since you don’t see her, I’ll be your Mistress, you have to call me Mistress Cincy, is that clear? Yes Mistress.

So she start slapping my face with her hand, she then lay me down on my back and start caressing the chastity belt. My dick is pounding, it wants to come out. She pinch my nipples, kiss me hard. She then turns me around and start slapping my but. I cant believe this. She tells me she knows BDSM but never really had a chance to do it. So now she’s grabbing her chance. So she takes off her blouse and I see her grey bra. She gives them to me to lick them both. Then she stands up, remove her jeans and her grey panty and sits on my face. She said with a strong voice to lick it all without missing a drop. So I do. She ask me to say thank you. So I say thank you Mistress Cindy and she smiled at me. So she said to me, you wont mind to sleep here in the basement, wont you slave. No Mistress Cindy. So she helped me up, and we went down in the basement. It was dark and cold. There was a mattress there with no lining. So she ask me very simply, what type of sheets I would like to have. Since it was very cold, I ask if she had some kind of fur blanket, with that, I would keep warm. So she went up stairs, took the bear rug, put it on the bed, and raped me into her fur coat. It was perfect. Then she asked me if I liked fur and I says yes Mistress Cindy, I have a little fetish for it. I felt like I should say the truth. So I lay there in bed, still excited with what had happened to me. She went up stairs and locked the door behind her. Once again the slave of a Mistress. I felt asleep very easily.

Later, I was woke up by her kissing me and sitting on my face again. Her juice was very good. After screaming her excitement, she left me there again, but this time, put the ball gag back into it’s original place and put on the blind fold. She said she was gonna keep me there until she was finish with me. She said since your here, I dont think you will mind me using you, after all, it is better then laying in the fields in the middle of nowhere| I couldn’t agree more. Before leaving the room, she asked me to knob to her on how important was my fetish for fur. When she said: couldn’t live without it, I knobed. She left.

After a while sleeping, I heard voices. I moved a bit, trying to see who it was but could not. The voices stopped. Somebody came and sat on my chest and start caressing my face with fur, it was a good feeling, so I moan. Right away, my blindfold were removed and there she was, my true Mistress, sitting on me with a big smile. OH my god, what a shock! I’m certain that my face turned red instantly. And she said to me: So you like fur!!!! And you didn’t tell me about it, but you told a perfect stranger and called her Mistress Cindy! You are in deep shit slave. I’m gonna wrap you into fur and you are gonna sweat like the bad little dog you are. Your mine and you are gonna OBEY ME and those I say. You little lying bastard. Now stand up! The rest of the story will come later. One thing for sure this was a set up and I fell right into it!

This is a true story. Only a few changes were made. If you want to know the rest of the story, let me know.