Area 51

By Stacyanne

Area 51

The Earth was first noticed by the Fur Empire in the early forties of the twentieth century. They detected the light flashes and the radioactivity associated with the development of the atomic bomb. The Fur Empress immediately dispatched a scouting expedition. Their function was to do a quick survey to evaluate the capabilities of the people on the planet Earth.

The results of their mission reported that the different tribes were at war with each other. They had no advanced abilities and the atomic bomb was primitive and under development. The planet had one feature of interest to the Fur Empress. The Earth had the ability to produce furs. This fact alone determined that the Earth would be colonized as a part of the Fur Empire.

Over the next few years, the Earth was scrutinized by many scouting expeditions. The scout ships were visible to the people on Earth and they were classified by the military as unidentified flying objects (UFO). In order to colonize the Earth, they had to understand the people. This resulted in reported and unreported kidnappings. The reported kidnappings resulted in spectacular stories in the trash press and the un-reported ones resulted in the development of individuals who would be loyal to the Fur Empire.

Without exception, those loyal to the Fur Empire were all women and they were rewarded with beauty and wealth. But there was one feature which was only partially successful. Instead of being true lesbians, they all were bisexual. This created a small problem for the leadership of the Fur Empire, since all of its prominent citizens were lesbians. The decision was made that the Earth would always remain segregated from the rest of the Fur Empire. It also resulted in developing the Earth male into a she-male. The thought of having sex with a male was unacceptable to the Fur Empress and the other prominent citizens of the Fur Empire.

An unfortunate event was the crash of a Fur Empire scout ship near Roswell, NM. The scout ship and any of its remains were secured by the Air Force and taken to Nellis Air Force base in southern Nevada. This was the beginning of Area 51. The crash was classified as a top secret and Area 51 received a top security clearance with the security forces authorized to shoot any trespassers.

The breakthrough occurred in 1961 when the secure hanger doors for the hanger housing the downed scout ship opened and a Fur Empire command ship entered and came to rest in the hanger. The doors then closed without any action on the part of base personnel. The Fur Empire personnel on the ship quickly established their superiority and the relationship between the Fur Empire and the military was established.

Over the years the size of Area 51 was greatly increased and much of the additions were converted into Mink and Fox ranches providing some of the fur pelts desired by the Fur Empire. The Fur Empire through its women converts established additional Mink and Fox farms in Europe, large Chinchilla ranges in the mountains of Chili, large forest preserves for Sable in Russia and additional preserves in Canada for Sable, Fisher, Martin and Beaver.

Rumors about Area 51 flourished with the constant reporting of the strange blue light which occurred when a space freighter arrived or departed for the Fur Empire loaded with fur pelts and the reports of the air craft noise made by the huge air freighters arriving from various parts of the world loaded with fur pelts. It became the Earth headquarters for the Fur Empire complete with accommodations for the Fur Empire Administrator, medical and beauty facilities and fur living modules for she-male converts. Furs remained available on Earth, but they became extremely expensive and only worn by the very rich. Over the years the influence of the Fur Empire greatly expanded and they, in fact, were now rulers of the Earth. The number of recruited women, known as the Fur Earth Women or FEW for short, now numbered over 1000, controlled over 90% of the planets wealth and is well into their second generation of converts. The features of the FEW and the she-males duplicated the features of the Fur Empire Women. The FEW were instilled with a desire for furs similar to the Fur Empire Women.

In 1997 Alyssa became the new Fur Empire administrator. She was 17 years old and considered to be the next Fur Empress. She was a classic Fur Empire woman. A dedicated lesbian, 5 foot 10 inches tall, a 36C-24-34 inch body with an obsessive drive to look beautiful. She delighted in wearing seductive fur outfits, massive amounts of jewelry and shoes with a minimum of 6-inch heels. She is also a compulsive shopper and a party girl.

While she dedicated to providing furs to the empire, she saw no reason why she should not have a good time. The first item on her agenda was to establish a home in Las Vegas. This alone increased to social status of the city. The FEW immediately followed the lead of Alyssa by also acquiring homes in the city. The fashion and beauty industry followed the FEW. All of the designers moved their anchor shops to the city. Models flocked to the city for choice modeling assignments. The casinos were all revamped and expanded. The two major casinos are the Chinchilla Condominium and Casino and the Sable Condominium Towers and Hotel. Both have a major shopping arcade featuring the fur salons of the major designers and the jewelry salons of the major jewelers. A number of other complexes for living and shopping were built on the sites of other hotels and casinos along the fabled strip. All of the fashion shows moved to Las Vegas and the number of yearly shows was increased from two to four a year. Las Vegas became the social and business center of the world.

The pool areas of the Chinchilla and Sable complexes became the favorite meeting places for the FEW. Lesbian sex was common in the pool area and the shopping arcades. Those wishing to have a male sexual partner still had to go to the she-male compound in Area 51. The she-males were still a defiant group and they were required to wear control collars. If they left the compound, they were also required to wear full-length fur coats and their hands were locked into matching fur muffs. Without the use of their hands she-males became willing and easily manageable sex objects. Eventually they were allowed to go out of the compound and accompanied their ‘mistress for the day’ to a day at the pool or shopping at one of the complexes.

The she-males were always looking for ways to escape. There were two exceptions. One was Alana and the other was Stephanie. They seemed to accept their new identities and were always willing to leave the compound. They were extremely fond of shopping for furs and their living quarters were filled with them. They also considered themselves male lesbians and were proud to show their skills around the pool areas. They would often romp topless through the pool area showing off their tits, wearing only the briefest of bikini panties. Their bikini panties were so brief; it was rumored that a single chinchilla pelt would be sufficient to make three of their bikinis. They wore short jackets or stoles to combat the chill of the air conditioning when they were in the casino or the shopping arcade. Their evening furs were just as provocative as their daywear. Their dresses were extremely tight, backless and deep plunging fronts. Everyone was always waiting to see if their asses or tits would break free of their fur outfits. Needless to say, they quickly became favorites with the FEW. They were also known to create chaos in the casino, restaurants and the night clubs.

They quickly came to the attention of Alyssa. She wondered what caused these two she-males to adjust to their new way of life. It appeared that they had no desire to escape and not only did they satisfy those women who wanted male sex, but they also were well schooled in the art of female lesbian sex. The only item that surfaced during her investigation was that these two she-males had a fur fetish. They were enjoying their new life in the world of fur. Eventually they would leave the Area 51 complex for a week or two at a time, spending this time in Las Vegas. Their control devices were passed from female to female during this time. Alana and Stephanie were up to the task. If they did not bring the necessary fur with them, they just went shopping. They had standing appointments in the complex beauty salons. They were accepted as ‘regulars’ in the complexes and no one bothered them if they were without a mistress around the pool or any of the other facilities of the complex.

Alyssa even invited them to parties at her home. She only had one rule for the two. No male sex at her home. This was perfectly acceptable to both Alana and Stephanie. They were pleased to show off their bodies and their lesbian skills. And it was another place where they could create sexual chaos.

Life was good for Stephanie and Alana. They had more furs than they could ever imagine. And they only had the best. They even had a suite at each complex which they used as a closet and dressing room. They moved freely through the complexes without anyone questioning them. Another rumor was that because of their freedom of movement within the complexes, they owned both of the complexes.

It was a busy night at the Sable complex. The newest members of the FEW were just welcomed into the organization. Those who were not inducted were spending their last night in Las Vegas and they were making sure that they were having a good time. The FEW brought about 150 she-males to the party.

Then the unthinkable happened. A severe thunderstorm disrupted electrical service and the control collars of all of the she-males became inoperative. Becoming aware of the loss of control, the she-males left with the intent to escape. Alana and Stephanie were the only exceptions, choosing to remain at the hotel. This proved to be an unfortunate choice for the two she-males.