Aunt Cindy – Part One

By Jake

 Chapter 1 – Introduction

John was a 14 year old boy who spends his holidays with his grandparents and aunt. He had done that since he was 8 years old and he always looked forward to those periods. But this year should be really different for him. At school he had fallen in love, but he was denied. But since that moment he couldn’t stop thinking about girls. John was very young when he found out that he had a special feeling for furs. His mom didn’t have any furs, but his grandma had always worn furs and she liked them a lot. Living with his grandparents was his aunt, Cindy. She was only 21 years old and the youngest sister of his own mother. Cindy seemed to have special feelings for furs too. Sometimes she even wore her furs indoors. Cindy was extremely good looking, with very long blond hair and a pretty face. Because his grandparents were extremely rich, they could afford a lot of furs.

His grandparents were very nice. He often went out camping with his grandpa. His aunt Cindy was really nice to him and from the moment she first met him, she liked her only nephew very much and liked to hang around with him. Today they were very close.

His mom dropped him off, kissed him goodbye and left. John had the same room he always had. The house of his parents was completely surrounded by forests and it was very quiet. It was a big house and it had the shape of the letter “U”. One of the 2 legs of the U was longer than the other one and his room was on top floor of the longest U.

After 3 weeks, his grandpa told John that he and his grandmother had to go to Europe on a business trip for the remainder of the holidays. Cindy would make sure that everything went right. Although John was sad that his grandparents left, he became quite excited about being alone in this huge house. And with only Cindy around, he should be able to see and play with his grandmothers’ furs!


Chapter 2 – Grandparents Gone

One evening shortly after they left, Cindy was visited by one of her closest friends. Her name was Deborah. She was as good looking as his aunt was. She came in and John immediately felt aroused by her huge red fox coat. The 2 girl went into Cindy’s room. John thought that this was the time to play with the furs of his grandmother. He had never seen her entire collection and he was quite curious. He walked into the room. There, his search was very short. He opened the biggest wardrobe in the room. He was amazed by the enormous collection of furs he saw there. Some of them he had seen before, but most of them were entirely new. He saw almost every kind of coat there, and the sight of all these furs aroused him a lot. He looked around and listened very hard, but there was nothing that indicated that his aunt knew that he was here. Now the second step. He took the four most beautiful coats from the wardrobe and brought them to his room. He had to do it quickly, so Cindy would not see him. The furs were a lot heavier than he expected, but he reached his room unseen by the 2 girls. Now he sneaked back to close the wardrobe again and make sure that he didn’t leave a trace of his visit. When he walked by the bathroom, he was spotted by Deborah, who asked, ”Hi John, going to the toilet?” “Yes,” he stammered and went inside very quickly. He closed the door behind him and was very thankful that she had given him a way out. He deeply breathed and listened if Deborah had gone. He heard nothing more and since she had carried glasses, he thought that she had gone back into Cindy’s room.

John silently opened the door and sneaked out. There was nothing to see or hear. He breathed deeply again and got to his grandparent’s room and closed the wardrobe. He heard the music in Cindy’s room become louder. He walked to the door again and listened, but the noise of the music made him unable to hear if anyone was in the hallway. So he guessed that no one was there and left the bedroom. To he relief the hallway was deserted and he went back to his room and closed the door.

There he watched his catch. On his bed lay 4 coats, a blue fox coat, a silver fox coat, as well as a white mink coat and chinchilla coat. The chinchilla was the one he liked the most. All the 4 coats were floor length. He took up the chinchilla coat and put it over his face. What an incredible feeling! It was so soft and nice. He smelled a fantastic perfume on the coat which he had never smelled before. This aroused him even more, and it didn’t take to long for him to get a tremendous hard-on.

He was interrupted by a loud knock on his door. He jumped up and quickly hid the coats under his bed. He sat down to hide his enormous hard on and yelled, “It’s open!” Cindy entered the room and asked, “Would you like to come to my room for a drink John?” Although his was afraid that she might discover his huge erection, John didn’t dare to say no. He always loved to drink something in her room, so she would find it very strange when he refused this time. “Yes, that would be really nice auntie.” “John, I already told you: don’t call me auntie. My name is Cindy, okay? Let’s go. You can meet Deborah too. I think you’re really going to like her.”

John went along and spent the rest of the evening in Cindy’s room. Her room was very nicely decorated. She had a zebra rug on the floor and 2 bear skins on the wall. On one of her bookcases lay some fox skins. Her sat down on her bed which was huge. He saw that Deborah had brought her coat with her and hung it over a chair. On the other chair he saw Cindy’s favorite coat, her floor length raccoon coat. He spoke to the girls and he did like Deborah. She seemed interested in the place he was from. When all the drinks were gone he wanted to go to bed, but Deborah proposed to get some more. John liked her very much and she was very attractive so he agreed. She left the room and it took a while for her to return. “I couldn’t find the other can, that’s why it took so long. I’m sorry!” she explained.


Chapter 3 – Watching

Finally back in his room, John collected the furs and brought them back to his grandmothers’ room. He returned to his room unseen. He happily walked to his window and looked outside. He looked out in the dark opening the window so he could see better. He heard the sound of Cindy’s music. He hung out of the window, but wasn’t able to look into her room. He tried to look before and never made it. He turned back and took a chair. He stood on it and bent over. If he reached out very far he could see her window. Although he thought that it was quite rude to spy on someone, he was really exited that he could watch without being noticed. He looked into the room and saw both of the girls. They wore their furs and were parading with them. This was his own aunt, but he couldn’t help it. He got extremely turned on. They moved out of his sight and he stared in the dark again, secretly hoping that they would return. But so far nothing happened. He watched and slowly his eyes got used to the dark and he could see more and more of the surroundings.

He turned to the window again and this time he really saw something. Both girls could be seen again, but he was blinded by the sudden strong light and he couldn’t see clearly right away. But was it..? Was it really? Yes, they were naked! Now his penis stiffened. His eyes were used to the light again and he watched amazed how both girls paraded through the room, with only their furs on, but they were opened and exposed everything to the heavily breathing John. He had never seen naked girls except for pictures in magazines. Now he saw both of these beautiful girls parading right in front of his own eyes! They sat down and began rubbing the furs on each other! This was getting more and more exiting every minute.

Cindy pulled her head back and opened her mouth while Deborah rubbed the soft red fox fur to her tights. He could see that she was shaking more and more, until it suddenly ended. Now Cindy did the same thing to Deborah. They played with each other! Although he found it horrible when two men or women had sex together, this event aroused him enormously and considered it as very sexy. He saw how they now embraced each other. They now switched the lights off. He thought that this was all he would see, so he pulled back and closed the window. He looked in the mirror and felt a little ashamed that he watched his own aunt having sex. He went to bed and fell asleep.


Chapter 4 – Revenge

He woke up by a loud bang on his door. He turned the light on and yelled, “It’s open!” The door opened and Deborah and Cindy entered, dressed in the furs. They also carried a box. “What’s happening Cindy? What’s going on? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?” John asked. “I think that you can answer that question yourself,” she replied. “You’ve been a naughty boy,” she continued, “do you recognized the contents of the box?” She showed him and he watched. Inside were the four furs of his grandmother. How did she know? Like she knew what he was thinking she continued, “How do I know? You acted a little strange this evening. So this is what you were doing. And you seem to be curious too, or why would you stare into my room when Deborah and I want to go to bed?” Although she caught him her voice sounded really nice. She knew everything! “Now because you saw us naked, we want something in return. We want to see you naked! Get out of bed and show us what you’ve got.” John didn’t dare to refuse. He got out of bed and pulled down his underwear.

“That’s not bad, is it Debbie? Well, I’ve seen it a lot worse on 18 year old dudes, so I suppose he’s do-able. Close your eyes, John,“ she ordered. He did what she said and closed them. He felt the soft fur as a fur boa was put over his eyes. “Now John, I know that you have a fur fetish. Just relax and this will be a wonderful experience for you. Do not move or speak unless we tell you too, okay?” John nodded his head. He didn’t know where this would go to, but since she knew that he watched her naked, Cindy could easily tell his mother, and that thought sent shivers down his spine. He had better obey her and hope that she would forgive him. So he agreed to do whatever she asked. He felt his hands being pulled back and tied with fur. It seemed like she had some type of fur ropes.

He was taken to another room. He suspected it to be Cindy’s. He was put and tied on a bed. He now was completely helpless, but to his own surprise, he found himself aroused by that. The girls were in complete control. They walked around him and sat upon him. He felt their fur clad, almost naked bodies touching his and it exited him even more. He had never had an experience like this before. His penis was rock hard by now. One girl sat on his legs, the other on his chest. He felt the fur caressing his chest. The other girl rubbed her sleeves between his legs. They giggled about his erection and the fur got closer to his penis. “John I want you to tell us when you are going to cum okay?” By the sound of her voice, John figured out that Cindy was sitting on his legs and Deborah on his chest. Now the girls started to rub his testicles and penis with the sleeves of their coats. John started moaning and crawling around. What an incredible feeling. It didn’t take long for him to scream that he was to cum. With a yell he exploded. Deborah took away the fur for his eyes. She bent over and gave him a open mouth kiss which seemed to last forever.

To be continued.