Bound in Fur for her Pleasure


By Brent Mundy

I am a slave to fur. I really didn’t want to be this way. I was forced into this life after years of unfulfilled dreams. Mistress Natasha made me make the choice between my old life or living under her rules. Now I actually live my dreams of sex and more. I guess I really don’t care about anything else.

The room is cool and well lit but I cannot feel the coolness nor see the light. I am reveling in the powerful embrace of my bondage. Though my eyes are open, I can’t see. A full-head bondage hood covers them. I am forced to take short breaths due to the impossibly tight bondage corset that has been stretched around me and then carefully cinched up to perfect my 22-inch waist and hourglass figure. The fur-trimmed device tickles my body. My sissy-clitty throbbed uncontrollably as Mistress forced the fur covered spoon steel busk over my stomach with some difficulty then slowly, deliberately pulled the laces tighter and tighter. She is a strong woman but it still took 20 minutes before she finished.

I feel the pressure of the heavily fur lined under garments that enclose my stomach and hips. My own breasts are confined behind the largest pair of silicone tits I have ever seen. My nipples are aching as the suction devices, which link my nipples to the silicone ones, constantly stimulate and suck them. My back is already aching from the added weight of these huge boobs. My bright red kid leather hobble dress is so tight that my pointed breasts threaten to puncture through it. To add to my confinement, it is fur lined of course. The dress secures my silken encased legs at the ankles, calves and thighs, which prevents any real movement or walking. It is laced securely up the back with Mistress’s padlocks securing it. Skintight red leather gloves encase my arms from my fingers right up to my shoulders. Their large red fox fur cuffs caress my exposed skin.

I know I am teetering high above the floor, my feet arched agonizingly over the 6-inch heels of my red knee-high boots. My toes are painfully tortured, supporting every ounce of my weight. Walking with these boots with this dress is completely impossible. I am a prisoner who cannot escape. Securing the laces up the front of my boots are two more of Mistress’s small padlocks.

I clasp my hands behind my back, relishing the caress of the fur and leather, which encircles my body. I am drenched in my Mistress’s favorite perfume, Chanel Allure. The fragrance is driving me crazy with passion.

The heavy weight of the full-length red fox fur coat with its two-foot shawl collar and huge puff sleeves is wonderful on my shoulders. It adds to the sexual tension that I always get from being dressed in such feminine clothing. I am a stunning vision of red fox fur and bright red leather. Mistress has dressed me so I am a sinfully lustful apparition that screams, “Fuck me.”

To support myself, I am standing beside Mistress’s giant four-poster bed. When I feel unsteady, which is most of the time, I reach out for one of the posts for support. In preparation for this night, Mistress Natasha has had me pile dozens of fur coats, jackets and capes on the bed and the floor around it. When I was finished, the fur was at least two feet deep. When Mistress wasn’t looking, I rubbed furs on my face, my nipples, and my boy-clitty. Those were wonderful stolen moments, but, try as I might, I couldn’t get myself to cum because Mistress Natasha controls my orgasms and keeps me faithful with cock rings and a scrotum harness.

I hear the tip-tap of high heels approaching, accompanied by two distinctly female voices, one of which is Mistress Natasha’s. She must be escorting her customer to me. My breath quickens with excitement.

I hear our patron gasp when she enters. I thrill to the knowledge that I am the reason! Mistress has positioned me under a single ceiling spotlight that illuminates me with bright white light contrasting the bright red leather of my dress with the dark shadowy red and white of my coat. I can actually feel her eyes explore my figure. My enormous breasts, enveloped in tight red kid leather and exquisitely soft Chinchilla, had to have caught her eye first. It will depend on the nature of the woman and her fantasies whether my furs, boots, gloves, or ass claims her attention next.

As her eyes settle on my face, it will take her a few seconds to realize that it is not real. The heavy flesh-toned latex hood is tightly laced up the back of my head beneath the luxurious black hair built into the hood and hangs down to my generous butt. The eyes are expertly made up green and white glass inserts, with heavy eye shadow, and long oversized eyelashes. The high cheeks are sculpted and the facial details are painted beautifully. The only holes in the mask are a tiny pair at the nostrils, and a large one where my mouth is.

The mouth of the hood itself is a work of art. Vivid red lips seemingly forced open, just inviting a big juicy tongue fuck. The thick lips, coated with fresh lipstick, glisten under the spotlight. The flushed, heavily rouged cheeks, frame the modeled lips, still glistening with sweet-tasting lip-gloss.

Mistress said I must use all of my feminine wiles to seduce our caller tonight so I run my long, wet tongue around my juicy sparkling red lips, knowing that it will catch the light. Mistress Natasha’s guest makes a guttural, animal sound. The sight of a wet, crimson tongue slithering beneath my erotic mask has captivated her! “Please.” I whisper, “Fuck my wiggling tongue and come all over my mouth.”

My breasts heave with each restricted breath. My body is trembling with anticipation. Without warning, Mistress grabs roughly at my crotch and begins massaging it vigorously. My involuntarily moan elicits yet another exclamation from our visitor. “See, this bitch is hot for you,” my Mistress observes.

Mistress Natasha knew her touch would draw our guest’s eyes downward. At least four layers of smooth, fur-lined foundation garments separate my sexual organs from her hand. Deep inside, my penis and balls are tightly encased in a leather chastity device that Mistress had made for me. It constantly rubs them in soft fur every time my hips or legs move. My stiff erection pulled painfully down between my legs may not show through my dress but the fur will still tease it endlessly. Its hard purple head just barely touches my anal rosebud.

The guest is quickly starting to appreciate the eroticism of my particular bondage. Except for my obvious and supremely accessible mouth, I am stealthily packaged to prohibit any outside intrusion from head to toe, until my Mistress permits it! My tight leather-covered, fur-lined genital area is as firm and featureless as a doll’s. I am held so tightly that my breasts, though they swell when I breathe, do not jiggle, nor do my huge nipples showing under the skintight covering. My sturdiest bra binds them rigidly, while just the hint of the soft fur trim seductively peeks from behind its edges.

My waist, arms, legs, and even my face are all hidden safely behind layers of leather, latex and fur. Everything except for my moist, pink mouth. My vulnerable, inviting, horny mouth. Using my sexiest fur slut voice, I whisper through the mask. “Please. Please fuck me! I want to be your nasty little cum toy.” But my customer doesn’t answer.

My nerves are vibrating; the sexual tension is causing the blood to throb in my temples. I want to be screwed and I want this woman to do it to me now. She absolutely must touch me, take me, use me, and abuse me. Mistress is videotaping my performance. She will enjoy using it later to humiliate me repeatedly when I am no longer hot and horny. But right now, I yearn to taste the sweet love nectar of our guest. I want to be the lesbian lover of her dreams.

Mistress breaks the tension. “Go ahead, Madam Jazmin,” she prompts her. “I told you I would have a specially wrapped package to be yours for as long as you want. Help yourself!” “Yesss,” I whisper hearing the guest’s name, I try to inch blindly forward. “Please, Madam Jazmin … make love to me… I want to be your fur sissy” “Be quiet, bitch!” my guest snaps. “Cunts can’t talk and that’s all you are.” That’s exactly what I am, just a cunt and a whore. My name is Lovey. Lovey Kravesit.

Impatiently, I await her touch. I literally shiver with delight when she places her hands firmly on the cheeks of my ass. No contemplative fingering for this one. Just straight down to business with a bold, possessive grasp!

She runs her fingers slowly, lovingly, up my waist as if she can’t believe its tiny dimensions. She squeezes, kneads my leather skin with her fingertips, probing my armor, and finding the layers of leather and the stiff boning of my corset beneath the bright red dress and shining thick fur coat. Like any other cum slut who knows she is about to be fucked, I shiver, and grasp the bedpost beside me for support.

Madam Jazmin continues to explore her new toy. Her hands slide up the underside of my monumental breasts. I try to draw a deep, shaky breath. Through the special suction cups behind the great silicone falsies, her pressure is transmitted to my own nipples, hidden deep beneath my fake one, thrilling me as much as if they were real. They are real, as far as I am concerned! Their firmness, their heft, and their shape are perfect for the whore that I have become. A low moan of shame and pleasure escapes my pussy-mouth with her every touch.

“Go ahead. Take her, Madam Jazmin,” my Mistress encourages. I don’t know how Madam Jazmin is dressed tonight, but hearing her name brings back memories of my induction into Mistress’s fur cloister as her personal fur slave. Madam Jazmin, a beautiful fur Domme drenched in gorgeous furs, presided over the “hazing ceremony.” That memory makes this night even more exciting to me! At this moment, I hope that I appear to be perverse and helpless enough for her passionate pleasures. I cannot hold myself back. My leather-gloved hands steal outward, feeling the softness of the furs she is wearing, lightly working from her shoulders to her breasts.

SLAP! “Stop it you insolent bitch!” Though my mask cushions the totally unexpected blow, my bizarre footwear is too unstable to support me. My arms flail in panic as I fall, but the sideboard of the bed hits my calves and I am thrown onto the comforting softness of the deep pile of furs on the bed.

I have insulted Madam Jazmin by being too forward and assuming that she wanted to be touched by a fur slut. “You rotten cunt!” she screams. “I’ll teach you some manners.” A pair of powerful hands pin my slender wrists together behind my back. Soon the hands are replaced with handcuffs, produced from somewhere in the darkness. My breathing quickens as my fear increases.

A few minutes later Mistress Natasha brings a bondage sleeve into the room. In no time at all my coat is stripped from me and my arms are pinned behind me, encased in tight leather, wrist to wrist, elbow to elbow, firmly laced up the center of my back almost pulling my arms out of their sockets. This increased confinement causes my excitement to soar. I can feel my the pre-cum from my long thin clitty drip into my asshole.

My feet are picked up and I am thrown into the center of the bed. A few moments later Madam Jazmin begins a pensive exploration of my ass. My gorgeous fanny—those round, meaty spheres separated by a deep “V” seam down the center of my dress! I squirm around for a few moments, savoring the sound of the friction between leather and fur and the pressure of Madam’s hands on my deeply buried cock.

Before long, Madam Jazmin has rolled me on my side and is enjoying herself, playing with both my ass and my tits. Playfully, I try to edge away from her, encouraging her to grab me more firmly and force her attentions upon my inviting body. I grunt and wiggle with special fervor when she explores my crotch. She teases and probes, but I know she cannot penetrate my leather and fur armor without the keys to my padlocks.

I thrash about furiously as she tries to storm my sissy-pussy. I am increasingly stimulated by her touch. She maintains her persistence. She steadfastly refuses to give up her assault. As she works, she conscientiously endeavors to maintain a rhythmic stroking against my nether parts that increases my stimulation by the device Mistress has locked on to my privates. My entrapped sissy genitals continue responding vigorously to her touch. The pain is delicious.

The pressure building inside me can no longer be restrained. I abandon myself to the passion of the moment! I am thrusting my pelvis to meet my attacker, which just causes me to fur myself even more! I try to scoot closer to her, pressing my breasts against her.

Tiny feminine cries of excitement escape my lips. While she kneads my breasts with one hand, and my crotch with the other, my leather-covered thighs are slithering up the inside of her crotch. The soft Chinchilla fur of my undergarments feels heavenly l across my legs. Madam’s hands steal up to cradle my face. She strokes my long black hair. I can hear her breathing become faster. She will not stop in her increasing lust for her fur sissy, and I am bound for her pleasure. Just the way Mistress wants it.

I can only imagine how unbelievably sexy we must be, me swaddled deeply in leather and fur, with my warm, wet cunt-licking mouth cradled between her strong hands, and my jet-black curls draped softly over them. I wet my shining red lips, again.

Suddenly she pulls away from me and I feel her getting off the bed. What have I done wrong now?? Am I to receive more punishment? Madam Jazmin soon returns to me with one end of her double-headed dildo already buried deep in her pussy.

“Please, fuck me” I whisper, as I feel her hands grab my head again and push me lovingly closer to the incredible dildo she has just strapped around her waist and will now use to completely humiliate me. “Please fill me up!”

The faint rasp of her increased breathing is a symphony of pleasure to my hungry ears! My own breathing is labored. The tightness of my bondage is giving me an oxygen-deprived high, increasing my sexual tension. We are buried in the fur, which has become my life. She drags me roughly up between her legs. Once she rolls on her back and forces me onto my tummy, I have no trouble holding my head up. My enormous breasts are a perfect prop! She pushes me downward to put my pussy-mouth closer to her crotch. For the first time, the thick, sweaty aroma that has been locked between her legs assails my nostrils through the mask.

Madam Jazmin pulls my head up, and I feel her sweep my long black hair around the back of my neck, to better view the erotic specter of my mouth hovering over her cock. She holds me by the hair, which is firmly sewn to the back of the mask that covers my whole head. I feel her strong legs slide over my shoulders and lock behind my back. How I long for my sight! I know that her dildo would be filling my vision right now, hypnotizing me. Is it long and thick? Is it smooth or covered with veins? Does it have a vibrator? Will it be filled with cum-juice? Is it now awaiting the delicate touch of my tongue?

And then I know! Using my delicious tongue as my feeler, I can tell it has a smooth, velvety head, with a small, slot in the tip, which is dripping something. It is slowly forced between my waiting lips. And, good news, there is a long, thick shaft behind it!

With infinite tenderness, I caress her penis with my lips and tongue as she slowly presses my head downward. I tenderly stroke it under the corona. I can also smell the heavy scent of her perfume. Her missile tastes salty and there’s another flavor that I can’t identify. She laughs as she explains, “Enjoy the flavor bitch. I just used this to break in the sissy cunt of another new member of the fur club and I saved the task of cleaning it for you.”

Ever lower, she presses my head, forcing me onto my prize. If I could see it, her penis would now have the long drag marks from my shamelessly thick red lip paint and saliva along its entire length. But I can no longer work upon her member with my lips and tongue; I must concentrate on suppressing my gag reflexes while she is overstuffing my mouth and throat. At the base of her member, I can feel and smell the fur of her pussy. I struggle to force my nose deep into her bush for even more!

After a while, I feel the tip of her dildo tenaciously pushing against the back of my throat. Like the good fur sissy I am, I open it to receive all that she has to give me! Giving head to her penis-head with my throat. As it is, I must settle for turning my head from side to side to enhance to the friction of my mouth upon her cock!

As I had dreamed, Madam Jazmin makes the tension of the act last by taking a very leisurely pace. Finally, I can sense that her body is working up to a climax. She has a death grip on both sides of my head, entwining her fingers in my beautiful hair. She lets out a long, low moan, which slides smoothly into a loud cry of lust! With animalistic fury, she begins pounding her prick into my face. In addition, with each stroke the other end pounds into her own pussy.

Repeatedly she slams her shaft deep into my mouth. I no longer have time to relax and accept her! She is battering my throat with her powerful ram! Time and time again. I stop counting as she continues to jerk my face up and down the length of her tool.

I can’t fight her, but completely give in to her passion. I move in harmony with her, driving myself down repeatedly to meet her thrusting hips. I know the beginning of her explosions cannot be far off, but I am startled when she screams and several great, salty, whitish-hot bursts of liquid follow each other into my throat. My lady’s cock is full of thick cum! This surprise swirls around my hungry mouth, inundating me with the sickly, slimy flavor I have learned to love, as I swallow as much as I can down my throat. Madam Jazmin raises my head to behold her triumph, and it drips in slender, obscene strings from my steaming twat-mouth!

She lowers my head to let my tongue clean her. This session has driven me mad with passion that, thanks to my cock ring, only continues to rise! She sees me lying on the bed still pumping my hips madly, my enormous breasts threatening to tear my top open, and her sticky cum running down the chin of my feminine mask. I continue hopelessly thrusting into the mound of furs on the bed, helplessly praying for one of my Mistresses to have pity on me and give me release. I hear Mistress Natasha complement Madam Jazmin for her mastery of me. Madam Jazmin says that I am a good lay but she will teach me some new tricks later.

My arms ache, my feet are sore, and my mouth and throat are raw. Mistress Natasha crawls over to me, as I lay buried in her furs. She forces a sleeping capsule in my open mouth and quickly follows it with my inflatable penis gag which she pumps up to make me swallow the pill. After a few minutes, I finally stop humping the furs and fall fast asleep.

While I am unconscious, both of my Mistresses begin to unpack my body from its bondage. First Mistress Natasha unlocks the zipper of the hobble dress and pulls it right down between my ass cheeks. Next she removes the locks on my corset and begins the process of un-lacing it. Madam Jazmin takes a few minutes to nibble hungrily upon the still erect nipples of my fake titties that were still connected by suction to my own breasts.

She takes several minutes to remove the gag and unlace the latex hood, which pulls off with some difficulty. Madam Jazmin smiles as she sees the remains of her sperm dribble out of the inside of the mask and my mouth. My whole face is covered with the sticky stuff.

My well-designed ensemble is now reduced to gloves, boots, stockings, and fur lined penis harness. Madam Jazmin presses her cheek to the front of my black kid leather yoke. The dark black fox lining shows at the edges. She kneads my ass for a moment before removing the heart shaped fur piece covering my en-sleeved penis and balls, noting with glee my own pre-cum covering my anus. Mistress Natasha cuffs my ankles to the bedposts. Then they leave me spread wide for my well-deserved rest.

I regain consciousness hours later. Mistress Natasha comes in a few minutes later. She removes the restraints from my boy-clitty. She unlocks my cuffed legs and tells me to kneel beside the bed. She sits along the side of the bed, with her beautiful ass deep in the furs. “Lovey, you did such a good job that I am going to let you have a bit of fun. I want you to service my pussy while I watch you jack off. But hurry, we still have much to do,” We have played this game before and I love it. I get to mash my dried-cum covered face in her luscious pussy and the furs on the bed at the same time.

Still in my 6″ heeled boots, I hold on to the bed for support as I carefully walk to Mistress’s night table and get a rubber out of the drawer. I then return to kneel between her thighs. My clitty is already rock hard and I quickly apply the rubber over its shaft and start stroking. The point of this game is that I cannot cum until Mistress has climaxed, but I also am not allowed to quit stroking myself either.

Mistress is wearing a short chubby-style mink jacket, thigh high hose, and 5″ heeled bedroom sandals. Nothing else. She spreads her beautiful legs wide, almost doing a split. She rubs her ass and pussy across the bed furs several times, warming things up. Then her hands caress the back of my head as she pulls me towards her, forcing my face into her crotch. I can smell her essence even before I push my nose into her well-trimmed thatch of fur. I am in heaven again!

Gently, I use my long wet tongue to separate her vaginal lips, which are already dripping with juice. My well-educated pink tickler searches for the prize, but Mistress wants me to slow down. “Easy darling, I want you to just lick my pussy for a few minutes before we get down to business,” she says. “No sucking yet.”

As I go back to licking up and down her lips, my face and neck are rubbing against the soft, deep fur that frames her body. It enters my ears, my mouth and my nose. I love this.

“Get to work on your own clitty with those expensive kid gloves your wearing,” She wants me to start masturbating myself. The soft kid leather envelops my clitty as my hands move up and down using the lubricant from the condom to reduce friction. I am to stroke myself using just enough force that she can feel each stroke with my head and tongue.

I hear Mistress Natasha’s breathing increasing and I know its time for me to work towards her clit. My tongue pushes through her nether lips, carefully avoiding her clit, I lick around the foreskin. I gently suck her labia with my lips and then lightly run my tongue along the underside and gently caress her clitoris. Then back to the labia. Then around her clit again, ending with a quick lick across the tip. She gasps. “Oh you naughty, naughty girl,” she scolds.

My cheeks, nose and chin are now dripping with her fluids. Suddenly her hands jerk my face hard into her cunt. She pumps my face like a demon. Again and again. Quickly she cums on me three times in rapid succession.

“Now bitch!” she orders. “Cum for me, now!” I feel the tension in my balls as the pent up gizim from the entire week launches from deep inside me and gushes from the tip of my clitty, flooding the rubber with my semen. My whole body arches and bucks as I see stars in front of my eyes. Just as quick as it came, the moment is over and Mistress pushes me to the floor. She tilts her head to the side, flicking the mass of her dark hair from her face to her shoulder and smiles at me expectantly. “Okay, finish it!” She orders breathlessly.

With my gloved fingers, I carefully remove the filled condom and put it to my lips. “Slowly, enjoy it. Slowly …that’s it. You don’t know when you will get to come again.” I obey her, finally getting the last drop out and letting the salty streams drip down my throat. “Oh thank you Mistress Natasha,” I exclaim in my sweetest voice.

Mistress tells me to get up, get undressed and clean myself up in the shower. Madam Jazmin has plans for me. I am to make myself pretty and go to her in the guest room.

After Mistress unlocks my boots, I go to the guest bathroom and sit on the toilet to relieve myself. It took some training but now I am used to having to squat to pee. Mistress enters carrying a large douche bag. She explains that Madam Jazmin wants me completely clean for her use. I get into the tub on my hands and knees. Mistress fills the bag full of warm water and a special herb mixture she uses on me. I am used to having my pussy assaulted so I relax my anus or this procedure and the end of the tube easily slips in. My problem will be holding the two quarts of warm liquid that Mistress is using to fill my pussy.

After ten minutes, she is done filling me. The cramping is awful and I can never get used to it. I am anxious to release the water but Mistress makes me wait until it starts dribbling out. Only then, may I get up and try to make it to the toilet. If I fail, I get to clean up the mess, with my tongue. This time I barely make it but all ends well. I am left to clean up the bathroom and Mistress’s equipment. When I am finished, I take my shower, dry and brush my hair, apply my body lotion, and then go to Mistress’s bedroom.

45 minutes later, I am seated at Mistress Natasha’s dressing table. I must reapply my sissy make-up. I have blow-dried my dyed blonde hair. I no longer need to wear a wig since my own hair has grown quite long. I carefully brush it and feather back the sides and the bangs. Mistress says she likes my hair styled like this. She calls it “sexy.”

Next comes my cosmetic base that I apply with a sponge. Then some powder. I am now ready to fill in my eyebrows using the pencil Mistress gave me. I spend about half an hour applying my eye make up. I must work hard to get the three shades of blue eye shadow blended perfectly. Of course, I apply heavy eyeliner, my two-inch long false eyelashes, and finish up with a heavy application of mascara to my lower lashes.

I am ready for a generous application of rouge to my cheekbones. Mistress says the more the better. After all, I am a slut, so I must look like one. After a few minutes, I am ready to apply my lip makeup. Mistress has had my lips injected so they look much more puffier and inviting. I begin by applying a coating of waxy lip balm to my lips with my finger to make the lipstick stay on longer. I then use a dark shade of lip liner to outline my luscious lips. Next is the special red coral lipstick that Mistress has chosen for me to complement my brassy blonde hair. I make sure I brush several coats on my lips. Mistress always wants me to use a creamy formula to ensure I leave my mark on anything that I kiss. For fuller, pouter lips, I finish up by spotlighting some sheer sliver lip-gloss right in the center of my mouth on my lower lip. I look delicious. The crowning touch is picking out a pair of long dangly fake diamond earrings for my pierced ears.

Mistress arrives to see how I am doing. She has brought a hot drink for me. Normally her drinks contain something to renew my energy. I drink it straight down without question. She brushes some more rouge on my cheeks. She then orders me into the guest bedroom where Madam Jazmin is waiting. I walk down the hallway clad only in my hair and makeup, mincing as I have been taught to do, and into the never-ending dream world of slave sex…

When I arrive at the guest room, I gently knock on the door. Madam Jazmin calls out from the other side, “Who is it?” I know how to answer. “It’s Lovey, mam.” “Who?” “Lovey Kravesit, Madam Jazmin,” I cringe as I hear my own voice say those words. I hear her laughter and then the door opens. I give her my best curtsy.

“Well it’s about time, you little cunt. Where have you been?” I try to explain but Madam Jazmin doesn’t want to hear it. She walks over to her dresser and picks up a pair of opera length leather gloves. “Assume the position,” she orders. I have been taught to bend over from the waist and grab my ankles when I hear that order. Madam steps behind me and begins to mercilessly smack my exposed ass using her gloves as a flogger. My cheeks are soon bright red. “There, that’s more like it,” she exclaims. I hold back the tears that are welling up so I don’t mess my makeup.

“Alright, we’re going to teach you a few new tricks. Your performance earlier was less than stellar, but thanks to my expertise, I managed to myself get off a couple of times. Get over there by the bed.” The bed in this room is specially set up for multiple types of bondage and like my Mistress’s bed, is covered with layers of furs. I can see that Madam Jazmin has laid out some clothing for me to wear for this session.

The first thing that draws my attention is a long and fearsome looking corset. I am a plus sized girl and can’t easily fit into these things. This one is perhaps four feet in length, covering its wearer from neck to mid thigh, made of unyielding black leather and lined in heavy rabbit fur. It is more heavily boned than any corset I have ever seen and has a built in neck brace to prevent its wearer from moving their head. It has a wide heavy leather crotch strap with more fur lining, and eight garters attached to the bottom of the corset. In the back, where the leather laces close, is a stiff flap that can be zippered over them and secured by a lock. It will be impossible to remove the corset once it was locked on. Anyone in such an uncompromising and demanding garment will be totally at the mercy of his Mistress.

Also on the bed were a pair of beautiful black shoulder length silk gloves with huge fur cuffs, and a gorgeous pair of shiny black leather 5″ stiletto heeled pumps with a large bow on each toe. They are designed to be secured at the ankle with an intricate design of heavy leather bindings.

There were other things on the bed. Various sizes of dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators; hoods, gags, harnesses, bondage cuffs and a few items that even I had no idea what they were for. But, I knew I would find out. Hanging in each corner was a video camera so Mistress Natasha would not miss any of my performance for Madam Jazmin.

“Get over there at the foot of the bed and face the headboard.” Madam instructs. The posts on the bed are 6″ in diameter and hold a latticework of supports that hang over the bed to be used for different bondage scenes. Then she moves around and picks up the heavy corset, and instructs me to step into it. As I do, I can feel the soft, cool fur against my body as I pull the tight bondage contrivance up to my hips. Madam Jazmin assists me in pulling it up to my hips. She then forces my arms through the armholes and wraps it around my body. My wrists are then locks into thick leather roller buckled cuffs that hang from the top of the posts. Madam Jazmin fastens my ankles to the shackles built into the foot of each post. I am spread wide at the foot of the bed, my hips just touching the furs at the edge of the bed. My exposed sissy clitty jumps to full size and I start trying to rub it deeper into the furs. “Stop that,” Madam Jazmin shouts as she pulls the chains attached to the cuffs spreading me even farther until I am hanging in an “X.”

Madam begins to imprison me in the corset. From behind, she stuffs me into the device by pushing my chin up as she closes the neck brace behind me. I can’t move my head now. She moves around to the front and climbs up at the foot of the bed to play with my breasts. She produces a hand pumped suction device, which she places over the cutouts in bra built into the corset where my nipples stick out. Then she pumps it up as hard as she can, sucking my nipples a good two inches into them. I wince and cry out at the pain and pleasure of this torture until Madam releases my titties. She has pulled my nipples through the cutouts in front of the bra and now they can’t retract back. They are held there by two hard plastic bushings with star shaped holes that bite into the nipple, holding them extended out and away from my chest. It feels like they will rip off my poor nipples.

Madam Jazmin is smiling at the pain on my face. She slithers off the bed and moves behind me, humming a tune. Slowly she laces the cords through the eyelets in the back of the corset, telling me to exhale as she pulls the cords tighter and tighter. Exhale and tug. Exhale and tug. Madam Jazmin works diligently through the eyelets from the top and bottom of the corset, quickly taking up the slack. My neck is enclosed with a brace built into the corset that forces my chin up at an exaggerated angle and prevents any movement left or right. In this position, I am forced to watch our images in the mirror over the head of the bed as I am helplessly encased in leather, steel and fur. The column of my white skin under the laces is getting narrower with each tug of the laces, and my nipples are pushed out further and further.

After about half an hour, Madam Jazmin seems satisfied with her work, and I can hardly draw a breath. Then Mistress picks some vibrators off the bed. One she quickly rams up my boy-pussy after applying a small amount of KY jelly. It is tapered like a butt plug and quickly seats itself after the widest part passed through my sphincter. The vibrator has a hole in the bottom about ¾” in diameter.

Next, she fastens a cock ring vibrator around the shaft of my hardened clitty, and another around the base of my testicles. She tightens these down firmly to block off any movement of fluid. Then she grabs the wireless remote controls and gives me a few test blasts of the vibrators. The pulsations hit me like lightning and would probably have knocked me off my feet if I weren’t chained to the bedposts. My cock is instantly stimulated beyond belief. Oh, yes. I want more!

Madam then laces up the “V” shaped leather flap to the front of the corset, which imprisons my crotch. It’s lined with deep thick soft fur on the inside, and has a large round metal nub at the back that matches up with the hole in the bottom of the vibrator in my sissy pussy.

She jerks and pulls the flap up and padlocks it in place. Again, she tests the circuitry and I receive an instant set of vibrations in my groin. She complete my imprisonment by zipping up the closure plate in the back and locking it with a padlock. “All right then, bitch, finish getting dressed. Put on those stockings, shoes, and gloves on, I am on a schedule,” as she releases my hands and ankles from their bondage.

With my head held in position by the posture collar, it is almost impossible for me to reach my legs or feet. I begin to cry realizing that more flogging will take place if I cannot finish dressing. Madam entertains herself watching my plight for about half an hour before taking pity on me. She finally pushes me back down on the bed and helps me with the hose and shoes. I am fighting to keep control of myself. The fur is driving me crazy as usual. As she rolls on the stockings and pulls them up, the top of each one is so sensual on my thighs I can hardly stand while she secures them with the garters. The long silk gloves feel wonderful on my arms, and their 4″ fur cuffs constantly tease my exposed skin.

Before she finishes, Madam forces my feet into the 5″ high pumps. The open toes torment my manicured and painted feet. Madam personally makes sure the leather straps are wound tightly around my ankles and calves. She puts a small lock on the top of each strap. I stand up and feel the pain of all my weight being transferred to my toes. Madam Jazmin laughs and says that’s the price a girl pays to look sexy.

I can’t remove the corset, hose, or shoes. Madam Jazmin takes me over to the guest closet where she produces a stunning full-length crystal Fox coat with huge padded shoulders, a large deep shawl collar and gigantic puff sleeves with the pelts in a swirling pattern. Its color is highlighted with midnight black and silver base fur mixed with long white guard hairs. She steps behind me and lifts the heavy coat onto my shoulders as I slide my arms through its sensual sleeves. The added weight is staggering, but I swoon with pleasure pulling it tight around me and forcing my face deep into the thick, soft sleeves.

Madam Jazmin picks up a small 35mm camera and starts taking photos of me, telling me to strike various provocative poses. With everything that has happened, I am starting to lose my concentration. I am feeling oddly detached from what is happening, almost as if I am watching myself from across the room. As Madam finishes, she cuffs a hand to the bedpost and leaves the room. Something really strange is happening to me. I seem to have forgotten where I am. I make the best of my situation by burying myself deep in the soft furs on the bed and reveling in their sensuality. The only thing that matters is the pleasure that I am feeling. I hump and stroke myself as best I can to the point that I am so turned on, my balls feel like bursting. A fog is settling over my mind.

It seems like hours before I hear footsteps down the hall, I try to regain my composure, but it’s still very hard to concentrate. I watch Madam Jazmin enter the room. She seems pleased as she directs me to lay face down with my head over the foot of the bed. I get great pleasure from this order as the furs unceasingly taunt my exposed nipples.

Mistress secures a chain to the “D” rings on either side of my posture collar, and pulls them tight, effectively locking my head hanging over the foot of the bed and exactly in the middle of the bedposts. My chin and head are uplifted looking out towards the closed hall door. She steps around and spreads my legs wide and locks them to the bedposts on the headboard. My hands are free but they cannot reach anything that will release me.

“We are now going to teach you a little more about cocksucking. Something every man in your position should know, my little fur sissy.” Madam Jazmin produces a 10″ long, 3″ diameter realistic plastic penis and holds it in front of my nose. “I’m sure that you are familiar with this organ. You have done well in learning how to suck a rubber cock but you need a little fine tuning.” She continues by turning the cock over so I am looking at the bottom of its head.

Her crimson red 2-inch long fingernail points to the target of my attentions. “The outside perimeter of the glans penis is the corona. This joins the head to the shaft. This is the most sensitive spot on the penis. It is toward this ridge that you will direct most of your attention when you are giving head.” She uses her finger to demonstrate. “You must learn to follow this ridge around to the underside of the penis. You will learn to become particularly attentive to the underbelly! Spend time using your tongue and lips to caress the glans and the areas immediately surrounding it.”

“This is the attention that provides the most stimulus to a penis. The head is the key, not ‘deep throating’ it. Many will try to force a dildo or cock all the way down your throat. If it’s a dildo, they can’t feel the sensitivity of a real cock. If it’s a real live penis, they are robbing themselves of the greatest pleasure by shoving the most sensitive part of the organ, past your tongue and lips.”

“If deep throating really works to produce a climax for a woman, it is because when you relax and open the back of your throat, the other end of the dido is rubbing her clitoris. With a real man, you are playing tricks on his penis. The back of your throat is tightening around the head, giving head to his head!” She pauses wiggling the huge demo-dong in my face. “You understand?”

I try to shake my head “yes” but can’t move it. I manage to say “Yes Mistress,” fearing she is going to try to deep throat me with the giant in her hand and that was just what she was going to do, but she is interrupted by a knock at the door. “Just a minute,” she answers with a frustrated tone in her voice.

She opens the door and I strain my neck to see who it is. A very tall, beautiful woman walks in. She has deep blue eyes, and long black hair with bangs in front, combed up into a large bun the back of her head. She is wearing a large diamond choker around her neck and 3″ long matching earrings. Her breasts are large and firm with unbelievable cleavage. Her waist is narrow and her hips are a dream.

She is wearing a black strapless velvet evening gown that falls to her feet and has a slit running up to the hip on one side. Black silk hose, black 5″ heels, black kid gloves, an artic fox muff, and striking ¾-length artic fox coat, complete her attire Her make up is impeccable. Everything about her is perfect. I fall in love the moment I lay eyes on her.

Madam Jazmin is falling all over herself to make her guest happy. She addresses the beauty as, “Olga.” Olga speaks with a German accent and her voice has a strange timber to it. They kiss each other passionately. After a few minutes, they both seem to remember that I am in the room.

Madam motions toward the bed, and me. “Dame Olga, I present to you my latest acquisition, Lovey Kravesit.” “Gutenabend, schotzie!” she says to me as she carefully looks me over. She slowly walks closer to me. I can easily smell the scent of her marvelous perfume. I am enraptured at the flawless feminine motion of her body. I know I will do anything to please her if she will only give me a chance.

“Ja, Sie sind eine hübsche kleine Dirne, how do you say, you ist eine pretty little whore, no? Vould you like to play with me libeling ?” I moan a whispered, “Oh yes Mistress.” She gently strokes my cheek with her muff and says, “I am not a Mistrezz, my little toy. You vill call me Dame Olga. Nothing else. Understand?”

My reply is quick and proper. “Oh yes Dame Olga. It would be an honor to serve you Dame Olga.” She slithers over to me and brings her magnificent face close to mine. I can smell her sex, her perfume and her furs. She smiles at me and brushes my cheek with her furs. “Tell me liebeling, vhat vill you do for Dame Olga.”

My mind reels. I know that I will do anything for her. From my beautifully painted mouth, I hear a voice say, “Would you let me fill my mouth full of your sweet pussy nectar? I want to suck it all up and swallow it. I want to make you cum all evening.”

Dame Olga smiles as she straightens up, throws back her lovely head and laughs. “Ja, Yazmin, diz one vill do nizely,” she said. I vould like to zee you later, but for now, pleez leaf uz alone, Darlink.” Madam Jazmin smiles at Olga, curtseys and then gives me a stern look as she leaves the room, closing the door behind her. Dame Olga walks to the door, swaying her fabulous hips, stepping one foot in front of the other in her tight dress and showing off her elegant body. She locks the door and turns to face me. As she walks back to me, my mouth waters. She asks, “How much do you luv me minen pelz sklave, my fur slave?” I am speechless. I can only make pleading whimpers. “Oh more than life itself, Dame Olga,” finally comes out of my mouth. “You und I vill do vonderful things together darlink,” she replies.

She goes over to the makeup table and sits down. Her side is towards me. I can clearly see her delicious breasts heaving under her dress. She takes her fur muff and starts to slowly pull up her tight dress, furring her legs seductively as the dress reveals more of her body. She looks over to me and winks as she turns the make-up table lights off. A single night light on the wall across the room is now the only illumination in the room.

As my eyes get used to the dimness, I can see her as she continues to play with her pussy. In a few moments, I can hear her breathing increase as she begins a sexy low moaning sound. I can see her hips hump her muff. She’s wasting all that sex, I think. “Please Dame Olga, Let me do that for you with my face and my tongue.” “Wundervoll, Schatzie,” she says from the shadows.

She walks slowly over to me, sexily rolling her hips and stops with her pussy inches from my face. “Bitte, Schatzie” she says, “Please.” I reach out one of my silk-gloved hands to gently rub her crotch and pull her to me. I can’t believe it. Dame Olga has a penis bigger than mine.

“Problem, Liebling?” She asked. “I have heard zat you haf not yet zucked a real cock yet. Am I not de schonste pelz Dame, de most beautivul fur Dame you haf ever seen?” I mumble something not wanting to insult her. “Zo? Did you not luff me a moment ago? Darlink I haf not changed. I am a real voman who likes to haf the best of both sexual worlds.”

I feel the soft fur of her coat sleeve as she reaches out for my cheek. I respond by gently reaching out to grab her shaft as she moves closer to me. She closes her deliciously soft furs around my head, trapping me there. I can smell the strong perfume that saturates her crotch. I cannot resist the charm of this woman. Why should I? After all, I am a fur sissy-slave.

I open my painted lips, gingerly stick my long, hot tongue out and begin to lick the end of her cock. A large drop of pre-cum has formed at the slit and I run my tongue over it and lick it up. It tastes salty but at the same time it’s quite sweet. I then run my tongue from her balls to the top of her cock and then over the sensitive glans.

I remember everything Madam Jazmin told me, and I slowly pump Dame Olga’s clitty in and out of my lips, sucking, and gently licking at the underbelly. My tongue and lips begin to work faster and with more abandon. Dame Olga moans in pleasure. Her clitty is flitting in and out of my mouth getting a thick coat of my creamy Red Coral lipstick. My head bobs up and down, always paying attention to the head and glans. With one hand I stroke her velvety shaft, and with the other, I reach between her legs and caress her shaven balls, gently milking them. Dame Olga is moaning louder and louder. “Ja, Schatzie, Ja, Ja! Dats it. Play mit the head Schatzie,” as she pumps her hips into my face faster and faster. The soft fur of my coat sleeves is brushing the inside of her thighs, furring her as she furs me. I can feel the tops of her stockings where they meet her lace garters. The motion of her hips pumping me is moving my body forward and back across the furs on the bed. My nipples are sending an electric message to my brain that causes me to see stars.

After a while, I feel the first twitching of Dame Olga’s testicles beginning to send her gift of sweet sperm through her clitty to me. I concentrate on the head of her clit, not sure, if I can swallow all of her hot cum. Quickly that is all forgotten as her clit begins to spasmodically jerk and a stream of hot, thick, stringy cum erupts across my tongue and into my waiting throat. I struggle to swallow every drop of it. Her climax is equal to her image, a thing of beauty. I enjoy every minute.

After a brief recovery period Madam is ready for more. “Oh, darlink dot vas vonderful! We must do it again. I must fuck your lovely mouth again.” My answer was to gently swirl my tongue around the head of her clitty and start my newly learned technique again. After four more times, Dame Olga releases the chains on my neck brace and we fall asleep on the bed lying there wrapped in our furs, her on top of me.

When I finally wake up, the lights are on, and Dame Olga is at the dressing table repairing her make up. She looks as beautiful as ever. It is hard for me to believe that I had just sucked this woman’s cock, not once, but five times.

“Schatzie, very few vomen can do it as gut as you. You’re vonderbar, vonderful. I vant to teach you zum other tricks before I leaf.” Dame Olga said as she wiggled over to the bed and picked up the remote control to my vibrators. “I vill start by givink you ein bischen, a little, pleasure!” and she begins to expertly work the remote controls of the vibrators still attached to me…

I am still lying with my face down in the fur on the bed, and my legs still secured to the bedposts. Dame Olga uses the remote to play me like a pinball machine. The attacks on my pussy, clitty and balls alternate at a furious pace. I bounce and rock all over the fur. This has to be one of the most erotic experiences I will ever have. Just looking over to see the exquisite Olga as she watches my every twitch adds to my pleasure.

I don’t know how long it lasted. I lost track of all time. Some time later, Dame Olga produces a small key from her cleavage. “Lover, I know dat you have not been permitted to climax yet, but part of your training is to learn to enjoy entertainink your Dame before yourself. I am now going to relieve you of zat sexual tension.”

She orders me get up on my hands and knees. She then unlocks the crotch strap and exposes my sissy clit and pussy. She takes the vibrators from my pussy, clitty and balls, unshackles my ankles, gently turns me onto my back and chains my feet back to the headboard but this time at the top of the posts. Now I am lying on my back with my legs spread wide and high in the air.

Using her sexiest walk, she goes to her purse and pulls out a black dildo with a handle on it and a tube of lubricant. I watch her mince daintily back to the bed; a true vision as she expertly moves on her sky-high heels. She sweetly kisses me on the ear, slowly inserting her hot, pink tongue deep into my ear, as she cuddles my head to her breasts, and her furs. She then kisses me full on the lips and drives her educated tongue deep into my throat. I have never been kissed like this before.

As my mind reels from her kiss, I feel the lube hit the crack of my butt as she zeroes in on my pussy with first one finger, then two, and eventually three. She continues to hold me against her breasts with one hand, playing with my lips and ears with her tongue, as she finger fucks me with her other hand. I eat this up and beg for more.

After a while, she removes her fingers and starts working me over with the dildo like the professional that she is. In and out, deeper and deeper, time and time again. Then she tells me to reach under and grab the dildo and continue to fuck myself while she slides off the furs on the bed and floats toward the foot of the bed.

She says, “I vant you to lick my ass, Schatzie,” and lifts her dress to show her perfect ass. She then sits on my face giving my tongue full access to her anus. I begin to lubricate her with my saliva. Slowly I manage to enter her. I rim her and lick her from her sweet brown hole to her luscious balls and back again. I can hear and feel that I am having the desired effect on her. After a little while she says, “Fuck yourself faster and bury your tongue deeper into my azzhole.” I do as I am told, ramming the dildo into my ass faster and deeper while I lick her delicious brown hole as fast and hard as I can.

“Darlink, I vant you to start stroking your clitty while you fuck yourself.” She watches as I reach my clit with one silk-gloved hand and start pumping my own cock, harder and harder. I do my best to keep my tongue in Dame Olga’s asshole but she is pumping her clitty at the same time I am pumping mine. Suddenly she arches her back and begins screaming as she cums over my neck and chest. A moment later, she hears my muffled screams from her ass cheeks, as I cum too. I am pleased. I have just managed to fuck myself twice. In my ass, and my sissy-clit at the same time.

For the third time during this weekend, I get to fall asleep. When I wake, the beautiful transvestite, Dame Olga is gone and the room is cool and dark. My ankles are still shackled to the bedposts.

Sometime later, the door opens and the lights come on. It is Madam Jazmin and Mistress Natasha. Jazmin is infuriated with the condition of her room. There is a big puddle of cum on the floor from Dame Olga, and the furs on the bed under me are also soaked with my cum. I am told that it was my responsibility to clean up after a customer and I had just wasted my allotted clean-up time, sleeping. I try to protest, and point out that I am still locked to the headboard but that didn’t change Madam Jazmin’s mind.

She steps out into the hall with Mistress Natasha and I can hear them whispering. A few minutes later, Madam Jazmin returns with a very angry look on her face. “You were doing so well but you had to get lazy. Even though you got high marks from Dame Olga, Mistress Natasha and I have decided you will be punished.” She goes to the closet and returns with a large penis gag that she forces into my mouth and roughly buckles tightly behind my head.

Madam Jazmin releases my legs and forces me over onto my knees. She moves fast and has the strength of three men. She handcuffs my hands behind my back, pushing the back of my neck down she drives my head into the puddle of semen covering the furs on the bed. It was hard enough to breath with the restricting corset on but now I am close to smothering. My beautiful fox coat bunches up over my ass and onto my head. Madam Jazmin makes sure that I keep my head down. She forces my legs spread wide. I am in a position with my abused pussy stuck way up in the air, open to any assault, and my head buried in the bed. I know that I had better not resist.

“I am going to teach you to hold your cum bitch or I will have you castrated.” Madam Jazmin roars. “I am going to milk all of your cum before you get your punishment. And you won’t get any pleasure from it either.” She produces a hard smooth pink plastic dildo. She puts a small dish on the bed under my clitty.

My lower abdomen and penis are hanging free with most of my weight resting on my spread knees and my buried head. I try to relax my already lubed pussy as Madam pushes the dildo in my asshole as far as she can. I make muffled protests but all I accomplish is to have saliva drip around my gag. Then she pulls the plastic cock out a bit. I feel her pushing against something that puts pressure on my bladder. I immediately feel the need to pee but nothing happens. Madam Jazmin now has one hand pressed against the skin between my asshole and the base of my clit, and the other on the dildo in my pussy. She releases the pressure and moves the dildo back in several times repeatedly pressing on the area towards my clit. I’ve never felt this sensation before. Finally, she pulls the dildo out and continues to massage between my legs moving from my asshole towards my penis. “Oh no,” I think, “She’s milking me like a cow.”

She keeps the pressure up at the base of my penis and with her other hand she grips my clitty with two fingers at the base of my rod. She squeezes her fingers tight together, milking them out toward the head. It takes a little time but eventually she empties all my semen into the dish. I had been fucked and got nothing out of it. Madam Jazmin laughs as she forces a small funnel into the hole in the center of my gag. She places the dish over the funnel and slowly pours all my cum into it. I am forced to swallow the contents of my own testicles.

When I finish she pulls the gag off and pushes my face back into the furs on the bed that I had soiled. Madam Jazmin makes me lick them clean too. After three times repeatedly licking the furs she is satisfied they are clean and finally unlocks the handcuffs and jerks me by my hair over the foot of the bed so my face is in the puddle of cum from Dame Olga.

“Lap it up, slut” is the order and I quickly obey. At this point, I am exhausted from the events of the weekend. I am still locked in the corset and can barely breathe. Madam Jazmin orders me to stand while she removes the heavy Fox fur coat I wore. Mistress Natasha returns bringing a glass of water over and forces me to drink it. In moments, things start getting fuzzy. “Rest up bitch, you are going to need it for tomorrow,” I hear a voice from behind me say. Then everything is black.

I awake hours later to find Madam Jazmin standing beside the bed. I try to move and notice that I am no longer tied in the long bondage corset. It has been replaced by a shorter version that still forces my waist down to 22 inches. A tight leather bra encases my red and swollen breasts so my nipples hang out over the demi-cups.

Madam pushes me over so I’m lying on my back. Fixing my eyes with an evil smile, she easily inserts her newest vibrator up my still gaping pussy. She explains that it is a special ordered model. One that was made to work on the prostrate gland like she did when she “milked” me. And while the operator controls the frequency of the vibrations, she can also make it longer or shorter as well as get larger or smaller in diameter. Then she secures another vibrator, which surrounded my still erect boy-clitty and locked around my the base of my balls designed to pull my scrotum down about five inches from my body vibrate my balls as well. Mistress Natasha comes back into the room. She is carrying a fur lined bondage hood that laces up the back. She throws it on the bed as she and Madam Jazmin grab my arms, roll me over on my face, and force my arms behind my back. With Madam Jazmin sitting on my back and firmly holding my elbows, Mistress Natasha gets a nasty looking leather bondage sleeve from the closet. They quickly force it up to my armpits, stand me upright, and lace it as tight as they can, finishing by securing cross straps over my shoulders and around my neck. I am fighting hard just to balance myself vertically because of the severe bondage and my high heels.

Now they shove the built-on dildo gag of the hood into my mouth and force the tight leather hood over my face. Everything inside the hood is covered with thick rabbit fur. I have fur in my mouth, down my throat, up my nose, in my eyes, and in my ears. The hood has two small air tubes are in my nose and another one thru the center of the gag.

All of my senses are cut off as the Mistresses tightly lace the hood over my head, leaving my long hair in a ponytail hanging out the back. My face is covered with dried sperm from my fur and floor cleaning operation. My throat is coated with it. My neck and back ache mercilessly. My nipples are still erect, force to push out of my bra, and sore from hours of torture. My legs ache from hours of being forced apart. I am gasping for breath and my head is spinning from lack of oxygen because of the severe bondage of the corset and hood.

I am jerked back onto my feet. My once beautiful crystal fox coat is tightly closed around me, and I feel four heavy belt restraints being secured around my shoulders, chest, waist, thighs, and ankles. I cannot walk but my Mistresses drag me through the house and up the stairs. Up the stairs? Where are we going????

My Mistresses roughly drag me down the hallway to the dark confines of the fur vault. I can barely hear the fur vault door open. I am told to stand up and walk. I offer no resistance but I am too tightly bound to make any headway. They have to catch me several times when I stumble. We brush through hundreds of Mistress Natasha’s furs as they drag me deeper into the vault. Finally we stop. It is freezing cold. The straps are removed from my ankles and thighs. We move to a secluded corner, where the instrument of my punishment stands in a single overhead spotlight. Madam Jazmin removes my hood so that I can see it.

It consists of a six-foot high section of steel pipe, welded to a plate in the floor. At the top of the pipe is a 45-degree bend that ends in a square steel plate that is covered in several inches of thick Sable fur. Attached to the plate is a very stiff 4″ thick fur-lined leather collar. About three feet off the ground there is another pipe welded crossways to the main vertical piece so that it’s parallel to the floor. The pipe is about 8″ in diameter, also covered in fur with two thick fur-lined leather straps attached to it.

The Mistresses force me to mount the stand so that my face is over the top plate, and my legs are over the crosspiece. I am fitted with a inflatable penis gag before Mistress Natasha closes the leather collar around my neck and pulls it tight, forcing my face deep into the thick fur; smothering me until I can barely breathe. The collar applies direct pressure against my neck and throat. With great effort I can must use my neck to force my head up a little and breathe. Next they secured my thighs to the cross pipe using the leather straps.

The straps are far apart and my thighs are spread very wide exposing my boy-clit, dangling testicles, and gaping sissy-hole. Madam Jazmin pulled the straps as tight as she could get them. She then pulled my ankles tightly together with leg irons connected by a short steel bar between them. By the design of the stand, I am forced to keep pressure on my legs and force my neck up to keep from smothering in the fur and having the collar choking the life out of me. Soon my back, neck, thighs and calves were burning like fire. Mistress connected the power leads to the vibrators. She finally connected a small tube from the gag to a small pump mounted on the upright pipe.

Both Mistresses stepped back, smiled and turned everything full on. The sensations snapped through my body like electric shocks. While I should be lost in the ecstasy of the vibrations, I must concentrate on keeping my leg muscles tight to prevent strangling himself. In no time at all, sperm began to flow out of my penis from the deep prostrate manipulation, but I didn’t climax. Soon my testicles were empty and yet my clitty remained fully erect and demands ejaculation, but no sperm is left. At the same time, the gag is force-feeding me a steady stream of what I found out later was my own sperm from the Mistress’s regular collection. I had to keep swallowing to keep from drowning in it.

I know I will be humiliated time and time again when Mistress shows the video tapes of my torture as I rock, bounce, and dry hump my hips on my perch from the effects of the vibrators as Mistress Natasha’s laptop computer automatically plays with all the various vibrator settings giving me absolutely no rest.

Madam Jazmin moves close to my tortured face with a feigned look of distress at my suffering. With one hand, she gently rubs my cheek in a mock display of compassion, while she slowly reached under my furs to roughly twist my nipples. She smiles, knowing that I will not soon forget this punishment.

Mistress Natasha leaves while Madam Jazmin retires to her sheared beaver recliner chair in full view of my eyes to enjoy the entertainment as I bounce around like a puppet on the stand. Her eyes fix on her struggling slave as she begins to rub her own nipples and thighs with the sleeves of her Mink jacket. She soon turns on the vibrators built in to her own panties to their lowest levels. She reclines back, spreading her sexy legs and pointing her toes as far as she can, becoming quickly lost in the passion of the display in front of her, the deep vibrations in her pussy and ass, and the softness of the fur surrounding her. Soon she turned the vibrators full on. She deeply revels in the degradation, frustration, and pain of her tormented sissy-slave. She quickly begins what will be a long string of passionate climaxes that continue until the batteries in her vibrators wear down hours later.

Her work completed, Mistress rises from her chair and approaches her fur slave’s head, loosening my neck strap. Then she pulls my face back out of the choking fur, pulls the now empty dildo out of my mouth and closely examines my glazed eyes. The last thing I see is her pulling the tight fur-lined bondage hood over my head again plunging me into total darkness. The hood is so tight that my jaws are securely held against each other trapping the remainder of my own cum in my mouth. Madam Jazmin leaves me, secured above the floor, to contemplate my transgressions. I continued to bounce up and down from the alternating buzzing in my ass, cock and balls, as I desperately tried relieve the pressure on my legs. Since I am blind and totally helpless, Mistress enjoys coming back to play with my exposed pussy and clit as a little surprise from time to time. Oh, god. Here come the vibrators again! Now my clitty is sooo hard, and I need to cum soooo bad! “Aggghhhhhhhh!”