Bound In Mink

editors note. The following story appeared in Penthouse Variations magazine and was submitted to us for posting by Sableman. It is posted in its entireity as it was received.

“Copyright 1987 by Variations Magazine.”

By John Tannere

As I loosened my tie and lit another cigarette while waiting out the eternal traffic light in Houston’s searing afternoon rush hour, my eyes were drawn to an incredible sight in the rearview mirror. Ignoring the 100 degree heat radiating off this parking lot known as Westheimer Street, a black-veiled lady behind the wheel of a Rolls Silver Spirit was wearing a fur coat! My eyes were riveted to the mirror not only because it was too damned hot to be wearing fur, but because this lady was an elegant vision of loveliness…too good to be a heat-induced mirage! She appeared to be in her mid-thirties, with classic features and creamy skin. Her blonde hair was pinned atop her pretty head under an old-fashioned black pillbox hat, with the sheer black veil falling to just above her lips. The rude urban serenade of rush hour travelers suddenly jolted my attention back to the traffic light, which had turned green. Cursing the damned light which until now had always seemed so slow, my eyes darted between the rearview mirror and the merging traffic ahead as I continued my exasperating trek home.

About a half a mile down the road, the Silver Spirit blinked for a left-hand turn into a shopping center and I instinctively followed suit, entering one driveway further down the road than the glistening Rolls. I doubled back in time to see the Rolls easing into a parking slot in front of a pet kennel. As her door swung open, I was captivated by the gorgeous, trim legs emerging from the Rolls. As the lady gracefully slipped out of the luxurious mink, her simple white dress was drawn at least halfway up her creamy thighs, exposing lacy white garters with red trim pulling up sheer nylons. In her arms rested a tiny, white poodle. I had stopped behind the Rolls, and as she closed the car door, she noticed me staring at her and smiled politely. As she majestically aimed her high heels toward the kennel, I whipped my dirty, three-year-old Chevy into a nearby parking space and ran into an adjoining hardware store. I had a plan, and a good one.

Exiting with a bag of nails, I met the elegant lady walking out of the kennel sans dog. With the finesse of a veteran actor, I tripped, spilling the nails onto the parking lot and all around her car with incredible accuracy. Feigning disgust, I looked at the beautiful lady and started to apologize. She laughed good-naturedly and squatted with me to retrieve the nails. Her dress again rose and my eyes became fixed on her firm, tantalizing thighs. “Giving your dog a weekend vacation?” I asked, trying to get some kind of conversation going. “Yes, my husband and I are having weekend guests, and Ginger has never been able to behave around guests. She gets so excited, she urinates everywhere” she sighed and smiled. “Excuse me for maybe asking a dumb question, but I noticed you were wearing a fur coat when you pulled in here. Isn’t it awfully hot to be wearing fur?” She blushed, “Yes, that’s why it’s still in the car. I just love fur. I love the way it feels against the skin,” she said with a smile. Blushing even more when she noticed where my eyes were focused, she explained, “I keep the air conditioner blowing while I’m in my car so I can cozy up inside my fur. It’s very stimulating.”

My eyes rose from her firm thighs and met the black-veiled beauty’s gorgeous blue eyes. I blushed then. She smiled again and then in a semi-hesitant, inquisitive voice, asked, “Have you ever wrapped yourself in fur and nothing else?” Rapidly developing a major erection, I admitted that I had never enjoyed that particular sensation. She glanced down at my crotch and she hesitantly said, “I have a little fur shop just a few blocks back. It’s called Marissa’s. I’m Marissa.” She grinned, holding her hand out to me. “I’m Jack,” I gushed, quickly grabbing her hand and holding it tightly. A shock went through my body. “My shop is two traffic lights in from here. You ought to come by sometime so I can introduce you to fur,” she offered in an alluring tone of voice. After placing the last nail in my bag, she slid behind the wheel and back into her mink. I quickly climbed into my car and followed her out of the parking lot, back and onto jam-packed Westheimer Street. She aimed her Rolls back in the direction which we had come. And I, praying that her invitation was meant to be as salacious as I had interpreted it to be, joined the snail-paced flow of traffic heading that same direction. Two cars separated my dirty Chevy from her sleek Rolls, and I thought I detected her peering into the rearview mirror..perhaps to see if I was following.

Shouting profanities at the sadistic traffic light which allowed her to pass through but stopped me, I tried to follow her path. My line of sight was broken, though, by too many cars. When the traffic light gave me a reprieve, I anxiously surveyed the hodgepodge of signs, hoping to catch a glimpse of one reading, “Marissa’s.” And just as I’d prayed, her luxurious Silver Spirit was parked at the door. I parked next to the Rolls, full of anxiety and uncertainty. Had she meant for me to follow her? Was her invitation meant to be taken as erotically as I had taken it? My anxiety only became heightened when I noticed a “Closed” sign hanging on the door. The curtains were pulled, and there appeared to be no lights on inside. I was tempted to leave. Her beauty propelled me, though, to run the risk of making a fool of myself. I tested the door, and it opened! Hesitantly, I walked in, carefully locking it behind me and came face-to-face with the beautiful Marissa, who smiled as though she were about to divulge some lifelong secret.

“I’m glad you came, “ she softly purred, locking the door and leaving all the lights out and the “Closed” sign dangling on the door. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I mumbled something to the effect that I felt likewise as she stepped out of her heels and discarded her hat and veil. Slowly unbuttoning her dress, she stared at me with a mischievous grin as I watched in awe while the little beauty continued shedding her expensively tailored clothes. She slid her dress off her shoulders, and as it fell in a heap at her feet, it exposed her large, firmly erect breasts with tiny, dark-red, erect buds. Sliding a hand down each of her luscious hips, she gave her brief white panties a shove to the floor, exposing her glistening blonde thatch. As she turned and bent over to pick up a long fur coat, her ass looked exquisitely firm and was framed nicely by the white garters. She slung the long, thick mink around her small shoulders, walked over to me and pressed her firm little body against mine, wrapping the coat around us both. “Isn’t fur wonderful?” she purred.

Backing up a step, she unbuttoned my shirt, saying, “Let me undress you so you can see how nice mink really feels.” My shirt was off in a flash, and she rubbed the aching bulge in my pants as her other hand quickly and expertly unfastened and unzipped. She tugged my underwear down to the floor, dropped to her knees and took my socks off, briefly flicking the end of my swollen cock with her tongue. Then she rose, walked over to a rack of furs suspended on gold hangars and pulled off a rich chocolate-brown sable. I watched with excited anticipation as Marissa’s breasts– which seemed oversized in comparison to her firm, compact body–swayed and bounced under her fur. She wrapped the soft sable around me, grabbed my erect cock and led me to an iron-and- brass daybed in the rear of the small shop. “Lie down here and wrap yourself in the sable. Really feel how sensuous it is,” she instructed under her breath before disappearing into a back room.

I pulled the luxurious coat around me and laughed at the sight of my stiff cock sticking out of the fur. The coat had a marvelously sensual feeling, and I dreamily anticipated what might come next. Suddenly I nearly jumped out of my skin! The erotic silence was penetrated by Marissa’s startled shriek. I instinctively rolled off the daybed and came face-to-face with a rather large man dressed all in black, wearing a ski mask and holding a gun to Mari’s naked back. I could have sworn I had locked the door behind me. Where had this guy come from? “You two gonna git it on, huh?” the hulk grunted. “Don’t let me stop ya. Just what was ya gonna have the turkey do, lady, tie yer ass up?” Neither of us responded. “So go ahead, lady. Set yer perty little ass down on that bed and spread them perty little thighs and let the fool tie ya up.” The luscious, frightened lady holding several long thin strips of fox and mink handed them to me and cautiously lay back on the daybed. “Do it, man, tie the bitch up, “ the masked gunman ordered.

Marissa scooted to the center of the mattress and stretched her arms to each side of the headboard. Nervously straddling the beautiful lady with my surprisingly still-stiff cock just an inch or two from her open mouth–I tied her tiny wrists to the solid, cast iron, white bed frame. “Is that too tight?” I asked. “I don’t want to hurt you.” “No it’s fine, “ the man answered for her. “She likes it tight.” Still amazed by this whole turn of events, I lightly rubbed the fur strips down her belly, over her heated mound, down her firm thighs, across her calves and between her toes. Then I watched her body quiver with excitement as I secured her ankles to the bedposts. When I completed the task, Marissa was bound to the four corners of the daybed, spread eagled, squirming slightly, and still wearing her nylons and garters. She was a wet dream personified. “Put a fur strip on each of her nipples and rub them ever-so-gently…” the gunman ordered, his voice tense. Who was this guy with the funny sounding accent? I straddled the beautiful lady and touched a strip of mink to her round, full breasts, covering her erect little nipple, and a strip of fox to the other.

Slowly I rubbed the fur strips in gentle, massaging circles across every inch of her oversized breasts. She shut her eyes and started moaning. The squirming of her little hips increased in fervor and her erect little nipples turned rock-hard deep red. “Oh yes…yes,” she panted “Oh please, put some of that between my legs.” I scooted down between her spread, bound legs and laid a strip of brown sable on her little patch of blond fur. She thrust her hips a good sox inches off the mattress and panted desperately, “Rub it in! Rub it in my pussy!” Obligingly I rubbed the soft sable over, around and into the opening of her sex. Her erect pink clitoris grew even more rigid, and after nearly a minute of wild thrashing, that little strip of sable was soaked and Marissa was writhing in a gushing orgasm. “More fur!” she screamed, “More fur!” Reaching for additional strips, I was jerked back to the reality of the situation when I noticed our ski-masked visitor quickly peeling off his clothes. Completely naked except for his ski mask, he pointed his pistol at my head and barked, “Get off her, man. Let me show you what a real man can do for this bitch.”

The muscular, six-foot, invader of our reverie took my place between Mari’s beautiful spread legs. He thrust his erection into Marissa’s hot, we cont and started pumping wildly. With my mind racing for a clue as to how to overpower this jerk-off, he gave me the answer. He had become so aroused by pumping gorgeously hot Marissa, he’d loosened his grip on the small gun. I watched in anticipation as he shot both of his hands under Mari’s exquisitely firm, nicely shaped ass. Seizing the opportunity, I dove for the gun, grabbed it and pointed it at his face. “Off, you bastard!” I ordered. They both looked at me in shock. Our trembling, ski-masked visitor withdrew his spurting cock from Marissa’s pussy and stepped off the daybed. “Quick, untie me,” Marissa ordered. “We can use these strips to tie him up.” We quickly and efficiently did so, securing him, with his hands bound behind his back, to a thick lead pipe well anchored in a brick wall. There we left our intruder hanging near a rack of exquisite furs. Mari grabbed my stiff cock and pulled me back to the daybed. She kissed me deeply while rubbing a strip of mink between her legs. She then eased her pretty little muff onto my rock-hard tool, impaling herself on me.

“Feel my fur,” she purred. “Feel how nice and soft it feels against your fur. I’m a furry cat and I’m in heat! Feel my fur!” she growled. After only a couple of minutes of purring, growling and rapid humping on my swollen cock, the lady drenched me in a bath of orgasmic sweat, her little body stiffening with each wave. While her release was still flowing, she raised herself off me, turned around on all fours and said, “Fuck me like a wild animal.” I plunged deep inside her, and she growled with pleasure. Rubbing a soft strip of mink across her dangling breasts, she dropped to her elbows, thus spreading her ass, and shoved her pussy forcefully onto me. With one hand I massaged her clitoris while I eased a finger knuckle-deep into her tightly puckered little asshole with the other. The faster and harder I pumped, the louder she growled, and her contracting muscles pulled tightly on my excited cock. When I was nearly ready to explode, her body became rigid and her growls turned into soft whimpers. Her cunt tightened around my cock and she absolutely enveloped me with passionate spasms. Then she collapsed on the daybed, expelling my throbbing, swollen cock from her saturated pussy. I knelt and began kneading and nibbling her sweet, firm ass while she drew in exhausted, deep breath after deep breath. In a few minutes she was purring like a contented cat.

She soon turned over and saw my still stiff and aching cock. Blushing red, she exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! You didn’t come. You’re incredible!” The little lady then spread her legs wide apart and softly moaned her invitation. I once again plunged my stiff cock into her steamy cunt as she wrapped her legs around my waist and drew me close. Her tongue penetrated my lips and rapidly explored every inch of my mouth. Pumping faster and faster, with my balls slapping wildly against her hot little asshole, I felt her pussy muscles contract and expand rapidly. Again the lady started purring and her muscle contractions became intense, pulling on my cock as I drove forcefully in and out of her. Cupping her firm ass in my hands, I squeezed and massaged her cheeks as she lay half buried in a mound of soft mink, sable, and fox. I was pumping wildly when she started squeezing in erotic ecstasy. I couldn’t hold back another second, and I exploded into the hot little wildcat. I must have shot every ounce of fluid I had in my body, and she kept hunching and milking my cock with her incredible muscles, she wouldn’t let my cock fall limp for a moment.

We both collapsed and drew deep, heavy breaths. For several minutes neither of us said a word, too busy trying to catch our breath…too exhausted to move. Finally she grabbed a dry strip of fur and ran it over my body, taking particular care with my limp and exhausted cock. It felt really wonderful. I grabbed a strip of fox and did the same to her. She smiled in exhausted pleasure. “Do you now have a new appreciation for fur?” she asked with a giggle. I managed a smile and responded, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see another fur coat without getting a big hard-on.” “I know the feeling…I know that feeling only too well. And so does that horny little dog of mine!” My attention was jerked back to our bound visitor, who was hanging from the lead pipe coat rack by his hands we tied together. He was laughing!

The big bad burglar learned it all from you, sweetheart,” the bound intruder laughed. Marissa quickly jumped off the daybed. “Oh I’m sorry, Constantine! I’ll bet your arms are hurting,” she apologized as she hopped over to him. “Jack? You did say your name was Jack didn’t you?” she asked over her shoulder. She smiled nice and sweet. “Yes,” I responded in total confusion. “Well, Jack, I’d like you to meet my husband. Jack, this is Constantine. Constantine…Jack.” She deftly released him from his on-the-rack vantage point, dropped to her knees and swallowed his stiff cock. Ripping off his ski mask, the handsome, dark-featured Constantine placed his hands in Mari’s beautiful hair, tossed his head back, closed his eyes, and after not too many minutes filled her mouth with volley after volley of come. Mari’s talented mouth didn’t let a drop escape as she sucked him dry. I quickly dressed while I watched this strange turn of events and nonchalantly slipped a strip of brown sable saturated with the lovely Marissa’s love juices into my pocket…as a souvenir. While Marissa and Constantine dressed, I started making my exit, thanking them for a memorable day. “The next time you see a fur and get an instant erection, you’ll know where to come to get that taken care of, won’t you, Jack?” Marissa offered with the ease of a neighbor inviting you to come back and have coffee again. “I certainly will,” I grinned, walking back into the searing Houston heat and fingering the wet strip of sable in my pocket—carrying it for proof that I was not suffering a heat-induced hallucination. I wasn’t. The whole thing had been wonderfully real. No dream could ever match it. I certainly will come again.