By Furry Sailor

Part 1– A Women’s New Furry Discovery!


Dianne was a very beautiful brunette, tall, sensuous and a woman of 32 years young. She worked in the computer industry that was mainly dominated by oversexed men. The few women that worked there had to put up with all the jeers these men could dish out in a once considered a men only profession. Dianne loved her job. She knew she was one of the best in her chosen field of programming and all the women working there looked to her leadership. She never really had to look far for a date as most of the unmarried and even the married men continually asked her out. She could have her pick of any man she wanted from the office but stuck to her rule of no office dating– PERIOD!! Despite her beauty and girlish innocent charm, she never seemed to keep a boyfriend very long. Most of the men she dated were intimidated by her height and stunning beauty.

She had been living with her parents until now, which also contributed to her dating woes. Finally she had saved enough to get herself a new home in a very quiet and quaint little neigbourhood just outside of the city where she worked. While living with her parents, she lived close to her work and never needed a vehicle to commute to work. Now she found herself living twenty miles from work in the coldest city in North America, facing public transit as her means to get there. She was not thinking about this transportation problem and subsequent warmth on the way to work concern during her search for her perfect home. She only had a full-length wool coat her best friend gave her a few years back for her assistance in her friends wedding. This coat seemed to work for the short distance she had to go from her parent’s house, but would never do for her now long cold commute to work. She thought, “What am I to do? This city is too cold and the winter too long for this coat to keep me warm.” Dianne was a very sharp dresser and had only put up with the coat because she was focused on getting her house. All her money was sunk into that dream house. Dianne knew her coat had to go but what could she do! She was house poor and needed a warm coat.

Dianne was very proud of her height, beauty and the pair of great looking legs she had. She took every opportunity to show off what she thought were the best aspects of her body her long slender legs. She had a great collection of stiletto-heeled shoes and boots with an even larger collection of pure silk designer stockings; she wore to accentuate her great legs. Her favourite ensembles for work always included a very short skirt again to show off her remarkable legs. She again thought, “How am I going to continue wearing my favourite clothes in this cold weather with my old plain coat!” Her problem continued to plague her every day she went to work. Many of the staff heard her complaints every time she hung her old coat up in the office cloakroom. She knew her problem of living in this –30 to –40-degree weather would not go away! Finally one day a few of the women she ate lunch with told her to solve the problem with her coat, as they were sick of hearing her complaints and threw a newspaper ad at her. She slowly opened the paper still blushing red with the embarrassment she felt over the current situation. She looked at the ad, which said at the top! “Are You Unsatisfied with your Current Coats warmth?” Buy a Fur and Never Complain About Winter Again. It showed a very beautiful model wearing a gorgeous White Arctic Fox Coat! Her first reaction was WOW!! But quickly thought, “I can’t afford that”. As she was about to throw the ad away she saw the fine print only — $99 down payment 36 monthly payments of $99 and you go home in the warmth of a FUR! She was intrigued with this idea and the Fur Salon was only three blocks from work. Ninety-nine dollars was not a lot of money but she was broke from the house purchase! As she was thinking about the ad Debbie, a co-worker, walked into the lunchroom at the exact moment Dianne threw the ad to the table thinking it was not a good idea.

“Dianne I see your going to solve you cold weather blues,” Debbie said.

“What do you mean Debbie,” Dianne retorted.

“You are looking to buy a fur are you not?” Debbie uttered, glancing at the ad on the table.

“Not really. I don’t think I can afford it!”

“Sure you can! Put it on payments like I did last year.”

“You own a fur Debbie?” Dianne replied looking at her in astonishment!

“Yes why are you so amazed,” a puzzled Debbie answered.

“Well, Debbie you don’t seem like a person who would own a fur given that its not a widely liked and all the tree huggers out there want to paint them. You know cruelty to animals etc….” Dianne inquired.

“My father was a hunter and trapper and ½ Cherokee, I am ¼ Cherokee,” Debbie answered back and seemed a bit uncomfortable about the question as she was fidgeting a little.

“Sorry Debbie I did not know that. I would not of asked if I had known. Do you like your fur and is it warm in our cold weather?” Dianne said, feeling a little embarrassed for the second time today by making Debbie feel a little uncomfortable.

“Its OK Dianne. You could not of known. Tell you what; I know a fair amount about furs. I could go with you and help you pick out one if you would want me too. My father taught me all he knew about good quality fur coats!”

Dianne now feeling excited about the possibly of getting both a new fur coat and shopping, which was one of her favourite pastimes despite not having any money, quickly accepted the offer.

Debbie seemed excited too! Dianne’s quick acceptance had caused her to smile very brightly. It was the first time Dianne had seen her smile and thought she was very cute and did have a very nice native look that made Debbie a very attractive woman. Dianne also thought this is the first friend she had made from the office. She really looked forward to their shopping excursion for the coat after work.

For Dianne the day seemed to drag on and on and could only think of shopping with her new friend. Dianne was very excited after her encounter with Debbie in the lunchroom. She seemed to drift in and out of a daydream of her trying on that gorgeous fox coat she saw in the ad. Then suddenly there was Debbie standing in front of her in a full-length Mahogany mink coat, looking even more stunning then earlier this afternoon. Dianne could not remember Debbie wearing the fur to the office before. Debbie looked fantastic in the fur and her long jet-black hair cascaded over the fur. She looked so warm, soft yet it seemed to add a sexy quality to Debbie that Dianne had not seen in a woman before. Again a rush of excitement filled her body to the point that Dianne felt tingly all over. A feeling she had not had since she was a small schoolgirl.

“Come on Dianne,” Debbie said in an excited voice, “lets go get you a fur.”

Dianne complied and leaped out from behind her desk and was back from the cloakroom in a flash with the old coat that looked so disgusting beside Debbie’s beautiful fur.

“Lets go,” Dianne blurted out in excitement.

The two women left the building in a rush together and were soon at the fur salon they saw in the ad! They walked in and a little brass bell tinkled and announced they had arrived. A very good-looking couple possibly in their early forties greeted the two giggly women. The man was very tall dark and handsome. The woman, his wife, was also a very remarkably beautiful woman. Both were impeccably dressed which impressed Dianne as she thought of herself as a fashion savvy woman.

“Welcome ToLaFrance Furs,” the couple stated.

The women seemed to recognize Debbie. Then she said, “Why hello Debbie, how are you enjoying your choice of Fur?”

Debbie answered, “I Luuuuv it Mrs. LaFrance, I mean Valerie?”

Mrs. Lafrance smiled, “I knew you would be pleased with your selection.”

“Oh yes I am glad you talked me into this one even though it was not on sale,” Debbie stated back.

Dianne whispered to Debbie, “How much was it,” trying not to let Mrs. Lafrance hear.

“It was $5000 dollars, but they gave it to me for $4600,” Debbie whispered back.

They did not notice that Mr. Lafrance had walked behind the two of them and had heard their remarks.

“Price is not as important as you think when buying a fur, It’s an investment in your warmth, right Debbie?” Mr. Lafrance said as he took Dianne’s coat off. He then walked over to the cloakroom and hung it up with such care you would think he saw value in it as well.

“Your right Mr. Lafrance,” Debbie smiled as she spoke.

“I told you Debbie its Pierre, please no need for formality here as I have told you many times before.”

Dianne again whispered to Debbie, “ Do you know them very well?”

Debbie whispered back, “Yes, their family employed my father until he retired four years ago.”

“Enough whispering you two! So Debbie who is this gorgeous friend you have here with you,” Mrs. LaFrance asked in a very seductive but inquisitive voice.

“Oh sorry! Valerie, Debbie answered. “Please meet Dianne, my new found friend from work!”

Dianne blushed from Valerie’s remark about her looks, but yet felt proud as well that Debbie had announced her as a friend.

“Dianne is looking to replace her old coat with a fur. She is concerned with price, but I know you will find the right coat that will keep her warm in our cold winters here as you did for me.”

“Debbie is right,” the couple remarked together.

“What type of fur did you have in mind Dianne?”

“I am not sure Mrs. LaFrance.” But Dianne was thinking of the White Arctic Fox as she spoke.

“Dianne please call me Valerie after all you’re Debbie’s friend and any friend of hers is a friend of ours,” she said and winked at Dianne at the same time.

Dianne was not sure what the wink was for, but answered, “Ok Valerie it is!”

“Dianne you’re a very beautiful tall young lady and I think you would look great in a full length fox, lynx or even a Blackgama Mink,” Valerie remarked again with a wink. This time Debbie noticed the wink too.

“Valerie why don’t you model some coats for Dianne,” Debbie said with a slight tone of anger in her voice.

“Great idea Debbie,” Valerie inquisitively stated back to Debbie.

“Yes, good idea Debbie,” Pierre added as the small doorbell tingled again announcing another customer. “I will get this customer. Valerie you look after the girls,” Pierre stated as he walked over to the young man that had just walked in.

“Oh hi Mike! Wait here and I will get the coats that were ordered,” Pierre said as he disappeared into the back of the store.

Mike then took a seat beside Debbie on the customer settee as he awaited the return of Pierre. Just then Valerie made a grand entrance wearing a beautiful full-length Arctic Fox coat like the one she had daydreamed about from the ad. Dianne eyes turned away from the two sitting together on the settee to focus on Valerie. Dianne seemed mesmerized and could not take her eyes off of Valerie who looked astonishingly very sexy in the coat as she walked and twirled to let the coat sway. She seemed to float closer to Dianne. Dianne was speechless as she viewed this first coat on Valerie. Dianne seemed to look at Valerie with a little lust in her eye when Valerie spoke to break the silence.

“What do think dear,” looking to Dianne and again giving her a wink. This time Pierre saw the wink as he exited the backroom with two coat bags to bring to Mike.

“Valerie stop showboating,” he said in a firm tone. Then turned to Mike and told him to please deliver these coats to the CEO’s office at N.A Computing, They are prepaid so no need to collect this time. Upon hearing this, both Debbie and Dianne looked at each other and seemed to say it almost together in unison, “That’s where we work.” Neither woman has ever met the CEO, but both women looked at Mike with a curious look as he left with the two coats.

Valerie then asked Dianne, “Would you like to try this on”

“Oh yes please Valerie,” Dianne voice cracked a bit as she answered in a visibly excited state. Peirre had moved over to behind his wife as she was talking to Dianne. He very skillfully removed the coat from his wife and asked her to wear the Lynx coat. Valerie then disappeared into the coats hanging on the racks behind Debbie. Debbie disappeared with her. Pierre stepped behind Dianne to allow her to place one arm then the other into the coat sleeves. He masterly moved to in front of her to do up the coat for her slightly and purposely brushing his hands skillfully across her breasts so no one would notice, but enough to excite Dianne’s nipples to attention.

Pierre then leaned into Dianne and whispered, “You’re the most beautiful women I have seen in this coat today”

Dianne moved back at first, but then the excitement took over. It was enhanced by the soft white fur caressing her face and neck raising it to a higher level. This excitement had been building all day since the idea of purchasing a fur had been first suggested to her. Dianne could feel the warmth grow inside her and she tingled throughout her body as she felt herself getting a little wet.

Pierre then said to Valerie, “Bring over the lynx.”

Dianne was truly in an excited state and she was afraid that she could not contain herself much longer. Then Debbie came over wearing a full length Canadian Lynx coat and Valerie was wearing a full length Blackgama Mink. The two women looked so magnificent in their coats they had on. It caused Dianne’s already excited state to increase to an almost orgasmic state. She could not believe that seeing all this fur and the attention Pierre had given her had such an effect on her. The women tried on coats for about another half-hour and at every opportunity Pierre either patted her on the butt affectingly or brushed her breasts without anyone else seeing. By the time they stopped Dianne was moments away from her first fur-induced orgasm.

Valerie finally asked Dianne, “Have you made a choice yet?”

Dianne was afraid of that question as she was now in love with all the furs she had seen since her arrival. But Dianne also knew this was what she wanted and she had to have a fur, but felt she better think it over for the weekend as it was Friday. She was too excited to make a decision at this time and felt she should wait until Monday.

“I think I need to think it over for the weekend,” she blurted out trying to disguise her now obvious excitement.

“A wise decision,” Valerie said. “You need to think on which one you like the best as this is a major purchase”

“Come to the back with me and I will get some credit information from you so we pre-qualify you for your credit plan if you decide to purchase,” Valerie said with a wink.

Dianne turned to Debbie just as Debbie said, “You go off with Valerie, I will stay with Pierre, and he is going to show me some new designs he has on video from the recent Paris showings. My dad had a design in that show”

Valerie led Dianne to the back office. Valerie was still wearing a beautiful sheared beaver coat and Dianne had on the luxurious lynx coat. As the two walked into the back office Dianne turned to see Debbie watching the video and Pierre was turning the sign in the window to say closed. Debbie winked at Dianne as Valerie and she disappeared into the office. Dianne was still puzzled by the events of the day, but was definitely in a high state of sexual excitement and very wet! When they got into the office Valerie started to remove the coat she had on and asked if Dianne wanted to as well. Dianne was feeling so sexy in the coat she did not want to remove it.

“Its ok Valerie, I want to feel the coat on me for a little longer.”

“I don’t blame you Dianne, you look so sexy in that coat I could just kiss you,” Valerie said as she smiled at Dianne like a Cheshire cat.

Dianne was speechless and excited to a level she had never known before. It was the first time a beautiful sexy woman had ever said she wanted to kiss her. Valerie then grabbed some papers and sat beside Dianne and proceeded to take down all the important information for the credit application. All the time Valerie was moving closer to Dianne. Finally they were so close that their perfume scents were mingling together to create a new one. By this time as well Valerie had placed her arm around the back of the chair Dianne was sitting in. It was now time to sign the application and Valerie leaned into the chair Dianne was sitting on. Just as skillfully as her husband had done earlier, Valerie slipped her hand into and under the fur at waist level sliding her hand up her inner thigh slowly and deliberately towards her love nest as she kissed Dianne passionately. They kissed for a long time with Dianne moaning and squirming from the attention that Valerie’s hand was giving her love nest. Dianne moaned softly at first but grew louder as her excitement was growing to a full orgasm. Suddenly Dianne pulled back abruptly as her whole body began to shudder spasmodically with the largest orgasm she had ever experienced in her 32 years. Valerie leaned forward again to continue the kissing for a moment longer then stopped as sudden as it had all started. Dianne was not sure of really what happened it seemed like a dream as Valerie handed her a pen without missing a beat.

“Dianne dear, please sign the three places I have placed an x,” she said seductively.

All Dianne could muster was a nod, and proceeded to sign all the documents.

“So Dianne have you chosen which coat you like.”

“I like the lynx best,” Dianne smiled at Valerie. “But I know I can’t afford it. I also like the Arctic Fox and the Blackgama Mink. They are closer to what I can afford.”

“Dianne you have expensive taste, but you also look absolutely gorgeous in anyone of the coats you have tried on. You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen and the first women I have ever kissed. I can see why my husband was interested in you and was trying to get you excited. You see, my husband and I have flirted with customers before, but I usually only flirt with men. You were so irresistible so I gave my husband the signal that I wanted to take you to the office and he surprised me and said yes. I would like to see you again dear.”

Dianne was a little bit in shock over the recent events but finally gained some composure to speak. “I am flattered you feel like this towards me and even in more shock you knew your husband was exciting me as well. He is quite a handsome man. I’m not a naive person but this is a little much for me to fathom at this moment. I am also amazed that the sensation of fur has added to this as well.”

“Oh my dear! My husband and I have had a fur fetish for years and if this does this for you now you should see what else we could teach you about sex and fur.”

“Well Valerie, I must think on this for a while,” Dianne said still blushing from her recent fur induced orgasm with Valerie.

“I understand dear,” a smiling Valerie remarked. “We should go before Debbie comes in and hears our conversation. She is a family friend. Please don’t say anything to her”

“I won’t Valerie,” Dianne said as both women got up to leave the office.

“By the way Dianne we will give you the same discount on the coat of your choosing as we did with Debbie. We will take $400 off on one coat. If you purchase any two we will give free alterations, a fur hat or muff, as well as $1000 off the purchase price and a special gift from Pierre and I, which we will show you later,” as she winked at Dianne one last time as they exited the office.

“Pierre, Dianne is thinking over the offers on the coats and will get back to us on Monday,” Valerie announced to her husband as the woman came into the main part of the Salon.

Debbie looked at Dianne with a puzzled look and told her she would give Dianne a ride home as it was after 7pm. Pierre helped the two ladies on with their coats and the two friends left the LaFrance’s salon. Dianne looked back at the couple as they walked away only to see the LaFrance’s wink to her once more in unison. Dianne was still feeling the warmth from the experience of the LaFrance’s Fur Salon so she did not notice the cold in her old wool coat. They walked back to the office and Debbie picked up her car to drive Dianne home. The two arrived at Dianne’s new home around nine in the evening and Dianne invited Debbie in for some wine and pizza. Dianne also was very obvious in the fact she was staring at Debbie in her mink coat all the way home. Debbie accepted her invitation and announced she needed to make some phone calls first and wanted a private place to make them. Dianne showed Debbie her basement office and said she would take a hot bath and be right down shortly to join Debbie for wine and pizza.

While in the bath she heard the doorbell ring twice and Debbie answered the door both times. One was the pizza, the second was a women’s voice she did not recognize. As Dianne was changing she yelled down to Debbie to start the fireplace downstairs and to get the white wine from the bar fridge. The fire was needed, as the basement was cool without it on. About 10 minutes later Dianne joined Debbie downstairs. She was sitting on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace eating a piece of pizza and sipping from her second large glass of wine. Debbie was still wearing her fur, as the fire had not warmed up the basement up yet, Dianne was wearing a very thick terrycloth robe and was quite warm from her excitement of the day and the hot bath. The two women were laughing and giggling as they finished the pizza and were on the third bottle of wine when Dianne noticed the Debbie’s coat was falling open slightly and she could see bare exposed breasts. This started to excite Dianne again and her nipples were erect and excited, which could be seen pressing against her silk PJ’s through the now open robe. Dianne saw the coat fall open again and again getting her wet and she noticed that Debbie’s nipples were excited and erect too.

Suddenly Debbie announced, “I have a surprise for you” as she removed her coat so show a perfectly shaped and toned nude body. She laid the mink flat on the ground and asked Dianne to remove her PJ’s and lay down on her coat. Dianne feeling the effects of today’s earlier events as well as the wine was very quick to obey. Debbie then pulled out a small tote from behind her.

“Debbie where did you get that,” Dianne inquired.

“Remember I said I had to make a phone call, I called my roommate to bring over this tote. I actually live about 10 minutes from here,” Debbie retorted.

“Now lay down my dear. Here is my surprise,” Debbie said with a smile.

“I noticed how you were staring at me all day in my coat and how turned on you were in the LaFrance’s Shop. You were getting me turned on all day watching you too, so I came up with this idea for tonight that I hope you will like. I am a bisexual woman but truly prefer men. I have noticed you ever since you came to our office. I thought you were the most beautiful and perfect women I have ever seen and you have such a great personality. I had put the girls in the office up to the Fur Ad to try and see if I could get you turned on to fur the way the LaFrance’s had introduced the fur fetish to me when I bought my coat. Yes Pierre was my lover for a short period, but Valerie does not know so please keep that a secret. I have a fur fetish and furry light bondage fetish and hope to introduce you to these fetishes as well. I am surprised Pierre never came on to you in the store since you are an irresistible woman”

Dianne smiled at her remarks. If she only knew it was Valerie that came on to her instead.

“Well Debbie,” exclaimed Dianne, ”I am more turned on than I ever have been in my active sexual life.”

Dianne laid down on the beautiful mink, which only added to her excitement. Then she watched as Debbie removed the two mink wrist cuffs and two mink ankle cuffs. Dianne’s excitement was sill rising as she tied Dianne to the furniture. This furry feeling was turning Dianne on as well as prevented her from moving off her mink coat blanket. She then remove two fox massage mittens and proceeded to massage Dianne with the tantalizing fur until she was moaning and writhing in pure ecstasy. Debbie then positioned her now dripping pussy over Dianne’s face and ordered her to lick it or Debbie would not allow Dianne to have an orgasm. Dianne was reluctant at first, but when the fox multi-tail whip came out of the tote she was soon convinced by a few soft furry whippings to Dianne’s love nest and inner thighs. Soon Debbie was writhing with excitement from Dianne’s tongue and they both shuddered from explosive furry induced orgasms. The two played in fur for most of the night. Then Debbie said she must go home and she would talk to her sometime tomorrow.

Debbie left and Dianne played with herself for a while longer with the one furry mitt Debbie left behind for Dianne. She finely fell asleep after her furry masturbation gave her the 5th furry orgasm of the day and night. The next thing she heard was the doorbell.

She got up to answer the door to find Mike from LaFrance’s Fur Salon standing in her front door and in his arms were two full-length fur coats!! The first one was a gorgeous Blackgama Mink and the second was a beautiful White Arctic Fox. Mike asked her to sign the delivery receipt and told her they were prepaid. The Card that came with them said,

“To the Most Beautiful women in the World who deserves to be wearing the best furs”

“We will be together soon”

No signature.

She was very pleased and excited about the gift, but wondered who had sent such a furry and wonderful gift.

Part 2 Searching for Her Furry Benefactor

Dianne was in a state of shock and total amazement that she totally forgot that Mike was still standing at the door, until he broke her trance by saying something to her.

“You’ve purchased two really beautiful furs for yourself miss,” Mike said as he stared at the ravishing Dianne standing there barefoot. She was clad only in silk PJ’s with an open terry robe that was barley keeping her warm from the cold air rushing in from the open doorway.

“Mike, come in please and close the door,” she said as she regained her composure. “I forgot you were still standing here. What was your question?”

“All I said to you Miss Dianne was that you purchased two really nice coats,” he answered as he shut the door and gave her the two coats on hangers bearing the Lafrance Furs logo. Mmmm, she thought as the furs touched her skin bringing back the sexy memories of last night. Wow, these coats are truly beautiful; so soft and sexy. She hung them in her hall closet next to the front door and the kitchen, which was just off to the right of her main entrance.

Dianne thought to herself that he does not know where the coats came from judging by his comments. He must be assuming by seeing her in the store last night that she had purchased them. This really started to get her curiosity going, so she decided to ask Mike a few questions to see if he may have some clues to who her “Furry Benefactor” might be. Besides Mike was a very good looking young man what could it hurt to get to know him better? He might be of use in uncovering her mysterious admirer.

“Oh! Correct me if I am wrong Mike. I thought LaFrance Furs were closed on the weekend,” she curiously asked.

“Yes Ma’am, it is indeed. I was called in to make this special delivery at Pierre’s request. He met me at the store and gave me these coats to deliver here,” Mike expressed with a feeling of disgust at being asked to come in on a day off. “You must be a very good customer. This is the first time I have ever been asked to deliver on a weekend, let alone a residence as I usually only deliver to downtown offices.”

“Oh I am truly sorry you were called in at my expense. Maybe I can make it up to you by offering some coffee or perhaps a light breakfast with me?” she asked, hoping he would accept so she could try and get a clue from him about who had sent her the coats. She also felt Mike seemed to be interested in her by the way he kept staring at her. She may be able to use this to her advantage. Mike accepted saying he could not stay too long. The two moved to the kitchen, and as they got closer the smell of freshly brewed Irish coffee permeated the air.

“That coffee smells great Miss Dianne,” Mike remarked with an approving smile.

“Thank you. Please sit here at the breakfast nook and I will get you a cup! Do you take cream and sugar,” she inquired.

“Yes to both,” Mike answered as he sat down and began to survey the room. He noticed that Dianne had set the card that accompanied the exquisite furs down on the counter close enough for him to read. He picked up the note and read it.

“To the “Most Beautiful Women in the World” Who deserves to be wearing the best furs!” “We Will Be Together Soon”

He could not agree with the sender more, as he too felt Dianne was very beautiful. To think he was having coffee with this sexy sensual older woman who was bringing a rise to his love tool. He too, now wondered as well who might have sent these furs to her. Why did Pierre open the Fur Salon on a Saturday to get them to her in such a rush? He thought to himself this must be one special woman and he wanted to get to know her better. By this time the bulge in his pants was very noticeable and straining against the tight jeans he was wearing. He fidgeted back and forth in his seat to position himself so that Dianne could not notice his arousal to her presence in the room. He did however really want to see this vision of beauty in front of him in the furs he just delivered and began to plot his attack.

“Thank you for the coffee! You also mentioned something about a breakfast,” Mike inquired.

“Yes I did Mike! What would you like, I can prepare you a gourmet breakfast fit for a king. I can make you an exotic breakfast consisting of flavoured crepes with real maple syrup, ice cream and fruit, stuffed omelets, or even a traditional greasy breakfast. You name it I would enjoy preparing it for you as I love to cook for someone,” she expressed with excitement at doing this for him. She then turned and bent over to retrieve the necessary ingredients from the fridge to prepare such an elaborate meal. As she investigated the contents of the fridge, she was giving Mike a beautiful view of her sumptuous well-toned tight ass. This maneuver also allowed her to glance over at Mike without him noticing so she could see how he was reacting to her flirting. She could plainly see he was trying to hide his now huge bulge in his pants. “Mmmmm!!” she thought, this could be an interesting breakfast experience for the both of us.

“Oh, crepes fixed any way you fancy would be fine to me and maybe a little sausage on the side,” he said as he smiled at her and continued fidgeting to hide his bulge from her.

Dianne slyly smiles back at him as she was also thinking of having crepes and sausage on the side, a warm male sausage to satisfy her growing sexual feelings! “Then that’s what I will cook for you Mike. It would be my pleasure to do this for you as my way of saying thanks for delivering my wonderful gifts on your day off.”

“Oh!” Mike said, “You did not purchase these yourself? You must have one special secret admirer to be receiving so extravagant expensive gifts.”

“Maybe after we eat, Dianne, you could model the furs for me so I could see how special and beautiful you look in them,” Mike said with a sly smile and a wink.

“Maybe?” As she smiled back at him just like a Cheshire cat. She then began preparing their gourmet feast. All the time she was preparing the meal she was continuing to get very horny, hot and wet at the thought of modeling her new luxurious fur coats to an almost perfect stranger. Her feelings were also accentuated from the side effects of the sexual evening she had just had the evening before. Dianne decided that she would give in to these feelings as well as see if she could excite Mike into having some fun. Maybe even getting info on her newfound furry benefactor. Her plan was simple she would prepare for a very special sexy fashion show while Mike ate her exquisite gourmet breakfast. After about 25 minutes her breakfast was done and she served Mike in her dining room.

“Dianne this looks and smells great. You are one sexy fine beautiful cook,” Mike expressed with amazement as he looked at the hot steamy strawberry/blueberry stuffed crepe with vanilla ice cream melting all over it, maple syrup oozing all over everything and whipped cream garnishing the perimeter of the plate. Beside the crepes there was a small bowl of sausages and a fresh cup of Irish cream coffee.

“Dianne this is truly wonderful and extremely nice of you to do for me but where is yours?” he inquired.

“Oh don’t worry Mike; mine is warming in the oven. I want to freshen up a little before I sit down to eat, if you don’t mind eating alone for a few minutes. I will eat mine when I get back,” Dianne replied as she walked down the hallway grabbing her newly delivered furs and then disappearing into the room at the end of the hall which was the master bedroom.

When she got into the room, she quickly closed the door and locked it. Her excitement over the whole situation had left a very noticeable wet stain in the crotch of her silk PJ’s and she was so turned on she could hardly restrain herself from masturbating right there to relieve her pent up sexual tension. Her first thought though was to get naked and wrap herself in one of the furs. She quickly undressed and tried on the beautiful shiny Blackgama mink first. She was in fur heaven feeling so sexy in her beautiful mink. She stared at herself in the full-length mirror in the room. Twirling left, then right as the coat shimmered in the light of the morning sun entering the room. Every once in a while she opened the coat to look at her beautiful body encased in such an exquisite luxurious mink coat. She was now getting dizzy from the sexual feelings this self-admiration was creating. She could not stand it any longer and she had to rub her now dripping pussy with fur so she could explode into another furry induced orgasm. She spied the massage mitt Debbie had left last night laying on the bed. She expertly slides it onto her hand, moves her dressing chair in front of her full-length mirror and sits down letting the coat fall open to reveal her breasts and now erect nipples. She stretches her legs straight out towards the mirror and spreads them revealing her glistening wet hot horny pussy. She looks so sexy, she thought to herself and then starts to gently massage her breasts and nipples with the fur mitt bringing excitement and goose bumps to every inch of the skin the mitt touches. She moans softly and squirms as the mitt continues to please and tease her now totally excited body. With her free hand she starts to play with her clitoris. First in tiny little teasing then faster larger ones as it began to swell bringing her closer to her desired furry orgasm. She continued to massage her breasts, moving towards her hot wet pussy. Watching all this fur moving around her excited body in the mirror only added to the moment. She continued to encircle her excited erect clitoris with her finger faster and faster while continuing to massage her body with the furry mitt. She began moaning even louder as her orgasm began to build. Finally she slipped her finger into her hot pulsating pussy and she began rubbing her clitoris with the fur mitt causing her to let out a brief scream of ecstasy as her body quivered and shuddered from her fur induced explosive orgasm. WOW! She thought I hope Mike did not hear that, as she relished the moment and continued to stare at her fur-clad body. I wish I had discovered this earlier in life she thought. My orgasms seem to get better and better each time I use fur. Suddenly she realized she had been in her room for some time and she though should hurry and get back to get back to Mike.

What sexy clothes should she wear to model her new furs in for Mike, she thought as she prepared her make-up? She chose a very natural look for her make up with some bright red lipstick to emphasize her sumptuous sexy lips. She put on a black ¾ in wide choker around her neck that had a tiny rose in the middle of it. For her bra she wore her red and black underwire cupless bra with matching crotchless panty/garter belt. She wore pure silk black stockings with a black seem running up the back of the legs. To finish the outfit she wore black 5” stiletto heels with sterling silver tips and her white pearl necklace and pearl earrings. She dabbed a little of her favourite perfume behind each ear and a small drop just above her steamy hot pussy. She then put on the White Arctic fox coat and walked out to the dining room with the coat buttoned up and her hands in the pockets.

Mike heard her walking down the hallway as he finished his last bite of his breakfast. Before he could look up she had entered the room standing right in front of him only the dining table separated them.

Mike began speaking to Dianne as he lifted his head up from his breakfast plate. “You sure took a long time Dianne,” he said just as his eyes made contact with hers. “WOW! It was sure worth the wait Dianne! You are one hot sexy furry lady! You look stunning in that fox fur!”

Dianne decided not to reveal too much right away. She wanted to relish the moment of introducing Mike to her newfound fur fetish. “Thank you Mike! I do appreciate your compliment,” she said and then proceeded to move right by him on her way to get her breakfast careful to make sure her fur brushes him as she walks by.

Dianne then undid all the catches on her coat except one in the middle, so that when she walked you could see flashes of either her breasts or her pussy if you looked close enough. She then grabbed the plate with her breakfast on it then placing it on a tray. She then dabbed on some ice cream, poured on the maple syrup and took the can of whip cream. She turned and carried the tray back to the dining room as Mike stared at her every move as she went to a spot directly in front of him on the other side of the table. She leaned forward just enough so as Mike could see her exposed breasts under the coat as she placed her tray down on her spot. Dianne smiled as she sat down making a remark that it was hot in her coat, so she undid the last clasp. The beautiful fox coat opened just enough as she sat down you could just see her uncovered breasts. Every time she lifted some food to her mouth Mike could see a bare breast with an erect nipple. This continual flashing of her breasts not only excited Dianne again, but it visibly excited him as well.

Dianne casually asked, “Did you get enough to eat this morning Mike?”

“Well to tell you the truth Dianne, it was such a great breakfast I could have eaten another plateful.”

“Really! Why thank you Mike. You truly are a man of many compliments,” Dianne remarked in a real sexy seductive voice. “Why don’t you come over and sit beside me and I will feed you some of mine.”

Mike did not need a second request to get him to move and was there in what seemed like a single bound. He was in sexual heaven sitting beside a beautiful, hot, horny, sexy woman who wanted to feed him food while wearing a luxurious fox fur coat. The thought that she was practically nude underneath the coat only added to his desire to have her. His love tool was so aroused it wanted to burst free of its now constraining cover, his pants. Dianne knew how aroused Mike was and decided to tease him as she asked him questions about what he might know about her “Furry Benefactor”

She scooped up some crepes and ice cream on a spoon and placed the contents in Mike’s mouth, as she asked him if he knew the LaFrance’s very well. He answered that he knew them for about 10 years, but it was an employee/employer relationship. He loved his job as he got to meet a lot of woman while delivering coats to the LaFrance’s customers. She told him she had not purchased the coats and asked him if he might know who had bought them for her. His answer was the same as he stated before. He was called into work only to have Pierre instruct him to deliver the coats ASAP to you. He did however notice two vehicles at the store that were not the LaFrance’s. One, a year 2000 VW Beetle yellow in colour, the other a Mercedes Sports Coupe with a designer license plate saying “Wealth”. Well that was funny, as she knew both these cars. One was Debbie’s, her lover from last night. The other was the CEO’s wife’s car where she worked. She had seen her in it many times at work. Everyone at work knew the owner and avoided her whenever she was around at the office, as she was the “Rich Bitch” from hell. Everyone knew that she was like that because of the rumours about the CEO playing around at the office. She must have been there about the coats Mike had delivered last night Dianne thought. She then fed another scoop of food to Mike as a reward to answering her questions. While she fed this scoop of food to Mike she positioned herself so her fur would fall open to reveal her sexy scantly clad body to Mike.

Mikes eyes just about exploded there on the spot.

“Mike do you like what you see?” she asked as she stood up and did a models runway twirl to reveal the full sexy effect of her outfit.

All that Mike could muster was a nod.

“Maybe you need some spice with your food Mike,” she inquired

Mike looked puzzled by her remark until she placed a small amount of blueberries and crepe on her tongue and ushered him to come and get it. Mike obliged, placed his mouth over her tongue sucked off the food swallowing it, then he kissed her passionately. Dianne moaned slightly just as Mike broke off the kiss.

“Don’t forget the whip cream Mike,” she sad as she sprayed some whip cream on both her breasts and erect nipples and her now wet again, pussy.

Mike again did not miss his queue as he began licking off the whip cream on each beast slowly and deliberately exciting Dianne more and more. He licked her breast perfectly clean without any getting on the beautiful white fox fur that outlined this vision of beauty. He then turned to her crotchless pussy and proceeded to eat her whip cream delight before burying his tongue deep inside her, causing her to moan again in extreme pleasure and satisfaction at his skill at cleaning up his breakfast.

“Mike I have not had my sausage yet with my breakfast. Will you feed it to me?” she inquired in a sexy tone.

Mike replied, ”The sausage I will serve you this morning is best served on a bed. Let’s retire to your room my dear.”

Dianne was excited at his response that she grabbed his hand and led him to her bedroom where she had an orgasm not so long ago. Dianne lay down on her large four-poster bed opened the coat wide to reveal her total outfit to Mike. He seemed stunned for just a moment then proceeded to undress. Once he was done Dianne saw a well toned tanned young man with a beautiful 8-inch breakfast sausage ripe for her mouth. She motioned Mike to the bed and had him lay down beside her. She then grabbed the fox massage mitt that serviced Debbie and her so well the past day. She placed it on her hand then said, “Mike I want to teach you the finer art of Fur Sexual Sensual Teasing Massage.”

She then started too , both lightly fur massage his whole body slowly and sensually. Every once in a while she would rub his love tool causing it to jump and pulsate slightly at the furry touch. He was experiencing his first taste of sexual fur massage heaven, a sensation like no other one he had ever experienced before. He was getting very aroused and so was she watching him squirms under her furry massage movements. She again wanted to feel his tongue on her pussy so she climbed over him placing her crotchless pussy over Mikes face and took his pulsating manhood into her hungry mouth while massaging his balls and thighs with her sexy fox mitten. He quickly went to her dripping wet pussy expertly kissing her clit as if it were a mouth. Between his kissing of her clit, he lapped up all of her juices with long slow tongue licks from her anus to her clit, flicking his expert tongue around her clit each time before he kissed it again. He repeated this over and over again until her swollen clit and body was on the verge of another huge orgasm. Her expertise at sucking/licking his pulsating love tool along with her furry massaging of his balls and the fur brushing his skin from the fox coat she was wearing was building an orgasm in him of epic proportions. He could not believe how much the touch of fur was turning him on! He was returning the pleasure to her by the care he took at licking and kissing her clit with his tongue and mouth as well as rubbing her thighs with the edges of the fur coat she was wearing. She was building fast to another furry orgasm. Suddenly the two lovers exploded in furry induced orgasms both bodies shuddering, shaking and quivering from such intense furry pleasure. When the orgasms were finally over the both of them collapsed in each other’s arms in a furry embrace that still excited Mike just by the feel of her coat against his skin.

“Dianne, my dear, that was the best orgasm I have ever had since I became sexually active. I can’t believe how the feel of fur against my skin excites me,” he gasped still trying to catch his breath from their recent lovemaking. Suddenly he felt a furry hand playing with his balls and love tool.

“Mike I want you inside me,” she said as she continued to bring Mike back to another excited state. She then sat on top of him still wearing the coat. She positioned herself to be able to lower her hot pussy onto his thick aroused love tool. She then proceeded to gyrate and move up and down while massaging his balls with her fur-clad hand. She continued this action until they both had another orgasm. They both fell asleep in each other’s arms and slept in her bed until the phone rang out waking the two of them.

Dianne answered her phone only to find it was Debbie on the line.

“Hello lover,” Debbie stated.

“Hi Debbie! How are you today,” Dianne inquisitively asked.

“Great lover and how are you?” Debbie asked back.

“I am so glad we became friends and lovers Debbie. You have opened a whole new world to me. So what’s up?” Dianne inquired.

“I want to take you shopping at a local sex shop. Do you want to come?” Debbie asked.

“Sure why don’t you come by in say an hour, ok Debbie?”

“Ok lover, I will pick you up in an hour. Bye for now.”

“Bye Debbie see you soon.”

Dianne hung up the phone and kissed Mike on the cheek. “You were wonderful Mike and I want to see you again, but unfortunately I must get ready to go out with my new friend, Debbie. She is on her way over.”

“Yes you too were absolutely fantastic Dianne. You have given me an experience I will never forget.”

The two lovers kissed and cuddled for a moment, then Mike got dressed and gave Dianne a last sensual kiss then left holding a piece of paper with Dianne’s number for home and work. Dianne went to have a bath. While in the bath she thought about her “Furry Benefactor”. She figured it had to be one of three people. The three people she had narrowed it too were:

1. Valerie — a likely choice, but Pierre would have known and maybe questioned her or maybe he was in on it hoping Dianne would be his lover as well.

2. Pierre – a more likely choice because he could do this on his own without his wife knowing and from what Debbie said he loves to conquer female customers that turn him on from the flirting game in the store.

3. Debbie – Her car was there when Mike picked up the coat. Was it coincidence, was she Pierre’s lover again. If it was Debbie how could she afford it?

Dianne was still confused about the wonderful furry gifts. She continued to think about her situation as she got ready to go shopping and cleaned up the house from the morning furry fun. She had just hung up the two fur coats in the hall as the doorbell rang. There was Debbie in her mink that they made love on the night before.

“Hey Debbie! You’re right on time! I will get my coat and we will go,” Dianne stated as she grabbed her new mink coat and put it on.

“WOW! Dianne wherever did you get the coat? Its beautiful, just like the one you had on last night at Lafrance Furs,” Debbie exclaimed.

Trying to set a trap to see if Debbie was her “Furry Benefactor” she said, “Oh you know it’s the one from LaFrance furs. You were there this morning.”

“How did you know that Dianne.”

“Someone saw you there. Thank you for the coats Debbie. I know it’s you! How ever did you pay for them,” Dianne mused at her skill at trapping Debbie.

“Coats! What coats?” My car was at home all morning with me!” Debbie asserted.

Now Dianne was not sure again. She thought it must be one of the LaFrance’s then.

“Never mind Debbie lets enjoy our newfound friendship and go shopping,“ Dianne said in a confused tone.

“Yes let’s go. I will buy supper,” Debbie said agreeing with her.

Dianne and Debbie then proceeded to go shopping. Dianne was no closer to figuring out the identity of her “Furry Benefactor”. She was not going to let it bother her. The two-woman set out for an afternoon of adventure dressed to the nines in their wonderful mink coats.

To be continued