Finally Fur


By Drew _G7

My dog needs to go out, but it is just too cold outside. The weather outside is below freezing and the wind is beating at the window. I can’t take the whining anymore, I put on my coat and gloves and walk across the street to the park so my dog can take care of business. It is getting late, very dark outside, but out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of something that is very interesting. I know most of the people in my neighborhood, but never did I realize that the winter would bring out the best in one of my female neighbors.

I have always been attracted to a woman in a fur coat, there is something about a fur coat that turns a woman into something more than words can say. I own a fur coat that I strictly use for pleasure, but my experiences had never been with anyone else – that was until tonight.

Sheila was a neighbor down the street that I had ran into occasionally. She is 37 and just finished a divorce to her husband. She did not have any children, but she too had a dog that needed a walk at the same exact time I had hurried out into the bitter cold. Sheila was attractive; she has long brown hair and green eyes. I had never taken much interest in her until I saw her tonight. She had on an absolutely gorgeous full length silver fox fur coat with matching hat. She had noticed that I was over in the park and she started to walk toward me and let her dog off its leash to run around in the snow with mine. I waved hello as she started toward me, I made sure that my coat was covering my crotch as I knew the reaction that was about to happen. Sheila got close and offered her hand as she said hello. I wish now that I did not have my gloves on as I wanted so badly to get an excuse to brush my skin up against her beautiful coat as I shook her hand. Sheila started to talk about the weather and why the dogs felt it necessary to come out and enjoy themselves in the freezing weather. I had the chance, so I took it “I consider you three the lucky ones actually, those fur coats must be keeping you warm” I piped in hoping to change the subject to fur. I began to get excited and with this comment, I believe that Sheila began to notice; she blushed and said that it did make things much warmer. She continued to speak, but I just kept my eyes on her beauty in this marvelous silver fox fur coat. My erection was growing in my pants as I thought that I may never have a moment like this again. Sheila began to notice a change in me and noticed that I was almost shaking in excitement. She knew where my thoughts were at and she was ready to confront me about them. “Are you turned on by my fur coat?” she asked abruptly. As I said before, this was my one chance, I couldn’t blow it. “Actually Sheila, very much so” I replied. “There is something about a woman in a fur coat that gets my blood flowing.” She giggled and said “Really”, as she parted my coat to notice the huge bulge in my pants created by my throbbing penis. She called for her dogs and both dogs came running over. “Why don’t we head back to my house for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate” she asked. I was freaking out inside, my opportunity to explore my fur fetish with a woman was finally in front of me. I gladly accepted. She put the leash on her dog and held it in one hand as she reached for my hand to lead me to her house. Again, why did I have to wear the gloves?

She opened her garage and put her dog inside of it, she asked if I would like to do the same with mine. I answered “yes.” She took my hand again and walked me to the front door. She opened the door and we entered the main hallway. I removed my gloves and shoes and watched as she bent over to unloosen her boots. I believe I knew why I was invited over, so I wasted no time as I approached her from behind and slid my waist into her rear. I grabbed her arms and she slowly rose. I could feel the fur finally and it was turning me on more than ever. Her back was against my chest as I slowly moved her hair away from her neck exposing her neck. I laid kiss after kiss on her neck and cheek as I rubbed my body against her fur and slid my hands up and down the soft sleeves of her silver fox. She tilted her neck upward and closed her eyes as the same feeling was coming over her. We stayed in that hallway for minutes as the fun was just about to begin.

I helped her remove her boots and she asked if I would get the drinks ready while she ran upstairs. I told her I would as long as she came back looking as gorgeous as she did that very moment. I went into the kitchen and was not really in the mood for anything hot since we had already started that part. I noticed a bottle of wine, so I poured each of us a glass and headed into the other room and planted myself on the couch. She came down the stairs as I let her know that I had moved into the other room. She looked the exact same, as she still had on her silver fox coat and hat, but something was definitely different, she had nothing on underneath and had not buttoned the coat. She leaned over to reach for my hand and said that she had something for me. I was escorted up and she walked me back to the main hallway and opened the closet door. She had a few more fur coats in the closet, they were all full-length. She had a mink, a white fox, and a golden island fox. She asked me to choose one for myself, I had a feeling I knew what she wanted me to do with one. The white fox was one of the most glorious fur coats I had ever seen. The pelts were wide and think, that is the one I was to choose. She showed me to the bathroom and asked me to put it on. I went into the bathroom and took off all my clothes and rubbed the fur against my naked body, it felt wonderful, I couldn’t wait for what was in store. I put the coat on without buttoning it as well and walked back out into the hallway. Sheila had gone back to the couch and was sitting down sipping some wine. I walked over to her and grabbed her glass and put it on the table as I slid down on the couch next to her. My fur opened to reveal my enormous erection. I slid hers open to reveal her breasts. We played with each other as we exchanged passionate kisses with one another. The furs felt so good, I used the sleeve of mine to tickle her nipples as she used hers to massage every inch of my body. We did not speak as we just relished the moment and what was taking place, we were both in ecstasy. We sat on the couch for awhile talking about our fetish and drinking some wine…

to be continued…