Fur and Tickles

by Ticklefur

Rebecca walked along the avenues of Edinburgh, feeling the cold air on her face. It was winter, but she was well protected in her new full-length, mahogany mink coat. Her long, chocolate-brown hair flowed in the wind, and her deep blue eyes were thoughtful as she remembered the words of her friend Nastasha…

“I’ve got a game Marla taught me, that we play all the time,” Nastasha had said. “Would you like to try it?”

“Of course,” Rebecca had replied, “You know how much I enjoy making love with you and Marla. What’s it called and how do we play it?” Rebecca was more than a little curious.

“It’s called ‘The Captive’, and it’s really easy. Within the next couple of days, when you least expect it, I’m going to abduct you, take you to my secret hideaway and have my way with you. Interested?” Nastasha asked with horny glee.

Rebecca smiled widely as warmth rose from her groin, “Count me in!” she said, “Sounds like a really good time!”

That was two days ago and still nothing had happened. She was burning with curiosity as to what Nastasha was planning and was getting pretty aroused to boot. “It’ll probably involve fur,” she thought to herself, “They both adore making love in fur, and so do I, since they introduced me to it.” Her thoughts were lost in the possibilities of what the game was like, when she was suddenly grabbed from behind. Fur-clad arms held her and then she felt a cloth, covered in chloroform, cover her mouth and nose. As she passed out, she heard a husky voice say, “Gotcha!”

Upon awakening, she immediately sensed that she was bound and completely nude. She was on some sort of bed, spread-eagled over a soft, erotic, sensual fur. She was tightly bound with bonds of silk, stretched out to her max. Some sort blindfold prevented her from seeing, but she could smell perfume. Nastasha’s perfume. Although deep inside she knew she was in no danger, she couldn’t help but feel a quiver of fear in her gut. “Hello? Nastasha, is that you?” she asked. There was no reply. “Nastasha? Marla? Are you there?” Her breathing started to increase with excitement and fear. She then sensed someone approach the bed. A long moment passed, and then the silence was broken.

“You’re mine,” said a voice sounding like Nastasha’s, but husky with intense passion, “All mine. And I can’t wait to get to work on you! Damn, I’m going to enjoy this!” Rebecca then felt Nastasha sit on the bed, and lean over her. Nastasha was wearing a fur coat, she could tell because it brushed against her as Nastasha bent forward.

“What are you going to do to me?” Rebecca asked quietly, fear and excitement mixing in her.

“Shhhh, just relax” said Nastasha, “Save your breath. You’re going to need it.”

“What do you-ooh!” Rebecca’s comment was cut off as soft, plush fur was rubbed down her arms, over her full, firm breasts, down her belly and finally into her groin, where Nastasha started to work it. Rebecca was very smooth-skinned and shaved clean on her groin. This made her skin very sensitive, and the sensation of the fur rubbing vigorously on her vagina and clitoris, and now on her breasts as well was driving her crazy. She squirmed and moaned, begging for more.

“Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh my God! Nastasha! Don’t stop! DON’T STOP!”

Nastasha kept at it, leaning in and kissing her passionately. Rebecca returned the kiss eagerly, their tongues intertwining. Nastasha soon slid on top of Rebecca, enveloping her in the fur coat she was wearing, rubbing her whole body at once. Rebecca’s body surged forward to meet the furry embrace.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” she cried as Nastasha writhed against her, kissing her and furring Rebecca’s whole body.

After what seemed like an eternity, Rebecca orgasmed wildly, her body gushing with ecstasy, and could tell that Nastasha was coming as well. A short while later, panting and gasping, Rebecca uttered “Oh… Nastasha! That was…incredible! Oh God, that was wonderful! What kind of furs are you using on me?”

“Well love, you’re lying on your own mahogany mink, and I’m wearing a full-length, Russian sable, lined with chestnut-coloured, sheared beaver. As I fur you, I fur myself. Feels remarkable, doesn’t it?” Nastasha replied her voice husky and filled with desire.

“Oh, yes! Please do it again! Please Nastasha, I beg you, do it again!” Rebecca pleaded.

“All in good time my love, all in good time,” whispered Nastasha, “But first, I want to watch you writhe, quivering with helplessness, as I bedevil your luscious body, plaguing it with torment!”

“W-What do you mean?” asked Rebecca, a wave of erotic fear spreading over her.

“Why, I’m going to TICKLE you my love!” proclaimed Nastasha, sliding down to the end of the fur covered bed, “I’m going to tickle you so much, you’ll scream with laughter and beg for mercy…which I won’t give of course!”

With that, Nastasha began to work the long skilled fingers of her hands against the soles of Rebecca’s delicate feet. Rebecca tried to resist, but she couldn’t escape, and began to chuckle uncontrollably.

“Oh, yeah,” said Nastasha as she rubbed the front of her body in Rebecca’s mink coat, “I knew you’d enjoy this!” She picked up the pace, tickling Rebecca’s feet faster and faster. Rebecca stopped chuckling and burst out into cackling laughter.

“Aaahhhh! Ahahahahaha Stop! Stop! Hahahahaha! Oh God! Oh God! Bweeheheheheeeeee! Hahahaha!” Nastasha kept tickling Rebecca’s feet, tickling and tickling, rubbing herself in the fur, building to an orgasm. Rebecca’s laughter intensified.


“What’s that?” taunted Nastasha, nearly at her bursting point, “Please don’t stop? Well, I’m so glad you love this! I know I am!” She kept on tickling Rebecca’s feet, tickling and tickling and tickling, making Rebecca shriek with laughter. Nastasha finally came, her orgasm rolling through her like a wave. She stopped tickling Rebecca and gasping breathlessly, rolled over and watched Rebecca oh-so-slowly stop laughing and giggling.

“Now that was beyond belief!” said Nastasha, her voice filled with passion, “Now I truly understand the erotic joy Marla has tickling me”.

“O-Okay Nastasha. T-That’s enough. P-Please, don’t tickle me anymore. I can’t take it,” Rebecca begged her lover. She felt Nastasha slide off of the bed and heard her shake out her sable/beaver coat.

“You know Rebecca, I don’t believe you,” scoffed Nastasha playfully, “I think you can take a lot more”. At that, Nastasha hoped back on the bed and straddled Rebecca, and started tickling her sides with excruciating potency.

Rebecca couldn’t utter a word in defense as she used all her breath for laughing.


With Nastasha straddling her, Rebecca was utterly helpless, unable to escape the torment of tickles for a single moment. Nastasha then moved her adept hands up to Rebecca’s silky-smooth underarms. She started tickling them lightly, intent on torturing Rebecca with teasing tickles, but Rebecca’s body was so receptive now, she started laughing hysterically.


Nastasha was bewitched with Rebecca’s squirming, ticklish body and tickled her way to the bottom of Rebecca’s stomach, just above her bare vagina, and continued the relentless tickling there.


Rebecca had sweat on her face and neck, and Nastasha could feel another orgasm coming. Mercilessly, Nastasha continued tickling Rebecca, tickling her way back up Rebecca’s stomach, over her breasts and ribs and finally stopping at her underarms, concentrating the tickles there once again. Nastasha soon came again, arching her back, rubbing her breasts and vagina with her fur coat. She slid off Rebecca and collapsed besides her, gasping. The first tickle session had lasted about ten to fifteen minutes and this one at least twice that long. Rebecca lay there motionless, still giggling and chortling, her gorgeous body covering in a film of sweat.

Nastasha got off the bed and shook out her coat, hanging it on the end of the four-poster bed. She went to the wash room and got a towel. On her way back to the bedroom, she stopped at the closet and got out her queen-sized, white fox blanket. When she got to the bed, she put the blanket down and untied Rebecca’s wrists and ankles, and took off her blindfold. She was so weak from the wild tickling; she was like a raggedy-doll. Nastasha toweled her down top to bottom, back to front, and replaced the mahogany mink with the white fox.

Kissing her lover and best friend, she asked quietly “Did you like that, Rebecca?”

Rebecca looked up into Nastasha’s deep brown eyes and then smiled. “Yes” she said shyly, “I enjoyed it very much” she admitted.

“Well my love, that’s what Marla does to me regularly. Fur and tickles, fur and tickles, for hours and hours of ecstatic lovemaking” said Nastasha. “Would you like to do it to me?” Nastasha asked with a smile, her nipples erect.

Rebecca felt a swell of craving for Nastasha’s laughter, and eagerly voiced her hunger for it “Oh, yes! Please Nastasha. Let me tickle you!”

In response, Nastasha told her to put on her sable and beaver coat, and Rebecca reveled in the feel of the fur against her skin. Nastasha then walked over to the dresser, and reaching in, she pulled out lush, firm, black and purple feathers, each about a foot long. She came back to the bed, and sitting down, handed the feathers to Rebecca. “Your turn” she said, and stretched back on the bed.

Rebecca’s smile grew wide and lustful as she anxiously laid Nastasha out on the bed. She tied Nastasha’s hands together above her head, attaching them firmly through a carved hole in the headboard. She bound Nastasha’s feet about a foot apart, again using the carved wood of the bed to secure her lover. Rebecca then slipped a couple of pillows beneath the fox blanket, under the small of Nastasha’s back. Nastasha was now completely defenseless. Rebecca then stood up, took off the sable and sheared beaver coat, turned it inside-out and put it back on.

“Ooh, that feels wonderful” Rebecca cooed as she ran her hands all over herself, rubbing the fur everywhere, especially on her breasts and vagina. “Well Nastasha, are you in for it now!” she declared and sat down on the bed.

She picked up the resplendent black and purple feather feathers, three to each hand, and began stroking them up and down over Nastasha’s underarms. Nastasha immediately began giggling, and her head was soon rolling from side to side as her body twisted in response to the tickling feathers. Rebecca picked up the momentum, swirling the feathers in circles on Nastasha’s underarms and up and down her sides. Nastasha gave up chuckling and burst into ecstatic laughter.


Rebecca’s face lit up with carnal joy as she watched Nastasha convulse with laughter. Rebecca kept tickling her underarms and sides with the feathers for a good five minutes, then started tickling Nastasha’s firm breasts.


Rebecca could feel she was wet with excitement, so she dropped the feathers in her left hand and started rubbing the fur coat into her womanhood. As she masturbated with the fur, she brought the feathers down and tickled Nastasha’s belly, groin and inner thighs with the feathers. This drove Nastasha wild with hysterical laughter.


After about ten minutes of this refined tickle-torture, and vigorously furring herself, Rebecca climaxed. As her orgasm pulsed through her, she let go of the remaining feathers and flopped back on the bed, rubbing her breasts and vagina with the fur coat.

When her body finally calmed down, Rebecca sat up and found Nastasha lying there with a smile on her weary, beautiful face. “You really loved that, didn’t you?” asked Rebecca.

“Yes” Nastasha acknowledged “I even came at the end, with you tickling my groin so zealously.” Rebecca looked, and sure enough, Nastasha was soaking wet.

“Well, I am going to tickle you again, but first….”

Rebecca let the words fade as she bent down and started licking Nastasha’s pussy, cleaning her up with her tongue, and sucking on her clitoris. Nastasha gasped, her back arching as much as possible under the restraints.

“Oh yes! Oh Rebecca, Yes! Please! Make love to me!” Nastasha begged of her lover.

Rebecca devoured her, licking and sucking, probing deep inside with her fingers. Minutes later, Nastasha had another small orgasm and Rebecca suckled that up as well. Rebecca then untied Nastasha’s feet, and lay on top of her. As she began humping her, Nastasha wrapped her legs around Rebecca. Rebecca kissed her lovingly, rubbing the chestnut-coloured sheared beaver all over Nastasha’s bosom, tantalizing her nipples. Rebecca’s hips drove the fur into Nastasha’s groin, and Nastasha rubbed her thighs back and forth over Rebecca’s fur-covered legs and rear. With soft fox underneath her, and Rebecca’s body pressing sheared beaver all over her front, Nastasha was in total fur paradise. It was no less rapturous for Rebecca. As she ravished Nastasha, the sable was everywhere. Nastasha’s gyrations, mixed with her own, was working the fur into Rebecca’s own pussy, and driving her breasts and nipples crazy with ecstasy. The two belles made love like this like this for over half an hour, and after a few small orgasms, finally climaxed together in a torrent of ecstasy, crying out their love for each other.

Breathless and sweaty, Rebecca slid off Nastasha and stretched out on the bed beside her. Shortly after, she turned and looked at Nastasha, who returned her adoring gaze and simply said, “I love you.” Rebecca smiled and returned the sentiment. She then untied Nastasha, and the two paramours got off the bed and shook out all three exquisite furs.

“Ready for more?” asked Rebecca with a provocative smirk on her face.

“Oh, yes! You promised me more tickling,” replied Nastasha, “…and tickling is what you’re going to get!” finished Rebecca. “I still owe you for all that precious torture you put me through!”

Laughing, the two women spread the white fox blanket back over the bed, covering the entire surface with the stimulating fur. Nastasha then spread-eagled herself belly-down on the bed, nuzzling herself in the arousing pelts. Gleefully, Rebecca proceeded to bind Nastasha to the bed, making sure the silken shackles were good and tight. She placed a couple of pillows under Nastasha’s head, making sure she was comfortable, and that her long, blond hair wouldn’t get tangled.

Rebecca proceeded to run her fingers down Nastasha’s arms, tickling lightly, making her giggle. When her hands reached Nastasha’s underarms, she slipped her hands under them and started tickling Nastasha’s underarms with complete abandon. Nastasha screamed, laughed and wailed.


Convulsing on the bed with hysterical joy, her body twisted and turned in the fur, turning her on even more. Rebecca then worked her hands down Nastasha’s sides, bedeviling her with excruciating tickles. “Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!” she said, uttering the words like an erotic mantra.

“WAHAHAHAHAHEEHEEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH YES! OH YES! HAHAHAHA HAHAHA HA HEEHEEHEEHAHAHA!” Nastasha cried out with hysterical mirth. Rebecca then slipped her hands under Nastasha’s body and started tickling her tummy energetically.


Rebecca was so aroused now; she mounted Nastasha’s right leg, and lay down on top of her. As she tickled her, she rubbed her fur-covered body against Nastasha’s backside giving full attention to her breasts, nipples and pussy. Feeling a potent orgasm building in her, Rebecca continued her hymn, but even louder. “TICKLE, TICKLE, TICKLE, TICKLE, TICKLE!” As she recited, she started tickling Nastasha’s underarms again, causing Nastasha to cry with laughter.

“EEEEIIIIIAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! OHGOD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA! HEEHEE HEE HEE HAHA! HEEEEEE! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! YAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WAHAHAHAHEEHEEHEE! HEEHAHAHAHAHAHA!” The lovers lay there like that, with Nastasha sandwiched between two layers of unimaginably pleasing fur, and being tickled completely senseless.

Finally, Rebecca was overcome by an amazing orgasm, and stopped tickling Nastasha, shuddering and shaking with ecstasy. When she slid off a few minutes later, Nastasha was still giggling and crying, covered in sweat, and gasping for breathe, having cum herself. Rebecca untied her and sat her up, holding her and wiping away the tears and sweat with the towel. Concern filled her face, but Nastasha motioned that it was all right.

About ten minutes later, when she had her breathe back, Nastasha said reassuringly: “Don’t worry beloved. I’m all right. That was just so magnificent! The combination of tickling and fur just drove me crazy with delight, like it always does.”

Rebecca smiled and hugged her friend warmly, and said, “I never dreamed tickling could bring me such…such sensual rapture! Both as the tickler and the ticklee!”

“I’m glad you found it as pleasing as I do,” Nastasha said. The two then got up, shook out the beautiful furs and hung them up. They then took a refreshing shower together, gently making love as the water cascaded over them. They then gave each other a relaxing massage.

As Nastasha lay there, feeling Rebecca knead the muscles on her back, she said: “You know, Marla will be arriving home in a few hours. After dinner, how does the idea of being tied up again on the furs and being wildly tickled by BOTH of us sound?”

Rebecca just smiled, and leaned down to whisper in her friend’s ear “Only if we get to do the same to you”.

Nastasha giggled and said: “Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way!”


Part 2

Rebecca awoke to the gentle touch of a kiss. She opened her eyes to see Nastasha leaning over her and smiling. She wore her usual full-length Russian sable, lined with chestnut-colored, sheared beaver, with nothing underneath but her beautifully nude and highly ticklish body.

Rebecca had fallen asleep to Nastasha’s massaging touch, exhausted from the afternoon of lovemaking, furs and tickling. The white fox blanket was still beneath her. As she stretched out in a cat like fashion, its sensual softness aroused her once more. Then there also was the sight of her lovely blond lover hovering over her.

As Nastasha sat up and leaned back on her ankles, she could see how aroused Rebecca was. She felt the same way, but stopped herself from leaning in to kiss and fondle the comely brunette.

“I’m glad to see you getting excited, my sweet,” Nastasha said in her soft, Russian accented voice. “I just thought you’d want to be awake,” she added with a smile, “because Marla’s home.”

Rebecca smiled wide at the news. So far, the day had been unbelievably wonderful; she had never imagined just how much being furred and tickled could make her orgasm. Before she had fallen asleep, Nastasha had asked Rebecca if she were up to being furred and tickled by both her and her longtime lover, Marla. Rebecca had eagerly accepted the offer, and now that the time was here, she couldn’t help feel excited and not a little nervous.

“She’s waiting for us in the master bedroom,” Nastasha said in answer to the unspoken question.

“Do I need my coat,” Rebecca asked, looking to where her full-length, mahogany mink coat hung?

“No,” Nastasha explained with a smile as she took her hand, “She has everything we need.”

At that, Nastasha lead a nervous and aroused Rebecca out of the guest bedroom and into the main hall. Marla and Nastasha lived in a large, Edwardian era home in Edinburgh. It was warm and inviting, full of earth tones, stylish antiques and had an air of friendly, understated class. There was nothing garish or overdone in the grand home. Marla was a woman of refinement. The only area in which she let herself go was fur. She completely adored furs; they were her favorite garment and tool of pleasure. Her selection of furs couldn’t even be called a wardrobe. It was a veritable collection. But even with all of her furs, she did not display them ostentatiously.

After passing several doors, the two women encountered another corridor. Nastasha led Rebecca to the corridor on the left. They made their way down quietly down the corridor until they reached the fourth door. Like the rest of the doors, it was made of finely polished oak, carefully carved and fitted with a brass handle.

“I think you’ll like this,” Nastasha said with an erotic smile, “And if Marla likes you, as I’m sure she will, we’ll introduce you to the Chamber of Laughter.”

Rebecca’s eyes widened and she gasped as images of what would befall her in a room so-named. It frightened her and made her nipples hard with anticipation. Nastasha saw her reaction and the emotion in her face. Oh, the times the three of them would have in there! But first—.

Nastasha knocked gently on the door, then opened it. “After you,” Nastasha said and Rebecca entered the room. She followed and shut the door quietly behind them. Rebecca stood there gaping.

Against the opposite wall was a large, dark, four-poster bed, covered in a huge blanket of soft, stimulating beaver fur. A pillow fashioned from red fox lay at the head in the center. To the left was a beautiful chair, made of dark wood and leather, and draped with a large stole of red fox. Another pillow, covered with beaver, lay on the floor beside the chair. To the right was a dark wardrobe, and above the head of the bed was a beautiful painting. At the foot of the bed stood Marla.

Marla was a stunning brunette, with hair so dark it was almost black. She was blessed with a delightful complexion and dark eyes to match her hair. She wore purple wool sweater, a black-grey, tartan wool miniskirt, nylons and fine leather boots. Over all this was a gorgeous, full-length, black mink coat. She radiated sensuality and her bearing spoke of her love of furs. The only thing that surprised Rebecca was how young Marla was. Somehow, with the stately house and furs, she had expected a more mature woman.

“So this is the Rebecca you’ve been telling me about, my love,” Marla said with a sensual laugh. Her Scottish brogue was soft and almost musical. Marla continued, “You were right; she is a looker. Is she…..?”

“Ticklish,” Nastasha answered, “As much as either of us, and maybe more. And she absolutely loves furs!”

“Wonderful! Well Rebecca, welcome to my bedroom, the Chamber of Fur,” said Marla with a mischievous grin.

“T-Thank you,” Rebecca stammered. She could almost taste Marla’s sexuality.

Marla drank in the sight of Rebecca standing there, aroused and frightened. Nastasha has chosen well, she thought. She’s lovely. I can’t wait to hear her laugh and beg and cum in the furs. Marla nodded her head and Nastasha gently guided Rebecca to the bed where Marla was waiting. Marla ran her hands over Rebecca, her mink coat brushing against her sensitive skin. She made her way to Rebecca’s bare groin and Rebecca gasped and closed her eyes in pleasure as Marla fondled her with the mink.

Nastasha kissed her on the cheek, whispering, “Spread yourself out, Rebecca. Prepare yourself for pleasure.”

Aroused and eager, Rebecca lay down on the bed, and immediately moaned and squirmed in delight as the fur caressed her bare body. Nastasha followed, slipping down beside her and began fondling her with her sable coat. Marla looked on, watching Rebecca revel in the furring she was getting. Surprised at her lack of control and unbelievable desire for the shy, lovely brunette being loved before her, Marla quickly stripped out her clothes and clambered onto the bed; but not before she put her black mink coat back on.

She ran her mink-clad arms over Rebecca’s legs, feet and bare groin, as Nastasha fondled her breasts and hard, erect nipples with her sable coat. As Rebecca squirmed and moaned, her legs writhed in ecstasy, driving her feet back and forth into the beaver fur blanket. Marla’s own groin was shaved for maximum sensitivity, and she rubbed it back and forth over the bed as she fondled Rebecca.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” Rebecca cried out in total rapture before Nastasha silenced her by embracing her with a deep, passionate, french kiss that became hungry necking. Through the kissing, she soon let out a muffled wail of bliss as Marla slid between her legs, burying them and her pussy in soft mink. Marla began stroking with her hips, pressing the coat into Rebecca, as she held herself up on her elbows.

After what seemed an eternity of pleasure to Rebecca, Marla slid down, opening her coat so she could rub her naked flesh against the fur blanket. As she did this, she slid her fur-covered arms under Rebecca’s legs, and Rebecca slid them over Marla’s back, rubbing them back and forth. As she did this, Marla started to eat her out in earnest, her tongues and lips licking and sucking Rebecca’s clitoris and vagina.

Rebecca went wild with pleasure, and soon had an orgasm. But Marla was by no means finished with her and kept giving her intense, skilled and hungry oral sex as she caressed Rebecca’s legs and belly with mink.

Nastasha had not stopped during this time. She had been furring Rebecca’s breasts, nipples and torso lovingly as their mouths devoured each other. She had also wedged her coat between her legs, and was pumping back and forth the whole time, in rhythm with her lovers, furring herself senselessly.

The three paramours kept the rigorous furring up for almost an hour, during which time each of them had least three or four orgasms. Rebecca lost all notion of time and was lost to the incredible, furry lovemaking she was receiving. Their final and almost overwhelming orgasm was almost simultaneous. The pleasurable experience had quickly gotten the three belles bodies in sync with each other.

“That…-gasp-…that was…-gasp-…incredible!” Marla finally blurted out, when she had recovered enough. Rebecca was sprawled over the bed before her, eyes closed, breathing in short gasps, her lovely body covered in a film of sweat. Although wet, she wasn’t oozing; Marla had licked her clean. Nastasha was lying beside her near the edge of the bed, eyes closed as well, smiling as she slowing fondled a breast with her sable and sheared beaver-lined coat.

Marla slipped off the bed and stretched like a cat; then let her black mink coat slide off. She went to the wardrobe and opened it. The sound made Rebecca open her eyes and look. What she saw made her gasp. The wardrobe was filled with about a dozen fur coats of different types, all full-length, all lush, all beautiful, all erotic. Hung on the left interior was a tie rack, but it held long belts of varied furs, not ties. On the top shelf was a dark, wooden box.

Marla pulled the box down and put in on the floor, then selected four belts of soft, strong, sheared mink; two black and two white. As she moved to the bed, Nastasha got up and took off her divine coat, letting it fall to the floor. As Nastasha selected a golden isle fox coat from the wardrobe, Marla spread-eagled Rebecca and bound her to the bedposts with the fur bonds. Once secured, she wiped her down with a towel Nastasha had fetched from the powder room. She then went back to the closet and as she was deciding which coat to wear, Nastasha picked up the red fox stole off the chair and began massaging Rebecca with it. Rebecca squirmed, gasped and moaned, reveling in the fur.

“Oh yesss! Oh yesss! Ohhh, Nat…don’t stop! Oh, please baby, don’t stop!” Rebecca moaned and pleaded, and she writhed on the bed in ecstasy, her body reaching up for the fur it craved. Marla sat down on the bed, now wearing a stunning chinchilla coat. She waved to Nastasha, who stopped furring Rebecca.

“Well, my lovely one,” Marla said lovingly, as she ran a fur-covered arm over Rebecca’s breasts with her left arm, and caressing her forehead with her right hand. “I’m sooo glad you’ve made our duo a trio. I have to admit, I’m smitten! Nastasha was right when she said I’d like you!”

Rebecca smiled at the beautiful Marla, resplendent in her soft chinchilla. As she looked into her eyes, she saw emotions there she hadn’t seen in another woman’s face since the last time she was in love. Could it be that Marla was–?

Her pondering was broken when Marla spoke again. “You are a lovely creature!” she laughed. “But there is still more to come; isn’t there Nastasha,” Marla asked seductively?

“Oh, there certainly is! You’ll find her most receptive,” Nastasha added.

“Mmmmm,” Marla purred, then leaned over to pick up the box. She put it on the bed and opened it. “What does she respond best too,” she asked Nastasha with a wicked, sensual smile?

“I’ve only used my fingers so far,” Nastasha giggled. “So it’ll be fun finding out!”

“Oh my God,” Rebecca whispered, as she realized she was about to be tickled senselessly.

“Well, then. Let’s start with the basics then, shall we,” Marla said playfully? She then handed several stiff feathers to Nastasha, and took two shaving brushes for herself. As she put the box on the floor, she asked with sensual glee, “Where’s she most ticklish?”

“Pretty much everywhere! She’s lots of fun to tickle,” Nastasha answered,“ And she loves it,” she added.

“May I have her feet,” Marla asked with her wicked, sensual smile?

“Be my guest,” Nastasha laughed.

Marla got up and pulled the chair to the foot of the bed and sat down eagerly. Nastasha tossed her the red fox pillow and she happily put it between her legs, letting out a low moan of delight. She then started quickly swirling the stiff-bristled shaving brushes over the soles of Rebecca’s feet. The response was incredible. Rebecca started laughing loud and hysterically straight off, convulsing on the bed.


Marla’ eyes widened in shock, her head jerking back in surprise. She thought Nastasha had ticklish feet! The brushes were driving Rebecca mad with ticklish frenzy. “Did she react like this with you,” she asked with a delighted smile, continuing the tickle-torture on Rebecca’s feet?

“No! Not like this straight off! Must be the brushes,” Nastasha answered?

“Try her underarms,” Marla suggested and ceased her barrage of tickles. Nastasha, armed with two or three stiff feathers per hand, started tickling Rebecca’s underarms skillfully, swirling and dancing them in circles in the shallows. Rebecca’s eyes opened wide and she started laughing hysterically again.


“She wasn’t this ticklish earlier,” Nastasha said over Rebecca’s fervent laughing, screaming and pleading.

“Maybe she’s extra sensitive because of the furring we gave her,” Marla replied.

“Could be…Rebecca, is that true,” Nastasha asked as she looked into her tear-filled eyes and slowed down the tickling? Still laughing and chuckling, Rebecca managed to nod yes.

“Ooooo! Let’s get to work then,” Marla cried and renewed her attack on Rebecca’s feet with the brushes. Nastasha continued as well, bedeviling Rebecca’s underarms, ribs and breasts with the feathers.

Rebecca nearly went insane. She had always been very ticklish, and today had discovered how stimulating being tickled could be. But after the thorough loving and furring her new lovers had given her, her body had become hypersensitive. Just that much more vulnerable to the kind of tickles the brushes and feathers were inflicting.


Marla rocked back and forth in her seat, squirming her legs up and down, back and forth, so as to rub to red fox pillow into her eager pussy. Tickling Rebecca turned her on beyond imagination, and she came twice while doing it. Nastasha was no different. She let the feathers dance over Rebecca’s torso, exploiting her weak spots to induce as much ticklish hysteria as possible. She soon laid the fox stole on the bed beside Rebecca, and began masturbating by rubbing herself into it as she tickled and tickled. The resulting orgasms were powerful and even better than the ones she had while tickling Rebecca earlier that afternoon.

Rebecca thrashed and convulsed, writhing on the fur as her lovers tickled her without a shred of mercy. She came several times, but the orgasms were almost lost in her tickled-induced delirium. All she knew was the endless tickling, which made her laugh and scream and beg; beg for it to stop and for it not to stop.

For Rebecca, it seemed to last an eternity, but just over an hour after they had started, Marla and Nastasha finally stopped tickling her. They were drained as well, though no where as drained as their subject. Rebecca had nearly fainted twice, but the women had slowed down at those times to keep her going.

Now Rebecca was utterly exhausted. She lay on the bed, limp and weak, gasping for air. The day’s adventures into fur and tickles had taken their toll. Never had she cum so often, and so powerfully, as she had today. As torturous as the tickles could be, she knew she wanted more. Lots more. As for the furs… as of that moment, she couldn’t imagine ever making love without at least one fur ever again. Fur drove her wild with pleasure like nothing else, save being tickled.

Rebecca eventually realized she was no longer bound. Nastasha and Marla had untied her and each was laying on either side of her, with their fur coats draped over like blankets.

“That was…,” Rebecca said, then realized she had no words to describe how wonderful it had been.

“Yes, it was,” Nastasha said warmly, kissing her and snuggling close.

“I think I’m falling for you,” Marla whispered faintly into her ear as she too, snuggled close.

Rebecca’s eyes widened slightly, then she smiled lovingly and kissed Marla. The kiss was incredibly sweet, and the magic that flowed at that moment told her something special was happening. She opened her eyes and saw Marla smiling at her, her eyes slightly wet.

“Tomorrow, we will take you to the Chamber of Laughter,” Marla said softly with a smile, “There is so much there for you to enjoy…including me.” When Rebecca just looked amazed, Marla just giggled, “Didn’t Nastasha tell you how ticklish I am? Why do you think I have such a room?”

Rebecca smiled wide at the thought, then she dozed off in her lovers’ arms.