We embraced and kissed; my hands were running through her long hair and soft FUR coat. Her hands were running through my hair and my FUR coat. Meanwhile my mind raced back to how this evening had started and looked forward to the expectations of how it might end.

It started with my company’s annual Christmas party and awards banquet, or the “Event”.

I really didn’t want to go, since I am only a salesman. However, when the president of the company explained that he couldn’t give out the most valuable employee of the year award, well, I knew I was going.

I was in front of the full-length mirror adjusting my tux when I heard the weather on the radio. Cold, but no snow. This storm will miss us, but it will be very cold. So I’ll have to bundle up tonight.

I smiled and went to my “special” closet. Opening it revealed a closet of FURS. Minks, Lynx, Raccoon, Coyote, Beaver, Fox, and a very special Sable. Being very successful at my job and living alone gave me the chance to indulge in my favorite thing. FUR!!!!

I shot a quick glance at the clock. Since I had left myself an extra hour before I had to leave, in case of inclement weather, and since the weather was for no snow. Well, I knew how to put the extra time to use.

I first took out long suede coat. It was lined with shear black mink and could be reversed to wear as a full length mans mink. I put it aside to wear for the evening.

I then took a Coyote and Lynx and brought them into the bedroom. I was already starting to grow. I checked to make sure I had condoms, not wanting to mess up the FURS with my cum, although I had purchased some second hand FURS for that purpose. The condoms were ultra sheer allowing me to enjoy the total FURRING experience.

On the bed were a beaver and a fox spread. I quickly set the alarm for one hour so I could still get to the event.

I reached for the Lynx and rubbed its soft sleeves against my face. I was growing harder. Rubbing this full-length coat against my clothed body made me ache. Taking a mouth full of FUR made me want more. Putting the soft sleeves around my neck, feeling the FUR against my face, was incredible. Kissing the FUR and feeling the FUR against my flesh, only made me want to FURther take the Furring to a higher level. With one hand holding the Lynx and rubbing my face, I started to unbutton my shirt with the other hand. As my chest was exposed, I rubbed the Lynx on my flesh, getting even more frantic. I leaned my head back to allow the FUR to cover my flesh. Up and down, left and right, the sensations were inconceivable. When my knees started to shake I knew I needed to undress before it was too late.

I stopped long enough to put my shirt on the back of a chair and dropped my pants at the same time. Now only wearing my underpants, I could fully enjoy the Lynx.

Rubbing the coat against my body and feeling FUR sensations only made me want to immerse all of my flesh totally in the FUR. The bed in front of me was draped in beaver and fox and it would have my body on it soon enough. First I took the Lynx and lowered it below my waist, where through my underpants, my penis could feel the FUR. Caressing my scrotum, I needed to feel the FUR first hand. I took the sleeves and this time put them under the underpants. Now the FUR was touching my genitals as I let my underpants drop to the floor. I brought the coat up between my legs, letting the FUR rub against my legs as I drew it up, and while it was fondling my genitals I grew more and more aflame.

Body tingling, penis pulsating, I knew it was time to down shift to enjoy the total FUR experience. I put the Lynx on the bed and grabbed the Coyote. I started to rub myself feeling the ecstasy of the new FUR against my body. With each FURRING, my pace picked up. Not that I was in a rush, but rather I needed to catch up before the cum started. I quickly reversed the Coyote coat, put the FUR side against my naked body and with knees shaking, penis pulsating; I fell on top of the Lynx and the bed of FUR.

I’ve done this many times, and yet each time is a new experience. I slowly took the Coyote and pulled it toward me till it became a pile of FUR. Getting on my knees I started to hump the Coyote as if I were humping someone from the rear. I was getting close when I pushed the Coyote away and slipped on a condom. I fell on top of the Lynx and rolled on to my back keeping the Lynx on top of me like a blanket. I continued to pump as if she were on top of me, until I couldn’t hold on any longer. I came like I have many times before.

Just then the alarm went off, reminding me I had fifteen minutes before I had to leave for the event. Satisfied, but still feeling un-FURfilled, I hung up the coats, straightened the bed and dressed. I was about to leave and couldn’t decide if I should take out some FURS now, leave them on the bed for later, or just wait till I got home. I decided to leave them in the special closet and see how I felt when I got home.

I lowered the heat so it would be just the right temperature when I came home. Putting on the suede coat, with the Mink touching the exposed parts of my flesh, I started to get aroused again. If only I hadn’t promised to go to the event, I thought. But was I ever glad I did.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel where the event was to take place, I saw how festive the hotel looked. The hotel was spread out on one floor. Rooms were to the right, the main foyer was in the center, with the meeting and banquet rooms to the left.

The holiday decorations were visible in full force. Small sparkling lights lighting up brushes and other shrubs, Christmas trees, cut out Santa’s and other characters. There was also a wooden walkway that went around the entire hotel, with rest areas every 200 feet or so. These rest areas were lit with bright blues, greens, reds, and other holiday colors. It was a festive picture.

I walked into the main foyer, checked the marquee, and proceeded toward the event. Just before the banquet hall there was a coat check room. I took off my mink lined suede coat and waited until the girl finished hanging a beautiful floor length mink coat with a lined hood and fox trim. As I watched her, it almost seemed she was, well really getting into the moment. She seemed to be rubbing the coat against her face, and stroked it with her hand.

As she came toward me I noted she had shoulder length auburn hair flowing free, white blouse, black bow tie and black pants. Her name tag said Stacy.

“Hello, Stacy.”

“Hi” she replied with a slight grin like she knew I had caught her. “Just one tonight?”

“Yea,” I said handing her my coat. “But it looks like you have all the coats you need. Especially FUR. You could open your own salon.”

She started rubbing her hand on my sheared mink, “That may be, Uh.”

“Ken,” I filled in the blank.

“That may be Ken, but it’s so much more when you share FUR with someone.” An erotic smile came across her face.

“Well, maybe someone should come back at the end of the night and share them.”

“It would have to be sooner then that. I go off at 10:00 P.M. and have to be back here at 6:00 A.M. tomorrow. However, if someone would come by, let’s say around dessert and knocks twice, then three times, who knows what might happen.”

“I was never big on dessert.”

Just then a VP came up behind me “Ken, How are you.”

We started to walk away when Stacy called out, “You forgot you coat check.” I walked over and took it from her and on the back she wrote “Knock 2X, then 3X.”

As I walked into the hall, it had been decorated very well. The atmosphere was festive. I walked toward the bar, since it was still happy hour, saying my hellos and seeing everyone dressed up. There were long gowns, festive blouses, tuxes for men, and I was dressing everyone in different FURS, foxes, beaver, minks, etc.

For whatever reason, I took that moment to look toward the entry door.

Standing there was the most enticing woman I had ever seen. She had midnight, shinny black hair, done up on her head. She had a face that could set anyone’s heart a blaze. A silk satin white blouse, a floor length skirt, which at first look I thought, could be a sheared mink, but decided from this distance, that it had to be crushed black velvet.

My dreams were suddenly crushed when her date put his arms on her shoulders. Her date was a guy from the company. A couple of the girls had gone out with him “once”. They nick named him “Half Date.”

From the outside he was good looking. But as they say, he was in need of a serious personality adjustment. According to the girls who had gone out with him, his ego was me and only me. You were lucky if you received even the slightest consideration. As one girl put it, going out with him was like running in a two-person race and the best you could do is finish third.

Oh well, I thought as I put my hand in my pocket and there I found my coat check and smiled.

Dinner was announced, we sat down and as luck would have it. We were among the first of the seventy-five tables served. Great, I’ll have more time in the coat room. In fact my table was finishing as the last table was just beginning to be severed.

I excused myself from the table knowing I had about forty-five minutes before the speeches, awards, etc. With a grin, I told my table that I needed to check on some accommodations.

I walked out, closing the doors behind me, and walked to the coat check room. I knocked on the closed door two times, then three times. Right after the third knock, the door opened and there was Stacy. She smiled as I walked in and she closed the door behind me. She gave me a quick kiss and I got a whiff of her perfume. Wow! Stacy told me the FURS were in the back and I should go back there while she placed a “On a break. Be right back” sign on the door.

While she was doing that I found my way to the FURS. As I was touching them, I was slowly getting turned on. I came to a white sheared beaver with a fox collar and tuxedo front. The FUR was very thick and soft. I began to get harder as I ran my hand on the FUR. I pulled it out and hung it crossways over the rack. I then got a smell of Stacy’s intoxicating perfume.

“Do you like the feel of this Ken?”

I turned toward her. She was wearing a 7/8 gray chinchilla with wide sleeves and a large collar that could be flipped up. She let the collar lay against her breasts.

I smiled as she took off my dinner jacket and tie. I turned my eyes and attention toward the coat.

“Yes, it is unbelievably soft”

“Why don’t you get closer Ken,” as she was squeezed right up against my back, nudging me closer yet. She put her hands in mine and squeezed tightly, pressing her body against mine. I could feel her breasts against my back. She put her arms around my neck. The sleeves of her coat were so soft, and very large.

She rubbed the side of my neck and face with the sleeves. Then as she rubbed my face with one sleeve, she very gently undid my belt and slowly pulled down my pants and underpants. She began to softly kiss the back and side of my neck, alternating the kissing and the rubbing of the sleeves.

“Move closer to the FUR coat, Ken, so you can feel the FUR on your genital area.” This was an unimaginable feeling. I was so turned on. I wanted to turn around, but it was so erotic, I didn’t want it to end. I moved closer to the FUR so it was touching me. It was so incredibly soft.

“Closer Ken. You need to feel all the coat that you can.” She pulled me even closer. “Now pull the coat into you and rub up and down on the FUR with your penis. Mm, doesn’t that feel good?”

I reached and pulled the coat around my body with both hands. I pushed my face into the collar and continued to move the FUR up and down against my penis.

Stacy pulled my hands back a little, opening the coat, and unbuttoned my shirt. She rubbed my chest with the sleeves of the chinchilla. She kept one sleeve against my chest and with the other hand pushed the FUR harder against my genital area.

I was going insane. The FUR, her perfume, everything was causing me to lose control.

“Do you want me to stop Ken? Or do you want more?”

“Don’t stop Stacy, Don’t stop.”

“I won’t but when you get close let me know so we don’t cum on the FUR.”

“I’ll let you know, but don’t stop!”

She then took the sleeves of her coat and began to rub my genital area. It was getting hard to decide which I wanted more, her or the coat I was engrossed with. She continued to kiss my neck very softly and very slowly. I leaned my head back while she put her tongue in my ear and rubbed the sleeve against my mouth. She reached around and up between my legs and rubbed my genitals with her sleeve. She then went back to rubbing and kissing my neck with FUR.

I continued to rub into the FUR coat in front of me. It was if I were having intercourse with the FUR. It was majestic.

She was whispering in my ear about how wonderful Fur was. “Feel the FUR, get lost in the FUR, inhale the FUR, become part of the FUR.”

I felt like I was going to explode. I was totally at her and the FUR’S disposal. My mind was focused on her and the FUR.

“Release it Ken, let your ultimate sexual feeling for me and the FUR come through. Don’t hold back. Let it flow, let it flow.”

My mind and body felt as if they were one with the FUR. It’s been said, the most complete sexual arousal and satisfaction are achieved in the mind. I now know what that meant. It was a complete melding of Stacy, my body, and the FUR.

I heard her breathing harder and quicker. She had been rubbing herself with her sleeve. The erotic sounds, her and the FUR.

“Oh God, “I cried out “I’m getting ready too cum.”

She turned me around, and took two big paper napkins. One caught my cum, the other caught hers.

After catching her breath, Stacy said, “I really enjoyed that. Never have I been so aroused. I’ve dreamed about doing that, but obviously it took the right guy. I’m glad you came.”

I laughed “I almost didn’t. But you’re right, never had I been FURRED like this.”

We cleaned up and I put the sheared beaver back. We walked back to the door. “I don’t know how to thank you Stacy, you look so great in that coat.” She still had it on.

“I’m just glad Ken, the right guy came along at the right time in the right place.”

She put her arms around my neck, and we exchanged a long, slow, sensual opened mouth kiss. The sleeves, against my neck, were getting me aroused again.

I got back to the event in time to hear the opening remarks by the company president. Even if this night ended right then I’d be happy. But it didn’t.

After my Furring with Stacy, the remaining part of the evening seemed dull. My mind kept fading in and out while I was listening to the speeches. You know the type. This year was a banner year and that next year will be even bigger and better, etc. Then the awards were presented. I had received two minor awards and it was a while until they came to the employee of the year award. Not that I wasn’t flattered, but I was also embarrassed. I went up to the stage to receive the award, said my thank you, and got down as quickly as possible. The president closed the ceremony by saying that dancing and the cash bar would remain open until 1 a.m. Have fun.

It was only 11 p.m. and I knew if I didn’t stick around for a little while, I’d hear about it Monday. I made my way toward the bar, receiving congratulations for a job well done every five feet. What I was really thinking about was what was waiting for me back home. I wanted to roll around and surround myself in FUR, and relive the earlier rendezvous with Stacy. But alas, I needed to play the part. I had just accepted some more congratulations and continued to make my way toward the bar. As I turned, I bumped into someone, and I mean bumped into her. It was the woman I had seen enter the room earlier. Her midnight black hair held up on her head. The silk blouse, and much to my delight, her floor length dress. It wasn’t crushed velvet, but actually sheared mink. If someone had taken that moment to look a little below my waist, they would have seen my reaction.

For the first time that night, I was over come. I stammered, hesitated, and finally got out, “Are you all right?” I looked into her face for the answer. I saw her blue eyes shining like stars on a clear night. I felt an emotion for her that I hadn’t felt for a person in a long time.

She smiled and looked away while blushing and said she was fine. I noticed two things here. First, she had dropped her wine and more important her date wasn’t with her.

I said, “Here, let me get you a new glass of wine.”

“You don’t have to, ”she replied.

“But I insist,” I responded and we walked over to the bar to get her a new glass of wine. I kept asking her if she was OK and that none of the wine got on her clothes. I probably asked her the questions too much, but you know how it is when you get excited. We finally found a table to sit at.

She congratulated me on my awards. I thanked her and said, “You know, I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s Andrea,” she replied.

I continued, “So Andrea, you know something about me. However, I don’t know anything about you. What do you do?”

“I work with my mom at her boutique. Although we’re more like sisters, because my mom was only 17 when she had me. Anyway it’s a woman’s boutique. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called Lynn’s Ladies.”

I confessed that I didn’t know it. I noticed her eyes drifting toward the dance floor while we were chatting.

She continued, “It’s a woman’s specialty shop. My mom started it years ago when I was young. It specializes in elegant woman’s wear as silk and FURS. Items like this silk blouse I’m wearing. And I’ll bet you didn’t know that this was a sheared mink skirt?”

Answering her, “I have to admit I did dismiss it as crushed velvet, but I am very happy it’s not.” She looked a bit surprised. I continued, “Does your dad work with you and your mom?”

Her demeanor changed and responded, “I never knew him. Although my mom tries to speak well of him, I can tell that there were problems.” Her eyes kept drifting toward the dance floor. I turned toward the dance floor and saw her date dancing with someone else. More accurately, he was feebly attempting to show off. I turned back toward her and asked if she would like to dance? She agreed and I led her to the dance floor. We were dancing for two songs when the band stopped playing and took its break.

Her date came over to us. He started to berate Andrea by saying, “You are my date and if I want you to dance, then I will be the one you dance with.”

She replied, “But you were dancing with someone else.”

He answered, “That does not matter. You have embarrassed me. Here is your coat check, please find some other transportation home. Good night.” He then turned and walked away from us.

Andrea’s mouth dropped open. Her eyes started to swell up and I could see that the tears were just moments away. I put my hands on her shoulders and guided her back toward the table. Just then the band returned and started to play. The moment dissipated and those people who did notice went back to dancing. At the table Andrea suddenly turned toward me. I pulled her close and as she put her head on my shoulder, she started to sob softly. Many thoughts went through my mind. I looked toward the door and saw her ex-date putting on his coat as he was leaving.

She started to compose herself as I looked into those blue eyes again. I said, “Don’t worry Andrea, I’ll take you home, but right now I think you could use a little fresh air.” She agreed and we went to pick up our coats. Someone else had replaced Stacy at the coat check room and I gave him the two checks. My coat came out first. When Andrea saw that it was mink, she let out a short breath and a smile that went from ear to ear appeared on her face. Then her coat came out. It was a full-length silver fox coat. I got hard just wondering how this would turn out. I reversed my coat so the mink side would be facing out.

As we were leaving, Andrea said, “First let me make a quick trip to the ladies room.”

“I’d love to join you,” I said in jest

As an erotic grin came across her face, she replied, “Why don’t you?”

I started to say, “I know what I should say. ”However I finished saying, “But until you try, you’ll never know. Let’s go.”

We walked in silence, she holding her fox, me my mink. I put my hand in hers. She smiled and said, “It’s not often you see a man wearing a mink, but I’m glad you do.”

I smiled and replied, “And I’ll bet you stay warm in your fox.”

“The fox has other uses too, you know,” she said as we got to the ladies room. I reached to open the door to let her in when she stopped me. “No Ken, not this one. When my mom and I do fashion shows here we use a different one,” she said as we continued to walk down the hall and turned down a second hall. “The ladies room I’m talking about has two rooms. The first room is a lounge and the second room is a bath,” she continued as we came to a door marked changing room. She reached into her purse and produced a key. She said, “We’re doing a show here in two weeks so I got the key early so I could drop off a couple of things.”

She inserted the key and opened the door. Once inside, she turned toward me and with one arm holding her fox, she put both arms around my neck. The fox was rubbing against my checks and her lips and mine joined in a lip lock. My hands, still holding my mink, worked down her back to her skirt and I started caressing her mink skirt. I rubbed and pulled her into me. The mink was driving me insane.

We stopped kissing. She said, “Ken, that is quite a rise in your pants. It looks like the same one I thought I saw when we bumped into each other earlier.”

“Maybe a little more intense now,” I replied.

We went into the room, closed the door behind us and Andrea flicked on the light. “What do you think? Will it serve our purpose,” she asked?

What I saw was a large plush velour futon, a small coffee table, thick carpeting, a door leading to the bath, and three FUR pieces. Two coats, one a full-length beaver and the other a full-length brown fox. The third piece was a large raccoon throw. There was also a box of FUR swatches. She took my mink and her fox and draped them over the futon.

“Let’s get more comfortable,” she said as she took off my jacket and tie, and then she unbuttoned my two top shirt buttons and stopped. She reached up to her own head and removed two or three hairpins that released her black tresses. Her hair fell free to the middle of her back. I was lusting. “Do you like what you see,” she asked? She said as she looked at my crotch, “You do like what you see.” She smiled and went on to take control. “Ken, I believe you enjoy FUR,” she continued.

I responded, “A lot. I love it, in fact.”

She then asked with a gleam in her eyes “How much FUR can you take?”

“How much Fur can you give,” I asked?

“You’ll see. First lets finishing undressing you. You are not allowed to touch. Only I can touch you. Do you understand,” she asked?

It sounded like a command, not a question, but who was I to question. I just nodded. She went to the box of swatches ant took out two pieces that covered her hands. “These are my rabbit paws,” she said. She started furring my body. Rubbing my ears and face, she went on to unbutton my shirt. She rubbed her hands inside my shirt caressing my chest. With my shirt unbuttoned, she went up to my shoulders and started to pull the shirt off my back. I wanted to help her, but like she was reading my mind she told me, “Now remember Ken, if I need your assistance, I’ll tell you. In the mean time just enjoy the feeling.”

Enjoy; I thought, this is ecstasy. She went behind me and pulled off my shirt. With the FUR rubbing my shoulders, I was getting excited and relaxed at the same time. Because this was a changing room, I could watch her in a mirror, which just added to the enjoyment. She caressed my shoulder, then went down my back, then up my chest, and then to my back again. What a massage! She continued the rubbing as my pants got tighter and tighter. She stopped for a second. The futon and her behind me, the two FUR coats and a throw in front of me, I started to turn toward her. “Not yet,” she ordered.

“You’re the boss, Andrea,” I responded. No sooner had I spoken the words, when she threw my mink coat over my head. Other then looking down and seeing light, I couldn’t see anything. As Andrea moved around the room, I didn’t have a clue as to what she was doing. I stood with the mink coat over my head for what seemed like hours, waiting and waiting.

Suddenly I felt the coat being removed. I felt FUR rubbing me again as she lifted the mink coat over my head. While I had my eyes covered, she had rearranged the room. The coffee table had been moved to the wall, the futon had been converted to a bed and covered with the raccoon throw. The brown fox coat rested on the arm of the futon and the beaver coat was still on the rack. She turned me around facing her and the couch. Andrea had removed her blouse, skirt and all of the other clothing she was wearing and placed them on the coffee table. She stood before me, her black hair hanging loose, a sparkle in her blue eyes and her full-length fox coat closed around her completely covering her body. She pulled me close and rubbed her FUR-clad body against mine. She alternated kissing my chest and rubbing her FUR against me. Her hands went to my belt and pants, undoing them until they fell to the floor.

She moved her FUR clad body farther down my body. She rubbed the sleeves against my penis, which was growing it like a weed. Restraining myself was becoming a problem. I wanted to reach out to her and rub her FUR clad body against mine. She must have sensed it as she rose against my body and put the sleeves around my neck and face. She said, “Ken, I want you to step out of those pants and lay down on the futon.” Although I was older then Andrea, I felt like a child obeying their mother, although mom was never like this.

I lay down on my back. The raccoon throw felt so soft against my back. She continued, “Put your hands over your head and spread your legs.” Again I obeyed. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a long swatch of FUR. She wrapped it once around my left ankle and tied it to the wooden arm of the futon. I’m sure I could have broken free, but who would want to. She then produced a second FUR strip and did the same to the other ankle. I do not have much body hair. So when she knelt by my feet and started rubbing both sleeves up one leg and down the other, I could feel it all.

I was getting totally engrossed in this when she stopped, stood up and came around to my head. She then took the brown fox and rolled it into a pillow. I was about to lift my head when she said, “No Ken, I’ll do the work.” She rubbed my face and neck quickly with the brown fox. She then reached under my head and lifted it so she could lay my head upon it. Then she took two more pieces of FUR swatches out of her pocket and proceeded to attach one to each wrist and the wooden arm of the futon. I was hers.

Looking down at me she said, “Now let’s see how much you can take.” She leaned her FUR-clad body over me and rubbed her coat up and down my face. FUR on my face and when I opened my mouth to moan, I got FUR in my mouth. She came to the right side of the futon and lay down next to me. Her head by mine, she then rolled her body over mine and ended up on my left side. Feeling the fox and her hair run over my body, I wondered how long indeed I would last.

After a few seconds she repeated the roll, this time from left to right over my body. She didn’t stop this time and immediately started rolling back from right to left. She stopped this time when she was directly on top of me. She kissed me and rubbed her FUR clad body against me. My penis had found its way through the opening of the coat and was being caressed by the FUR and her vagina. She arched her back and rubbed against me like a cat seeking affection. She rolled off me and reached for my mink coat, her mink skirt, and the full-length beaver coat.

She draped her skirt over my feet and very slowly dragged it up and over my legs, chest, and over my head. I got the full FUR effect. She then repeated this with my mink coat. The feet, legs, and face again. My breathing was quickening. She took the beaver coat next and did the same thing until she came to my face where she stopped and allowed me to breathe beaver into my mouth. When she pulled it off my face, she had opened her coat allowing her to pull the beaver up across her vagina and her breasts. She let out the slightest moan and turned her attention back to me. She took all three FUR pieces and pulled them up over my body all at once. What an incredible feeling having sheared mink, beaver and mink moving over your body at once. She was over my head when she held on to all three pieces and threw them over my feet to be pulled up again.

I have no idea why I hadn’t cum yet. FUR, a beautiful woman, everything I love and still somehow I held off. I looked up and with her standing above my head, I could see glistening juices starting to drip down her legs. “You’re doing very well, Ken. I am very happy you’ve held off this long. I’ve got a feeling that it is not going to last much longer,” she said. She then dropped to her knees putting her vagina on my face. Pulling the FURS up my body she continued, “Find my spot and let me catch up to you.” I stuck my tongue in her own FUR patch searching for the spot she wanted me to taste. As I touched it she let out a quick breath. “Oh yes. Play with it, tongue it,” she screamed. Boy did I, being tied down just made it more and more exciting. The juices started to flow. Sweet tasting juices. She continued FURRING my body while I excited her. She suddenly stopped, stood up and said, “You’re not quite ready yet Ken. Your penis is screaming for FUR.”

She went over to the FUR box and took out two more swatches. One was a long hair beaver; the other was sheared beaver. She sat herself down between my legs draping her legs over mine and close enough so my penis almost touched her vagina. She took the sheared beaver and started stroking my penis while she took the long hair beaver and stroked her own vagina. Starting slowly at first, she gradually increased the speed of her strokes.

“More” I shouted, “More.”

“Yes!” she screamed back, “Yes!”

I was just about to let go when I felt Andrea climax. That was all I needed. I immediately came into the beaver.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, “I’ve never been turned on that much before.” She positioned her body directly on mine. With her fox still around her she gave me a long deep kiss.

“Andrea,” I whispered?

“Yes Ken,” she whispered back.

I said, “I believe we can have an even more intense experience, but you’ll have to trust me and come with me. First we’ll have to get cleaned up and get dressed.” I knew what was waiting back at my house.

“Sounds like a good deal to me, ” she said as she smiled. I was still tied up while she took off her silver fox and went into the other room to clean up. She returned, still naked, holding a large shopping bag. “What are you doing,” I inquired?

“Getting ready,” she answered, “and I’ll untie you in a moment.” She took the beaver coat and the fox coat that had been my pillow and hung them up on the rack. She then took our clothes, folded them neatly and placed them into the shopping bag. Except for our shoes, my socks and our FUR coats, everything else went into the shopping bag. She then went on to untie me. Then Andrea said, “Now we can go. But, we must wear our coats. It is cold outside.”

I sat up and looked at her erotic smile. She slipped on her shoes, as I put on my shoes and socks. I reached for her silver fox coat and helped her put it on over her naked body. I then put my mink coat over my naked body. Again, excitement over came me.

“Let’s get going,” I said as we walked out of the room with only FUR covering our bodies. “I think you’ll enjoy our next stop,” I said with a grin on my face.

“And what’s so special about the next stop,” Andrea asked?

“You’ll see when we get there,” I answered.