Gillians Fur Slave – Part 1

By Smudge 102

He couldn’t believe it was her, not after all this time. She still looked very good and he could feel his body respond as he took in every detail of her. He sat back in the chair in the hotel foyer and studied her from head to foot as she sat across the room sipping a drink.

Gillian was very petite, but perfectly proportioned, her slim body only reached to about 5 feet, but he sighed as he looked at her slim pale legs and pert breasts. She looked really well and there were some subtle changes about her. Her breasts seemed slightly fuller and heavier; she turned and gave the waiter a dazzling smile with perfect white teeth between full lips. Finally her hair, it had always been shoulder length, but now although still red, it cascaded nearly to her waist.

Her clothes looked very expensive. He remembered how she never wore trousers, only skirts or dresses, and how these would always be very short or ankle length. Today’s black suede skirt was very short, impossibly high heels emphasised her slim legs, and her upper body was encased in a tight red jumper. A heavy gold chain hung around her neck and matching earrings peeped out from her red hair.

Andrew felt dizzy at the sight of her. There’s had been a tempestuous relationship, on and off for over 15 years. They had discussed their deepest fantasies, but never actually made love. Other partners had got in the way. He knew that he had treated her badly and hurt her on more than one occasion. He knew as he saw her again that his body wanted her, even more today as she looked like one of his fantasies come to life.

He hesitated; what could he say to her after all this time. Suddenly she stood up as the waiter came over to her. He couldn’t believe it as she slipped on a full-length silver fox coat. His sex strained inside his trousers. Gillian looked gorgeous, she wrapped the coat around her with obvious pleasure and flicked her hair out over the collar which framed her face. She paid the waiter and made towards the exit.

“Gillian, hello,” he said as he felt out of breath. She turned, the hem of the coat flaring out. |The startled look he remembered came into her eyes and her face started to flush, but then she seemed to recover and relax. She smiled, “Andrew how are you, it’s been a long time?”

“I’m ok, a bit down on my luck at the moment, just had a interview for a job. You look really well.”

“Thank you, but look I’m sorry, I have a taxi waiting and a train to catch.”

“Oh please could we have a drink and a chat, you look so good.”

“You never called me Andrew, you let me down again.”

“Gillian I’m really sorry, I’m on my own now. I have been for 3 years. Couldn’t we try again? At least let’s have a drink!”

“No I really have to go.” She walked towards the waiting taxi her coat moving with her.

“Gillian please, you look fantastic, the hair, you coat, can I call you, where are you living?”

She turned and pulled the coat tighter around her. All her could see was her heels and then a mass of soft fur, her face and the cascades of red hair.

“Still got a thing about fur then Andrew?”

“Yes Gillian,” he answered as he reached out and stroked the sleeve of the coat feeling its softness.

“Are all you other fantasies still as powerful?”

He nodded silently.

“Well I bet you are feeling really uncomfortable at the moment,” she replied as she climbed into the taxi and opened the window.

“Andrew if we get back together it will be on my terms, do you understand? I have plenty of money now and I have my own business. Incidentally, I have the largest private fur collection in Europe. Give me your mobile number, if you are very good, I may call you with a proposition.”

“Gillian please can’t we talk, I’ll buy you dinner.”

“Last chance,” she said her voice suddenly hard, “Give me your number or you’ll never see me again.”

“Here you are, please call me soon, can I have you number?”

The taxi window slammed shut and it moved away. He waved, but she didn’t even give him a backward glance.

For the next three weeks Andrew waited and waited. He struggled on with the dead end job he had taken in order to pay the bills.

He kept thinking about her and every time the phone rang he grabbed it hoping it would be her.

Finally at about 4pm one wet Sunday afternoon she called.

“Hi Gillian I’m so pleased you’ve called.”

“Shut up Andrew and listen. I have a proposition for you. It is non negotiable and you have to decide now, I won’t call you again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Gillian, go on.”

“I am prepared to restart our relationship under the following terms. I need an assistant to help me with my business. You can move in with me and fulfil those duties. You will do everything I say without question. I will provide all you needs, food, clothing, a room, everything; the position will be live in. You won’t get paid. With me so far Andrew?”

“Yes Gillian, it sounds interesting.”

“Andrew, this isn’t a job interview and there is some more. Your freedom will be non-existent. You will stay with me at all times or you will be restrained in some way. You will not have access to money, credit cards, phones etc.”

“ Gillian what type of relationship will this be, can we sleep together?”

She laughed, “Possibly, although I will be keeping you in a chastity belt, I’m sure I’ll find some uses for you though.”

Andrews’ mind reeled. It was his wildest fantasy come true, but could he cope with it for real?

“Gillian, I’ll say yes, but I’m not sure about everything. What is you business? Will you ever let me go?”

She laughed again, “Andrew my business is FUR, I’m not negotiating on anything.” She paused, “I think you want to do it and you need to be punished for being so horrible to me. Just think of how many furs you’ll get to see and feel. Jackets, strollers, full-length coats, hoods, hats, and muffs. It’s a shame you won’t be able to cum unless I let you.”

“Gillian,” he gasped as his mouth was dry and he couldn’t talk. “Can I sleep on it and call you in the morning?”

“No, if you want to do this I’ll pick you up tonight, otherwise the deal is off.”

He sat on his bed the clock ticking loudly in the silence. The doorbell rang sharply and he walked to the door.

“Hello Andrew, are you ready?”

“Come in.”

Gillian walked in. Her short blue fur jacket had huge fur cuffs that made her hands looked tiny and her face seemed lost in a face-framing hood.

“Strip Andrew, I’ve bought some things for you to wear!”


“Don’t argue. Strip and stand spread eagle against that wall.”

He felt the fur touch his flesh causing and his erection to strain even more. “ Aaaaaggghh, what the hell are you doing?”

“A chastity belt darling, all snug and secure, no more errections for you! Now a nice fur strait jacket,” as she pulled the straps tight. “Now some leg irons. There that’s better, I don’t think you’ll give me any trouble now.”

“ No unless I shout and scream.”

“Oh, I’ll gag you for the car journey. Now I just need you to do something. Kneel down and bring me to orgasm now!”

He knelt with difficulty. He couldn’t touch the fur which encased his upper body, the irons around his ankle had no give in them, his penis ached and the belt allowed no movement at all.

He started to lick. All he could see was the frame of blue fur surrounding him. Gillian pushed hard against him, moaning and quickly climaxing. She then stepped back and adjusted her fur. “Your all mine Andrew, I never thought this day would come. Just you wait and see what I’ve got in store for you! I’m going to gag you now, and from now on you will address me as Ms. Fur. Do you understand?”


“Yes what,” she shouted at him, and Andrew felt a moment of unease.

“Yes Ms Fur.”

“Thank you. You are on punishment for a week for that over sight.”

“ But Gillian!”

“Two weeks Andrew”

He opened his mouth to argue, but popped in the gag. His eyes opened wide as she tightened it. He couldn’t make a sound. With the chains clinking, he followed the blue fur out to a small van. He walked around to the passenger door.

“Oh no Andrew, slaves travel in the back”, she said as she opened the back doors and then the door of the cage, which sat in the back of the van.


The cage door shut, the van doors shut and Andrew set off on his journey helpless as Gillian’s Fur Slave.

To be continued.

All rights reserved, 5/9/00 Smudge102.