Jennifur’s Tale

by “Miss” Jennifer Hart

(Would love to hear from other girls and “girls” who liked this story, or have similar interests…

My wife, Michelle, had very soft, bushy auburn hair. Although her hair was long, it was bushy because of all its tiny curls. She cut it so that it was like a soft auburn “afro” that was three inches thick all around, and fell to her shoulders, to the middle of her back. Now, though, she had most of it pulled back from the sides with combs, creating a big soft mane of curls.

She knew all too well how that look drove me crazy. Her soft bangs and the few curls she left to hang over her cheeks air- brushed her sweet, girly face. (Her sweet, sexy smile, though, always carried a suggestion of devilishness.) And with her hair pulled back, one could relish her beautiful profile all the more. Beautiful, but then again she wore those silly (but very cute) feather earrings.

To look at her was to be seduced. She was a dangerous mix of cute, beautiful, playful, and (indeed, most of all) devilish.

Earlier, after coming home early from my boring job, she told me to take a bath and shave (everywhere, that is). We occasionally played “dress-up”: she knew I loved being made to wear girlish clothing, especially soft, sweatery things and especially fur. She, on the other hand, said she was sorta “bi”, and said she enjoyed teasing me and taking advantage of me as a girl.

Well today, she said she had a special surprise or two for me. She owned a very successful cosmetics business, i.e. made lots o’ money, so surprises could be (and often were) extravagant. I stood naked in front of her, shivering a little; I could never understand how Michelle could like it so cold in our apartment.

When I left her, she was wearing only a matching halter and “sissy pants”. Both were poofy little things, made up of rows and rows of knit ruffles. The top covered her shapely tits but left her shoulders and tummy exposed, though it attached to short sleeves that puffed up around her upper arms. The “sissy pants” where hot pants made of the same soft knit ruffles.

Now, though, she had on her short and very fluffy, custom-made sheepskin jacket. One of her extravagances. The soft blush fur was at least three inches thick, though the shawl collar was folded over and doubly thick, as were the cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom and front trim. It was a gorgeous jacket, incredibly plush and thick. It only fell to the waist though, which made it all the more sexy because it closed snuggly around Michelle’s small waist and kept Michelle’s lovely buns uncovered.

She inspected my legs for hair, and my arms, sometimes brushing the fur against my nakedness. Then she looked at my crotch to make sure that it was hairless too. It was. Michelle then told me to step into a flesh-colored thong, with a triangular patch of auburn rabbit fur over the crotch. One of the top corners of the patch had a mysterious and tiny padlock. The thong was made of a strong, rubbery material which, when she pulled it up and over my crotch, she pushed my privates in and down behind its patch. The waist strap had a tiny buckle, which Michelle opened to pull tighter. To finish the job, she clicked a tiny padlock onto the buckle, so only she could free me again.

She then sat me down at her makeup table and had me face her as she pulled up a stool next to me. First, she applied makeup (foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, …), finishing my new femme look off with lipstick, making me pout my lips to cover them. Next she sprayed perfume all over my body, and then applied long false nails to my fingertips which she then brushed pink.

And then she grabbed a wig from a model on the table. The wig was similar to her hair: thick as a furry hood, and soft as one too. As she slipped it over my head, I felt the curls brush against, then lay on, my bare shoulders. She teased the hair around my face so that I saw the curls just above my eyebrows, and felt the wig’s sides tickle my cheeks whenever I turned my head a bit.

She made a point of calling me “Jennifer” throughout.

She then stood me up and put a kind of glue on my hairless chest and then a pair of false boobs! This must have been the surprise she was talking about! They had two sweet nipples, and their soft feel and color matched by skin. After making sure the edges were smooth and hidden, and that the fast-acting glue was holding, she let my new tits fall: I felt their weight and jiggle.

Next, she put glue on the cheeks of my behind, and stuck on padding like my new chest, but shaped to give me two plump buns. Michelle told me they were perfect, that they had “that just-right inverted heart look”. I’d heard about breastforms, but nothing quite like these. Ahh, what money can find…

Finally, Michelle put me in a tight waist cincher made of boning sewn inside satin. It even had a tiny bit of rabbit fur trim around its edges. As she pulled the laces tight, my new chest stuck out even more and my back arched, making me accentuate my already prominent ass.

Next she handed me a pair of white leggings, made of fluffy angora, and with ribbed ends to keep them in place. She helped me slip them up my legs, folding back the ribbing just above my ankles and knees, and leaving slack in between to bunch up softly.

Michelle then got out a pair of beige, suede mini-boots. When she slipped them on me, they just covered my ankles; I guess that the heels were about 3″ high. They had folded-over, fur-lined tops, with the white fur spilling generously over and down the front, almost to the toe. They too affected my posture, making me show off my lovely tush even more as I minced across the carpet.

She then took off her sheepskin fur, and walked behind me. She held it open and to my side, so that I could slip my hand into the sleeve. Oh God, how I loved that coat, and she was actually putting it on me! “Oh Michelle”, I said in my best girlish voice, “What a lovely surprise! Mmmmm, Honey, you know how…”

“Oh I know”, she interrupted.

She slipped the sleeve up my arm, and then the other, and then lifted the jacket up onto my shoulders and around me. When she moved in front of me, she grabbed the fluffy trim and closed the jacket around my thin waist and started buttoning it up from the bottom. I looked down to watch, and feel, the thick sheepskin cover my new boobs and then felt the collar close around my bare shoulders and neck.

Michelle stepped back and looked at her new girl.

“Now don’t you look sweet, my sweet `Jenni-Fur’? Do you like your fur, Miss Jennifur?”

I smiled and nodded sweetly, and was reminded of the soft curls of the wig as they tickled by brow and cheeks.

Just then, we heard a knock at the door.

“Oh my God! Michelle — you get that while I hide.”

Michelle grabbed me as I started to run for the bedroom. She told me that she had called one of her girlfriends, Annette, and told her to come over at 4:30.

“What! While I’m dressed like this?! You had this PLANNED?!”

Then I heard the door open.

Desperate, I whispered, “Oh my God, Michelle, let me go, the door’s open!”

But Michelle held on, smiled and mouthed very quietly, “That’s because I left it open.” Then she winked at me.

Annette called from the entry way, “Hello?! Michelle?! Am I too early?”

It was too late; I couldn’t get to the bedroom without Annette seeing me, and there was no place to hide. Was THIS the other surprise?! I couldn’t believe my wife asked Annette over to see me dressed like this!

I peeked around the corner as Michelle went to greet Annette. I saw her from behind: underneath a beautiful white fox jacket, she wore a fuzzy pink mohair/angora sweater dress that fell to mid- thigh. Her dress folded slightly between her generous buns; it was obvious she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Annette had beautiful, frizzy black hair, though pulled up high into a pony tail by a knit pink scrunchy. It fell almost to the middle of her back and spread across it, with some of it falling in front of her shoulders. Michelle led her into the living room.

“Annette”, Michelle said, “This is Jenny-Fur.”

Annette smiled and laughed brightly, hurrying over to me as soon as she saw me.

“Jennifur! Well HI Sweetie!” She kissed my cheek and then stepped back. “Oh Mich-ELLE !”

Michelle said, “Now Jennifur, don’t be rude. Say hello.”

I was SO nervous and embarassed; I squeaked out a little “Hi Annette”, using the most girlish voice I could manage.

Holding me in front of her, she let it all sink in. “Sweety, you look awfully cute and sexy in this little jacket, you know that?” She stroked the thick collar and trim. “It’s so soft!” Then she felt the roundness and weight of my tits beneath the collar. “Oooh”, she teased, “And what are these, hmmm?”

(Annette was always such a flirt!)

She brought her hand to my crotch and gently cupped my triangle of fur, teasing the “clit” underneath. “Is it ‘Jennifur’ or ‘Muffy’? You’re not wearing any panties, Muffy.”

I felt my face blush really red. I was so confused!

I mean, I often fantasized about Annette. I’m sure she wanted that, with how she dressed and came on to guys. But I was so scared! I couldn’t believe she was seeing me dressed like such a… a, a girl, a sissy, a made-up doll.

Then her beautiful smile softened as she closed her eyes slowly and came to me again, but not to a cheek. Though I was hesitant about her kiss — even Annette wasn’t ever so forward before — I melted when her lips found mine. Her kiss ended just as she slipped her tongue in to touch mine. My nervousness became secondary, for a moment, to a desperate urge for her lips to come back.

Her hand was still cupping my crotch, feeling around… “No, there’s not really a boy under all this. Lemme see…” More stroking…

“You know, you were cute as a boy, Honey, but I think you’re much prettier as a girl.”

Michelle just smiled as she watched it all. Annette turned to her and said, “Michelle, this coat is just too yummy!”, then quickly looked towards me and said “And you are such a little fox!” At that, Annette fell back onto our couch, shaking her head in wonder, and never taking her eyes off me.

Michelle asked Annette what she’d like for a drink, and then sent me into the kitchen to get us all glasses of white wine. When I came back in, Michelle was sitting next to Annette, whispering and giggling into her ear. The only word I caught was “bunny”: Michelle hurriedly finished telling Annette some secret and sat back when she saw me bring their wine, mock pretending she didn’t say anything.

Not knowing what to do next, I sat across in a chair from them, my padded behind feeling strange against the cushions. My mouth was dry with nervousness and excitement, so the wine was especially delicious. I followed the first sip with a longer second, took a deep breath… My nerves quieted a bit. Michelle told Annette about where she found some of my clothes, and about how we loved playing dress-up. Before I knew it, my wine glass was empty, and the girls had barely touched theirs.

Then Michelle turned to me and told me to thank Annette for her lovely kisses and to be friendly and “kiss her lips too”. She crooked her finger for me to stand and come to them. Then Annette spread her legs a little. After staring at Michelle in disbelief, I understood; Michelle smiled and nodded. Michelle left to go to our bedroom, as I hesitantly got up from my chair. Annette said “I know we’ve just met, Jennifur, but I wanted to let you know that I think French kisses are OK on the first date.” I heard Michelle laugh in the other room.

Annette crooked her finger, drawing me closer towards her, and when I did finally stand in front of her, she pointed down, parted her lips seductively, pointed down to the floor in front of her — for me to kneel there — and opened her legs wider. I bent my head between Annette’s legs and felt the soft insides of her thighs. Then I saw her lovely bush and smelled her sweet wetness.

I kissed her, low.

As I began to lick her, Annette grabbed my hands as they gently rested on her thighs and squeezed them as she moaned and lifted her crotch into me.

I then heard Michelle come back into the room. As I continued to tease Annette, losing myself to the forbiddeness of this other woman’s fruit… Michelle bent over behind me. First I felt her undo the padlock of the thong and pull the strap between my ass cheeks away. After feeling Michelle tug the strap once or twice, I felt the head of a thick, well-lubricated something slide over and around my hole, and then I felt it gently push. By reflex, I tried to look and to grab at her hand between my buns, but Annette held my hands tight and spread her thighs to convince me to continue pleasing her. She pouted a little smile, then comfortingly said “Don’t worry, Sweetie”. She took her hand, still cuffed by the white fur of her own jacket, and cupped the back of my head to guide me back to her sweet pussy.

Meanwhile, Michelle took her time, probing my asshole and almost waiting for me to move back onto the dildo myself. I felt it open me a little, and then Michelle pulled it back a little, to let me get used to it, and to tease me. It worked, I moaned in Annette’s lovely pussy, arching my back and spreading my buns, missing what was there. When Michelle pushed again, she opened me a little more; it felt conical. Her teasing continued; she was making me squirm for it.

Finally, she pushed it all in, filling me suddenly with more than I thought could fit at first. My hole slid around over the widest part and over a narrowing, causing it to be pulled firmly into my ass.

I held my breath a second to adjust to what I realized then was a large butt plug now firmly inside me. But then I realized that a wide, furry mass was attached to the base of the plug, and the thick fur nestled obtrusively between the cheeks of my plump ass.

Michelle said, “It’s your new tail, Jennifur!” Meanwhile, she was squeezing the tail and as she did, I felt the plug widen! She was inflating it, making it fill my ass even more completely.

Oh my God! I squeezed my stuffed ass around it as Michelle brought it around a little for me to see. I looked back to see what it was, and saw a huge furry tail! Then Michelle let it go and I felt it fall against my thighs and calves. It was three feet long and almost a foot thick, rounding to a fox-like, white- tipped end. It matched the sheepskin fur of my jacket.

She wife then reached between a slit in the fur where she’d been pumping, turned something and removed a detachable rubber bulb.

Michelle then brought the thong strap, which she had threaded through a hole that ran through the base of the tail, and brought it back up and onto the waist strap once more. When the thong strap was pulled tight, I felt the fur nestle between my buns, all the way from where the fur enclosed the base of the plug and up to where the thong joined the waist strap. I then heard the “click” of the padlock again. This huge sheepskin tail was inflated and locked into me!

Then it hit me: to take it out, I’d have to convince Michelle to give me the keys or at least take it out for me, but I knew how she loved torturing me and how begging would only make her leave it in…

“I hope you like having a tail in your behind, Jennifur, because we’re going to keep it there for a while, right Annette ?” I was so embarassed and shocked I was speechless. “Why don’t you stand up and show us how you like it?”

I stood up awkwardly, not just because of the tail but because of my heels, which seemed impossible now. As I walked a bit to find my balance, I felt the plug buried deeply between my cheeks and up my ass. Its soft fur spread my buns apart, and the tail swished to follow my steps.

“I think it should be a permanent part of your new life as my little stuffed animal, my ‘stuffie’.”

Annette pouted with a little smirk and nodded in agreement.

“Oh, I’ll let it out when needed, but only while using these, to make sure it gets back in”. She held up a pair of fur-lined ankle-cuffs.

“But Michelle! You didn’t say anything about this tail or, or … about keeping me like this !” Without even realizing it, I was using sissied inflections and a soprano voice. It just came out that way.

She just smiled, as did Annette. “Jennifur, I’ve gotten myself a cuddly little girlfriend, and a maid too, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. You know I like girls, but I don’t want one with some strap-on thing: I like your real one.” I couldn’t believe what Michelle was saying !

“I think you look incredible as a `fox’, all furry and stuffed like that.” She paused a second, and added:

“You like it too, now don’t you Jennifur?”

“But Michelle !!” I looked to Annette for help, but she just made fun of me by winking and blowing me a kiss.

With that Michelle picked up a remote control I’d never seen before and pushed a button, causing the butt plug to vibrate inside my ass. “Jesus! Mich-ELLE !!” I grabbed my buns without thinking and gave the wicked tail a futile tug.

Annette laughed, “Oooooh… I think she does like it, Michelle.” They alternated their teasing with casual sips of their wine.

I couldn’t believe they were doing this to me! I stood there wrapped inside the plush, soft sheepskin, it’s thick collar and the auburn curls of my wig framing my girlish face. My hand, just barely peeking out from the thick sheepskin cuffs, pushed aside my hair and pushed the fur of my collar down, as I twisted to try to look behind me at my new… tail. The words echoed beneath my bushy wig:

My … new … tail…

“Sweetie, you’ll adjust — I know you will. I’ll spoil you rotten! You know what? I bought other furs. And sweaters, and skirts, bangles, shoes. Oh, and more wigs, and I even had more of these luscious tails made. Different, though…” Then I saw her click the remote again and the buzzing in my ass increased, and then she clicked again. She just smiled smugly as the shocked look came over my face: it was vibrating so much it almost felt like it was making me wiggle my buns whether I wanted to or not. I stuck my ass back reflexively.

Michelle laughed wickedly and Annette said, “Ooh, what a fun toy! Let me!” She grabbed the controller and gradually slowed the vibration, only to turn it up all the way again.

Frantic, I grabbed my ass and tried squeezing the buns to stop the wiggling, but the tail was too thick and of course the vibration just continued inside me. I stepped forward to spread my legs, to try to pull it out, but they locked it inside me, and it felt like I was being fucked with every step. All I could do was stand there, embarassed and humiliated in front of both of them.

Michelle slowed it downed, just somewhat.

“Now Jennifur, you really should try to get used to it. Go to the full-length mirror in the bedroom to see the new you. And here, you just need a little touch-up of your lipstick, Sweetie.”

I hadn’t even seen myself yet.

“You’re *really* cute, Sweetie; I think you’ll love how you look. Don’t you agree, Annette?”

“Oh, mm-hmmm. Your tail really is very endearing you know.”

“See Jennifur? We all agree.”

Michelle smiled and said, “Go ahead: Get a good look at yourself. Seriously, Honey, you might as well start getting comfortable with the ‘New You’.”

I minced awkwardly to the bedroom, the plug steadily buzzing in my ass; I felt like it was prodding me onward.

“Oh, and while you’re in the bedroom, go into our ‘box’ and bring out what you find.”

I could just imagine how I looked walking down the hall, with the waist cincher, the heels and my behind’s padding, all making me stick out my stuffed behind, tail wagging along behind me.

In the bedroom, I looked at myself in the full length mirror. The sheepskin jacket was so fluffy and plush! I stroked the collar and saw my pink fingernails and the thick cuffs of my sleeves. With the collar and my huge wig, I could barely look over my shoulder to see the reflection of my tush and tail.

The tail, wide and soft and fluffy, cascaded down from between my buns, spread obscenely apart and falling from the plug in my ass. And my ass was so round — the padding and heels made it stick out so much! My eyes continued down over my soft white leggings, then the heels. I looked up again, taking it all in: the tail — luscious, fat, hanging down to the tops of my little boots — and my thick mass of frizzy curls over the back of the thick collar; the roll of fur around my waist, sitting above my exposed buns.

Finally I turned to face the mirror and walked closer to it. I thought about how my wig almost looked like it was part of the jacket, a furry hood…

I was looking at me, but I saw this sweet, soft fluff of a girl! Michelle’s make-up job was perfect. I had this sweet and innocent doe-eyed look, which with my heels and fur and all gave me a very warm, cuddly look, but with the added naughtiness of my exposed “muff” and behind. The shock on my girlish face made me look like a scared little runaway.

I saw the tail again; to grab it, I had to stick out my behind and bend a little: it just made me look more sexy.

Just like a stuffed animal, a “stuffy”… Oh my, God…

Locked, it was locked inside me, obscene and yet sexy; soft and plush, and for God’s sake vibrating inside me incessantly; humiliating…

I tugged on the tail again, but knew I couldn’t take it out, no matter how hard I tried. Some consolation was that the plug was hidden from view, so maybe people would just think it was a play thing attached to the thong. Could they hear the buzzing of the vibrator? The tail was long enough and wide enough that the only part of me that was bare — my “pussy” and buns — could be covered by it if I wrapped it around me. I thought of how real foxes wrap their tails around them at night like a blanket, to keep them warm.

What am I thinking !! I got so mad, I almost cried.

“MICHELLE !! I can’t BELIEVE you DID this to me!”

I heard them giggle with delight from the living room. My heart raced with sexual tension and helplessness.

I tried to think about what I could do, but what could I ? I loved how everything felt, even the soft bounce of the tail against my legs and the complete fullness in my thoroughly stuffed ass. And I really loved how I looked — it made me want to just stare and caress all day.

Not knowing what else to do, I minced over to the closet and opened our “secret box”, like Michelle told me to. Inside among our “toys” I found two other tails I’d never seen before, with a tube of some lubricant resting on top of them. I grabbed them and walked to the door. As I passed the mirror again, I glimpsed my tail bumping against my leggings and swaying behind me as I walked, arms full with two more. Then I remembered and saw — oh yes — my lipstick does need touching up.


When I came in with the other tails, Annette pursed her lips. “Ooooh, Mich-ELLE, are THOSE for US ?”

Michelle nodded, and Annette cried “Really ! They’re luscious !” (They were really cute.)

Annette asked Michelle, “Ohhh, can I have the white one?”

Then she swung her behind to me and bent forward, as she pulled her sweater dress up over her generous tush.

Michelle said, “Go ahead, Hun. Give her that one, and I’ll take the pink one.” She grabbed a huge bushy one made from layers and layers of looped pink mohair for herself, leaving a white fox one for Annette. Unlike mine, these didn’t seem to be inflatable.

I smoothed some lubricant on the plug of Annette’s fox tail, and started pushing it up her ass. (At least I’d get a chance to do it to them too.) As I did, I became aware of my own again. Annette wiggled her behind and “mmmm”-ed as I worked it in. As it sunk in a few inches, her “mmmm” became “oh, mmmm, oh, oh, oh”, and it was in. She stopped a second to let the little pain fade, then stood up straight, cupping her buns in her hands and stroking her new decoration. It matched her fur jacket beautifully; I then realized how well Michelle had planned things.

Just then, we saw Michelle putting in her tail. Her “sissy pants” had a hidden zipper between her legs. Michelle was relishing the feel of the plug entering her, taking time to adjust to its size, slipping it in and then out a little, gently and lovingly fucking herself. (Annette playfully tugged on my tail, waking me from my trance watching Michelle.) Then, finally, the plug disappeared into her, leaving just her bushy, bushy adornment. When she stood straight, I saw the end of her tail fall to an inch of the floor.

The girls had me sit on the sofa “so us girls could chat”. It was all I could do to try to ignore my racing heart and my bouncy tits; the buzzing tail, and the fuzzy sheepskin all around me. As I tried to sit, the tail got in the way, so I grabbed it from behind and moved it to the side. Sitting on the plug only made it seem more of an invasion as it was pushed a bit farther in; I leaned to the side against the arm rest, but still the tail was all I could think about. I grabbed the tail and laid it on my lap; it just seemed like the feminine thing to do.

Then I saw Michelle laugh because she was having the same trouble trying to sit with hers on a tall director’s chair. She smiled in mock pride when she realized she could let it fall between the canvas of the seat and that of the back.

But Annette didn’t want to sit. Her tail fell to about the backs of her knees, and she was wiggling her ass to make her tail swing and bounce. She would lift it and drop it, and dance seductively, all just to watch it move and to feel it stroke and tease her thighs.

Then she bent over to show me her ass and her tail, as if to say, “See? Isn’t it cute?” She was such a cock-tease: she alternately wiggled her bushy pony tail and her bouncy new fox tail, while eagerly rubbing her buns through her dress.

The look on Annette’s face made it clear she loved how the tail felt and looked, filling her behind and brushing her thighs with soft fur. She turned and suddenly kissed me again, this time tongue-ing me immediately and wantonly. She unbuttoned her fur jacket to expose her tits, lovely in the low-cut frame of her sweater dress. I responded by gently kissing her long cleavage, then reaching up to free a breast, and then its nipple.

Just as I surrounded her sweet nipple with my lips, oh so quietly, Michelle suddenly appeared at our side. Her look was stern: “MISSY! Did I say you could do that?!”

“Well, n-no, Michelle, but after…”

“You BAD girl!”

Annette stood cupping her breast, squeezing the nipple in frustration, wishing I hadn’t stopped.

“Jennifur, Jennifur…” Michelle’s voice was calmer, slower. “I see I need to be more careful with you, since you obviously have trouble controlling yourself.” With that, she showed me a penis gag; showed me closer by bringing it towards my face.

“Michelle, wait, I didn’t know…”

“YOU be quiet, right now, and just open that mischievous mouth of yours.”

My desire to suck was still there, but I was still shocked by Michelle’s anger. Unsure what to do, I meekly opened my mouth to try to appease my wife, while still trying to say “But Mish-” but she pushed it in anyway, muffling my words.

I was afraid I’d choke, but the gag was shorter than a real cock. Still, it was very wide around, so my jaw was opened as wide as it could go. Since it was wider across it stuffed my mouth completely, and my glossy lips were forced into an obscene oval around it.

Michelle brought the gag’s straps around my neck and under my bushy curls, and worked the buckle closed. She said “Here’s your very own cock to suck. Mmmm, you like it, don’t you?” Without thinking, I raised my arms to the gag. “NO, NONE of THAT” She pulled the straps tight. “You like your new all-day-sucker, don’t you. C’mon, ‘Mmmmmm’.” Michelle nodding, showing me how I needed to respond.

I swallowed once and tried showing her I liked it: “Mmmmm, mmmm”.

“Well I’m sorry Annette; Jennifur likes sucking, but I think she likes this more than nipples.”

I heard another lock click. Michelle relaxed, deed done. Her staring eyes fixed on mine, and slowly she mouthed “Cock, Sucker”.

Annette continue to work her nipple, and wanted attention badly, so she grabbed Michelle and kissed her. I saw them embrace, watching their hands find each others asses and tails, stroking and squeezing.

It was turning my head to watch my wife with this woman that made me realize my mouth would be stuffed with this obscene cock no matter what; there was no pulling away from this fellatio. I could barely move my tongue; when I bit, the thick rubber gave a little, but my jaw tired; the bite was silly and futile. The strap stuffed it firmly between my oval red lips. I sat forward in my small panic, and was reminded of the chubby plug and tail in my ass. My ass, also stuffed; locked.

My mix of panic and excitement grew: these plugs were locked inside me, fucking my mouth and fucking my ass. Every prancing step would be taunting; every word muffled. I brought my hands up to feel the wide strap around by jaw, and hurried to the mirror. I was slowed immediately by my heels and the awkwardness of my stuffed buns; trying to hurry only made my tail swing and bounce comically.

And there I was in the mirror: Jennifur, a helpless little fox, complete with fox-tail and fur. Seeing my outfit made me desperate; when would Michelle let me go? Let me come?!

The plug was now warm in my ass from its ceaseless vibration. I squeezed my buns around my tail’s fur, and began sucking the gag, fulfilling in its thickness. I looked like a slut doing those things, but I was so desperate. I could do little more than watch myself squirm. I moaned and whined softly.

Finally the other girls appeared at the bedroom door, oblivious to my frustration. Michelle went to our toy box again and took out a huge, life-like dildo, slipping it coyly behind her back. She strolled over to Annette, pretending she hadn’t seen what Michelle was hiding. Annette backed up and sat down on our bed. She “mmmm”-ed when she felt and remembered her tail beneath her, then pulled it to the side to make herself more comfortable. Changing her mind, she left it rest on the bed between her thighs.

I watched, silently of course, aware of my gag and tail at every moment. I watched my wife kneel next to Annette on the bed to show her the cock. Annette moaned as she closed her eyes and grabbed her mound, impatient to be filled in both her ass and now her pussy, all puffy and wet.

Michelle spread Annette’s lips and rested the cock there, turning it slightly to (among other things) wet it. Slowly, alternatively, she started pushing it in; I clenched by buns around my tail as I watched Annette squirm in pleasure; watched my wife from behind, with her luscious hair pulled into that curly mane and with her sissy pants trailing that huge soft tail, so wide her thighs were completely hidden view.

I watched her fuck Annette with that cock, watched Annette writhing underneath Michelle, watched her feeling herself up, stroking her fox jacket, her fox tail, her ample tits underneath her sweater dress.

Annette’s furry arm then found its way to her spot, just above the massive cock now, somehow, fully inside her. Michelle pulled it out fully, then ever so slowly pushed it back into Annette. Annette’s hips rose in impatience, lifting her tail with it, only to rest softly under Annette’s bum when her hips fell back down. Annette’s fingers massaged and played, and then desperately brought what she wanted so badly.

Her body tensed and held, and collapsed.

Annette squeezed her legs together, her ass and cunt still warmly full, and snuggled dreamily inside her white fur. Lazily, the dildo slipped out.

Then Michelle turned towards me. Watching Annette squirm was too much; I wanted to speak, to beg for relief, but the cock gag stifled me. I moaned and cried through it in frustration, and again my buns squeezed uncontrollably around the furry tail in my ass.

Michelle watched, enjoying my begging and frustration. Then she approached me, caressing my cheeks over the gag, cooing, “Oh, you poor thing! All stuffed and helpless… Who did this to you, huh sweetie ? You need some attention, don’t you?”

She came closer as if to kiss me, but whispered instead, “See? You do like being a girl, don’t you? You like being helpless, don’t you?”

I moaned into the gag; thought — just please fuck me Michelle.

Uncontrollably, like a strip club dancer, I bent my knees a little and stuck out my ass, and bent forward, cupping my tits through my fur and squeezing them; oh, fuck me Michelle, please, fuck me!

“Tell me to give away all your boy clothes: You just want furry girl’s clothes and fluffy tails, don’t you?”

I nodded, bouncing my curls for her, anything, Michelle. Yes, Michelle, yes! I whimpered through the gag; please Michelle…

“No, Jennifur, I didn’t ask you if you wanted to be fucked; Girl, I know that. Now are you going to answer my questions?”

I nodded again, eyes apologizing, impatient but afraid of these questions…

“You want me to give away all your boy clothes, don’t you?”

I stared at her through my gag, unable to reply in more than one way.

“So you’ll have to wear furry girl’s clothes all the time, like this jacket, or maybe Annette will let you borrow her sweater dress, hmmm ?” She lifted my hands, showing me my nails and the thick fur that surrounded by arms and wrists. “And fluffy tails, too, right Jennifur?”

The buzzing tail in my ass was taunting me again, making me crazy and too impatient to think, to think about, about what Michelle was really asking me. My eyes pleaded…

“You’re my girl, aren’t you? A sweet young thing. Kept. My maid, and my sex toy. I’ll make all your decisions for you and spoil you with sexy clothes and soft furs. And you’ll do anything for me because you love me.”

I looked at her and nodded quickly, so she knew that, oh YES I loved her. But then I wanted to tell her ‘no wait’ about the other things; I wasn’t nodding about those, but I couldn’t speak and I didn’t want to shake my head for fear she’d think I didn’t love her…

Ooooh ! She was tricking me again, manipulating! Please Michelle! I just kept pleading with my eyes, but she grabbed my tail as my ass kept squeezing it in desperation. She pulled it between my legs and started rubbing the white tip over my “pussy”.

“I like thinking you’ll always have a tail, day and night. It’s such a pretty thing and it fits such a pretty girl. I like seeing you helpless like this; helpless and fucked by such a pretty thing, fucked up the ass wherever you go, by a big soft pretty tail. I know how good it feels…”

She turned around and bent at her waist and backed her ass into my crotch, pressing the top of her wide tail into me. I tried grabbing her to hold her that way but she spun around and whispered forcefully to me again.

“Tell me. Tell me you want butt plugs in your ass.”

I closed my eyes and whined into the gag.

“Tell me how you like having that big cock in your mouth, to suck on. You love having your buns and your painted lips stuffed, don’t you?”

I just meekly shook my head in denial, but she saw me sucking on it; she knew. She softened, and as if she were reading a story to a little girl:

“And a closet FULL of tails: big round bunny tails, long sleek pony tails, bushy bushy squirrel tails; foxy, bouncy, furry tails.

“All for you, and for me to see in you: buzzing between your buns, or quiet and still, just filling you up when you sleep. Spreading those luscious cheeks apart wherever you sit, fucking you with every step…”

My hand searched for my clit, but Michelle had it locked away.

“Oh sure, there’ll be times when I let you’re clit out, so you can play at times when I need to leave you alone, I guess. But don’t think you won’t be still plugged with some lovely tail or another. You’ll play to get a little relief, but the torture won’t stop.”

I snuggled the jacket for comfort, around my round tits. I tried burying my cheeks into the plush sheepskin collar, but silently yearned for Michelle to use a cock in me, like she did with Annette, pushing in and coming out to push in again and again…

“But now you can’t play with your clit, can you. Poor thing…”

Closer and quieter again:

“Jennifur, you always want a tail up your ass, don’t you? You can tell me, Honey.” She forced my jacket open and lifted my chin, making me accept her stare. Then she absently cupped my tits in her hands and pinched each nipple slowly with her thumb and forefinger. “How do these feel? Tell me, Baby… Deep down, you love these boobs, too, now don’t you?”

She stroked my hair, caressed my cheeks with my soft curls. “These curls; all of it: You’re such a pretty thing. C’mon,” and she whispered slowly: “…tell me Honey…”

“Mmmmmmm…” I couldn’t answer, but felt the plug in my ass, the fur nestled between my buns. I was so desperate… Michelle, please!

“Tell me, Jennifur: ‘Michelle, I always want a tail in my ass, because they’re so pretty and soft. Yummy fur tails and snuggly fur jackets.”

Finally, I melted, gave up all resistence.

“Mmmmm,” I began nodding, and admitted it. “Mmm-hmmm,” Yes Michelle, “Mm-hmmm, mmm-hmmm, …” I’ll always have tails, for you. I collapsed into her, submissively: I purred, “mm-hmmm, mm- hmmm, …” over and over. Yes, I love my tail. I love this fur, and I love being your pretty girl…

Michelle paused, “That’s it, Honey.” She stroked my curls, petting me, comforting me. “That’s my good girl. It’s O K, Baby. That’s all I wanted to hear.”

She took out a key from her halter, and undid the tiny padlock at the corner of my “pussy”s triangular patch, which then fell open.

She lifted my chin again, and had me look at her, at her sweet devilish smile. “You know, Jennifur, I’d love to feel that cock of yours inside me now. I think you should crawl onto the bed.”

Finally, thankfully, Michelle was going to use me. She grabbed my tail and pulled me over to the bed. I struggled to keep my balance as I hurried over in my heels.

I crawled onto the bed, my plump behind and tail up behind me, and turned over to lay next to Annette, watching as she began rubbing the toy between her lips again. Michelle straddled my legs as Annette grabbed my tail, nuzzling it against her cheek as she slid closer to me.

Michelle was pulling on the zipper in her “sissy pants”; Annette turned my head and released the gag from my aching mouth.

Michelle fingered her lips as she grabbed my cock; Annette turned my face to hers, and kissed my tired mouth slowly, deeply. Ohhhh…

Annette’s tongue slipped into my mouth as I felt Michelle lower herself onto me, slowly, until the soft ruffles of her pants pressed against my hips. Then she waited, adjusting to and relishing her completely full cunt and ass. Annette’s kiss ended when she grabbed the dildo and eased it all into her again.

I feasted on the sight of Michelle above me, tits prominent in her ruffled halter. She closed her eyes and calmly removed the combs that held her bushy mane; she shook her head slowly, ran her hands through her thick, luscious hair, and tossed her mass of auburn curls forward and back, and forward again. I saw her huge soft tail trailing behind her and across our legs. All the while, Michelle rocked over me, side to side, shifting my cock buried deep inside her warm pussy. I felt my own tail; felt the warm plug stuffed and vibrating mercilessly in my ass; felt the plug shift as Michelle rubbed, ground her clit against me.

Michelle lifted herself slowly, and slowly slid down again. She knew her pace would make me suffer; I arched up into her, but she just lifted higher and poised; it was her pace.

Annette sent sympathetic kisses over my cheek and down my neck, whispering (“You’re her `Jennifur’. Owned.”)

She opened my jacket (“Pretty Jennifur, …”) to gently stroke my tits.

Ohhhh-mmmm, (“sweet…”) Michelle slid down (“cuddly…”) again, slowly (“stuffy…”).

Michelle lifted again and then starting fucking me, using my cock to make her come.

Annette rose and held Michelle’s breasts, squeezed them together and kissed just above them; Michelle’s cunt clenched with the kiss…

Then Annette grabbed my collar and pushed it close around by face, framing my vision of Michelle with my fur and my wig. She licked her pouty lips, wet them…

I reached for Michelle’s ass, cuffs thick around my wrists; felt her ass clenching her tail… Annette’s hair fell around her face; “little girl”, she breathed, “pretty”; yes please kiss me that way, uuhhhh, again, … Annette… “fox”, her tongue…

Then… Michelle and…

uuuuuuuhh… We… Ohhhh… MMMMM…aaaAAAHH…



Finally, Annette sat up and slipped off her fox jacket. She yawned and stretched, and tossed the jacket onto the bed.

Then Michelle finally lifted herself from me, and cleaned us both off with some tissues that Annette handed her. While still straddling my legs, Michelle reached back and said, “well these were much fun, but I’m gonna ‘de-tail’ myself now, I think. At the same time, Annette nodded and went off to the bathroom.

Michelle smiled sleepily and said, “Did you have fun, Jenny-Fur ?”

I was exhausted, but I managed a small smile and a girly “mmmmm”. I closed my eyes and languished some more.

Annette came back in to the bedroom, without her tail. And I felt the crazy buzzing in my ass come to an end; she must’ve gotten the remote. Then it shrunk somewhat as a valve opened to let it deflate.

I started to sit up, so that Michelle could unlock my tail, now that we were finished. But Annette pushed my shoulders back down, cooing “Now where YOU going, huh?”. Then she knelt over one arm as Michelle grabbed the other. Michelle shifted quickly so she knelt on my arm; I was pinned. With both of her hands free now, Michelle covered my tired cock again with the thong’s “muff”. Before I knew it, I heard the padlock click.

“Michelle, ho- (!) mmmph…”

Annette was shoving the gag into my mouth again, quieting my weak protest. I struggled back through the dreamy afterglow in disbelief. Annette lifted my head and was buckling the gag behind my neck again. She pulled it tight; my protests were muffled and just turned to whining and moans. Then “click”.

Annette opened my jacket and gently blew cool air on my chest. It felt good, but…

Satisfied, the girls gave me little pecks on my forehead and slowly got out of bed. Sleepy, spent and unsuspecting, I never had a chance.

Annette went to get her purse, “to freshen up”, she said.

As Michelle walked towards the bathroom, she took off her top and started undoing her pants; she said, “You’ll sleep well tonight, Jenny. You’ve had a full day.” Before leaving the bedroom, though, Michelle turned back and went to my bureau. “Oh, Jenny, you should put on something so you won’t be cold.” She reached into the drawer with my underwear and socks, and pulled out some panties! She held them up with the back towards me and showed me that there was a slit down the back. Opening it for me, I understood: it was for my tail to slip through. Pretty lace trimmed the sides of the slit and hid its Velcro closure.

My mute expression tried to say: Where’s my regular underwear …

She tossed the panties onto the bed near me, and then closed the drawer. Seeing my confusion, she then opened the closet where my pants used to hang, but they were ALL gone! “Yup, Sweetie, I took the liberty of cleaning out the things you wouldn’t be needing anymore. I kinda guessed you’d say ‘Yes’ to getting rid off all that boring boy stuff, so…” Before she closed the closet door, I caught some glimpses of skirts, blouses, fur jackets and full length coats. The top shelf had all sorts of wigs.

Then Michelle went into another drawer of my bureau, where I had kept T-shirts and some pullovers, and she pulled out a pair of light lavender velvet hot pants! Again, there was a slit up the back, this time with a zipper. She tossed those onto the bed too and said: “Aren’t those cute ?”

Michelle continued: “Everything’s all set. All your new things have those slits. They have to, of course. Oh here, lemme show what you’ll be wearing tomorrow.” She went back into the closet and pulled out a woman’s jacket and skirt set, in beige. Conservative, except for the slit up the side of the skirt and a full white-fox tuxedo collar. She spun the hanger around and lifted the back of the jacket to show me the buttoned slit in the back of the skirt. For a tail.

“I invited your boss and her husband over for lunch. They wanted to wish you good luck.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you! She let you go early today because you won’t be working for her anymore. I called and arranged for your permanent leave.” My eyes, wide already, almost popped out when I heard THAT news. I exclaimed some meaningless vowel behind the gag. “She wouldn’t let you go cheap, you know.” She hung up the suit again, and started heading towards the bathroom again.

From the bathroom I heard Michelle say “And wait until you see what I got for you to sleep in tonight, my little ‘Jenny Cottontail’.”

From the hall, I heard Annette say, “Oooh Michelle, you’ll have to show me before I go.”

Now naked, tail gone, Michelle leaned through the bathroom door and said, “Well sure, but you are staying for dinner aren’t you?” Annette chimed back, “Oh OK, sure; that’d be nice.”

Stunned, I turned to the fox jacket next to me on the bed and stroked it absently. She’d said ‘Jenny Cottontail’.

Then Michelle stuck her head back into the bedroom. “Hey my little Bunny, I almost forgot; just make us some pasta. It’ll be quick, and you won’t have too many dishes to do afterwards.” With my lips stretched around the penis gag, Michelle knew I wouldn’t mind.

I laid there for I don’t know how long, still absorbing it all and trying to stop my head from spinning.

Finally I stood up and went to our mirror.

I saw my tail, of course; it was really impossible to miss. And I felt the butt plug: motionless and more comfortable now, but still filling me up and still locked into my ass. I reached for the tail, feeling how lovely it was, stroking my thighs to the tops of the soft, pretty leggings. Felt my buns and the fur between them. I brushed the rounded trim of my jacket, brought a fingernail to a nipple, gently lifted one of my breasts, and let it fall. I shimmied my shoulders a little to feel my tits jiggle, wondering what size they were: maybe C, or just a big B cup? I cupped both in my hands and faced the mirror, trying to decide. I felt so numb…

“… Jennifur, do you like your fur ? …”

“Hey my little Bunny, … just make us some pasta …”

I’m a girl now. A size C cup, but still…

“Jenny Cottontail, … not wearing any panties, Muffy …”

“… fucked by such a pretty thing … bunny tails, pony tails, “

“Jennifur … she likes this more than nipples”

A toy; a “stuffy”…

“furry girl’s clothes, … prettier as a girl…

Every prancing step… “It’s your new tail, Jennifur!”

“… fucked by … bushy bushy squirrel tails”

“… you’re much prettier as a girl…”; every word muffled

“furry girl’s clothes, …”

I eventually shook myself out of the trance, and really looked at myself again. Jennifur, pretty blue eyes looking back from the mirror; open blue eyes. The confusion of fragments cleared. Some words remained, echoing still.

“‘Michelle, I always want a bushy tail…'”

Words Michelle took from me.

“You just want furry girl’s clothes and fluffy tails, don’t you?”

Words Michelle spoke for me.

“‘Yummy fur tails and snuggly fur jackets.'”

Fox… Cock-sucker…

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Finally, my head clearer, I began fussing with my wig in the mirror, fixing the bangs and fluffing the sides. I pulled some curls out from underneath my gag’s strap and let them all fall back nicely onto my jacket’s collar. There, that’s better, I thought. After making a few more adjustments — a tug here, tuck there — I started off towards the kitchen. My walk was less tense, more fluid. It felt good to let my hips swing, to relax inside my beautiful clothes and feel how yummy they were. Sexual frenzy and tension relieved, but now still yummy… soft… pretty…

As I passed the bathroom, I paused and then turned into the doorway. Michelle and Annette had already changed into jeans; Annette had borrowed a pair from Michelle, and was also wearing one of Michelle’s cotton turtlenecks underneath a red chenille sweater.

Michelle only had a bra on as they both fixed their makeup and puttered. When Michelle realized I was there, she turned inquisitively to me, waiting patiently in the doorway.

“Yes, Hun?” she asked.

First I brought my hands together, as if I was praying, as I mock- pleaded with my eyes, to show her I wanted to ask for something.

Michelle said, “You want something, Hun?”, so I nodded vigorously, making some of my hair’s curls fall loose and forward into my face. I brushed them back behind my left ear, and then cupped my tits in my hands, let them fall again, and then pretended to cup even larger ones.

Michelle just look at me, puzzled, so I did it again.

After a second, Michelle smiled brightly, “Oh, Sweetie…” And she laughed and nodded, “Sure, Hun, I can get you bigger ones!”

I smiled behind the strap, or at least as much as I could with that cock stuffed in my mouth and all, and hugged Michelle, my boobs pressing against hers.

“Oh, you’re welcome, baby,” she laughed. She let me go, but I hugged her again. “Ohhh, Sweetie. I love you, too.”

Then she patted me on the bum, saying, “Yoouuuuu… Now off to the kitchen with you, you little tramp.”

I giggled behind the gag and continued down the hall, wiggling my hips and happily wagging my tail behind me.

As I reached up into the cabinet for some pasta, I felt a draft and thought, It’s so chilly! Is there a window open?

I buttoned up the sheepskin, and snuggled into my fur. I just adore these cuffs and rounded trim.

When I squatted to get a big pot from under the sink, I felt the plug shift and felt my tail fold behind my knees. The thick fur cuffs around my wrists made it hard to see anything in the cabinet.

As I searched, I thought about “Jennifur Cottontail” and tried guessing exactly what Michelle had for me to wear that night.

When I finally found the pot, it felt strange grabbing it with my long nails. They got in the way of everything: turning on the faucet, opening the box of pasta, … But the hardest thing was carrying the pot full of water across to the stove in my heels and with my tail and all. Feeling my tail swing with my girlish walk, I wondered how a bunny tail would feel. How big was this other tail going to be anyway ? Would it be like a cute little Playboy bunny tail, or big, like this fox-tail ? Would Michelle have a little mercy or would I have to sleep with a really big one. Sleep! Would I even be able to sit down!

I better not screw up serving dinner or anything. Maybe if I’m good, Michelle will go easy on the bunny tail. I better be good; she’s going to decide when to let me have dinner…

That chill… Only then did I realize I had forgotten to put on the panties and velvet shorts. So I pulled up my soft leg-warmers to cover more of my thighs, but they would only reach so far. I grabbed my fox-tail and wrapped it around me for it’s warmth.

Thoughts wandering, I wondered what kind of tail goes with a conservative beige skirt and jacket. Are some tails more suited towards wearing during the day than in the evening ? My God, how crazy !

And I kept wondering about “Bunny”. Well, I thought, in this outfit, I think Annette and Michelle should call me ‘Jennifur Foxtail’. Nah, too explicit. “Jennifur Fox”. Mmmm, better.

I pondered, waiting for the water to boil.

I let the tail fall again, and I covered my hands by joining the cuffs of my sleeves into a sort of “muff”. Other names floated into my head as I daydreamed.

Hmmm! Maybe ‘Celeste’! That’s pretty! Then I realized I was staring at the sauce jar, with Celeste there on the label. Silly girl… Still, I like the idea of having different ‘pet-names’, with all these cute little outfits I’ll be wearing. ‘Celeste’ *is* pretty; I can’t wait to ask the girls what they think of it…

Then I smiled a little behind the gag, adjusted it in my mouth as best I could and sighed, and squeezed by buns around the base of my tail. Well, Girl, you might have to be a little patient before you can ask. Better start warming up the sauce, Celeste, or Bunny, or whoever you are…