Laura and Steve

By Venus in Fur


Their Meeting

Steve is a handsome, young, and well-built guy who works in a fur salon. Laura is a young and very attractive doctor who owns and operates a very successful fertility clinic, as well as an exclusive private club. They both have bodies that are superb examples of their respective sexes and ideal specimens of the human race. They happen to meet on a brisk and cold but bright, winter’s day as they each are attending to their at-hand business tasks.

Steve, dressed in a blazer having a very soft and stylish fur collar, pulled his car into the parking area of the bank, where he intended to make a deposit for the fur salon. As the car rolled to a stop, he noticed a woman about to go in the bank that had on the most gorgeous fur coat and looked as if she might be a model or possibly a celebrity. He quickly removed his key from the switch, jumped out of his car and hurried into the bank in hopes of getting a closer look at the woman and her beautiful coat. His working in the fur salon gave him an appreciation of fine furs and he always kept an eye out for anyone wearing fur wherever he went. He was not disappointed, for she was standing at one of the upright desks sorting some papers and she still had on her coat. He had also thought that she might have been one of the bank officers and would have gone into one of the offices and been out of sight forever, but luck was with him. She was a beautiful sight.

Because of his interest in furs, Steve wanted to get as close as possible without attracting her attention so he could get a better look at her coat, as well as possibly getting to feel its sensuous softness by carefully brushing against it without her knowing it. His excuse for approaching her would be to use the same desk where she was and he walked over, stood near her, and began to finalize his deposit slip. He quickly became aware of the enticing perfume that surrounded her presence and he could not resist fixing his eyes on her luxurious coat. It was sable. A surge of excitement went through his body. He pretended to accidentally drop the pen that he was using and let it fall near her feet so that, as he bent down to retrieve it, he brushed lightly against her coat to feel the sensation of it’s softness against his cheek.

Laura, who was now fully aware of his presence, noticed his behavior and thought that he might be a man who had a “thing” about fur and would be a very interesting subject for some further fur contact on her part. As Steve bent down to get his pen, Laura also bent over, appearing to see what had been dropped, and bumped head on into him as he straightened up making him scatter his paperwork. She leaned close and purposely brushed the sleeve of her fur against his neck and cheek as he arose. The result was as she expected, for she detected a slight shiver in him as he felt the softness of the fur caress his face. “Oh! I’m so sorry”, she said as she recovered from their contact. “No. It was my fault”, he replied. “I should have watched what I was doing. I was really too close”. “No, it was nothing”, Laura countered. “These desks are entirely too small for more than one person to use them, and anyway I should have tried to make some room for you. Your dropping your pen and scattering your papers was really my fault”, she said.

They both continued with their banking business, but Laura watched Steve while she attended to her business at one of the teller’s windows, and timed her heading toward the door to match Steve’s, so that they would both get there at the same instant to leave the building. When she came alongside of Steve, she said “Since I was responsible for your trouble back there, you must at least let me treat you to a coffee at the little coffee shop down the block, and I won’t take no for an answer”. Steve was happy to agree to the invitation, as it would give him further opportunity to admire her fabulous sable coat, and they left the bank together.

As they strolled the short distance to the coffee shop, they introduced themselves to each other and Steve mentioned that he worked in a fur salon and that he admired her beautiful coat very much. This pleased Laura and reinforced her thinking that Steve would indeed be a fine subject for what she had in mind for a little later. They entered the shop and Laura asked Steve to get a booth for them while she went to the counter to get their two coffees, since it was self-service. As she put the two cups on a tray, along with packets of cream and sugar, she carefully dropped a small tablet into the cup that would be Steve’s and then filled each one with steaming coffee. When she got to the booth where Steve was sitting, she placed the cup with the pill in it in front of Steve along with the cream and sugar packets for each of them and began to remove her coat. Steve, seeing the chance to touch the gorgeous fur again, stood and helped Laura out of her coat. He gently caressed the fur as he held it and then placed it next to where he had been sitting so that he could stroke it under the table, as he drank his coffee and chatted with Laura.

After he had drunk about half of his coffee, Steve began to feel as though he were going to be sick. He began to get dizzy and somewhat disoriented, which was exactly what Laura had planned for him. Noticing his condition, she asked, “Are you feeling alright, would you like some water or can I get you anything?” “No thanks”, he replied. “I can’t imagine what brought this on. I’ve never had anything hit me so suddenly like this”. Aware that he would soon be very out of it, Laura offered to take him home. “Let me take you home”, she said. “My car and driver are right outside and it will be no trouble to get you there”. “Thank you”, he managed to answer, feeling his tongue getting thick. “I would really appreciate that. I feel terrible”.

Laura quickly reached in her purse, got her pager and instructed the driver of her car to meet them at the entrance to the coffee shop and for the driver to come in. While they waited, Laura slipped on her sable coat and in just a couple of minutes her chauffer came in. The two of them helped Steve to his feet and easily got him out to the waiting car. This, hopefully, won’t be too bad, he thought. I’ll have a quick and safe ride home and lie down to let whatever this is go away.


The Limousine

The chauffeur (who was a very attractive woman with short hair) came around to open the door for him. She was dressed in a blue fox jumpsuit. “Let me help you”, she said, as she opened the car door for him and took his arm. He was spellbound by the sight of her fabulous attire. As he stepped in, he saw the inside of the car and, even in his half conscious state, realized that this was, indeed, a very special automobile. It was a limousine and there was fur everywhere. The seats were chinchilla fur, the walls and floor of the passenger compartment were covered in dyed shearling, and there were other kinds of fur evident, as trim, everywhere. Laura got in opposite him and asked, “Are you comfy now? We should have you home very shortly. Do you like my car?” she asked, noting his amazement as he looked around. “It’s magnificent”, he said as he sat in the seat across from her and sank back into the lush chinchilla fur. It was very thick and very soft. Even through his clothes, he could feel how soft and caressing it was. “Sit back and try to relax, we will have you home soon”, Laura said. “I’m sorry to be so much trouble, but this is wonderful of you to see me home”, Steve responded. “I’m sorry you don’t feel well. Would you like something to drink?” she asked, as she moved over and sat beside him. “There’s a built in mini-bar right here”. “No, I’m fine, thanks”, he said. It became darker inside the car, as it pulled away from the curb and entered traffic and he, being drowsy, didn’t notice that his armrests and headrest had fur covered restraints on them. “I’ll tell you what”, she said to him, “My place is very close and we will go there. You can rest and relax for a while and then we will get you home later after you are feeling better”. “I really should be getting on home, but right now I feel so lousy that going to your place might be best, since you say that it’s closer”, he said. “Good”, she said, “This will let us make you comfortable until whatever it is passes. Also, I have something that might give you a quick relief and we can get to know each other better. Maybe you can give me some expert advice about furs, too”. As the car headed to Laura’s place, she leaned close to him and, again he was aware of the wonderful scent of her perfume. “Now just relax”, she said as she moved even closer to him. He eased back in the seat against the headrest and he realized that the furry sensation was indeed very nice. She leaned over him and, without actually making direct contact, let the fur cuff of the sleeve of her sable coat brush against his cheek ever so softly. He could feel the soft caress of her fur as well as all the fur around him. While he was distracted, another woman who was in the darkened seat behind them, (he had not seen her when he got in the car), and who was wearing a fur mask, leaned over him very quickly. She slipped the fur-covered restraints over his wrists and fastened them securely, fixing him in a seated position that he could not escape from. In his half conscious state he protested, saying ” Hey! What are you doing, what is this”? Laura then proceeded to lean down and fasten fur-covered restraints around his ankles. “We want you to be safe as well as enjoy the trip”, she said. “Its for your own protection. Just relax”. Now he could see the other woman. She was dressed very much like the chauffer in a fur jump suit. She had long black hair and, like Laura, was very beautiful. Steve was now completely helpless in the furry restraints except for being able to move his head, which Laura took care of by securing a fur restraint around his neck. This restraint was a wide collar of reinforced sheared beaver fur and it tightened around his neck like a neck brace and fastened to the headrest. He could not move his head or any part of his body. The effects of the pill that Laura had given him soon reached their maximum and he slipped into a deep sleep as the limousine headed for Laura’s secluded chateau.

Part 2

His Awakening

Steve slowly woke up, very disoriented. The last thing he remembered was sinking into a deep sleep and feeling the softness of the fur that surrounded him. What an incredibly lovely dream he thought, sadly wishing it had been real. As he opened his eyes, his senses returned and he saw that he was now in an unfamiliar place and was sitting in a large fur-covered armchair of sorts. As he tried to get up, he found that he could not move. He discovered that his clothes had been removed, and he had been wrapped in a cocoon of black fox fur that enveloped him from his neck to his toes, with only his arms sticking out; and they were strapped to the chair. The realization slowly came over him that this was certainly no dream and panic suddenly overcame him. Where was he now and what had happened to him? How could this be? Why had he been undressed? Why wasn’t he at his own home? Where was Laura? He struggled against his bonds and looked down towards his feet. He saw that his legs were fastened to the chair with black fur-covered ankle shackles and there were soft, black, fur slippers on his feet. He struggled some more to improve his position, but he was so tightly bound that he could barely flex his muscles. He tried moving his arms, but found that his hands and arms were securely strapped to the chair arms, alongside his fur-covered body, and so tightly bound that he could move neither them, nor his elbows. He was not in any pain. He could only wiggle his fingers slightly in the rich dense fur that covered the arms of the chair. The feeling of it excited him in spite of his predicament. He looked past the large desk that was opposite his chair and saw behind it a black fur covered figure. He realized quickly that it was his own reflection in a mirror covering the wall opposite. He could see that he was securely bound to a chair not unlike those found in beauty and barber shops. Restraints were at his neck, his waist, on both wrists and arms, and on his ankles. He found himself immobilized, with no possible chance of escape. What is this all about? What is going on?


Getting Him Ready

A door to the room soon opened, and a very shapely young, and very attractive, girl came in and stood beside him. She was dressed in harem pajamas, having a pink fur bra, and she was wearing a matching pink fur mask that concealed her eyes and most of her face. It was Laura but he didn’t recognize her. “Well, I see that our little one has decided to wake up!” she mused. “You were out for a while. The sedative that you were given worked well so that we could bring you here without a struggle. You have been unconscious for over an hour and you will be weak for quite a while yet”. Steve, having a thick tongue as an effect of what he had been given, said, “Who are you? Where am I? What are you doing to me?” “Oh, you needn’t worry, Steve”, the girl in the furry pink bra said. “You’re quite safe, but we have a few plans for you. You are in a very special place where we will see that you have a wonderful time. I know it will be hard for you, but you should try to relax”. We know that you like fur and we are going to increase your appreciation of it into a state of total commitment. You might say you will become a “fur slave”. “As a matter of fact, it’s nearly time for you now. We only have about an hour to get you ready. We have to get you bathed, dressed, and ready for your role”. Laura pushed a button on the desk, and four very attractive, but obviously strong women, clad in beige mink jumpsuits with big fluffy fox collars, wearing fur masks very much like Laura’s, came in. Their suits were form fitting, and clung to the figures of the women like a second skin. It was obvious that they were well conditioned and strong from working out. “Take our little one and get him ready – you know what to do”, Laura instructed them. The four girls turned towards Steve and nodded. Laura then turned to Steve and said, “You must not try to resist or fight us, Steve. We will see that you are not harmed.” Steve nodded meekly, for he felt weak and could see the hopelessness of the situation. The four girls loosened Steve’s restraints, picked up their furry bundle, and carried him out as though he were a feather. The four girls were remarkably sweet and gentle with Steve, but their strengths were obvious. “We are happy you can be with us tonight, Steve”, murmured the tallest girl – she must have been nearly six feet tall, and the others only a shade shorter. “My name is Becky and these are Helen, Jane, and Alice.” They took him to a room that had a large raised tub in the center of it and various cabinets and bathroom furnishings along the walls. They gently unloosened his bindings, unwrapped him from the black fox fur wrap, and put him in the bubbling and foaming tub where they laughingly and joyfully washed him in perfumed bath water and even shampooed his hair. They then had him get out of the tub, and the four girls each got big towels to dry him. They enfolded him among themselves in a voluminous fluffy embrace, his body buried deep among their fluffy towels. They laughingly stroked and caressed him until he was dry. They then blow-dried, combed, and brushed his hair to a silken luxuriance. After powdering and perfuming his body, they helped him into a soft pastel mink robe with a big fox collar. Steve’s fear had all but left him as he stood with them enjoying the feeling of furry luxury and the soft and gentle caressing of the fur collar against his face and neck. They then had him put on a pair of soft pastel mink scuffs that matched the fur robe, and led him out of the bath.


The Fitting

They took him to a huge dressing room, the size of a gym, filled with all kinds and styles of furs. Furs hung on shelves and long racks that seemed to be endless. From a rack, they selected a very sexy, white, fox fur, bikini brief. It had an almost imperceptible slit opening in the crotch area, almost hidden in the deep and dense white fur. “This is what you will wear tonight,” murmured Alice. Becky took it from her and started toward Steve, as Helen and Jane began removing his robe. His fear returned and he began struggling to resist being disrobed and fitted with the fur brief. When the other attendant girls saw that he was resisting, they quickly subdued him, forcefully removed his robe and put fur restraining-cuffs on each wrist and around each of his ankles. They also fitted him with a huge white fox-fur restraining collar. Then, they attached the rings that were on each wrist cuff to overhead chains and pulled his arms into the air immobilizing him completely. He was standing erect, unable to move in any direction with both arms in the air. The fur cuffs were very soft and did not hurt his wrists, but he was in a position on his feet with his hands over his head and was helpless. The attending girls then proceeded to fit him with the white fox fur bikini style brief and he could do nothing to resist. It had fur on the inside as well as the outside, but the inside fur was shorter, fitting closely about his waist and hips, cradling his manhood. As he moved, the fur softly caressed him sensuously. They then replaced the black scuffs that he was wearing with a beautiful pair of white fox fur scuffs that precisely matched the white fox brief. He felt the luxurious softness of the fox fur as Becky gently slipped the fur scuffs onto his feet, and he shivered.

As the girls stepped back to see that their job was complete, Steve found himself involuntarily trying to stroke his face against the big, and ever so soft, white fox collar. He was becoming aroused. “That’s the idea,” mused Helen, “Do you like it.” “It does feel good,” admitted Steve, “But where am I? Why are you doing this to me?” “Hold on,” said Becky in a vaguely ominous tone, “the night is young.” They then forced him to take what looked like two ordinary aspirin tablets. When he had swallowed the pills, Becky told him that one of the pills contained a vocal cord anesthetic that would prevent him from speaking or crying out, as well as something to reduce any resistance that he might have to what would be happening to him shortly. She explained that its effects would wear off after about 3 or 4 hours without any after-effect. The second pill, which she didn’t mention, was a very “special effect” tablet tailored to masculine biology. To keep him from getting chilled, they draped a full-length gorgeous white fox fur cape over and around his shoulders, and fastened it at the front. He now had on the white fox fur brief, white fox fur scuff slippers, the fur wrist restraint cuffs, the white fox fur collar and the full-length white fox fur cape. After checking carefully to see that his attire was satisfactory, they released him from the overhead chains and they led him toward the door of the dressing room, through it and out into, and along, a long hallway. At the far end of the hall was a door that was slightly ajar. Soft music, muffled conversation, and dim light came through the door from the room beyond. Steve’s fear returned and he felt as if he would panic; what would they do to him? What was happening here? He tried to pull away from the strong girls, but they held him as if he were a baby. He had no choice but to let them lead him through the door.

Part 3

The Stage

They emerged onto a dimly lit, semi-circular, stage that had a closed curtain of very heavy red velvet material isolating it from whatever was on the other side. Steve could hear muffled noises and sounds of people beyond the curtain, but he could not utter a sound. The vocal cord anesthetic had started working. In the center of the stage was a platform surrounded on all sides by several steps leading up to it. Steve noticed that the top of the platform appeared to be a very soft and thick pad or futon covered with dense and very soft looking, black fox-fur. Its design and location were such as to make it the center of attention on the stage. He was on the stage of Laura’s exclusive Club.

Before he could react in any way, his four girl attendants grabbed his arms and legs, removed the fur cape and forced him onto the fur-covered platform on his back. He struggled in vain but to no avail, as they stretched him out on the fur bed. He sank into its receptive softness. The girls quickly attached a ring at the back of his huge fur collar to a clasp embedded in the black fur platform and likewise snapped rings on each of his wrist and ankle cuffs to clasps embedded in the thick fur of the platform on each side and at the foot. Steve was now on his back having only the white fur bikini brief and the fur scuffs on. They had spread his legs apart, giving unobstructed access to his fur-covered crotch. He was immobile and firmly attached to the black fox fur platform. One of the four attending girls then put a white fox mask, that had small eye-holes in it, on him, to prevent his being recognized by anyone in the audience, and then covered him with the fur cape, tucking the fur under his chin so that the soft fur caressed his face with every movement that he made. Seeing that all was in readiness, the four girls left the same way they had come in, closing the door behind them.


Laura’s Entry

As Steve lay firmly bound to the furry dais and embedded in the soft fur, he could hear muffled noises that were coming from the other side of the heavy red velvet curtain. He wondered what was happening out there. In his completely immobilized and masked condition on the black furry bed, he could only guess that there were a number of people out there, but he could make no sound to call their attention to his plight. He had never before felt so helpless. His fear mounted by the second. He was terror-stricken as he lay on the black fur covered bed in his white fox brief, mask and slippers. He could only move his head a little from side to side, caress his face into the fur that was around his neck, wiggle his fingers in the thick fur that covered the platform, and flex his toes in the fur of the scuffs that were on his feet. He could make no sound because of the vocal cord anesthetic.

After what seemed ages, but was only a few minutes, Steve heard, and then saw, through his fur mask, someone enter the stage and approach the furry platform. It was Laura and she was wearing a short sleeved, black fox fur jump suit that had a very large fur collar. She also had on very fluffy, black, fox-fur gauntlet gloves that reached almost to her elbows, and a black fur mask. There was no way of him knowing who she was or what her intentions were. She ascended the steps to the platform and sat on the edge of the fur bed by Steve without speaking.

Overhead spotlights came on suddenly, lighting the fur-covered dais brightly, and the heavy red velvet curtain slowly began to open. A silence fell on the audience as they turned their attention to the stage. It seemed that all activity and noise in the place had ceased. Laura stood and slowly removed the white fur cape cover that was over Steve and laid it to one side. Murmurs went up from the now hushed audience, as they became aware of the scene before them. They were seeing an almost nude man, with a beautiful body, in a white fur mask, wearing a white fur bikini brief and a huge white fur collar about his neck, with white fur scuffs on his feet, stretched out on a black fur bed and a woman in a fantastic black fur bodysuit. It was a most erotic scene to behold.

Steve began feeling the powerful aphrodisiac effect of his position as Laura sat down and let the fur of her black fox jumpsuit brush gently against his side. The touch of it was so soft and sensuous that it had a calming effect on his fear of being utterly helpless in the presence of this woman and the audience. The contact of the soft fur was soothing to him and he began to try to move to increase the caressing action of it as it brushed against his sensitive skin. The crowd in the club seemed to be forgetting to breathe. “Oooohh!!!!”, came low sounds from them as all eyes were now on the stage. Soft murmurs were running among them and Steve heard bits of some of them: “Who IS that? “How gorgeous!” “He is beautiful”, “Look at that body”, “Look at that gorgeous fur jumpsuit that she has on”. “I wonder what he feels like and what is she doing there?” “I wish that was me”, “What is going on?” “What is she going to do to him?”



The overhead stage lights dimmed and a small spotlight came on with its narrow beam focused directly on Steve’s crotch, covered in the white fox fur bikini brief. The rest of the stage was dark. Laura turned toward him, removed one of her fox fur gloves and began to slowly open the slit in the front of Steve’s bikini brief. He tried to struggle against her but she quickly found his swelling organ of manhood and guided it through the furry slit of his bikini. She put the fur glove back on, and softly caressed his exposed and partially erect penis with it while he squirmed in trying to resist what she was doing. Steve felt his shaft becoming erect and lifting itself out through the softness of the white fur in complete response to her stroking. Her furry caresses were overcoming every trace of his resistance. The fur of her glove, the fur of the brief and all of the fur that he was in contact with, were overcoming him. He was responding to Laura’s caresses in spite of his trying to resist.

The audience was now hushed and noiseless. All eyes were on the stage. Laura then began to softly caress Steve’s entire body with both of her black fur gloves, even though he still made futile tries to twist away from the soft and sensual furry strokes. The fastenings of the fur collar and the wrist and ankle cuffs made it impossible for him to do more than move slightly on the magnificent bed of soft fur. In spite of his efforts to resist, the fur that was being drawn ever so slowly and softly over his sensitive skin was driving him onward to full submission. Laura’s fur covered hands drifted downward to his crotch and began caressing his upright shaft. His erection reached a maximum. There was no resisting now. His breathing increased as he realized that his whole body was responding to the continuing sensuous caresses of Laura’s fur, even though he was mentally trying to keep it from happening. He was rising toward a state of ultimate arousal and full surrender in spite of everything that he tried to do.



Steve, barely able to peer over the top of the soft and thick fur collar that held his neck and head securely down on the fur bed and caressed him with every movement, could see the strokes of Laura’s soft fur gloves as she urged his body on to full surrender and commitment. His ankles and wrists, locked in the thick fur cuffs attached to the clasps hidden deep in the fur of the platform, kept him from doing anything to prevent himself from total commitment and complete surrender to her furry caresses and control. All resistance on his part was gone. He was responding fully to the touch of Laura’s fur gloves and the other fur that was in contact with his body, just as she knew he would. The feeling of fur was so sensual, so erotic, so voluptuous and so sexually controlling of him that he was now totally hers. His feeling of the sensuous fur caresses intensified his knowledge that he alone, of all the people who were watching, was experiencing this erotically luxurious and conquering treatment. He felt like the eyes of everyone in the room were upon him. He relished the sublime bliss and ultimate personification of sensuous softness, and luxury that every cell of his body was experiencing. He closed his eyes, rolled his head around against the softness of the fur collar that held his head and neck immobile, and utterly surrendered in a trance to Laura’s wonderfully soft and furry caresses.

He was startled out of his furry trance by sighs of approval from the audience, when the lighting changed to illuminate the entire furry platform. Laura arose and went to the foot of the bed and placed herself on her knees over him and between his legs. Steve could see through his fur mask that she had positioned herself above him and marveled at the masterful sight of her in her black fur jump-suit as she looked down on him. After a few moments of looking into his fur-covered eyes, Laura moved to straddle his hips and position her body in perfect alignment with his captive torso. She held this stance for a few seconds, and then began to bend over and slowly let her body down toward his rigid member, but made no contact with it. As she began to lower herself toward him, he saw that Laura’s fur suit had a slit in the furry front that matched the slit in the fur bikini that he had on. As she bent lower, Laura nuzzled her fur collar against his cheek and murmured in his ear in a low and provocative, purr. “You belong to me now, Steve. There will be no resisting me again, ever”, she said, as her lips met his. She kissed him in a long and erotic kiss, letting her demanding tongue penetrate his now receptive and submissive mouth. When she finally broke the kiss and withdrew her lithe tongue, she cupped and caressed his face in her soft and furry gloves and turned up the big fur collar that was around his neck against face letting the soft fur do it’s work. The sensation was driving him wild. “Yes, yes, I’m yours”, he managed to whisper. “I’ll do whatever you wish”

Knowing that his transformation and surrender was now complete, Laura began lowering her body so that her suit’s furry slit came nearer and nearer to his shaft, and began engulfing it in the soft and silky black fur. As Laura lowered herself onto him, he felt the penetration of his rigid manhood through her furry suit and into her warm, receptive and moist nether lips. Laura was in complete control of his entrance and insertion, and he began tugging and jerking at his furry bonds, as his body involuntarily responded. He tried to speak again, but it was impossible for him to speak above a whisper, as the carefully orchestrated penetration continued under Laura’s control. She continued lowering herself so that he entered her to the fullest and she then began to slowly move herself up and down on his rigid member surrounded by fur. She engulfed him in her tunnel of love and let its soft and warm tube muscles squeeze and caress him. He had no choice but to respond as he began to feel deep, powerful waves of energy pulsing through his manhood and into his body as she repeatedly pressed him down into the soft and deep fur of the platform. He felt as if the fur was touching every point on his body. His mind was at the point of exploding beyond all boundaries of submissive pleasure. As he throbbed and pulsed in his emission, he felt every fiber of the fur as if it were a living thing reaching into his body, making love to each of his individual nerve endings and taking control of every cell. Laura’s movements pulled him into her, making him probe even deeper as she climaxed in complete domination and he in total submission. To the audience, he seemed to be convulsing upon the furry platform, but they knew that what they were seeing was due to the ecstasy that he, as well as Laura, were experiencing. His climax and complete surrender was such an exhausting and indescribable peak of encompassing orgasm that he fell back unconscious and settled motionless into the soft black fur of the platform.

The red velvet curtain began to close very slowly and the lights dimmed to darkness, as Laura and Steve remained coupled in an ecstasy of afterglow on the black fur bed. Laura knew that Steve was now hers forever and would be ready to do whatever she wished. She felt him softening, separated herself, arose, and unfastened his restraints. She covered him with the white fur cape and left him to sleep nestled in the thick and soft fox fur, in his state of full surrender and commitment. He would awaken in an apartment especially prepared for him in the chateau, where he would soon become even more submissive and committed to Laura, and under her furry spell.

Part 4

The Apartment

Steve awoke very slowly and took a while to realize just where he was. He was on a very soft bed of white fur and, as his head cleared, he looked around and gasped for breath at the sight of his surroundings. The view was overwhelming. What he saw was a scene beyond any of his wildest imagination. The room was a veritable womb of fur. When the full realization of his situation came to him, he reveled in the thought that he had awakened in such furry surroundings. Fur was covering the walls, the ceiling and the floor. Everything in the room was of fur. Even he had been suited in fur as he lay in his semi-awake and exhausted condition. He had on golden sable pajamas that had a collar and lapels of sable, that caressed his neck and face with his every movement, and matching sable fur scuffs. He tried to remember what had happened to him, but was at a complete loss as to even imagining where he was or guess who had dressed him in the very sensual sable attire. He vaguely recalled having had an indescribable and all demanding erotic experience that had left him completely exhausted and no longer in control of his thoughts or actions. His entire being seemed bathed in the realization that every cell and nerve of his body was in a state of complete and total surrender to Laura. Her power and fabulous control over him had been so overwhelming that he had no resistance left and no remnant of a desire to offer any resistance of any kind. His only thoughts were now of her, her fabulous furry surroundings, and his desire to do her bidding. She had conquered him with her furry treatment, leaving him as her slave. From this time on, he would remember that her magnetic power would control his will and draw his entire being to her and the magnificence of her fur. He knew that he would never be the same again and that he would be, from this time forward, completely in Laura’s power and dedicated to fulfilling her every desire. He had no other wish.

He arose and, even though he felt very weak and exhausted, began to explore his furry cocoon. He discovered that it was actually a suite consisting of the furry bedroom, a separate and very fashionable sitting area, a large modern bath and a very large and very special walk-in closet off one wall. The walk-in closet had racks, shelves and drawers containing every piece of furry attire imaginable. On the racks were fur coats, fur jackets, fur robes, fur jumpsuits and fur vests of every kind. On the shelves and in the many drawers were every kind and style of fur slippers, fur boots, fur hats, fur gloves, fur mittens and even fur underwear and pajamas. The sight was heavenly. He ran his fingers over several of the furs and delighted in the wonderful feeling that he experienced. He wanted to again feel the caressing action of soft fur on his naked body and slipped out of his sable pajamas, letting them fall to the floor. He picked up some fur-lined briefs and, after feeling their delicate softness with his hands, slowly pulled them on over his hips, letting the fur cradle and caress his manhood. He then tried on a couple of the luxurious fur coats, settling for a full-length black fox robe to wear for a while. The softness of the black fox fur, touching his nude body, and lightly caressing his ever so sensitive skin, was overpowering. His surrender and commitment to the softness of the fur was irreversible. He knew that he would henceforth be Laura’s to do with whenever and wherever she might wish. He returned to the furry bed that he woke up on, removed the gorgeous black fox robe that he had put on, stretched out, covered himself with the thick and soft fox comfort that was on the bed and let his mind try to imagine what the future might hold in store for him. A mixture of wonderful thoughts raced through his mind and he soon slipped into a deep and relaxing sleep that would last the remainder of the night.


Laura’s Entry

Laura entered Steve’s furry suite very softly the next morning carrying a tray containing two glasses of juice and a several slices of buttered toast. She was wearing a royal sable robe that had a large fox fur collar and cuffs of matching color, and some luxurious, open toed, sable slippers that half-way exposed the red nails of her toes. Steve opened his eyes to the sight of Laura and stared at the furry vision that presented itself. He stretched and made little murmurs as if he were a cat just awakening. Laura stood at the foot of the fur-covered bed and watched him slowly “come to life”. She said, “Well, I see my little one has awakened. I hope that you rested well, because I want you to get up now and enjoy some orange juice and toast with me”. Steve stretched again and arose obediently from his furry place of sleep, clad only in the fur-lined briefs. Laura went to the walk-in closet and selected a full-length chinchilla robe, with a thick cowl fur hood that hung down fully half the length of it, along with a matching pair of chinchilla fur scuffs, and held them out motioning him to put them on. As he looked at the rich and soft chinchilla fur, she said to him, ” Hold your arms out and slip into this.” Steve wasted no time, and burrowed into the silky softness that seemed endless. He found that the magnificent robe had a lining of the same fabulously soft chinchilla fur that was on it’s exterior. He felt its voluptuous rich softness flowing all down his body, engulfing him, caressing him, on his arms, his chest, his back and legs – every cell of his body. Its softness was truly unbelievable. It reached almost all the way to the floor. When he had wrapped himself in the beautiful fur robe, tied its sash, and slipped his feet into the luxurious fur slippers, Laura pulled the hood up and draped it around his head. She slowly brushed the soft and sensuous fur across his face and over his cheeks. Surprised, by what Laura was doing, he was for an instant, breathless. The rich soft fur filled his nostrils, his ears, his mouth, and caressed his face, neck and eyelids. Putting his hands up to his fur-swathed head, his fingers sank deep into the soft plush fur. He then stood for her to inspect and approve his furry attire. Being satisfied with what she saw, Laura took his hand and led him across the room to a table in the sitting area, where she had placed the tray that she brought when she entered the room, and they seated themselves on fur-covered chairs on each side of it. Little did Steve know that Laura had previously put two small pills in his glass of juice, the purpose of one would be to assure his relaxation and prevent the return of any possible resistance on his part, and the other was another of the “special effect” tablets specifically tailored to instantly deactivate a male’s sperm cells. They sat and silently sipped their juice and munched slices of toast as Laura waited for the juice additives to take effect on him. In just a little while Steve began to feel warm, relaxed, and very cozy. The additives were having the desired effect. He experienced the sensual feeling of the fur covered chair and the fur of the robe on his body. Laura was looking at him very intently now – so intently, in fact, that he felt as though he could drown in the dark intensity of her eyes. He felt the beats of his heart, as the silence between them seemed to pulse and quicken, and take on a life of its own. There was such a look of power and control from Laura’s eyes that it further sealed Steve’s commitment to being her obedient servant. Steve’s surrender to his “Fur Empress” was now complete and unconditionally guaranteed. She saw that he was totally hers.

Laura stood and reached to him, took the glass from his now unresisting fingers and sat it on the table. She moved closer, took him by the hand and had him stand up. Being in full control of him, she wrapped his unresisting, fur-covered, body in her arms and kissed his quiescent mouth with the warm captivity of her complete power. He withered in full submission


A Last Bit of Resistance

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” he said, mumbling the words against her mouth, as her fingers burrowed through his hair and stroked the soft fur against his neck and face. “Oh, yes, we should,” was her sensuously whispered response. “We most assuredly should”, and then she kissed him again. Not forcefully, but oh, so compellingly that it was impossible for him to resist her – impossible for him to even want to resist her. She slid her hand under his chin, tilted his head back up towards her, slid her other hand down his back to press the soft fur against him and urge him closer to her body as she kissed him again, letting her tongue caress the warm interior of his mouth.

Steve could feel his heart hammering as sensations that he had never experienced before flooded his body. This situation was exactly opposite to everything that he previously knew, and contrary to everything logical to the male mind. It was happening automatically. He felt dizzy from the combination of the juice additives, Laura’s powerful control, and the fur that caressed him ever so sensually. A force was acting that clouded his ability to reason as a male. His body could not resist reacting to Laura’s demanding caresses and touches. He bent his head and gently nuzzled the soft fur at his throat, and he stifled a small sound as his body shuddered in mounting pleasure. He trembled as Laura drew him closer into her arms and kissed him again. As he felt the probing thrust of her tongue, he wrapped his arms around her to feel the fabulous sable fur of the robe that she had on, and opened his mouth to her in surrender and subjugation.


The Seduction

As he heard the low sound of pleasure that Laura made in her throat when she tasted the honeyed interior of his mouth, Steve gave up even trying to think. Instead, he reached up, slid his fingers through the softness of Laura’s hair and let his tongue meet hers slowly and hesitantly. As her tongue caressed his, her erotically feminine body pressed against his fur covered masculine frame. Her hands caressed his back and his waist, before sliding down over his hips to cup the swell of his buttocks. Laura felt the taut fullness of his strengthening erection and sensed liquid heat filling her own body. She lifted her hips automatically, seeking the sensual intimacy that they both were craving.

Laura reached upwards towards his chest, sliding beneath the rich fur that covered it to caress his nipples. His whole body ached and pulsed at her touches. She withdrew her hand slowly, took him by the hand and led him to the king size bed that was covered in dense and soft white fur. He offered no resistance as she bent down, removed his fur slippers and then helped him recline onto the furry softness of the bed. His chinchilla robe fell partly open as he settled into the magnificent softness on his back. His whole concentration focused on Laura, on the deft movements of her hands, as she untied his robe’s sash and exposed the chinchilla lined briefs that covered his manhood. His gaze never wavered from her face as she then began to slowly remove his briefs, letting the fur of the lining brush gently across his maleness. As her hands reached for the waistband, Laura felt a driving force surge within herself. The scent of him filled her nostrils, inciting and demanding action. When she had slipped off his furry briefs, she placed them on a nearby dresser. From a drawer of the dresser she removed a pair of mink gloves, held them in her hands and returned to the bed.

Steve raised himself up from the bed to see what Laura was doing, but she gently pushed him back onto the soft fur. She then helped him remove the fur robe, bent her head and gradually kissed her way down his body, stopping when she had reached his navel. She slipped the mink gloves on then and began to softly caress his now overly sensitive body with slow strokes of the fur gloves. He tensed beneath the surge of pleasure that flashed through him and arched his spine, as Laura positioned his hands behind his head. He shuddered under the flooding waves of pleasure as they pulsed through his now fully exposed body. He could feel what she was doing to him, deep down into his entire body. He felt the softness of her fur covered hands, as they encircled his erect shaft and administered caressing strokes to it as well as his entire crotch area. Her furry caresses commanded his submission and obedience and he complied fully. He had no other choice.

Knowing that he was thoroughly aroused and incapable of any resistance to her, Laura then knelt over him and kissed him with an intensity that he could scarcely bear. He held out his arms in surrender, letting them fall back onto the furry softness, his body open to her, wanting her domination. She slowly lowered herself onto his rigid shaft and warmly engulfed him. After she settled onto him in full control, he felt her first downward thrust as she orchestrated and controlled their coupling, moving her body in undulations that drew him deeper into her warm and receptive flesh. Steve eagerly submitted to her repeated thrusts. His whole body, his entire being, surrendered to her powerful, rhythmic surging actions and he heard himself softly moan. He felt the quickening thrusts of Laura, as she rode him toward what was to be a mind blowing mutual climax. She knew that he was now at the point of exploding and began a wave motion in the muscles of her love tunnel that she knew would drive him, as well as her, over the edge in fantastic releases and into a state of mutual orgasmic ecstasy and indescribable pleasure. They each reached the “peak of no return” and exploded in mutual releases that sent “lightning flashes” through both of their brains, nearly draining their bodies of consciousness.

As they both fell into semi-exhaustion, they remained coupled and sank into the soft fur, arms around each other, into the warm afterglow of mutual fulfillment. They both soon fell into a deep sleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

Later, still drowsy, but completely sated and wonderfully relaxed, Steve awoke and again felt the soft fur of the bed as it caressed his nude body with every movement that he made. It was a sensual feeling that seemed to be one of the fur’s soothingly caressing every nerve of his exhausted body. He didn’t get up for a while, but remained stretched out on the fur, drinking in the fabulous sensations. He saw that Laura was no longer there with him on the furry bed. She had, at some time, awakened before him and left. The only sign that she had been there were the two mink gloves that she had left on the bed beside him. As he turned over and let out a breath of supreme relaxation, he lovingly fondled the fur gloves and let his mind recreate the fabulous experience that Empress Laura and he had experienced. He knew that he would be her obedient “fur slave” forever. Sleep was not long in coming.

The End