Maria’s New Furry Life


By Leorad56

Maria did not sleep well that night. She kept having recurring dreams and thoughts about her son, Betty and furs.

The next day pass normally, occupied in prepared her home to receive properly at night his good and nice friend Betty in that special occasion.

Her husband go to work at six p.m. and Marc is possible return at 7 p.m. but phone ring and Marie receive a good news, her son stand at our friend house and ask you if is possible stand this night in his house. Marie said yes and son answer good night mom, see you tomorrow.

Maria receive a second call, this time is Betty to ask if is all o.k. for meet you in time. Maria tell the news, my son and my husband not came this night at home an Betty said, good news for me, is a good chance to explain all to you and… Wait for encounter Maria, bye.

The night is cold and Betty put on a coat, of course fur coat, selected of her fur collection, for this occasion a full length dark brown sheared beaver with wide sleeves with double cuffs and ample collar and decide go to Marie house early. Arrived at 8 p.m. and knocked gently on the front door. Maria open the door and said, welcome Betty, enter please very surprised she came before and also by the fur coat as wearing your friend with this big collar and double cuffs and said, oh Betty I not see this coat before, it is very luxurious and permit my touch this fur, start to run her hand over fur and noticed is so soft and ask, what kind of fur is this? Shearing beaver darling. I wear this only to special occasion, like this night. This night is cold and decide wearing this heavy fur to maintain my body hot. Maria continued caress fur and of course Betty and could feel the warmth grow inside her and she tingled throughout her body as she felt herself getting a little wet.

Marie said please seat on the couch and offering coffee or other drinks to her friend. This said later, seat on the couch wearing her coat and Maria seat on couch also. Both commence a conversation about Maria son, and Betty ask for every details and events occurs in her fur coat relation and finally very curious said, please Maria show my this fur coat that produce this inexperienced events at this house. Maria get into the son bedroom and reappear wearing a calf length skunk brown coat, wide sleeves and big collar, and said, Betty this is the responsible of all events and changes in my house and my son and I need you tell my you impress about this, Betty seat really impacted at see this coat, his heart start to beat more rapid, and said, oh my god Maria, this a very sensual fur coat design, I not see other like this in years and immediately stand up and came over Marie and start run his hands and fingers over this large brown hairs, more aroused, feel this tick and soft fur over her friend body, touch this more and more rapid over the sleeves, shoulders, front part and in one moment embrace Marie and put our face direct to a giant collar, pressed your nose and lips, her hands descent and start caress fur over your friend back caused Maria already excited state to increase to an almost orgasmic state. Betty corrected sensed this and was going to make sure she took advantage of it. Betty started to rub Maria neck with the big sleeves of her sheared beaver coat, run his hands over all parts of coat, up and down, over his breasts, over shoulders sensed Maria start a shiver. Betty start to unbuttoning Maria blouse and very gently put her hands inside managed Maria fur front coat and start rub the fur inside and slowly open to permit revealing this beauty breast and very erected and protrude nipples. With one hand rub the fur over this mounts and with the other hand start to unbuttoning and pull down the skirt and let fall to the floor. Immediately start to caress his thighs, up and down, close to his private parts, use the wide cuffs of her sleeves to caress the breasts, and inner parts of her friend and this cause Maria arched her neck back and began a soft moan. Betty sensed this and said, Maria feel the power of fur, feel the fur in your body and feel the fur enter your mind. Lust for the fur in your mind. Our mind control our emotions, and our sexual desires. Betty also is very aroused touching skunk fur but at the moment is in control.

Maria start a shiver and very embarrassed said, Betty I am not understand that occur but I am very close to climax and want to cum so bad. Don’t , no yet. Hold on, let our mind think and want only fur. Let the fur take over your mind.

Betty said stop Maria, first get off all clothes and only put the fur coat on. Maria took off the coat and put over a chair for a moment and Betty not resist the temptation, get off also our clothes rapidly and put the skunk coat over your body and receive incredible sensation as wear is. The weight and design used in this fur immediately put it in orgasmic state. Maria look very excited what beauty result her coat over Betty body and decide put on the sheared beaver coat and also receive very nice sensation and start to run her hands over this soft fur and start caress our naked parts and begin to moan.

Betty new embrace Maria and said, you look sexy in my fur coat and I could just kiss you smiled at your friend. Maria was speechless and excited to a level she had never known before in her life, never she imagine love another woman, but this is not a dream, her friend stay in front and did this and she not resist this. Betty slipped her hand into a under the fur at waist level sliding her hand up her inner thigh slowly and deliberately towards her love nest as she kissed Maria passionately. They kissed for a long time with Maria moaning and squirming from the attention that Betty hand was giving her love nest. Maria moaned softly at first but grew louder as her excitement was growing to a full orgasm. Suddenly Maria pulled back abruptly as her whole body began to shudder spasmodically with the largest orgasm she had ever experienced in years. Betty leaned forward again to continue the kissing for a moment longer then stopped as sudden as it had all started.

Maria was not sure of really what happened it seemed like a dream. Betty said this is a first step and Maria took a towel to dry his wet legs and ask for the second step immediately. Betty respond I need the bed to explain and show this step. Maria take your friend hand and both go to Maria bedroom, this is nice decorated room, wood floor, large curtains, with king size brass bed and big wood wardrobe.

As Maria noticed Betty put his eyes to wardrobe said, open the left door and look inside… Betty immediately cross the room, open the door and stand speechless, open his mouth, she see inside hang a floor length dark brown mink coat, wide sleeves and important collar and. Pull this out Maria said, if possible this day I commence use this coat, I receive this gift in my last birthday and put in the wardrobe, and stay here until this moment. Betty pull out and spread this on bed looking this immense jewel. Betty not resist a temptation to put this jewel on, took of the skunk coat and put on the mink coat. Marie at this time put eyes to Betty body and noticed your nice breast, oooooh hard nipples, her friend very sensual body and as Betty put on his mink coat put Maria in very aroused state now. Betty noticed she wear a new mink fur coat of his friend, never wearing before and said, this night I receive another surprise, virgin mink fur coat. Because virgin Maria ask? If you pass the second step understand because. Maria pleaded, I want more fur now. Betty proceed to tell about the second step.

I already know the answer to this question but I want to ask it anyway. Have you ever used fur to bring you an orgasm? Betty asked. No never. But after what we did this I’m more than ready to do it, Maria said.

Right, I want you to lay on the bed and use the virgin fur mink coat just as if you were having sex with a man. Don’t hold back, but if you get ready to cum, try to climb off so the fur before get wet. But if it does I cleaning the cum for you. Do it real slow if you can, and enjoy it. I’m going to spray some of my best perfume on the collar. So when you’re having sex with the coat, you can put your face down in the collar and smell perfume. You’ll really like it Maria, Betty said. Maria start to run your hands over the mink coat fur anxious to put your body on it. Betty go to the hall for a moment and reappear with her purse, took off the mink coat and spread on the bed, took off your best perfume and sprayed it on the collar and also on the coat. The collar was big enough that it stuck up on the back of the coat. When Betty finished , Maria lay down on the coat. The perfume sprayed on was strong and smelled very good. It was a wonderful addition. Maria began to move up and down on the coat. At first she maintain her head up and star to run our fingers on all parts of the coat, arched her back, embrace the coat and finally put her face down on the collar on the coat. She pulled the collar tight against her face. She continued to move up and down on the fur. Betty star to tear watching Maria on the fur, put the skunk coat on and start to caress yourself with this coat. Maria was making noises now and was opening her mouth to put some of the fur collar in her mouth. She stuck her tongue out to taste the fur. Betty continued watching getting increasingly aroused. Maria propped the fur in different positions, now making louder noises. Betty knew that she was close to climax. Maria was making louder noises now. She was inserted her tongue in the fur eating fur. She was humping the fur faster and faster. Betty could take it no longer. With the skunk coat on went over the bed. She laid Maria back down on the fur coat, so that the coat caressed Maria fine ass. Betty spread Maria legs and inserted her tongue. At the same time she rubbed the inside of her thighs with her fur coat. The collar on Betty skunk coat was so big than Maria could feel it against her thighs and her stomach. Maria let out a yell and climaxed right in Betty mouth and fur, as never cum before, produce a amount of cum part lay in the Betty mouth and the excess lay on an in the mink virgin fur. Betty pulled Maria up from the bed, picked up the coat an put it on Maria. Betty leaned over and softly kissed Maria on the neck alternating rubbing Maria neck with the sleeve of her coat and also making sure that the purposely brushed her face against the huge collar off Betty skunk coat and feel also the wet part of the mink collar, wet with Maria juices. Betty start to touch wet part of the mink collar with the skunk fur collar produce both got wet. After a few minutes of this, she put her face close to Maria and their lips meet. Each very gently inserted their tongue into the others mouth and explored inside. Both were getting close to climaxing again. Start to rub and stroke, run her fingers over the furs, embrace each other and finally Betty said, its my turn and lay Maria on the bed enveloped in mink fur, face up. Betty put your legs over Maria and seat on your knelt and put her pussy very close to Maria face.

Betty start rubbing the soft sleeves of the skunk coat over your breasts a nipples and start a moan, and Maria insert his tongue in Betty pussy and commence to eat this, your lips meet Betty pussy lips, insert the tongue deep and more deep, meet Maria clit with your tongue an lips, embrace Betty ass and start rub this with sleeves of his mink coat, Betty said more this, please continue this, more, more and finally scream for this extreme pleasure and came over Maria lips and tongue, Maria lick all of her cum and continue this work on Betty. Betty at this time turn over Maria and laid over this in 69 position start a rub the skunk sleeves over Maria legs, up and down, more and more as Maria new insert tongue in Betty pussy for moments, insert part off low parts of skunk coat also, the skunk and tongue. Betty also insert the tongue in Maria pussy, more deep as possible, meet your friend clit, both start a moan, groan and finally scream in a giant climax as never know Maria in your life. Both lick each other and Betty surprise your friend as start up and came over Maria face, embrace is and as your lips meet transfer the cum to Maria mouth. Maria go down and start a lick de rest of Betty cum inserted your tongue in your pussy, came up an insert a tongue new on Betty mouth, transfer this sweet juices.

Both is very excited at this point and continues to embrace, kiss, rub our hands over the furs and finally very extenuated lay on the bed. Betty said, Maria you pass the second step really well and you experiment a virgin fur defloration. This mink coat commence really a new life this day. Maria replied I never expect that nice and extreme experience with you and furs, and ask, its all Betty. Betty said, this is only a first part. More and more steps appear in you future.

Maria need badly go to the bathroom to take a shower and Betty start to inspect the furs. The skunk coat is very wet in various parts of collar, sleeves and other parts. Betty take a towel and proceed to dry the coat.

Maria reappear enveloped in towel and look as Betty work on coat and said, my other mink coat is also wet in most parts and took off a towel, and star to dry the coat as same manner as Betty dry the skunk. The skunk fur absorb the juices deep and not possible dry full this.

Betty came over mink coat and help Maria to dry the coat and finally both inspect all parts of the fur and said, new this is able to the next play, of course not more virgin. Betty said, the skunk fur need a professional clean, and said I know a men to clean my furs and repair this if necessary.

Maria ask?, how much furs you have and Betty respond, this is my surprise and you receive this as visit my house to watch my special rack I have.

Mary start a shiver, part for stay nude at moment and part for the last Betty notices.Betty sensed this and took his sheared beaver and put over Maria body, and Maria look magnificent wearing this coat.

Maria seat on the bed and said, Betty I am very eager to go to your home but before need resolve my son problems. I have idea, as you teach Marc to start right a sex life.

Betty put the eyes on Maria, incredulous to this proposal, very excited also and finally said, Maria I am very excited and of course respond yes. This is a major surprise and gift as you give to me and I am promise to guide right your son about this.

Maria said, I have a problem if you take away the skunk coat, my son play with this every days.

Betty said, it is a good excuse for you Maria, to be able plead your son to go to my home to bring the coat.

This is my opportunity to start my work over your son. At this point Maria new is excited and very anxious for this proposal about your son, and embrace Betty and said, I am very anxious to watch as you work on my son, and Betty respond, this is very dangerous, this day your life change much, and you respond very good and fast to furs.

I use the furs to instruct your son and if you watch this events if possible the story change and your son commence bad the lessons. As I sensed you is prepared to watch other play with furs I give you a movie, possible included your son teach. Maria said please, please I am eager to watch.

Betty said, is time to me to return at my home, I leave her my sheared beaver and if you play with this its o.k. for me.

Maria embrace new her friend, and both start to kiss each other very excited. Betty said, no more this night, both need go to asleep.

Betty put his clothes on, and also put the skunk coat on look magnificent enveloped in this and Maria pleased, go to your home before I start to undress you new and lay in my bed.

Betty put a short kiss in your friend and proceed go to his home.

As guided your car to home, Betty caress the fur coat anticipated the future events with Maria son and the skunk coat.

Maria go to her bed and start to have sex with his friend sheared beaver coat. Stop a moment and put his mink coat on, and new lay on the bed have sex with furs as finally came to asleep very exhausted.

She proceed to awake as her alarm-clock ring at seven a.m. before her husband return to home and put the furs in the wardrobe. As the fur hang inside, Maria new start to play with both and rub the fur over body, breasts and face and said, this is very good morning for my and my furs.

The furs trapped her mind and result more and more attractive for Maria.In his house Betty proceed to awake and start to planning the lessons to introduce Marc to fur and go to take a shower.

Finally the Maria husband return to home and proceed to go to asleep, ignored all the events occurs on this bedroom.

Marc return at mid day and noticed the skunk is missed, went upstairs and noticed not is here and not resist and ask his mom for this new. Maria said, I look the coat and decide this need a clean, and carry this to my friend Betty, is offered my to carry to her professional cleaner.

Tomorrow I need you go to Betty house and bring the coat at home son.

Marc said, I am eager to bring the coat at home and my room, I need the coat stay here. I need furs mom.

Of course, Marc not have idea of his mother an Betty plans. Not have idea of a nice surprise receive in the next day.

Maria decide not reveal his mink coat to Marc to preserve the coat for his use only and not ruined this beauty jewel. And also not reveal the Betty coat to prevent asks of her husband about this. Maria lock de wardrobe and proceed to hide the key.The day pass normally and Maria receive a call of Betty, his friend noticed Maria over your plans for Marc, and for Maria in the next encounter at Betty house. In my house you encountered the new games and surprises Maria, more that you imagine. I need to introduce you to more games, fur games and other things.Maria said, I need this also, look for this day and I only think about furs and you Betty.

My mind is only able to this, no other questions.

That is right Maria, you is a new fur fetish person, your life change forever and you have a new needs now. Go to this needs and please inquire me about all occurs in your body and mind.

Maria respond, thanks for all, I am really need the encounter with you after my son return of your house Betty. Please call me new, I very eager for this. I love you Betty, and need you very much.

Betty said, the story commence Maria, the best events came prompt.

The Saturday came, the morning pass normally, and in afternoon 4 p.m. Marc went off to Betty house to bring the fur coat to home and start play with this.

His mother is very aroused for the events came and give you a kiss and said, go to meet your fur desires, son.

To Part III.