Stories by Worker 11811

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A Winter to Remember
Stephen remembers his first time.

The Fur Trap
An experimental “stream of consciousness” story.

Megan Meets the PeTA Machine
A short vignette in “conversational tone.” (Includes 5 images.)

Continuation of “Megan Meets the PeTA Machine”  (Includes 2 images.)

The Furry Wager
Daniel meets a mysterious woman with a curious proposition.

Lieutenant Haskell and Ensign Travis are shipwrecked on an alien planet. (Includes 1 image.)

The Chamber
Joanna receives a proposition from a strange woman in a fur coat. (Includes 1 image.) (Unfinished)

James absent mindedly walks into a fur salon in a dark alley.

Driven to Distraction
Barbara is a contestant on an adult game show where she tries to win a million dollar cash prize. (Includes 15 images.)

GaGa Saal
Starship officer, Therese Peltier, transports to an alien planet. (Includes 18 images.)

The Labyrinth of Pilosus
Mary stumbles upon a mysterious cavern of fur. (Includes 4 images.)

Barbara and the Bikini Snatcher
Barbara is enticed by a man with a mysterious machine. (Includes 9 images.)