Super Model

by Richard

“Damn it!” Janice exclaimed. “Christine just quit on us. She says she is against wearing furs and since some of our best clients are fur designers, she’s leaving.” The head of the modeling agency slammed the phone down in anger. “We have to find a replacement for her in the major layouts we have coming up.” She turned to her assistant, Janine. “Who do we have available to replace Christine for those layouts?”

Janine scanned the database in her computer. “Nobody our clients would accept as a replacement for Christine,” was her response. Janine, a former model was now Janice’s assistant and lover. She still looked every inch a cover girl by keeping her body in perfect trim. Although she was nearing 40, she could have easily passed for 25.

Janice wrung her hands in frustration. “Wonderful, just wonderful!” The intercom buzzed and the receptionist told her the delivery boy from the restaurant was here.

“Send him in,” Janice answered.

A teenager strolled into the office, dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt. He was of only medium height, about 5’8″, and thin. His dark hair hung loosely around his ears and neck. His name was Alan. He had been delivering lunch to the agency for the past year. Everyone, especially the models found him to be a real pain. Numerous complaints had been made to the restaurant, but without success. As usual, his eyes never left Janine even Janice was signing the bill.

Having been given the signed bill, he left, but not before giving Janine a last lecherous look.

“Boy he gives me the creeps,” Janice said, once Alan had left. “But I think I have an idea about replacing Christine. Remember Francis and Gwen. They were using hypnotism to establish their way of life into the town where they were living. Why don’t we go visit them this weekend and see if they can help us?” She explained to Janice what she had in mind. Janice was not initially in favor of the proposal, but agreed to go and see their friends over the weekend. Janice was still not in favor of this kind of endeavor, but she became more and more appreciative of the genius of the plan as Francis and Gwen explained the procedure in detail.

Monday, Alan delivered lunch to the agency as usual. Janine asked him what time he finished his deliveries for the restaurant. He answered that he finished about two in the afternoon. Janine told him that they had to make an important delivery and if he would do it, he could make a quick twenty dollars. He accepted and that afternoon following instructions, he went to their penthouse apartment as directed. Janine answered the door and there he discovered a sight he had often dreamed about, but never expected to see.

Janine was wrapped in a full length mink coat. It clung to her every curve, and obviously she had nothing on under the mink coat as she let the coat open. The teenager drank it all in like a man thirsting in the desert. She gave him her sexiest stare and asked, “Like what you see, Alan?”

Despite his previous boldness, the boy was jittery. “Yes,” he answered. “What’s going on?”

Janine thrust her 38 D breasts forward directly into him as she wrapped the mink coat around him. “Janice and I decided you should finally have your heart’s desire,” she told him. He was completely off guard. When she wrapped her fur draped arms around his neck, leaning forward as if to kiss him, she plunged the needle that she had hidden in her hand into the nape of his neck. Moments later, Alan was unconscious on the floor, dead to the world.

Half an hour later, Andrew was seated in a huge soft easy chair. His clothes were removed and replaced with a white fox jacket. His lower body was tightly wrapped with a fox blanket. The chair was also totally covered in fur. Sensors had been placed across his chest, his forehead and his arms. He was strapped into the chair with restraints around his chest, neck and legs. His arms were left free, but he was unable to get to any of the restraints since they were fastened behind the chair, out of his reach. Electrodes were taped to his testicles and his rectum. A pair of headphones had been placed over his ears, a computer keyboard was on the desk in front of him and his unseeing eyes were glued to a projection TV screen in the front of him. Images of the most beautiful of the agency’s models flashed on the screen, while a voice spoke soothingly and softly behind mood music through the earphones.

“You love looking at those women, don’t you?” the voice asked. He nodded, stupidly. The voice responded, “Type your answer on the keyboard, it is either yes or no.” With that he also received a painful electric shock across his testicles. “Wouldn’t you love to look like those women?” The voice asked. He shook his head. His testicles received another shock, more severe than the first one. A shock to his rectum followed, which caused him extreme pain in his prostrate. The screen went blank. He quickly typed a yes on the keyboard. “Do you want to see more?” He typed in a yes again. “Then tell me you want to look like a model.” A few of the most erotic poses flashed across the screen. Alan tried to lean forward to see more clearly as the screen went dark again. “Tell me.” Another image flashed for a moment.

“Yes, I want to look like a model,” Alan finally entered into the keyboard. The screen went back to flashing the images, as the voice continued to tell Alan about the beauty of being a model and convince him he wanted to be one.

For the next six hours Alan sat in front of the screen, typing his responses on the keyboard. By this time the images being flashed were no longer of models, but of clothes–sexy lingerie, evening wear, miniskirts, furs, jewelry–all the most luxurious and alluring clothing any woman could ask for. The voice kept track of his responses and urged him toward the sexiest clothes.

Finally the screen went dark and Janice and Janine entered the room. “feeling like a man, Alan?” Janice asked. Alan became aware of what he had been subjected to and was not in the best of moods. ” What the fuck are you bitches doing to me,” was his immediate response. Janine responded with, feeling like a model, Alana. Alan instantly took on the persona of the newly found Alana. ” I’m quite well, thank you. And thank you for teaching me so much about modeling and how to present myself as a woman,” was the response.

Janice complimented Alana on her attitude and her willingness to learn. Since this was her first day, Alana was instructed to take a soothing hot bathe and to remove any body hair. She was to then put on the short nightie that was in her room and to then come into the master bedroom. Janice and Janine would have something for her to eat and inform her of her daily schedule for the remainder of the week. She would have to be ready to begin modeling the following Monday.

Alana’s daily schedule was to arise at 6 A.M. She was to bathe, do her hair and makeup and get dressed. Breakfast, which included her medicine, was downstairs at 8 A.M. From 8:30 to noon, she was to practice walking and other modeling poses. Her dress was to be provocative, preferably a micro mini skirt and a revealing top. Her undergarments are to be matching rabbit fur panties, garter belt and brassiere. Her shoes were to have a minimum of 4-inch heels, although 5-inch heels were preferred. The clothes, makeup and jewelry were to be completely coordinated.

Lunch would be served at noon and at 12:30 she was to remove all of her clothes and report to the training room. Once in the training room, she would have the afternoon off and Alan would continue his training. He would also be punished for any obscene language or other outbursts he had committed the previous day. His punishment for the outbursts on his first day was to be five minutes of stimulation by each electrode. He then would continue viewing the screen in front of him and responding to the questions the voice asked him for the next six hours.

After Alan’s instruction was completed for the day, Alana got dressed in evening wear for dinner. After dinner, there was more practice followed by getting ready for bed. A second dose of medicine was taken just before going to bed. This routine was strictly followed each day under the supervision of either Janice or Janine.

The following Monday, a trim dark-haired girl posed for the agency’s portfolio photographer. She wore a black cocktail dress with a low-cut bodice and a back that dipped below her waist. Her feet were adorned with black 5-inch stiletto heels. Long black evening gloves completed the ensemble. Her hair was worn up on her head and held in place with diamond clips. She wore matching diamond bracelets, earrings and a necklace. Her makeup was impeccable. Her movements completely feminine.

“All right, Alana,” the photographer instructed. “Now, lean over and touch the top of one of your shoes.” In a move both alluring and sexy, Alana did so. To the side, Janice and Janine watched with pride. “That’ll do,” the photographer concluded.

“feeling like a man, Alan?” Janice asked.

Like someone shaking off a deep sleep, Alan took control of his own body. “Miss. Janice, I’m sorry for my outbursts last week. But please, do I have keep on doing this?” he pleaded.

“Of course, you do, darling,” Janice replied. “I need a model who can replace Christine. And you’re the perfect type! I can’t afford to lose any of my clients, so your alter-ego, the delicious Alana, is just the ticket!”

Alan sighed, knowing that whatever Janice and Janine had done to his mind was beyond his power to change. He wondered where they had gained the knowledge to make such alterations in the human psyche. He minced off the photo stage, completely unable to move like a man while he was dressed in female clothes. And since that fateful afternoon at the modeling agency he was forced to live with Janice and Janine. They hadn’t let him dress in anything but the most feminine clothes for the past week.

Furthermore, there were certain words and phrases that triggered unusual responses in him. “feeling like a man or feeling like a model,” followed by the appropriate first name, would put whichever personality was called upon in charge of his body. “loving it” brought an instant arousal. That particular command had been used so often in connection with his lingerie and makeup so that merely putting them on gave him a constant erection. And that arousal came across on film as the sexiest of pouts and stares. He also wondered about the special medicine they were having him take each day.

He was determined to find out how Janice and her assistant had put him in this fix. He had not yet found out anything and the time searching was limited to the time he was Alan and not Alana.

The next day it was another photo shoot. “OK, flirt with me, honey,” the client photographer instructed. Alana leaned forward and pouted, lowering her lashes. He snapped the shot. “Great, Alana, baby!” He turned to Janice. “Where have you been keeping her, Janice? I can’t say I miss Christine at all!”

With a secretive smirk Janice smiled, and simply shrugged shoulders in response. “Trade secret,” she answered.

Alana had gone into the dressing room to change outfits. She came out in a shiny red leather miniskirt, a white blouse with an opening that stopped just above her navel and red four inch heels worn with black nylon stockings. She looked like a seductress ready for an encounter with her boyfriend.

At the photographer’s instructions, Alana began making her turns before the camera, again achieving that perfection of sex and innocence that drove advertisers wild. Janice watched carefully, awaiting the right moment to spring her secret weapon on both the photographer and Alana.

“All right, Alana, now pull up the bottom of your blouse a little and place your finger on your lips–that’s it, smile an turn to one side,” the photographer instructed.

This was the moment. Janice caught Alana’s eye and said, “come and get it, Alana!”

Alana’s eyes opened wide as the photographer began popping flashes rapidly. All the built up sexual energy that had been accumulating in Alan/Alana for the past week surged out in one mind-blowing orgasm, caught on film by the talented photographer!

Between modeling assignments, Alan was living with Janice and Janine. Since the two women were lovers, besides his training, he was forced to provide pleasure for both Janice and Janine. He was not allowed to relieve himself of his sexual desires. Both Janice and Janine were also into furs, constantly caressing and rubbing each other with the furs, but denying this pleasure to Alan. The results of these denials caused enormous frustration to him, but he was helpless to do any thing about it. He was under the complete control of the two women, and they were immensely enjoying their new found power.

Alana’s next modeling assignment was for a leading fur designer. The first fur to be photographed was a floor length sable coat. It had a huge stand up collar that covered the back of her head. The sleeves were finished with huge sable cuffs that ended at the tips of her fingers. When she put on the fur, something happened in her mind. First, the feeling of the fur excited her. She had never found anything as sensual as it before. She went through her poses with the fur, wearing it every way imaginable. After about five minutes, Alana put on the next fur. It was a silver fox and it excited her the same way as the sable. It felt and moved on her body in the same sexy manner as the previous fur. It also felt just as sensual. There were about thirty furs which she had to model. Each fur has the same sexy and sensual effect on her. The photographer was totally amazed. Alana was providing a continuing series of poses for each fur. Each was sexier than the previous pose. Her face was providing a multitude of expressions ranging from happiness to pouting. He was amazed at the few instructions he had to give Alana and the large amount of film he was using. In short, it was a fabulous photo shoot.

The other thing that happened to Alana was that recalled all of the events that happened since Alan went to the apartment that one afternoon almost two weeks ago. The personalities of Alana and Alan came together in her mind. She remembered all of the hypnotic suggestions and commands’ Janice and Janine had given her. She knew that she could resist all of them. She also had to make a serious decision. Should she continue as Alana, and take part in the photo session or should she revert to Alan and reveal the charade, embarrassing Janice and Janine in the process. The fur she was wearing was so soft and it was exciting her. The two women were into furs, but denying Alana from getting any enjoyment from them. The photographer thought the seductive smile on her face was a part of her pose when she started modeling the sable. It was actually caused by the thoughts that were in Alana’s mind. A plan for revenge was being formed in her mind as she was modeling.

When the photo shoot was over, Alana grabbed Janine’s dyed red mink coat, put it on and took the keys from Janine’s purse. As she was leaving, she gave a parting look at Janine. Holding the apartment keys in her hand she and told Janine, ” Why don’t you and Janice stop over at my place after you close the office for the day. Janine was shouting command after command at Alana. She was flabbergasted at Alana’s conduct and also the fact that none of the hypnotic commands were having any effect on Alana.

Back at the apartment, Alana relaxed from the photo shoot. She took a relaxing hot bath, did her makeup and hair. She noticed that her breasts seemed to be getting larger. Her nipples were sore and definitely more sensitive. However Alana ignored it, rather concentrating on what should she wear? Deciding was going to be fun. She took the furs from both Janice’s and Janine’s closets. She decided to turn a beige sheared beaver coat inside out and slipped it into a sable coat as a lining. Alana then slipped into the fur lined fur coat, wrapping it around her, enjoying the soft sensual feeling of the fur. She took a silver fox stole, two mink coats and a chinchilla coat downstairs. Returning to the bedroom, she turned the bed down and spread all of the remaining furs on the bed.

Before returning to the living room, Alana went into the training room. On a table there were a number of electrodes. Some were wired to the computer used in conditioning Alan. Others were portable, designed to be held in the hand allowing the active portion to come into contact with another person, delivering its painful message. Taking two of them with her, she returned to the living room, placed the fox stole under her coat, so Alan could also enjoy the sensual feeling of fur on his penis. She placed the other furs on the couch and settled in, buried in furs.

Finally Janice and Janine arrived. Both were furious at the turn of events and immediately moved toward her. Alana was prepared for them. Before they could touch her, she pressed an electrode against a leg of each woman. The shock sent both of them falling backward. Both were dazed as they lay on the floor looking up at Alana. As he returned to the couch, he instructed both of them to stand up in front of him. “We can stop this entire affair or we can continue it,” was his first comment to the two women. “However there will be some changes in the way things are being done.” With that he opened his fur coat exposing his penis, which was fully erect, and started stroking it with the fox stole.

He looked up at the two women and said, “Remove your blouses and brassieres. I want to see how aroused you have become watching me please myself. Janice and Janine both vehemently denied that they were in any way excited by watching Alan stroke himself with the fox stole. Still rubbing the fur on his body Alan responded, “I know you are being aroused by my stroking myself. The only way you can prove to me that you are not is to remove your brassieres and show me your nipples. I know they are firm and erect and want to be released.”

Both women again denied their arousal, but Alan’s response was only, “Show me.” They were intently watching him rub himself with the fox stole. Janine finally relented and took off her blouse and brassiere. Her nipples were hard, erect and fully extended. Alan called her too come over to the couch and when he reached under her skirt, he found her panties soaking wet. Upon feeling Alan’s hand touching her, she let out a scream of sheer delight. She quickly removed the remainder of her clothing. Janice seeing Janine undress, also relented and also quickly undressed.

Alan surprised the both of them by wrapping a fur coat around each woman and then telling them to sit on the couch next to him. He told them he liked being Alana and wanted to continue being Alana. He liked the clothes, the makeup, but most of all the furs. Janice and Janine were both pleased and surprised to hear Alana say this. Alan was willing to become and to spend his life as Alana.

Alana slid down on her knees and placed her head between Janice’s legs. Her tongue quickly entered Janice’s lips and found her clitoris. Janice taken by surprise at this move, relieved herself with a quick orgasm which Alana quickly sucked into her mouth. Alana then returned to the couch, sitting between the two women. She would become a part of the family and take part in providing and receiving pleasure from both Janice and Janine. She would become the daughter of Janice and Janine and they in turn would become her mothers. The three of them would have nothing but the best in clothes, jewelry and furs.

However, Janice and Janine would also have to take care of Alan. He would always be a part of Alana and they would also have to fulfill his needs and desires. Alan extended himself across the couch, resting his head on Janice’s lap. Opening his fur coat, he let his penis stand erect. His hands guided Janine onto his body. He guided her so her pussy would slide along the length of his penis. Her wetness plus his precum were lubricating his penis. When he felt her hips starting to buck, he guided her onto his erect shaft. He placed her hands on it so she could guide it as he gently spread her hard lips apart with two of his fingers. He helped support her as she moved her body up and down on his penis. They worked together and achieved simultaneous orgasms. Both Alan and Janine were satisfied and she was surprised by his gentleness as well as his ability to make it an enjoyable experience for her.

Janice and Janine readily agreed to the arrangement. Janice then told Alana about the medicine she had been taking twice a day. It was a combination of drugs and female hormones, designed to enlarge her breasts, expand her hips and raise her voice to a more feminine tone. Upon hearing this, an expression of joy and excitement appeared on Alana’s face as she exclaimed, “Does this mean I’m going to have my own boobs?” Janice and Janine looked at each other and nodded yes to Alana. Alana was ecstatic about achieving a more feminine figure. They all then went up to the master bedroom and spent the night getting to know each other. The next morning, all three of them were entangled in each others arms, wrapped and buried in their furs. It was a delightful night for all and the beginning of the fabulous career of the new super model, Alana.