The Fur Chronicles – Part 1

A Series of Fur Lovers Dreams.


By Southern Fox


Part One – Sable and Good Friends

Chapter 1. The Season Arrives

November had come in like a northern express train, the winds came with it and the temperature had dropped from seasonable 70’s to the mid 50’s. The city was already feeling the chill of the biting wind and calls to the furriers to retrieve those warm, cuddly furs were at record numbers.

“Hello, this is the Ste. Auburn Fur Boutique, Renee speaking, may I help you?”

Charles grinned as he heard Renee answering the phone, he knew it was another call for furs to be delivered.

“Yes, Mrs. Wilchire, I’ve been expecting your call, with this early winter we seem to be getting,” said Renee, as she fumbled through the card file for the little index card with the list of Mrs. Wilchire’s stored furs on it.

“Of course, I understand. I can probably have Charles there with your furs by three, tomorrow afternoon. Will that be satisfactory?”

There was a pause as Renee listened to the reply and rolled her eyes. Charles busied himself straightening up the racks of crystal fox coats. He let his hand savor the silky softness of each as he realigned them and insured there was adequate space around each one making them look more full and fluffy for the clients who had inundated the shop for the last three days. Renee had sold seven new coats in the crystal fox alone. Mink was in demand as well. Deliveries as well as orders were piling up, keeping him very busy indeed.

“Yes I know Mrs. Wilchire, and I do apologize, but we have literally been swamped here. Let me look at today’s schedule and see if there is anything I can do. Will you please hold for a moment?”

Renee hit the hold button and let out a huge sigh. “Charles, how many deliveries do you have today?”

Charles was ready for the question. “Actually only four, most of them in the west side, why?”

“Mrs. Wilchire is attending a charity cocktail party tomorrow night and wants her furs today. Do you think there would be a problem squeezing her in later?”

“Come on Renee, she’s on the other side of the city, and actually about thirty five minutes out of town at that. But, of course, if it’s all right with you, I could take her furs with me tonight and drop them to her first thing tomorrow morning on my way in to the shop. I live out on that side of town myself.”

“You know our policy about allowing furs out of the shop other than for a delivery, I really can’t.”

“Well it was just a thought, it’s the best I can do,..unless you want me to cancel some of today’s deliveries, but that will put us way behind, at least two days worth. And besides Mrs. Wilchire must have ten or twelve furs she’s bought from us in the last three years. Either way she’ll probably be upset.”

“Let me think a minute.” Renee paused, tapping her pencil on the index card. “If, and I’m not saying I would, but if I let you take them with you tonight are you sure they would be safe in the truck overnight?”

“Look,” said Charles, feeling the stiffening in his trousers anticipating Renee’s only choice. “I’ll take them all in the condo. I have a very good alarm system, and I’m a light sleeper. We can have them all to her by 9 a m tomorrow, and she’ll have all day to decide what to wear, OK?”

Renee pushed the flashing button on the phone. “Mrs Wilchire, I ‘ve spoken with Charles, and if we do some juggling I can have all your furs to you by 9 am tomorrow morning. Will that do?”

Charles waited anxiously, watching Renee’s face for the first sign of a decision. Her face relaxed, and a smile began to form on her lips.

“Absolutely Mrs. Wilchire, by 9 am, you have my personal guarantee. Thank you very much. And I’ll also take the liberty of sending over a brand new Russian sable coat we just received late yesterday. It’s absolutely divine. I think it would look marvelous on you. If you don’t care for it, then Charles can bring it back to the shop tomorrow.”

Charles felt his heart jump. He had seen the sable at a distance yesterday and he longed to feel it against his skin. This was almost too good to be true. Today was indeed going to be furry, furry nice for him. He smiled as he approached Renee.

“It wouldn’t be the $15,000 a year she spends with us that allows policy to, shall we say “bend” a bit. Is it Renee?”

“You know damn well it is Charles. That lady loves her furs and with the kind of money she has, we would do well to have her as a friend. It’s funny, she’s never come into the salon, even to buy. She just orders and her chauffeur comes by for it. Why don’t you take this card and pull all her furs from the vault and get them ready to load. I’ll go and get the new sable coat for you to take along.”

“Is she going to buy the sable?” Charles was letting his fingers slide over the mink boas that were laying on the counter as he talked with Renee.

“I would say if you are on time, can turn on your charm, and tastefully persuade her, there is a good chance you won’t have to bring it back. But don’t forget to have her sign for it, we’ll bill her later. Well, don’t just stand there looking like a cheshire cat., Get going, we still have other deliveries today, you know.”

“I’m on my way, can I have her storage record card?”

“Come and see me when you’re all loaded and I’ll give you the new preferred client letters to deliver as well. OK? And Charles, stop fondling the furs, it is annoying.”

“On my way, Renee.”

Traffic was light and Charles finished his deliveries by 3 p m. He was tempted to call in and tell Renee, but then she might insist he go to Mrs. Wilchires now, and that was positively not in his plans until 9 a m tomorrow. He glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the rack full of Mrs Wilchires furs, full length fox coats, three different varieties, a Black Glama mink stroller with sable trim, two short pastel mink jackets, and a 3/4 length beaver, as well as the sable.

He had almost lost it when Renee had pointed to the Sable on the rack in her office as he was leaving and said, “For God sake Charles be careful with that coat, it’s worth over $45,000 at cost and I don’t even want to think about you fondling it. You know sometimes I think you have this sexual thing for furs. I really wonder why we keep you around!”

Fortunately for Charles the phone rang and he was able to take the Sable and leave before Renee was finished on the phone. If only she knew what Charles had planned for the Sable, not to mention all the other luscious furs hanging on the rack in the van. Tonight was going to be incredible, and he couldn’t wait.


Chapter 2 – The Beginnings

Charles was twenty-seven, and had been working for Renee at the Boutique for the last five years. By all appearances he was physically fit, about 175 lbs, sandy brown hair, blue eyes and kept in shape by working out three days a week. His passion for furs wasn’t really aroused until he was in his final year at Penn State. That was when he met Melanie. She had been in several of his classes and just on a whim he asked her out for dinner one night. She was a stunning blonde with shoulder length straight hair and had a figure that was enough to dull conversations when she walked by. He was surprised when she said yes, and he was not about to look fate in the eye and question it.

He knocked on her apartment door at seven o’clock sharp, and she let him in. She told him she’d just be a minute, since she was still trying to decide which coat to wear. She disappeared back into the bedroom as Charles sat on the couch and looked around. A few seconds later she walked back into the living room in a full length Arctic fox coat that hung down to her ankles and asked for his opinion. He was speechless and for the first time felt the stirring in his loins as she walked about the room with the fox coat swirling after her. Then she disappeared in the bedroom again and was back a moment later with a shorter autumn haze mink with fox trim, again she asked for his opinion. Charles told her both looked spectacular on her, and she disappeared again, only to reappear wearing a beaver stroller length coat.

“How many fur coats do you have?” Charles asked, crossing his legs to hide the growing bulge in his trousers.

“Eight” , she said. “I love furs, and daddy indulges me as long as my grades are up. I get a new one every time I make deans list. I almost hate to graduate. Maybe I could go on to grad school!”, she said with a laugh. “Do you like furs Charles?”

“I , well,.. I never really thought about it until now, but they do have an effect, I mean I never realized how sensual and sexy they make a woman look and all.”

“And all what?” Melanie asked, coyly looking over the shoulder of the beaver at him with those soft brown eyes that made him melt.

“Oh nothing,.. I mean, well , it’s a little embarrassing,” he stammered.

“Am I embarrassing you?” she asked.

“Ah, no it’s not you, it’s ah, well, it’s me.”

“Charles, I do believe you have a hard-on. Am I right? Perhaps we need to explore this Charles. Fur really can, shall we say, increase your pleasures if you know how. Would you like to learn Charles?”

Charles didn’t have to answer. Melanie came over and her hand dropped to his lap and the obvious became clear to both of them.

They never went to dinner that evening, and Charles received his first full “furring”. As the sun came up and its gentle morning rays came through the window, he knew a whole new chapter in his life was opening. He pulled a couple of the coats around him as he nestled next to Melanie and she responded to his touch. They were both spent from the nights activities, but not spent enough to spend another hour together under the furs gently furring each others bodies.

This was the beginning of Charles fur fetish, and it had grown stronger since graduation over five years ago.

Shortly after the commencement exercises, Melanie’s father arrived and they left on a month long trip to the salons of Paris looking for Melanie’s graduation present. Charles never saw her again after that. She never responded to any of his letters, and he had never gotten her telephone number.

About six months later Charles got a notice on the door of his apartment from UPS that he had a delivery that required his signature. Puzzled and curious he went to the UPS terminal the next day and signed for a package. There was no return address on it, but a letter taped to the outside of the box labeled “Open Me First”. He ripped the letter off the box and opened it right there in the terminal. It was from Melanie.

Dear Charles, I hope you’re well, and I will probably not see you again, as I’ve decided to stay in Europe for a while. The furs here are simply incredible, and I love it. By now you know the amazing power of fur, and I daresay are longing for a good furring. Strangely enough there are very few women who understand the power fur has on a man sexually. I feet badly about leaving you fur less, so I have sent you this little present. Enjoy it, use it, and find happiness. Who knows, you may find another woman out there who feels the same way about fur. Love in furs, Melanie

Charles scooped the box off the counter and quickly went out to his car. He couldn’t resist and ripped open the end of the box and put his hand inside. It was engulfed in fur. Soft, silky and dense images began to flood his mind. Reluctantly he withdrew the hand and drove back to his apartment, slipping his hand back in the open end of the box from time to time, conscious of the hard bulge in his trousers, and wishing his apartment was a lot closer. When he finally got home he finished opening the box and found Melanie had sent him a full length crystal fox coat. He tore off his clothes and rushed to the bedroom, falling on the bed and wrapping himself up in the coat as visions of furring rapidly moved through his mind. It was not long until his mind spoke volumes to his body, and he exploded in pleasure and joy and pulled the fox closer to him as he throbbed with each and every explosion.

In the following six years fur became an obsession with him. He had been hired at Renee’s after pestering her to death for a job for almost a year. The older delivery guy had finally retired and she agreed to hire him for that position and train him in sales later. This brought him closer to furs every day, and he would have worked seven days a week for nothing for that privilege. On the weekends he had his fox coat, and over the years he had been frugal and managed to acquire three other furs, a black mink stroller with fox trim, a beaver stroller and a 3/4 length rabbit coat. Weekends were filled with both hours in bed with his furs, and hours at his computer in the fur chat rooms. Fur was his world.


Chapter 3 – Today

Three years ago he had made friends with one of the girls that lived in his apartment building. She was cute and always smiling, but she was as shy as he was. One evening there was a knock on his door and when he answered it she was standing there with three furs over her arm.

“Hi, Bobbi, what can I do for you?” Charles asked, his eyes fastened on the furs over her arm.

“Charles, I trust you, and I’ve got to go out of town for a couple of weeks. Would you terribly mind keeping these here for me? I have the biggest fear of some one breaking in and stealing them.”

“Yeah, sure, no problem. When will you be back?”

“In about two weeks. I’ll stop by as soon as I get back, and I really appreciate this.”

Two weeks later, about February 20th, Bobbi showed back up again, all tanned, but looking hurt.

“Oh obviously you went to the sun belt ,” Charles teased. “Leaving all us poor folk here to survive the cold windy winter. I could have carried your bags or something, I’m easy.”

Bobbi laughed. “Could I come in? You don’t have anything warm to drink, do you?”

“Sure, coffee, Irish Coffee, cognac, or brandy. Which will it be?”

“Irish Coffee sounds great.”

Three hours later, and several Irish Coffees later Bobbi began to cry.

“What’s wrong? Can I help?”

“No, I mean you’re such a nice guy and all, you don’t want to know my troubles.”

“What are neighbors for?” Charles replied, putting an arm around her shoulder. “What’s bothering you.”

For the next two hours Bobbi poured out her story. An office romance with the boss, gifts, dinners, an apartment, and the furs. Two years of it. Now it was over. He had taken her to Martinique, ostensively for a “vacation”. The last night after dinner and three hours of wild sex, he told her he was being transferred to the West Coast and was going to break it off with her.

“Well you still have the fur coats, all is not lost.” Charles said trying to cheer her up.

“Yeah I suppose, I do love those furs. You know, maybe I’m just drunk enough, I don’t know, and I trust you Charles, so you have to promise me you will never repeat this to a living soul. Do you agree?”

“Of course, I’d never tell anyone, I’m not a gossip.”

“OK, well, I really get off on furs, I mean really get off on them. It’s like the whole world just goes away and I wrap myself up in them and, oh God, you just wouldn’t believe. In fact, the guy I just broke up with. Well, I got him into them too. He wasn’t crazy about it, he was more of a, well, just a pig, you know? He’d humor me just to insure he’d get laid.”

Charles was stunned. “Bobbi, I mean, well, as long as we are sharing secrets.”

“Yeah, what Charles?”

“I have a fur fetish too.”

“No way, you’re kidding me.”

“No honest to God. Would you like to see my furs?”

Bobbi beamed from ear to ear and jumped up off the couch pulling Charles up with her. He had never seen her so happy and full of life. The past two years and two weeks had evaporated. He was excited as well. He could feel a comfort and security in his obsession he hadn’t known since he met Melanie.

“Come on silly,” Bobbi said. “Show me, show me, I can’t wait.”

Another night of exploration and furring exploded for both Charles and Bobbi. They indulged themselves and each other time and time again with his furs as well as hers. Several hours later as they lay in bed taking a breather, Bobbi rolled over and looked at him and said, “Charles, are you, uh, gay or something?”

“No, absolutely not, what gave you that impression?”

“Well I never see you go out with any girls, and I have never seen any drop over, that’s all.”

No, I’m not gay. I share all my passion with my furs. Most girls don’t understand that and think your “kinky” or something. I just want my women to love furs and to have sex in furs. That is what turns me on. So until I find that rare person, well it’s me and my minks, and foxes, and whatever else I can round up. They don’t talk back, they never fake an orgasm, and they are always ready for more. I’m sorry that must sound very self centered and conceited, I apologize.”

“No, you don’ t, I understand, really I do.”

As the weeks went by they grew closer, but decided that all they really wanted together was friendship and furring. They both had their own lives, their own careers, and their own objectives. But at least once a week they got together, usually on Furday, or Friday. They would share some wine, naked, save the furs, experiment on each other and push their tolerances to with hold and then rush headlong into climax and orgasm. Each would push the other to new heights, new levels of pleasure, and share themselves and their furs. It was an ideal relationship and had been going on three years now.

Charles pulled over at a rest stop after the last delivery and called Bobbi.

“Hello.” She always answered that way. It was the only thing that annoyed him about her.

“Bobbi, is that you?”

“Of course silly, who else would it be?”

“OK, listen I have a surprise for you. Furday has moved up to tonight.”

“Oh no, Charles, I have a dinner date with an old friend tonight, she just got back in town and called me.”

“Can’t you break it, Bobbi? I have over a dozen coats, including this unbelievable brand new Russian sable, and they are all ours for the night! We can almost smother ourselves in furs, please.”

“No I can’t. Really, if it was anyone else, yeah, but not her. Hey! I just thought, she is into furs too, what about a threesome?”


“Yeah, we grew up together , went to high school and all. I haven’t seen her in six or seven years. She went away to college, got married to a rich son of a bitch, he died a couple years back, and all she does is vacation around the world all year. I’ll bet she’d jump at the chance. Say it’s OK Charles.”

“OK, whatever. But if she says no it’s your loss. I’ve got to deliver them tomorrow by 9 a m. I am going to bury myself in fur and probably come out looking like a dried up old prune with bow legs in the morning. Tell you’re friend hello, but call me if your both coming, I need to arrange things a little.”

Charles pulled up to the side of his condo complex. There was a service elevator that was never used in the evening. It was perfect to move all the furs up to his apartment, which was right across the hall from the elevator door. It took him two loads to get them all upstairs. He then parked the van, and whistled happily to himself as he rode the elevator back for the last time that evening.

He called Renee at home just to let her now everything was OK and all the furs were safely ensconced in his apartment for the night. No he was not planning to go out anywhere, and yes he promised not to fondle the furs! She drove him nuts some times. He was sure she knew about his fetish and that was why she always commented about “fondling” the furs. One day he’d walk into her office with a full length fox coat on, with nothing underneath, walk up to her desk, look her straight in the eye and say, “Ever get furred? You really should try it.”, then turn around and walk out.

Charles showered and slipped into his full length rabbit coat. He always wore that one inside out and loved the silky tickles as he moved about the apartment. He put in a microwave meal into the oven and looked at the clock. Seven minutes would be perfect. Seven steps to heaven with seven of Mrs Wilchire’s furs, still cold from the truck, and seven inches of me just humping the hell out of them before the microwave is through. He always used to start with a real quick work up. It was like the preview of coming attractions for him, then he would concentrate the rest of the evening on several “full length features”.

He randomly took an armful of furs to the bedroom and just threw them on the bed. He unbuttoned the rabbit coat and his throbbing penis popped into view. He turned the dimmer down, hit the remote for the stereo and adjusted the volume as the slow sensuous tones of Carmen Barana began to drift into his ears. He lay down on the bed of furs, pulling two or three over him, covering every inch of himself in fur, and closed his eyes. He felt the fox under him, and the mink above him. His penis twitched against the sable, and his heart was racing. Life was really good today!

He rolled over and slide his penis into the rolled back sleeve of the sable. “God that feels great!” he thought as the music began building. He began the slow rhythmic undulations into the sable, gently humping and letting the sensations move between the nerves of his body. He began to pick up the pace, humping the sable and the mink and the fox, building to a crescendo, his penis getting harder with each stroke. The time nearing! His hands brought the fox to his nipples and he pinched them with the fox. The sable was perfect. Every nerve ending was on fire,. It was like watching the countdown of a Space Shuttle, “Three”, oh god it’s cumming, “Two” oh yes, cum, come on cum,”One”, oh this one’s going to go through the roof, “Fire”, OH OH OH, yeah (throb), come on (throb). “We have liftoff!”

OH God!!! He twitched and pumped, draining every bit of him that he could, relishing the spent pulsating orgasm and climax as it happened, closing his eyes and just savoring every last millisecond of the pleasure wave. Then he lay back exhausted, just feeling the fur all over his body.

He was dreaming. Some where between an enclosed giant sable lined egg with him inside almost immobile amongst the furs, and someone sliding fur after fur over his body asking him to identify each one and rewarding each correct answer with three strokes of his penis with the fur, the phone rang, jarring him out of his world of fur.

“Hello, this is Charles speaking.”

“Charles, we’re on our way over.”


“Who else silly. We’re just finishing cocktails and when I told her about what you had planned. Well, she said, “Let’s just skip dinner and go for the fur.” We’re both horny as hell and she’s been telling me about all of her furs. In fact, she invited me to spend next weekend with her. She said maybe she’ll ask you as well, depending on how things go tonight”

“Great!, By the way what’s her,..”

“Charles, the waiter just came with the bill and I want to get it before she gets back from the ladies room. See you in about a half an hour,..bye!”


Chapter 4 – Circumstances

Charles straightened up the apartment and was just putting all the furs back on hangers when the doorbell rang. He tightened the tie on his silk robe and went to the door and opened it.

“Hey Charles!” It was Bobbi standing there in her 3/4 length pastel mink stroller. “Are you all ready for a fun night?”

Charles looked over her shoulder and didn’t see anyone else behind her. “I thought your girlfriend was coming with you.”

“Oh she just stopped at my place to freshen up, she’ll be right over,” said Bobbi, gesturing to the front door of her place which was ajar. “Can I come in or are we going to stand out here and get kinky?”

“Oh, yeah sure, come on in.” Charles moved back into the living room as Bobbi slide past him sliding her coat off her shoulders and draping it over the sofa. “What no Champagne so we can all sip and get to know each other?”

“Yeah, it’s in the fridge, I’ll go get it.” Said Charles moving into the kitchen. “By the way Bobbi, you never told me your girlfriends name.”

As he reached the doorway to the kitchen the sound of an all too familiar voice from long ago stopped him in his tracks. “It’s Melanie, Charles, how have you been?”

Charles turned to see Melanie standing in the doorway, a full length ranch mink coat over her arm, smiling at him.

“You know Charles?”, Bobbi said incredulously.

“I most certainly do, he was one of my early fur students, isn’t that right Charles?”

Charles had turned around and his mouth hung open, looking at Melanie as she closed the front door and moved into the living room, sitting on the sofa beside Bobbi.

“My God, Melanie, I can’t believe it. Is it really you?” he said trying to recover his composure and at the same time realizing he was getting very hard.

“It’s me Charles, in the flesh.”

“I didn’t I mean Bobbi never , ah”

“I know. I recognized your name when we were talking the other day I and asked her not to mention my name. I told her with all the weirdos out there I’d rather meet you first before my name was mentioned. I never told her I knew you, I thought it would be a hoot to see how the two of you reacted.”

“Melanie, you sneak!”, said Bobbi, putting her hand on Melanie’s thigh. “How could you?”

“It’s not often I get to have fun anymore, particularly with two people who knew me before, you know?”

Charles had recovered from his shock and went to Melanie and gave her a huge hug and a kiss.

She responded and tapped him on the butt. “Still in shape I see, hey Charles?”

“Yeah, I still workout. And you look great Melanie, what have you been doing with yourself?”

“Actually not much. After graduation Daddy and I went to Paris to get my graduation present, and I wound up staying on for a while. Then I met this charming little old man who adored me. Well one thing led to another and we got married. He absolutely adored me in furs. He must have bought me thirty or forty of them. The first one he bought me was for a big state dinner we had been invited to. He said he wanted me to look “smashing”. After we got home that evening I showed him what fur could really do, and well,..the rest is history.”

“So are you still married to him?”, Charles asked pouring Dom Perignon for the three of them.

“No, I’m a widow now. We were married for about four years. He was over sixty when I married him and he had a stroke two years ago. He hung on for a few weeks, but the second stroke did him in. Since then I’ve just been traveling and having fun.”

“So are you moving here?” Charles asked as he raise his flute in silent toast.

“Actually I have a house here, in fact we have had it for years. My former husband was born around here and we always wound up back her for several weeks each year for the charity thing and fund raising drives. His family was always very philanthropic. I had to keep a relatively low profile as his family thought he was a bit nuts marrying me and all. After he died they tried to cut me out of everything, but Robert, that was his name, had made sure that couldn’t happen. Now I spend about five or six weeks here a year. In fact I just got back in town three days ago. There’s a big foundation cocktail party tomorrow night I have to attend. Robert had donated $3 million for a new wing on the hospital and the dedication is tomorrow night, They are naming it after him. The Robert J Wilchire Center for Advanced Coronary Research.”

Charles paled and looked down at his champagne. “Did you say Wilchire?”

“Yes, why?”

Charles smiled and got up from the sofa. “Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but,..well wait a minute, I’ll be right back.” And he disappeared into the bedroom.

“Charles, what are you doing?”

asked Bobbi, looking quizzically at Melanie.

“Does this look familiar?” said Charles emerging from the bedroom with a floor length crystal fox coat on with the collar turned up and snuggled up around his face.

“My God!”, exclaimed Melanie, her eyes open wide, “That is my fox, I’d recognize it anywhere. Robert had it hand made for me in Paris two years ago. Where did you get it?”

“And this one?”, said Charles smiling and pulling a pink mink stroller with dyed pink fox trim from behind his back.

“Charles, that’s mine as well! Where did you get these?” Melanie was completely in shock.

“Charles will have them to you tomorrow by 9 a m,” Charles said, mimicking Renee on the phone this morning.

“That’s you?” Melanie gasped.

“Charles, what is going on, I don’t understand.”, said Bobbi, not having any idea what was taking place.

Both Charles and Melanie were laughing hysterically and Melanie rushed over to Charles, took the pink mink stroller and slipped it on.

“My God Charles, we’re going to use my furs tonight? That is scrumptious darling, absolutely scrumptious, I love it!” She hugged him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

“Would someone please tell me what’s going on here? I feel like an extra thumb.” Bobbi was standing there with her hands on her hips looking at Melanie and Charles laughing and hugging each other.

Charles explained to Bobbi what was happening as Melanie ran her hands all over the pink mink and rubbed the silky fur to her cheek making purring noises.

Bobbi started laughing as well once she understood.

“Well come on folks, I guess all my long stored friends from last year await us in Charles’s room. God I need a good furring, and Charles, what about that Russian sable Renee mentioned, I’m dying to see it!”

“Your wish is my command, Mrs. Wilchire. This way to Salon Charles.” He bowed from the waist and extended his arm toward the bedroom inviting them both for what he knew was going to be an extraordinary fantastic night.


Chapter 5 The Ecstasy of the Furring

Charles had led them to his closet and flung open the doors. Both women stood there staring at the furs lining the closet from one end to the other. Mink, fox, beaver, opossum and chinchilla, all in different lengths and styles.

“My knees are weak,” said Bobbi. “I’ve never seen so many gorgeous furs in one place, other than a furriers show room.” She reached out and began to let her hand slide along the furs as they hung there waiting to be touched.

“Charles they look even better than I remember them. I can’t wait to be wrapped in them and cuddled in bed.” Melanie’s eyes were wide and she also reached out and stroked an arctic fox stroller that caught her eye. “Where is the sable, Charles. I must try it on and feel it.” Melanie was searching the closet looking for the new Russian sable Renee had promised.

Charles turned and walked over to his huge king sized bed and pulled back the quilt revealing the golden sable coat laid out under it. “Let the games begin,” he said, going back to the closet and taking furs and throwing them onto the bed.

Melanie had already begun removing her clothes, her eyes riveted to the sable coat on the bed.

Bobbi began selecting furs and throwing them on the bed as well, unbuttoning her blouse with one hand and selecting furs with the other.

Charles pulled the tie on his robe and let it slide off, onto the floor. As he stood naked in front of the closet, his eyes fell on a crystal fox stroller, as he felt his penis begin to stiffen. He reached for the fox and slipped it on, turning toward the bed.

Melanie had already finished removing her clothes and had crawled across the furs to the sable and was wrapping it around her.

Bobbi quickly finished undressing and slipped on a full length Black Glama mink coat and made a running jump into the now three foot high pile of furs on the bed.

Charles walked over to the bed and looked down at both of them, lying resplendent in the furs, stroking them and rubbing them against their bodies. “Well ladies, I take it Salon Charles meets with your approval?”

“Get in here Charles”, ordered Melanie with a smile reaching a sable covered arm up to him. “It’s time for me to start my graduate lessons on you.”

“What about me?” said Bobbi reaching over and stroking the crystal fox covering Charles bulging penis.

“Oh Bobbi, don’t stop. I think I’m going to love graduate school.” He lay down between them and slipped his hand under the fur covering both of them as they all lay on their backs. Melanie moved the sable coat so she could wrap some of it around Charles throbbing penis and began slowly stroking it up and down.

Bobbi rolled over closer to Charles, slipping one leg up over his and moving her moist vagina closer to his hand.

For the next hour they toyed with each other as their passions and heat built. Charles worked on both women simultaneously, furring their breasts, down over their stomachs, and into the secrets of Venus. Both Melanie and Bobbi were trying to control them selves, but to no avail.

Bobbi came first and wave after wave of orgasm shot through her body. She felt like they would never end, each spasm a higher high, a stronger rush. Charles leaned over and kissed her on the lips inserting his tongue deep in her mouth. Her tongue met his as the entire experience heightened. She reached out and began pinching his nipples as she pulled his tongue in and pressed the fur even tighter to her pussy, grinding it to her clitoris, urging another wave of ectstacy to begin.

Melanie began her orgasm with a small shudder. Instead of an explosive burst, she pulled to prolong the first wave. She wanted to draw it out, slow and deep and long. But as Charles moved his other hand deeper into her, and the added passion of Bobbi’s tongue and his aroused nipples grew, Melanie fought for control. But alas the orgasm took over. Her back arched and the waves began to roll in, first one, then another , then another. Charles had stopped kissing Bobbi as she began to slide back to exhaustion. He moved over to Melanie, moving his head inside the golden sable searching for his target. He came across her nipple. His tongue flicked at it, then swept around it and he gently sucked it into his mouth where his tongue again massaged it gently. That was all Melanie needed, she went well over the top writhing and moaning and whimpering little cries of joy and pleasure. Charles finally felt her spasms beginning to slow in frequency and intensity. He pulled his head away from her breast and moved up over her face to place a long deep passionate kiss as her final waves began to fade away.

“Charles, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this passionate and so sexy,” said Bobbi, slipping her body over Charles, arranging the fox to slide all around his balls while her moist vagina slipped up and down over his penis.

“I can’t believe it either, I feel so much more comfortable with the two of you. It feels so, well natural. OOOOOH, Bobbi you better slow down or I’ll be history.”

Melanie had recovered somewhat and was rolling toward Charles. She moved her hand under his fox coat and slipped it in alongside Bobbi’s pussy and Charles penis. She moved over Charles mouth and locked her lips to his, probing him with her tongue. Her other hand was simultaneously stroking his penis and probing Bobbi’s vagina. Bobbi reached up and inside Melanie’s sable and cupped her left breast, flicking the nipple with her finger. Melanie pulled her lips from Charles and bent to kiss Bobbi’s hand gently. She then slide under Charles fox coat and began nibbling his left nipple. Charles lay back and a long slow moan of pleasure poured from his mouth.

Bobbi rolled off Charles and repositioned herself. Melanie, aware of Bobbi’s movement pulled her head from beneath the fox and Charles nipple, and both women’s eyes met. “I think it’s time we really did Charles properly,” said Melanie with a wicked grin.

“Me to”, said Bobbi.

Melanie slipped over Charles waist, parting the sable enough to accommodate his throbbing red penis which glistened with Bobbi’s juices. Bobbi moved up and turned to face Melanie, her moist mound of Venus suspended only inches over Charles waiting tongue.

“Oh please, I’m about ready to explode,” begged Charles. Bobbi had positioned herself so as to pin Charles arms to the bed, while Melanie had both of his legs pinned under the sable coat. Gently Melanie lowered herself onto Charles waiting penis, slipping slowly and teasingly down it’s length. Charles lunged up to meet her waiting pussy, but Melanie pulled back.

“Charles, Bobbi and I are in charge here, is that clear darling?”

“Yes, Yes, but God hurry. I need to let go. I’m about to burst,” he replied, bending to her command and settling back on the bed.

Again Melanie slowly allowed herself to slip over Charles penis, ever so slowly taking it up into her, a quarter of an inch at a time. Bobbi giggled as she watched. She then reached out to Melanie and touched her cheek with the sleeve of her mink coat. Melanie moaned and her eyes rolled up in pleasure. She continued to slip down on Charles penis as he moaned even more. Her mouth opened to form the infamous “O” of pleasure and she exhaled slowly as she took in the last two inches of Charles to her seat of pleasure.

Bobbi was really getting horny watching all of this. She also began to lower herself over Charles, as her pussy slowly descended to meet his outstretched tongue she rubbed his chest with the mink.

Charles tongue met Bobbi’s moist secret place, and began it’s entry, darting and diving, looking for the little nub of her clitoris. Bobbi moved slightly to help Charles in his search. His tongue and her little gasp told them both success had been achieved.

Melanie began to move with Charles, increasing her motion as the passion grew. She pulled a fox stroller toward her and began to play with her breasts, rubbing the fox all over them. Bobbi was climbing back up the trail to another orgasm as Charles worked her clitoris with his tongue. She stopped rubbing him and reached out to Melanie, putting her arms around her and looking her deeply in the eyes. Melanie returned the look, and they pulled together and their lips met. A long and passionate kiss ensued as both Melanie and Bobbi increased the speed of their movement.

Charles moaned with pleasure as the women embraced and kissed and as one they transferred their motion to Charles. With one final moan Charles plunged over the edge, exploding and throbbing and bursting into Melanie. She exploded at the same time, Bobbi’s tongue probing her mouth and Charles deep within her. Charles, in the moment of explosion doubled his action on Bobbi’s clitoris, throwing her into more waves of orgasm. The three moved as one as their waves of pleasure surged through them from one to another and to the third.

Melanie and Bobbi finally parted, falling to either side of the exhausted Charles, who lay there almost dazed from the heights he had achieved.

Bobbi dragged several of the coats over them and they all drifted off into a blissful sleep, cuddled together in their furs, and under a blanket of mink, fox, sable and beaver.


Chapter 6 – The Morning

Charles awoke to find himself with Melanie in one arm and Bobbi in the other, each snuggled up to him. He smiled as the memories of last nights furring revisited him.

“Hmmmm, that was fantastic,” whispered Bobbi as she stretched over and kissed him gently.

“No argument from me,” Charles whispered back, kissing her forehead.

“Is Melanie awake yet?” Bobbi asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” replied Charles.

With that Charles felt Bobbi’s hand and the Russian sable slip under the covers and surround his penis. A slight moan emitted from his lips.

“Let’s see how quiet you can be,” Bobbi whispered, as she increased her speed, stroking his already swelling penis and guiding the sable, enticing every nerve ending in his body. She continued to slip the sable around his testicles and coaxed them as well. “Tell me when it’s time Charles,” she whispered in his ear as her tongue flicked his earlobe.

A few minutes later Charles moaned, “Now Bobbi, it’s cumming!”

Her head slipped between the furs and he felt her mouth swallow him up. She continued to slide up and down her tongue flicking under the head of his penis as she squeezed his testicles with the sable. Charles moaned once again and exploded into Bobbi. She drew him out, sucking even harder and draining him. She continued to suck until he began to shrink. She let his limp penis slip out of her mouth and returned to his arm.

“Again, good morning, and thank you.”

“Me, what about you?”

“Melanie rolled over and smiled at them. “Boy are you guys noisy. How am I supposed to sleep with all that licking and sucking going on!” They all laughed. “Charles, you were really spectacular. You’ve learned well,” said Melanie. “And by the way Bobbi, you really got to me last night, I loved it.”

“Well some of us have to go to work,” said Charles, as he began to rise.

“What and ruin a perfect way to start a day? Do you expect Bobbi and I to just lie around in furs all day by ourselves?” said Melanie.

“Well we could fur each other,” said Bobbi, looking wickedly at Melanie and winking.

“But I have to deliver these furs to a client by 9 a m. My boss said she’d fire me if I were late,”said Charles.

Melanie smiled and reached over to the night stand and picked up the phone and dialed the familiar number.

“Yes, good morning Renee, this is Mrs Wilchire. Yes, Charles was here right at nine as you promised. Yes, they look lovely you’ve taken good care of them, I appreciate it. Now I have a tiny little favor to ask of you, do you mind?”

Melanie kissed Charles on the forehead and winked at Bobbi. “Good, good, thank you. It seems as though I may have to go back to Paris on the midnight flight tonight for several weeks, and rather than have Charles make that beastly trip out here again to pick up the furs tomorrow, I thought it would be easier if I simply paid you for the day and had him stay here until I leave tonight. He could bring all the furs back to you tomorrow.”

Again Melanie paused as Renee considered her proposition. Charles pulled the golden sable’s collar up around Melanie and Bobbi slipped her hand below the sable in search of Melanie’s moistness.

“Wonderful, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I will feed him while he is here for the day. And by the way the sable is lovely, I’ll keep it, just bill me and I’ll have the accountant take care of it immediately.”

Charles slide his hand over her sable covered breasts and across her stomach.

“And also, that man of yours, Charles, is a natural born sales person, I couldn’t possibly refuse his charm the way he presented and showed the coat. You certainly have a gem in him. Well I must go. It’s time to eat and I’ve at least ten more pressing things to handle before tonight. Good day Renee.”

“What ten things?” Bobbi asked after she had hung up.

“Why darling, mink, sable, beaver, chinchilla, opossum, fox, marten, rabbit and both of you absolutely delicious fur lovers. Fur me darlings, I feel cheated since you both have already had a little fun since awakening.

Melanie leaned back on the pillow of fox and smiled at them both. Bobbi picked up one of the chinchilla wraps and began lightly moving it over Melanie’s breasts. Charles took the sable coat and arranged it over her with the sable covering her legs and the collar forming a circle around her awaiting pussy.

“Now this morning, Bobbi and I are in charge Melanie, do we understand dear?” He slowly descended and his renewed penis began it’s slow entry to Venus’s secret.

“Anything you say Charles. Anything you say.”