The Fur Enslavement

The Fur Enslavement
By Madame Devilla Roche
Chapter 1

Ms. Devilla Roche is a gorgeous woman in every way you can think of and epitomizes what is to be such a woman. Luckily for her she is inherently good looking, having been blessed by two handsome looking parents. She can thank her mother for the jet black hair, her high cheek bones, and her characteristic almond shaped eyes, but her father did the rest, giving Devilla the small, straight edge nose that gives her appearance such a classical look. Devilla did receive something else from her mother, her creamy white alabaster skin.

Of course, Mommy and Daddy took care of their beautiful girl, who was also very smart. Having gone to the best schools and afforded the opportunities that only a family of wealth good give their only child, Devilla was born with a proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. Shortly after her graduation from Harvard, her parents were tragically killed in an airplane accident. Devilla, who was only twenty-two years old had inherited close to $500 million dollars that included the five residences that her parents owned, including a penthouse in New York City.

In the years that followed, and due to her unimaginable wealth, Devilla was able to keep herself very busy. With her finance background she was able to keep her father’s private investing firm afloat. That coupled with her own private inheritance she became a billionaire by the time she was thirty years old.

Along the way Devilla quickly grew tired of working and managing her money. She felt there were other avenues to explore and explore she did. Having matured very quickly after her parents death, Devilla found herself becoming immersed in all things that the wealthy are famous for, except in a classic style. It was as she was living in the 1920’s, before the crash of 1929. Devilla had a penchant for classic cars, beautiful dresses, and all things that involved a diamond and a fur coat.

As she got closer to the ripe age of thirty, she had an extensive collection of jewelry and furs. But it wasn’t until she met a dominatrix at a party that her life’s perspective changed. She had a dominating character already, having bossed around the many men that work with her at her father’s firm. She enjoyed that very much. But it was her friendship with Mistress Hadara that taught her so much more.

Having learned a great deal from Mistress Hadara, Devilla had been opened up to many new things. Her appetite for the many fetishes that are inside all of us were brought to the surface of Devilla by Mistress Hadara. The woman who taught her so much about bondage, about enemas, about latex, about mummification, about pegging, and so much more had turned Devilla Roche into Madam Devilla.

Madam Devilla, lived up to her new title. Luring unsuspecting men into her lair and seducing them, then slowly breaking them down until they served some purpose for her, sexual or otherwise. Many were feminized (a specialty of Madam Devilla’s) and were utilized as servants in the other houses that she owned, including two very opulent mansions; one in the countryside of France and the other in the States. Her slaves rarely were given their freedom, any slaves that tried to escape were given severe punishments and had to work hard to get back in Madam Devilla’s good graces. Those who actually made it onto the grounds of her estates were shot and maimed. And, for the few who actually escaped, well let’s just say that their whereabouts are unknown.

As you can imagine, Madam Devilla’s taste became very discerning. She was now on the prowl for a new slave, actually a fur sissy slave. These were the special slaves that she could dominate with her extensive fur collection. Like the others she could turn them into quite the sissy and feminize them to their fully potential. Oh, and just like with her money, Madam Devilla did her due diligence. She hired a private investigator to find her just the right man to fit the bill. And, Lee Smith would be that man.

Measuring only 5’4″ and weighing only 130 pounds, Lee had meet two of the important criteria for Madam Devilla, short and very lightweight for a man. She know that his face would be in line with her enormous 40GG breasts. Madam Devilla. She stood 6’1″ without heels. Other than those two aspects of her body, and her inherent beauty, the rest of her body was augmented in some way shape or form. Her measurements, after her breast surgery and the surgeries on her hips and her derriere had her at 40GG-24-48. With the corseting that she had done to herself over the years, she had brought her waist size down to about 20″ by the time she was 35 years old. There were other changes to Madam Devilla and only one to her face, she had a fair amount of collagen injected into her lips, giving her a wonderful bimboish-cock-sucking appearance and further enhancing her gorgeousness.

Lee’s hair was dark brown, slightly covered his eyes and ears. It was nice and thick, perfect for extensions and a perfect color to make blonde. Another trait that a good submissive should have is very little body hair. Lee fit the bill in this department perfectly. He was also quite the clean shaven young man and, from the looks of it, would have a patchy beard at best if had decided to grow one. Yes, Lee Smith was a diminutive little man and, at age twenty two was the perfect age to be feminized. He even had a small cock. That was all right by her. She could decide how enormous she would allow him to be. Madam Devilla knew that Lee would be the perfect specimen for having permanent changes made to his body. After consulting with the investigator that she had hired and reading her report, she made it that she would meet the young man.

Knowing much about Lee, where he lived, where he worked, and where he hung out on a Friday night, Madam Devilla aimed to trap him in her web and make him her newest fur sissy slave. So, on one Friday night she sat in the corner of Rex’s, the pub that Lee frequented and observed. She did this again a week later. On the third week she was ready and would begin her pursuit of the young man.

Madam Devilla is a sight as she sits at the corner table at Rex’s looking out at the bar. It is hard not to notice her as she sits there her body encased in a tight, black latex dress lined with white fox fur on the inside. Latex has such a way at showing off any woman’s figure, but especially in the case of Madam Devilla with her outrageous curves. Her pointed erect nipples try desperately to poke through the dress as they seem to be constantly engorged and erect. As usual, Madam places her feet in a sort of bondage by encasing them in her glossy black thigh-high boots; her toes supporting all her weight on the arched 5″ high heel platforms.

Madam Devilla’s heavily lashed eyes close as she imagines Lee cowering before her, standing, held constrained, erect, dressed like a hot whore, in tight, thick fur pelts. She also imagines his head forcibly imprisoned in the tightest full fur lined bondage hood that she owns; his sweet, luscious, lip-sticked mouth utterly filled with an inflatable gag shaped like a long hard fat penis, pumped up to the max by his new owner, Madam Devilla!

She continues to imagine Lee in a lovely make up job complete with 2″ long eyelashes, thick eyeliner, heavy mascara, and multiple shades of eye shadow. She thinks about his tightly imprisoned cock, enormous and throbbing, with just its head sticking out of its fur wrap. Devilla can see herself lacing up an exquisite Chinchilla fur penis cover that tightly binds Lee’s cock shaft from behind its swollen purple head to the base of his throbbing balls. Yum.

Madam Devilla is sheathed in a very expensive Russian sable coat, its length running down to her ankles. With her long leather gloves, her dark sunglasses, and her matching Russian Sable hat, Madam Devilla looks quite dominating and mysterious. Finally, she comes out of her daydreams about Lee and catches the waitress.

In a very measured tone, Madam Devilla asks, “Could you buy that young man a drink on me? Oh and bring me another gin martini as well.”

The waitress replies, “Yea, sure thing.” She then goes up to Allie, the barmaid and says, “Hey Allie, tell Lee that that strange woman over there is buying him a drink.”

Allie responds with a smile, “Sure thing.”

Allie gets Lees attention and nudges him with her elbow, “Hey Lee, that strange lady at the corner table is buying you a drink. She seems like the type that wants a thank you. I’ll give you your usual, a Fuzzy Navel.”

Moments later-

Allie places the Fuzzy Navel in front of Lee.

Lee wore his usual oversized black hooded sweatshirt with the hood hanging down his back. His favorite type of clothing. He didn’t mind the weather. The autumn was giving way to winter in Manhattan and it was cold during both the day and night. Underneath he had on a plain grey t-shirt. His pants were bluish-grey, jeans. Lee was not much of a fan of colors, preferring to wear greys and blacks. It was in line with his character as he was not one to stand out in a crowd.

He stepped into the bar. He’d been visiting the place every Friday night as a stress relief from his job at the fast-food restaurant down the street. (Lee was having trouble finding a job shortly after finishing college so he settled for a below minimum wage job.) The bartender, Allie, knew him well. She was cute. Allie had short blue hair and stood to about his height. Without asking, she placed his two favorite drinks, a Heineken, and the Fuzzy Navel.

“Thanks.” Lee said to her, before taking a sip of the Heineken.;;

“No problem,” Allie replied with a smile.

Lee was never really one of those talkative types. He was shy and introverted. But, after a few drinks, Lee could pick up the courage to talk with someone.

Lee took a look around the bar, seeing who was there. Maybe someone he’d know would be there. As he scanned the room with his eyes, a gorgeous woman in the corner booth across from where he was sitting firmly grabbed his attention. Enveloped in a thick fur coat, it a made Lee think to himself, “Nice coat, yes very nice.” Lee looked away when she looked up. Hoping she didn’t catch him looking at her, he took another drink from his Heineken beer.

He never told anyone about his love for furs. He loved the softness and thickness of a fur. Lee recognized what kind of fur she was wearing, the moment he saw her. A Russian sable; a very expensive fur.

She was much older than himself and looked to be very powerful; in other words, she was way out of his league.

Feeling a bit buzzed after drinking both the Heineken, and two fuzzy navels, Lee rested his head on his hand; his arm supporting its weight as he rested his elbow on the bar. He was watching the TV screen, but was not focusing on the show that was on. Every so often, his eyes would turn in the direction of the lady in the gorgeous fur coat.

He then noticed Allie taking a drink order from the wealthy lady that was sitting alone.

Allie then walked over to him. “Why was she coming over to him?” He thought to himself. She mentioned a strange woman wanted to order him a drink. She pointed to the woman in the soft fur coat.

Lee’s eyes opened wide, when he saw her watching him. He looked back at Allie, she gave him a smirk, along with the drink. “Good luck,” Allie quickly said before moving on to another customer.

Caught off guard, Lee shivered in anticipation. His anxiety around girls tended to do that to him. Luckily he was buzzed, so he was able to quickly shake off some of that anxiety. Taking a few deep breathes, he stood up with the drink, and walked over to the woman in the long, fur coat. “Don’t mess this up Lee. Don’t fuck up,” He thought to himself along with many other thoughts running through his mind.

Madam Devilla saw him coming over, he smiled nervously.

“Ex-excuse me…hi….m-my name is Lee Smith…” He stuttered out, trying to keep focused on her sun-glassed face, and not on her pure Russian sable fur coat. Trying to look normal as well, he attempted to calm his mini-anxiety shivering, somewhat keeping it under control.

Madam Devilla had a broad smile on her face. She knew that Lee’s accepting of the drink that she bought for her was just the beginning of the end for him and deep inside she reveled in that thought. She could see how nervous he was, not only because she was so gorgeous and her maturity, but she knew from the private investigator that Lee had a secret fetish for furs. The investigator had broken into Lee’s apartment and found several furs in his bedroom closet. This was just another good reason that Lee was Madam Devilla’s target.

She removed her sunglasses and looked up at Lee. In a low, sultry tone Madam Devilla did not ask but gave a very inviting order to Lee, “Come and sit down here.” With a few pats of her black gloved hand on the cushioned bench that went around the corner table she continued to smile. As he did as he was told so willingly (possibly due to his own slight inebriation), Madam Devilla watched as he sat down diagonally across from her.

Now seated, Madam seemed like quite the imposing figure. She looked down on him with that smile of hers and raised the martini glass in her hand. Again, in her low, sultry voice she said, “A toast, to new friendships.” Both of their glasses clinked. As they did, Madam Devilla made sure that the sleeve of her thick sable coat grazed Lee’s hand. Devilla, was very much in control and then introduced herself, “I’m Devilla Roche and you are?”

“Nice to meet you Devilla. My name is Lee Smith,” he replied with a slight quiver in his voice. The sound of his nervousness was music to Madam Devilla’s ears. Lee followed with a quick, “Thanks for the drink.,” sitting down on the bench diagonally across from her. He took a sip of his drink, gathering more details of this woman. She had an amazing body from what he could make out behind all that fur. Oh, and those eyes. Lee had a thing for eyes. He could see that she had a very mysterious yet meaningful gaze through those deep green eyes.

Lee had a hard time focusing on her face. Every once in a while, he’d look at her sable coat. He loved fur. The softness, texture, thickness. “Focus Lee,” he thought to himself. Lee looked on, speechless, as she raised her glass, and made a toast. He raised his, tapping her glass. Madam Devilla’s furry sleeve softly caressed his hand before he brought his drink back to himself. “Woah.” he spoke softly to himself, smiling at her. Even the gentle and fleeting touch of her sable coat felt incredible. Now his mind racing, the drinks kicking in, this woman in furs. Lee didn’t know what to think.

Madam Devilla had heard his reaction to the feeling of her fur sleeve so after hearing him introduce himself, she decided to swing herself over closer to him. Their bodies were not quite touching, but the full length of her sable coat was right up against the side of the body. She still had quite the devilish smile on her face and continued the conversation in that thick, sultry voice of hers.

“Well Lee Smith it is quite the pleasure to meet you.” She continued to make strong eye contact and then turned away, taking another sip of her gin martini. Then she looked at him again and place her soft leather, gloved hand on his thigh. It was a move that initiated a strong sense of control and also worked to discombobulate Lee and try to make him nervous. Then Madam Devilla continued, “You know Lee I have to admit, this bar is not my typical place to drink. I was walking by, on the prowl to meet someone and well, something in my head told me to come in here. So, I did.” She continued to smile and then took another sip of her drink, “I took a seat here because I’m a bit of a people watcher. I’ve been here for a while and then I saw you come in.” Madam Devilla then slowly moves her hand closer to his crotch. In a nonchalant tone she continues, dominating the conversation, “When I saw this attractive young man at the end of the bar, I was, how can I say, compelled to meet you by buying you a drink.”

Madam Devilla could see that her hand near Lee’s crotch was working as she knew it would. She continued with that evil smile, the one that could get her a way with just about anything and then removed it from his leg. Now, pushing back long hair away from her face in a very sexy way, she looked down at him for a moment then looked away, taking another sip of her gin martini. She looked back down at him and said, “Oh my, I sound like a run on sentence.” Madam Devilla then tapped him on his leg, this time more playfully as if she wasn’t already completely fucking with his head, and coyly said with a smile, “Tell me a little about yourself Mr. Lee Smith.”

Having slid over to him, surprisingly close, Lee gasped when her fur made contact with the left side of his body. He wasn’t prepared for this. Lee shut his eyes, and quickly opened them shocked by the softness of her fur. Sitting there frozen, he awkwardly looked at her beautiful face as she spoke. A warm feeling formed on his left leg. He looked down to see her gloved hand resting on his thigh.

He always did get excited very easily. This was over of those moments.

He continued to listen to her story. When Madam Devilla’s hand quickly slid up his leg, his attention faltered, his breathing increased, his heart was pounding. The buzz wasn’t helping. Lee felt as if he could cum at any moment, just from this woman speaking in that sexy tone, her hand near his cock, and that lovely fur coat that she was wearing.

She asked him to tell her about himself. Nervously he spoke, “I…well I…um…you….I….I” Having a tough time focusing on what to say, Lee pressed on, “I’vh just finished my shift at this…ah…this fast food restaurant near here. I..ah…went home, showered and came, well you know, headed over to this bar, I.I…I usually hang out at this bar every Friday night…I….uh….your fur is so soft..” he was shivering in anticipation. Lee was trying to keep control of himself, but was failing to do so.

Inside her head, Madam Devilla had to laugh to herself since she was in such control and Lee was falling apart right before her eyes. There are just some things that a private investigator’s report doesn’t tell her and that’s why she had to meet her victims face to face. Lee was telling her everything she needed to know. He would be quite easy to feminize and eventually hold him back against his will. As a matter-of-fact, Madam Devilla was quite confident that she would beyond just attempting to be Lee’s legal guardian. She would challenge herself to legitimately own Lee.

Madam Devilla took a last sip of her gin martini and then looked back at the young man. Having asked Lee a simple question and getting such a nervous response was enough to tell her what her next move should be.

She placed her arm around his neck and then rubbed his arm with her fur clad sable coat. In her sultry voice and that wicked smile she said, “Oh, so you’re a young man that likes fur. Hmm. Well Lee Smith, why don’t we go over to my place and you can see my wonderful fur collection. I think you might like that don’t you?”

“This can’t be happening, can it?” Lee thought to himself as he felt her furry sleeve wrap around the back of his neck. Rubbing her fur coat softly against his arm had a powerful effect on him. It was calming, almost like being hugged, but also erotic.

Buzzed and horny now, he couldn’t think straight. His dick was leading him on now, making his choices for him and taking over his mind. “Oh, so soft.” he whispered to himself, eyes closed seconds before she spoke.

It was tempting. Right then and there Lee could just walk away, escape her furry grasp. But there was just something inside him that could not say no. She was perfect, beautiful and that voice!

“Yes, yes please that sounds fantastic. I’d love to visit your fur collection with you.” he said quietly, still a bit nervous, but feeling very euphoric and wanting to be with her.

“Fabulous!” Madam Devilla answered with a resounding affirmation of his decision. “I’m always more than happy to share my fur collection with a young man like yourself. One who clearly enjoys the finer things in life. Oh yes, I can see that you will do very well for yourself Lee, very well indeed.”

After Lee watched as Madam Devilla stood up. With her six inch heels, she rose to an earth towering six foot, seven inches. Coupled with her very dominating womanly physique; the expansive breasts, the curvaceous hips, the ample derriere. Even the sable fur coat could not mask these strong attributes on Madam Devilla. What was also dominating about this woman was the way she stood up, so confident in herself. She didn’t just walk, but strutted; her head hung high, her back extremely straight. Madam Devilla turned to Lee and she placed her hand behind his back and guided him along as if he were her child. One would suspect that there may have been an air of humiliation not only in how she handled Lee, but also because she was so tall and he so short.

Once outside, there was a black Rolls Royce gilded in gold trim. It was quite long and a very handsome automobile. As the door was opened by the driver, Madam Devilla used her hand once again to guide Lee, but this time into the Rolls Royce.

What awaited inside was splendor in spades. The interior of the car, the seat, the inside body and the roof were covered in Romanian chinchilla. The softness was to die for and Madam Devilla knew what kind of an effect it could have on Lee. Another custom made part of this car, were the matching chinchilla clad seat belts. There were up to nine for any given seat. In her sultry voice Madam Devilla said, “Let me buckle you in Lee.” Again, like a child, he was being taken care of by this woman that he had just met, and she decided to use every seat belt. She started down at his ankles and worked her way up to Lee’s stomach, chest, shoulders and head. These belts, literally went around tight against the+ body. Lee had found himself immobile.

Again, in her sultry voice, Madam Devilla acted coyly again, as if the way Lee was situated in this car, immobile, as if being strapped down was such a normal, everyday event. She was even dismissive of the way she had him placed in her car. With a maternal smile, she looked down at him and said, “Well I hope you’re comfy? I wouldn’t want your safety to be compromised. Do let me know if those straps are too tight.”

Madam Devilla was very tempted to place a large dildo gag into Lee’s mouth, but that would wait for another day. She turned to the driver and said, “To my penthouse Randi and do take it slow. We wouldn’t want Mr. Smith here to get hurt. She turned to Lee and placed her hand on his head and played with his hair as Randi, the driver sped off.

Lee did feel somewhat humiliated by her height when she stood. Her chest was at his eye level. A thought of his head lost in those massive breasts, while she had her fur coat closed trapping him there, ran through his mind before he regained his focus on her face.

When they got to the limo, he was amazed by all the chinchilla inside of the cabin of this gorgeous automobile. Lee slid in, his hands caressing the fur as he positioned himself. “Wow these seats are soft,� Lee complimented rubbing the back of his neck against the headrest.

Devilla was next. She sat close, her warm fur flowing freely.

It was strange when Madam Devilla insisted, no demanded, that she help him with his seatbelts. “No it’s” Lee”s words were cutoff as she continued strapping his body to the seat. His arms were pinned to his sides, back pressed against the seat. His head forcibly held against the thick chinchilla fur. The chinchilla tickled his neck every time he attempted to move.

“Thanks,” He quietly said, even though it was a bit odd. Constrained to the furry seat, no movement, no escape. He began to wonder more of what her intentions were, which evidently made him more aroused.

When that was done, he was questioned by Madam Devilla regarding his level of comfort. “It’s a bit tight, but very soft. I…I think I’m ok with it; somewhat comfy yet it is oh so very soft,” he rambled on, not really thinking, just speaking out loud.