The Fur Panties

by Stacyanne


Part 1: The Conception

No one noticed the meteor that landed on a vacant estate in northwestern Connecticut. Since the landing, strange things began to happen to those who tried to enter the estate. Soon people just stayed away from the property.

Bob White was hiking on a country road about 10 miles from the estate. A limousine pulled along side and stopped. A window lowered and when Bob looked inside the flash of a bright blue white light blinded him. A spray of perfumed vapor, which he would come to know as Fur Panty spray covered his face. He entered the limousine, obediently looked at a video picture of a pair of Chinchilla fur panties on the screen in front of him. When he arrived at the vacant estate, he went directly to the conversion room. He stripped himself of all of his clothes before he entered the room.

He was naked as he entered a room decorated in furs and diamonds. The diamonds were directing their blue white light directly into his eyes. The lights made him aware that he was going to become a girl and he would always wear a pair of fur panties. The programming he received caused him to vigorously object and reject this thought. There was no way he was going to be turned into a girl.

The panty spray forced him to sit in front of a window. His feet were secured to marked spaces on one wall with the window between the foot spaces. A pair of bikini style chinchilla panties was displayed behind the window. Suddenly the window opened and the fur panties were ejected onto Bobs’ penis. The panties started moving. They parted and attached themselves onto Bob and then sealed themselves becoming totally seamless on his body. When they were finished, Bob was dressed in the fur panties. He could not move them with his hands. They were now a part of his body. Bob was screaming that he did not want to become a girl during the entire procedure, but it was to no avail.

His erection was visible through the panties. The sight of it caused Bob to become more aroused and increased his desire to cum. That only increased the size of his erection. There was no way the panties were going to let him cum. He was becoming more aroused and the erection was getting larger. Another flash of the blue white light occurred in his mind and his erection vanished. He looked down and saw that he was perfectly flat and tight giving him a sexy feminine appearance. Her new pussy was clearly visible in the outline of her new panties. Her body began to shudder and her muscles contract. Suddenly she felt a massive sexual explosion. She could feel the juices running through her body and settling between her legs. The panties became damp, but they seemed to be absorbing the juices. It was as if they were feeding on the juice. She had experienced her first orgasm.

Roberta started feeling her breasts becoming sensitive. When she looked down she noticed that they were budding. She was growing female breasts. Still reacting like a boy who did not want to become a girl, she grabbed them in a futile attempt to stop the growth. Instead she had another orgasm more intense than the first. The breasts were growing at an incredible rate. Suddenly she felt a growth from her breasts inside her body. The breasts were growing tentacles that attached themselves to the spinal cord. Her new breasts instructed her to fondle them until she had another orgasm. She tried to refuse but found her hands cupping his breasts inducing yet another orgasm. Bob realized he was now a girl and her new breasts and panties now controlled his life. Several other changes had also taken place in her body. When everything settled down, she was 5 foot 10 inches tall, could only wear 6 inch heels, weighed 116 pounds, had a 36 inch chest with perfect D cup breasts and 3 inch erect and aroused nipples, a 24 inch waist and perfectly padded 36 inch hips and tight ass. Her skin was smooth and soft without any body hair, her neck was now a slender 8 inches in length and his hair was full bodied and extended halfway down the back. The only piece of clothing was the living fur panties feeding on the juices produced by the numerous orgasms. The breasts were also wired into the brain. Roberta now had intelligent breasts and they were controlling her life.

Her new breasts directed her to the fur bed on the other side of the room. They also directed her to attach the two dangling wire cups to her nipples. The next morning Roberta awoke totally refreshed. Her new instincts directed her to the make up table where she applied her makeup and styled her hair. From her closet she selected a short tight chinchilla micro skirt and a stole which she placed over her breasts. Finally she selected a complete ensemble of diamond jewelry.

During the night the complete history of the living fur panties and her role as the host of a panty was transferred to her through the attached wire cups. Her intelligent breasts would always enforce her total loyalty to her fur panties and insure that she would always act in the best interest of the fur panties. She was also made aware that she supported three sets of panties. In addition to the chinchilla panties that she was wearing, she also had a pair of sable and a pair of lynx panties. The panties would change their positions on a completely random basis.

The fur panties were the effort of the Fur Empress to enslave the people of her empire. The experiment went completely out of control. It caused the extinction of an entire civilization and the destruction of over 4 million fur panties. The one pair of panties escaping destruction was an accident. The fur panty with its artificial intelligent equipment vowed that such an incident would never again occur.

Roberta now knew her new status in life. She was not thrilled by being a girl, subject to random orgasms of varying intensity to feed her panties and being controlled by her intelligent breasts. She could live with having a perfect body, always looking her best and exciting every male who looked at her. She liked being protected from any unpleasant incident by her hosts. Also, she would never have to decide what to wear. The breasts and panties would make those important decisions. And they would never be wrong. All in all, it was not a bad situation. But they forgot, did they really, to tell her about her becoming pregnant.

Roberta totally relaxed in her new bed completely encased in fur that gave her a complete sense of pleasure and security. She was using a massive lynx muff to excite her breasts. She became ecstatic when she experienced yet another massive orgasm to feed her Fur Panties.

Part 2. The Propagation.

Roberta quickly found out that her Fur Panties was a demanding mistress. The good aspect was the frequent and satisfying orgasms and her new sexy fur wardrobe. However, she was to be completely presentable at all times during her waking hours. Her make up was to be immaculately applied and she was to be dressed in furs and jewelry. She was to have at least two makeup changes and three wardrobe changes each day.

Roberta was also made aware of the plans that the Fur Panties were developing to grow on earth. She was a rich bitch and her Fur Panty offspring would be rich bitches. They would own the assets of this world and determine the future of the planet. Nothing was too good or extravagant for them. They would establish the life style that everyone would try to follow. Supporting the rich bitches would be the function of the supermodels. Their purpose would be to run everything for the rich bitches on the daily basis. Supporting the rich bitches and supermodels would be the fur sluts. All would become girls. Then there would be the—–. The intelligent tits did not go any further in making Roberta aware about the plans of the Fur Panties.

Three days after receiving her Fur Panties, Roberta was to venture away from the estate for the first time. Her tits selected a pair of low riding Sable hot pants and a matching Sable short jacket with a single closure at her nipples. The hot pants were extremely tight and only extended halfway up her hips, When she walked, her cheeks would alternately lift out of the pants and then return. Her Fur Panties were prominently displayed. Her tits were straining to break out of her jacket. Her nipples were outlined through the Sable jacket. Completing the look was her makeup and a complete collection, a choker necklace, bracelets for each arm, four rings, two for each hand and a pair of earrings of flawless matching pear shaped diamonds. The smallest diamond was 4 carats with most of them being 6 to 8 carats. Also included was her handbag that was a Sable fur muff, three feet in diameter and a pair of sandals with 6-inch heels.

Roberta drove into the village in a brown Sable lined Bentley convertible. After parking the car, she removed a long slim strap from the muff, attached it to the muff and converted it in an over the shoulder bag. The length of the strap allowed it to hang just below her hip level. Roberta put the muff between her legs and placed the strap over her shoulder adjusting it for a nice snug fit. As she walked through the village, her cheeks moving in and out of her hot pants quickly became the center of attraction and the Sable muff moving between her legs was giving her extreme pleasure. After walking for a few minutes, she stopped, started to have muscle spasms and had one of her earth shattering orgasms. Her intelligent tits knew how to really put on a good show and attract attention to Roberta. Roberta and the way her cheeks were moving up and down in her hot pants fascinated all of the men. The women immediately labeled her a tramp and that her outfit was not appropriate for the community. Little did they know that in a matter of weeks, this would be the normal dress code for girls.

Roberta and the Fur Panties were not impressed with the shops in the village.

Furs were non-existent in any of the clothing shops and the one jewelry shop only had cheap jewelry. Only the local dry cleaning shop offered fur storage and cleaning. A visit to the library was more enlightening. Going through back issues of the local newspaper provided her and the Fur Panties a good look into the history of the village. It consisted of the local townspeople who were basically the local merchants, and the socially prominent families who had weekend homes on their estates located throughout to surrounding area. It seems the Fur Panties were making their new home among those who would make interesting hosts for them. Finding nothing else of interest in the village, Roberta returned to her car and started to drive back home.

Driving back, Roberta spotted the local constable in his car hidden in a groove of trees. Her foot stepped on the gas pedal and she cruised by him at a leisurely 100 miles per hour. Immediately the constable started chasing her and Roberta pulled over after a pseudo chase of five miles. When the constable approached, Roberta smiled at him and asked, “Did I do something wrong officer?” The constable had been through this routine with many of the other rich young girls and knew that he to go by the book or his ass would be in a sling. His polite reply was, “You were speeding miss. May I see your drivers license and registration please?”

She gave him a nice smile and said, ” I have them here in my bag.” She turned away from him, reached into her muff and removed her wallet. Turning back to the constable, she opened her jacket, showing him her tits. Before he could react, he received a full dose of Fur Panty spray. He followed Roberta home acting like a lost puppy dog. Once inside, they went down to the conversion room. He stripped off all of his clothes and sat down on a fur rug as Roberta directed. The blue white light from the diamonds began to excite him and prepare him for his conversion. He became excited but found it impossible for him to cum. Roberta caressed him with fur as she explained that he was going to become a girl. His reaction was to resist this thought and at the same time becoming more excited.

Roberta sat down in front of the conversion machine and attached two tentacles to her tits. Since the constable was going to become the first fur slut, his conversion had to be done by the machine. Roberta went into a trance and one of her fingers slipped under her panties. She screamed that she was going to be raped as she worked herself into an orgasm.

The constable was frightened and horrified at what he saw happening. He was also extremely aroused but unable to satisfy himself. His penis was bigger than it ever had been. He was screaming at the top of his lungs that he did not want to become a girl. But his efforts were to no avail.

Suddenly the Fur Panties released themselves from Roberta and shaped themselves as a cylinder. They entered Roberta and began an in and out stroking action. Roberta was screaming, “Rape” and was working her way up to another orgasm. She felt the panties cum as she had her orgasm. Shortly thereafter she felt something growing in her womb, but it did not come out. She felt it move through her body to her tits and into the tentacles.

After a few moments, the window on the conversion machine opened and a new pair of Fur Panties appeared. Roberta removed the Fur Panties, opened them up and placed them on the penis of the constable. The panties began to grow and attach themselves to the constable. They opened and closed as they fit themselves on the constable. His erection was becoming larger and larger, but he was unable to cum. The Fur Panties firmly fit themselves on the constable with his huge erection clearly outlined. Suddenly there was the flash of the blue white light. The erection disappeared, the Fur Panties adapted and now showed the new smooth, tight lines of a girl with all of her assets clearly outlined. The constable also experienced her first female orgasm.

Roberta smiled as she looked at the new fur slut. She was Bobbie Jo, the new town constable. Roberta again felt secure as her Fur Panties were once again securely in place. She was amazed at the speed of the conversion of Bobbie Jo. And her sheared black beaver Fur Panties was so cute. Bobbie Jo was still belligerent and would be until her new tits would connect with her spinal cord and become intelligent tits. Her body conversion was completed in just less than two hours. When the connection between her tits and spinal cord were complete, she had another earth shattering orgasm and she smiled with as her love juice was absorbed by the Fur Panties.

Bobbie Jo was shown into a dressing room where she applied her make-up. The Fur Panties instructed her in applying it properly. She was also dressed in a pink fox micro skirt and a matching fox stole. Her weapon was taken from her, since she would no longer need it. Her ability to use the Fur Panty spray from her tits would serve the same purpose. The outfit was completed with a pair of pink over the knee boots with a 6-inch heel. Her new appearance met the requirements of the Fur Panties and the new constable went back to work.

The next morning Roberta was taking care of her Fur panties. She was wearing a set of lynx panties, a massive lynx dressing robe and a complete collection of jewelry consisting of large carat flawless round diamonds. Her make-up was flawlessly applied. Her Fur Panties stimulated her to have three massive orgasms and the Fur Panties immaculately absorbed the juices produced by them. Roberta buried herself in her robe as she happily wondered what adventures the Fur Panties would provide today.

Late in the morning Bobbie Jo appeared at Roberta’s home with two new fur sluts and four 14-year-old boys. The new sluts were nude but were wearing their make-up. One of the boys was Bill Lawler, the son of one of the clothing storeowners. Roberta received her instructions from her Fur Panties. Bill Lawler was to be converted into a Supermodel and would take care of the fur fashions, jewelry and beauty styles, which would be required by the village. The three other boys would be converted to Fur Sluts. Roberta took the group to the conversion room. All of the boys, except Bill Lawler, were stripped nude and were mated with a fur slut. Bill Lawler was stripped nude and seated with Roberta, who was stimulating him with a lynx muff and explaining that he would be converted into a girl. They watched as the fur sluts started stimulating themselves by slipping their fingers under their panties and cried that they were going to be raped as they worked themselves into having orgasms. They told the boys that they were going to become girls. The purpose was to strike fear into the minds of the boys.

Roberta and Bill watched as she kept stroking him with her fur. He was becoming more excited with each stroke, but was not able to cum. They watched as the Fur Panties raped each slut and reproduce a new set of Fur Panties. The boys were screaming since their sex members were getting larger and larger and they were unable to cum. The new Fur Panties were becoming a part of their bodies and sexually exciting them beyond belief. Finally there was the conversion and their first female orgasm. Their bodies were changing and their new tits were attaching themselves to the spinal cords. The Fur Panties had converted three more boys into fur sluts. Watching this conversion created an enormous fear of what was going to happen to Bill. He was screaming that he did not want to become a girl.

Since Bill was going to become the first supermodel, Roberta had to convert him using the machine. It was the same procedure used when she converted Bobbie Jo. The only difference was that Wilhemina was dressed in mink Fur Panties.

After the completion of the conversions, Roberta noticed that everyone had the identical body structure, height and weight. The facial features differed, but everything else was exactly the same. This was a part of the Fur Panties overall plan. Since the clothes each convert would wear was designed to send the pleasure message of sex, the Fur Panties deemed it necessary to only have one size of clothes. Roberta experienced this feeling of pleasurable sex by the outfit she was wearing the previous day when visiting the village. The Fur Panties determined that the clothes required could not be made by people. The designs were too complex. The answer to the problem was the Fur Machine. This would become one of the responsibilities of Wilhemina.

The three new fur sluts remained with Roberta and became a part of her house staff. Their function was to serve Roberta. Wilhemina, Bobbie Jo and the two other sluts returned to the village. Over the next month, major changes occurred in the village. Willli converted six new supermodels. One was in charge of the new Fur Machine factory. Three were running new Fur Fashion boutiques, one was running two jewelry stores and one was running three hair and makeup salons. All of the other males were converted into fur sluts. Roberta remained the sole rich bitch in the community and her mansion was the base of operations for the Fur Panties.

The Fur Panties received their energy from the orgasms that they induced in the bodies of their converted girls. The Fur Panties control each girl through her intelligent tits. The Fur Panties were protected by the ability of each pair of tits to shoot Fur Panty spray at anyone who threatened them. Anyone sprayed would become submissive to the Fur Panties.

As a reward, each girl is aware of her appearance and her craving to be fashionably dressed. All of her clothes are fur. The fur she wears is determined by her Fur Panty Status. Fashions were changed four times a year requiring a complete new wardrobe. All fashions are designed to highlight sex. Jewelry is a necessary accessory. Other fur accessories include gloves, muffs, hats and scarves. Shoes all have a mandatory lift height of 6-inches. 9-inch heels with 3-inch platforms are common. Matching makeup and hair color is also mandatory, but hairstyles may vary.

A rich bitch wears any fur she wishes, usually lynx, sable or chinchilla. She also on occasions wears mink or fox. Supermodels wear mink, fitch or fox. They may be rewarded and allowed to wear fisher and martens, but are not allowed to wear lynx, sable or chinchilla. Fur sluts wear only beaver, coyote or muskrat.

Everyone else is not allowed to wear fur. This would not be a problem in the community, since the Fur Panties determined that everyone in the community would be converted. This would provide the maximum protection to the Fur Panties.

This part of northwestern Connecticut is now the stronghold and base of operations of the Fur Panties. They are now developing their plans for expansion to other parts of the planet.

Part 3. The Community Consolidation.

The Fur Panties continued to make progress in the community. The Panties converted all of the males into fur loving girls clad in their designated Fur Panties. They also acquired control of the entire business community.

However, problems have started to arise for the Fur Panties. Their ability to function has been greatly reduced and many of the unconverted females were unhappy with their position in the social structure. The problem of the reduced function was easy to diagnose. Roberta and her Rich Bitch Fur Panty had bonded together and Roberta was unhappy and was becoming depressed. Although she had a complete staff of Fur Sluts to serve her every need and all the furs and jewels she could desire, she was still alone. She had no other Rich Bitch friends to play with her and this made her very unhappy. Plans were made to create some more Rich Bitches. This was not a problem for the Supermodels or Fur Sluts. Since there was more than one of each group, they were having meaningful fur sex with each other in addition to performing their Fur Panty duties.

The female problem was more difficult. Until now the Fur Panties had only converted males. This contributed to their previous downfall leading to the annihilation of millions of Fur Panties. They permitted the Fur Empress and the unconverted females to assume power. They were not going to make the same error again. They decided to attempt to convert a female in the same manner as they converted males.

One of the Fur Sluts reported that she had been contacted by Cynthia Morgan and asked to open her house and that she would be there this weekend. Cynthia arrived at her summer home early on Friday afternoon. Her son, Randall was with her. Cynthia was annoyed when she found the house empty, however the utilities were turned on and the house aired out.

Roberta was getting dressed for the visit to the Morgan residence. She was wearing a tight fitting Chinchilla micro skirt and a Chinchilla blouse with a single closure at her breasts. Her tits were fully erect and her nipples hard and extended, struggling to get free of the fur blouse. Completing her outfit was a huge Chinchilla fur hat, Chinchilla muff and a complete ensemble of ruby jewelry. She was driven in the Jaguar limousine chauffeured by one of her Fur Sluts.

Roberta made her way to the front entrance of the house. Young Randall opened the door and was completely taken aback when he saw Roberta. She addressed him as Randy at which point he regained his composure with, “The name is Randall and what is the purpose of your visit?” Roberta was in no mood for his attitude and released the opening of her fur blouse letting her tits escape the confinement of the blouse. She also released the Fur Panty spray catching Randy directly in the face. Obediently he started to follow Roberta to the car, when Cynthia appeared and demanded to know what was going on. Roberta and Randy ignored her and continued toward the car. Cynthia followed, screaming for Randall to get back in the house and that she was calling the police. Roberta reminded her that the phone number was 911.

The car door opened and the flash of the bright blue light struck Randy. A Fur Slut undressed Randy before he entered the car. The clothes that could not easily be removed were torn off. He immediately became aroused and began playing with himself. He was given a Chinchilla coat to wear, placed in the car and given some more Chinchilla furs and encouraged to play with himself. He quickly desired to cum but he could not. On the trip back home, Roberta repeatedly encouraged Randy to play with the furs as well as encouraging him to try to cum. She also explained to him that he was going to be converted into a girl. Randall did not take this news well and screamed that he did not want to become a girl.

Roberta and Randy were in the living room when Cynthia arrived. She was screaming at Roberta demanding to know what was going on. Bobbie Jo arrived a few minutes later and Cynthia demanded that she arrest Roberta. Bobbie Jo told her that there was nothing she could and that Randy was going to become a girl. Failing to get satisfaction, Cynthia turned to leave and call the State Police to resolve this situation. As she got to the front door, she came face to face with Wilhemina, who had overheard her threat. Willi had her Mink coat open exposing her intelligent tits and released a dose of Fur Panty spray scoring a direct hit in the face of Cynthia.

Randy was showing more and more fear about becoming a girl. At the same time he was playing with the Chinchilla furs trying to cum. His member was growing larger, his desire to cum was overwhelming, but he was unable to do so. This was adding to his fear as he started to cry asking his mother to help him.

Suddenly Roberta, who was sitting with Randy, began to scream that she was going to be raped. Three of her fingers were under her panties driving her to an orgasm. Her fur panties then released themselves from Roberta and rolled themselves into the shape of a male member. The Fur Panty then entered Roberta and began working itself in and out of Roberta. Roberta was in ecstasy as she felt the changes taking place in her body. In the midst of an earth shattering orgasm she delivered a new Sable Fur Panty. She immediately opened it up and placed it on Randy. Her own Fur Panty replaced itself and fed itself on all of her sex juice.

The new Fur Panty attached itself to Randy. His desire to cum was increasing as was the size of his male member. Its size was evident by the outline it created in his new Fur Panty. As with all of the other conversions, there was the instant of conversion when his member vanished and the Fur Panty revealed her new female outline. Randi had her first female orgasm. As her body was being changed into the body of a Fur Panty girl, she could feel the nerve endings moving through her body from her new tits and attaching themselves to her spinal cord. Her new tits were growing and the rebuilding of her body was noticeable.

Roberta was pleased as the conversion progressed. Her Fur Panty encouraged her to start playing with Randi. She instructed one of her Fur Sluts to bring down some Lynx coats and other accessories from her wardrobe. The Fur Slut returned with a 12 foot long Lynx stole, 2 large Lynx muffs, 2 pair of gloves and 2 floor length white Lynx coats. Roberta wrapped the stole around Randi and in between her legs. She then dressed Randi in one of the coats and a hat. She put on the second coat and hat. Finally she gave Randi one of the muffs and she grabbed the other one. Then, without warning, her lips found the lips of Randi and the two them engaged in a deep passionate kiss with their tongues exploring each other. Roberta also used her muff on the rapidly developing tits of Randi. The sensation of the fur against her tits, the fur between her legs and Roberta’s tongue probing her mouth was too much stimulation for Randi. Without warning, she had an earth shattering orgasm, followed quickly by a second orgasm even more intense that the first. The effect of her orgasms had an effect on Roberta who responded with intense orgasms of her own. Despite of the work which had to be done, they continued with their passionate fur love making. The Fur Panties were extremely pleased with the orgasms, since it provided their needed nourishment.

The time had come to try and do a conversion on a female. The Fur Panties had searched all of their recorded data in previous attempts to convert females. They were going to try a new procedure which had shown signs of success on their previous planet. Cynthia was in a complete state of hysteria after seeing her son converted. Randi did not help his mother’s state of mind, since he was now encouraging the Fur Panties to proceed and continued his love making with Roberta. He informed his mother that she was going to be converted to a nymphomaniac lesbian. This created an additional level of fear in her mind. Willi sat down with Cynthia and engaged her in a lesbian kiss. As her panty started to part from her body, Willi inserted 3 fingers under her panties stimulating her clit. At the same time she was screaming that she was being raped. Meanwhile Cynthia was terrified at the occurring activities. She watched as the Fur Panty assumed the shape of a male member and entered Willi. Unlike other conversions, the panty only partially entered Willi. She then moved closer to Cynthia and her Fur Panty entered Cynthia. It was moving in and out stimulating Cynthia. Finally it completely entered Cynthia.

Cynthia was in a complete state of shock. She was screaming that she was being raped. Meanwhile the Fur Panty was stimulating her to an orgasm, which she was unable to stop. The Fur Panty emerged from Cynthia and reattached itself to Willi. Cynthia could now feel a living form moving about in her body. As the form emerged from her body, it became a Fur Panty and attached itself to Cynthia. At the same time her body began to change to that of a Fur Panty female. It also had an emotional effect on Cynthia. She was no longer afraid as new thoughts of sex washed through her mind. Without any warning she was on top of Willi. Her tits were rubbing against Willi’s and she engaged Willi in a passionate lesbian kiss. Her one desire was to have an orgasm to nourish her Fur Panties. Willi was more than happy to encourage Cynthia as she wrapped her Mink coat around Cynthia and stimulated her to a passionate mind boggling orgasm.

With the conversion of Cynthia complete, Roberta and Randi went to her Lynx bedroom where they continued their love making. They were buried and intertwined in Lynx bringing each other to massive orgasms with their lesbian fur stimulation. Willi and Cynthia continued their loving making buried in Mink in Willi’s bed. The Fur Panties were pleased at the results and immediately started to convert all of the females in the community. With everyone in the community converted, the base of operations for the Fur Panties was now secure. This part of northwestern Connecticut is now the stronghold and base of operations of the Fur Panties.

As the weeks passed, more of the vacation homes of the socially prominent families were opened for the summer. As these families arrived, they were quickly introduced to their own Fur Panties. Most of them were converted into either Rich Bitches or Supermodels. The entire community was now transformed. All of the Fur Panty girls were identical in body structure. Their wardrobes were fur, revealing and extremely sexually provocative. The shops in the village were all designed to meet the needs of the Fur Panty girls. Numerous furriers and jewelers opened shops and carried huge inventories to meet a girls needs. There was an abundance of beauty spas catering to all of their hair, makeup and beauty needs. The new socially prominent Fur Panty girls brought a new aspect to the village. Along with their desire to shop, they organized parties, lunches, dinners and many other social functions. These events usually turned into lesbian fur and sex orgies satisfying the needs of the Fur Panties with repeated orgasms within their girl hosts. Even the Fur Panties did not expect that their female hosts would have the high level of sexual capabilities and the sensual response to fur which they have shown.

The Fur Panties were now ready to start the next phase of their expansion. They are now developing their plans for expansion to other parts of the earth.

To Be Continued…