The Fur Side of Leather and Lace

By Bob

I’ll be your cowboy You can be my lady I’ll give to you my leather You can give me your lace


My name is Cody. I run 5000 head on 20,000 acres of prime Wyoming land. I call it the Rocking J ranch. Been pasturin’ part of the herd up in the high country. But its late October now and I gotta get ’em back to the holding area. It’s already snowed up here last night. That and the damned wolves’..killed another 5 head last night. They only ate one. This pack kills for the fun of it.

Colder than a well-digger’s ass today. More snow supposed to be coming tonight. I pull what’s left of my ragged leather sheep-skin coat closer around my face. Damned things wearin’ out. Have to get a new one sometime.

We’re on this narrow back road, towering mountains on both sides. I’ve got ’em almost all the way down when I spot this car off of the road. Can’t see what’s the matter. Looks like a tourist. Local folks don’t drive Mercedes around these roads. As I get closer, I see the out-of-state license plate that confirms my first thought. “Colorado, huh!” I say to myself.

I drive the cattle past the car. As I come up to the car, I stop and swing down out of the saddle. I walk over to the driver’s window. As I come up to the car, the driver’s window slides down with a mechanical whine. I expected to find a man’s face, instead I find a young woman looking at me.

A woman. Wow! Haven’t seen one around here in a long time. Well, except on the satellite hook-up I’ve got at home. I’m standing at the window now and a smell of perfume hits me in the face. Suddenly I become aware of just how bad those cows and, probably I, smell. This is a very wealthy and sophisticated lady, and very young. I feel pretty outta place standin’ next to this Mercedes.


I sit here scolding myself for coming up here all alone. However, I just needed the time off. Since I have taken over my family’s business, I haven’t had a real vacation in two years. I had to get away from the pressure. I don’t have any relationships, nothing but my work, and my furs. I haven’t anyone to share my furs with.

My family’s business has made me very wealthy. I can afford anything I want. I have gone out and indulged myself in some jewelry pieces that I like. I like jewelry, but my main extravagance, is furs.

I love furs and have purchased several coats. My collection is already extensive. I have minks for air travel because they are slim and compact. I have foxes of all types, some with hooded parkas for sporty events. I have the full-length foxes for more elegant evenings , but I wear them with blue jeans too. And then I have my pride and joy- a full length, custom-made Siberian Barguzin Golden Sable. Especially made for me by a New York furrier. I had never heard of a Barguzin sable until I went to New York on one of my business trips. This sable is the most expensive, luxurious, fur money can buy. Once I saw this matchless fur, and touched it, I could NOT live without it! My coat cost more than $200,000, but it is worth every penny. It has a cape/collar that can double as a hood. I melt into it’s soft, sumptuous luxury every time I put it on-often when I am naked. Sometimes I just lay it on my bed and laydown in its deep softness and pleasure myself.

For this trip, I just brought along two of my full-length foxes (a silver and a northern lights fox). I also brought my Golden Island fox bed spread, a sable trimmed night gown and some toys. And, of course, my beloved sable.

This guy comes down the road, herding cattle past my car. As he gets to my car he stops and gets down off his horse. He looks taller when he’s on his horse. When he walks up to my car he walks like he’s more accustomed to riding a horse. He has sort of a limp. His face is very tan, almost leathery looking. In fact, he’s dressed in leather from his spurred boots and chaps all the way up to his leather sheep-skin coat which is badly worn. I see the gun on his hip and the one on his saddle. This makes me somewhat nervous. But what really makes me nervous is his scruffy, unshaven almost dangerous appearance. Is this how all cowboys look when they’re working?


Come to think of it, I’ve been so busy I haven’t seen a real woman for 6 months! The only woman I’ve seen during that time is a Playboy magazine that one of my riders has. He takes it out every once in awhile and looks at this lady in a centerfold. It’s a picture of a blonde woman standing next to a car with a pair of binoculars in her hand. She has a pair of thigh-high leather boots on and a red fur jacket. She also has a pair of sunglasses on, and that’s it! Every time I see it, it kinda makes me warm inside and a little nervous.

This gal is just as pretty as that Playmate. Her hair is a dark blonde. She’s pulled her hair back and put it up somehow so I can’t tell how long it is. I sure like women with long hair. Makes them look sexy and all that stuff. Yup, even with her hair pulled back, she’s beautiful. Her eyes are slightly almond shaped. I think she’s in her early 20’s.


When he’s about up to my car, he smiles. It’s a warm, sincere smile. Even disarming. Against my better judgment, I roll down my window.

Any way, I’ve been sitting here for 5 hours and he’s the only person who has come down this road. The car is getting cold too. I pulled on my silver fox coat awhile ago, not just for warmth but for some comfort too. I can’t say it has been a total waste of time. I have been playing with my fur -teasing my breasts and pleasuring myself. I’m wet already. I’ll have to keep my coat closed so it won’t show. However, it’s really too cramped in here to do a whole lot of fur sex. I wonder if I’ll have enough time tonight to do something about it.

As I roll down my window, the cold wind bites at my neck and face. I pull the large fur collar up. It has a huge three skin collar on it. I love how it surrounds my face with softness.

He’s at my window. Even the cold air isn’t enough to take away the wood smoke smell. But what can I do?


She’s got this fur coat on. It’s got long, dark hairs tipped with white. She’s pulled the collar up around her neck and face. It frames her face and hair real nice like. Her mouth is just the right size with lips that seem to like to laugh. But she’s not laughin’ now. Nope. She looks really stressed, even almost afraid. I wonder if the sight of me is scarin’ her with my Colt sidearm and Winchester rifle, and all. Plus, I guess I haven’t shaved in days. I’m up to the window now, and I say, “What seems to be the problem Miss?” I say as softly as I can. Don’t want to scare her any more than she is already.

She seems to recover quickly and says, “I don’t know. The car was running and then just stopped. The gas gauge says I have enough gas. ” I say, “Well, I have to finish takin’ my herd down to the pens. I’ll be back in about a half an hour.” She doesn’t look very happy. The worried look starts to creep back over her face. I say with a big grin, “Don’t worry. I’ll come back with a car to pick you up. You won’t have to ride a horse.”

She’s dressed real fine. And she’s obviously been to college. I can tell by the way she talks.

Then I stop grinnin’ and say “Just sit tight. Don’t get out of the car. There’s a pack of wolves that’ve been following the herd. Just better stay inside the car. I’ll be right back.” I don’t want to scare her any more than she is already, but I don’t want her gettin’ into trouble either. Up here in the mountains, you’re the tourist and Nature is really the one who’s in charge.

Her brow deepens into a furrow. Her eyes look like they’re wellin’ up. I turn around and walk back to the car. I take my gloves off and kneel down by the window. “There’s nothin’ to be afraid of”, I say, “Just stay in the car. If they show up, they’ll stay away from the car anyway. That’s why I want you to stay inside it.”

The furrow disappears from her brow, and her eyes clear too. I say in the most reassuring, soothing voice I could muster. “I’ll be right back.” She manages a little smile and quietly says, “Please hurry.” I get up and tip the brim of my hat to her. I remount my horse and gallop off to catch up with the herd. It hasn’t gone very far down the road.

I get the herd down to the pens in record time. I’m not used to hurrying like this. It’s just that there’s one scared little lady up there. I ride a half mile further and get back to my house. I take just enough time to splash some water on my face, put some after-shave on and change my clothes. I jump into my Grand Cherokee and take off back up the canyon. It’s about 4 o’clock when I reach her car, and the first shadows are covering the road. I get out of my Jeep and check around the place before I come back up to her window again. No sign of the wolves.

By the time I get to the car, she has opened the car door. She steps out and I’m sure my jaw dropped clean down to my belt. Out comes this beautiful young woman in a long fur coat. Her coat falls open and I get an eye-full of almost two whole breasts! She’s got this dress on with a real low front on it trimmed in see-through lace. Sure beats lookin’ at a picture!! This isn’t the kind of dress that you’d wear drivin’ around these hills. She has shiny black high heels on. I notice that she’s about as tall as me too. Yep! This is a city girl with money to burn.

She comes right up to me and throws her furry arms around my neck and kisses me right on the lips!! I can’t help but feel the fur caressin’ my neck and the sides of my face. Her fur collar also brushes my face. It feels so soft. It’s the first time I notice her perfume too. Best thing I’ve smelled for a long time. She’s a little teary, but happy. She says, “Thank you for coming so soon!” She then notices my jacket that I threw on as I dashed out the house. “Aren’t you cold?” she asks. “Yeah a little.” I say. She asks, “Is my coat helping at all?” “Sure is.” I say. I linger in her embrace for a minute since she seems to be willin’. I briefly nestle my face into her fur collar and rest a minute, breathin’ in her sweet perfume and enjoyin’ the warmth of her and her sliver fox coat. Finally I say, “Let’s get your car unloaded, it’s gettin’ dark.”

She gives me another squeeze and then slowly releases me from her furry, warm, sweet embrace. I didn’t want to let go either. The growin’ lump in my jeans will attest to that! But I don’t want to be caught out here with a woman if that wolf pack suddenly makes an appearance. ‘Damned wolves!’


I didn’t expect him to come back so soon. The shadows were starting to cover the narrow canyon. I was so relieved that I flung the car door open and rushed to greet him. At that point I didn’t care what he looked like. As I get closer to him, I see he has changed his clothes. He doesn’t have his gun either. With the light jacket, he almost looks like he might live in the city. I drop my reservations about him and run to him. I throw myself into his arms, and throw my arms around his neck pressing myself full up against him.. I press my mouth to his and give him a deep, moist kiss too.

“How can I be doing this?” I ask myself. I can’t help it. This cowboy stirs an inner primitive part of me. With this man, what you see, is what you get. After our long, warm furry embrace, He starts to put my things in his car. I notice a slight bulge in his pants that wasn’t there before. So I got a reaction from him. Mmmm good!

I’ve introduced sophisticated powerful men to fur. They were usually very easy and their skin was soft. Their hands were smooth. But I’ve never tried making fur love to a man who is as rough and rugged as this. His hands are rough and look almost leathery like his sun-tanned face. He’s the direct opposite of anyone I’ve ever made fur love to. There is an air of self-sufficiency about him -like he doesn’t need anyone. But that bulge in his pants tells me something different.

He asks me about all of this luggage. I give him a quick easy answer. If I decide to introduce him to my passion, I’ll show him everything that is in there and more.


We walk over behind her car and unlock the trunk. I take one look. “You figurin’ on staying somewhere for a spell?” I ask. She says, “I just brought what I thought I would need.” Well, I back my Cherokee up to the back of her car and proceed to put her fur coats and four suitcases in, plus a number of other smaller boxes and another larger, somewhat heavy box.

It’s getting’ dark in the canyon by the time I get all of her belongs into my Cherokee. I notice that she has several fur coats that she’s brought along on her trip. One thing for sure, this little lady sure likes her furs!! The softness of these furs makes my crotch a bit itchy. Oh well, the wind is even colder and bitter now. That sure takes care of my hard-on. It’s limp as a soaking-wet towel. We lock-up her car and get on the road.

I offer to take her to Jackson. It’s 2 hours away. “Or, you can stay at my place tonight. It’s just down the road a couple of miles. You can have your own room. I’ve got at least three bedrooms to choose from.” I say. She appears to think about it for a minute or two. “I think I would like to go home with you for the night.” She says with a very warm smile. “I’ve never been inside a real cowboy’s home.”

She says, “Thank you again for coming so soon. I would like to get to know you a bit better. By the way, My Name is Angel, what’s your name?” “Cody.” I say. “Cody Jacobs” “It’s nice to meet you Cody.” She then places her hand on my thigh. I feel the cuff of her sliver fox fur even through my jeans. It makes my crotch start itchin’ again. Angel smiles at me. It’s not just a friendly smile either.

“You’re not only a cowboy, but a gentleman too.”

I say, “Don’t go puttin’ me up on mantle, please. I have very selfish reasons. Young, beautiful women just don’t show up around here everyday. ”

She smiles again, “Thank you again.” She doesn’t take her hand off my leg until we arrive home. On the way down the canyon, I sneak several glances at her and her coat. In the wanin’ sunlight, her plush silver fox shines in the light. Seein’ her in the coat stirs me up inside. That and the fact that she occasionally lifts her hand off my thigh and softly brushes her coat’s soft cuff over my thigh. My cock is startin’ to grow again. I wonder if she’s doin’ it on purpose.


We pull up to Cody’s house. It’s almost dark now, but I can tell that it is a rather large home. It has rock facing on a part of it. I can also see two chimneys. We drive up to the front door. Cody hops right out and opens my door and helps me step down. He then opens the front door and ushers me in. The place hardly looks lived in. I ask, “Do you have anyone living with you?”

“Nope.” he says. “My Mom and Dad passed away years ago and my brother went off to college and never came back. Ranchin’ just wasn’t for him.”

As I step inside, Cody flips the lights on. The whole house is paneled in knotty pine paneling. Not the cheap kind, but real wood. We walk into the living room and Cody turns on the lights in here. All of the furniture is leather. On the leather furniture is spread a number of large fur throws. I go up to the couch and pass my hand over the fur. They are all coyote!

I say, “All of these furs are coyote, aren’t they?” Cody nods.

“Durin’ the winter, I go varmit huntin’. That’s what we call coyotes around here. I usually get twenty or thirty a year. We get prime pelts durin’ the winter. I sell some and keep some of the best ones for myself.”

I could see that. The pelts were exquisite and deep.

As I sit down, Cody starts a fire in the huge rock-faced fireplace. It is still cold in the house.

Cody says, “You might want to keep you coat on until it warms up in here.” I’m very happy with his suggestion. My panties are still wet, no, even wetter after I played with him on the way down.

I wonder if he likes furs. I caught him sneaking glances at me all the way down here. And he didn’t seem to mind me stroking his leg with my fur if the bulge in his pants is any indication. The thought that he might play with furs excites me.

Cody says, “Excuse me for a while. I’m goin’ to get your things and put them in the first bedroom down the hall, and then I’m goin’ to get cleaned up. Please make yourself to home. The kitchen is right here off the livin’ room.” He said motioning to the right. “Please help your self if you’re hungry.”

With that he went out and started bringing in my things. In a few minutes, I hear the shower start to run. I get the overwhelming urge to explore the house. I wonder what his bedroom looks like. Walking quietly down the hallway I peek into two bedrooms before I find his.

I see the bedroom where Cody has placed my things. He has hung-up my coats and placed my luggage at the foot of the bed. He has also taken my king-sized Golden Island fox bed spread and spread it on the queen-size bed. It drapes very nicely over the side of the bed. It is a large room with a king-sized bed. So he is curious about my furs. Good.

I step into Cody’s room for a look. It is a large wood paneled master bedroom. The woodwork softly glows in the lamp light. The bathroom door is closed, but I can see the light on under the door. A leather couch is over on one wall covered with a huge coyote blanket. There’s a fur rug all around the bed. I walk over to look at it. It is a coyote rug. It forms a six foot border around his bed.

His bed also has a fur bed spread. I don’t recognize the fur. I go up to the fur and stroke it with my hand. It’s like coyote only not the same color. Could it be wolf? I think so. The blanket is huge, draping over the sides of the king-sized bed all the way to the floor!!

I turn around and notice a huge wolf pelt hanging on the wall. It must be 7 feet long!! And that’s not counting the tail. The shower turns off. I quietly walk out and back to the kitchen.

I get a tingling, excited feeling in my pussy just looking at all of that fur. His bedroom is literally dripping in fur!

Cody returns to the living room after a while. He is shaven, nicely dressed and is wearing a delightful cologne. He sits down beside me on the coyote covered couch. The fire has warmed the room considerably. I open my coat exposing my front. Cody can’t seem to take his eyes off of me. But he doesn’t say anything.

I also notice, as Cody walks in, that he was limping slightly. I ask, “Cody why are you limping?”

Cody then takes his eyes off of me, and looks at the fire. “Damned wolves.” he almost growls.

“Why do you keep saying ‘Damned wolves’ ” I ask. Cody doesn’t speak for a while. He just stares at the fire. When he does, it makes my heart ache and my blood turn cold.


“I was lookin’ for strays up in a box canyon north of here. I wasn’t payin’ attention to my surroundings as I should’ve been. Let myself get cornered by the wolf pack. They slipped in behind me and closed off the only way out of the canyon. We stood each other off until sun down. Just before dark, they circled me and my horse and attacked. Best horse I ever had.” I said in almost a whisper.

“Wolves don’t just kill to eat. They kill for sport too especially when they’re in a pack. I lost count at twenty of ’em before my horse finally spooked. I was able to kill 3 of ’em with my rifle before my horse threw me. Went down hard. When I hit the ground, they rushed me. I got another one, before they got to me. They took some hunks of meat outta my upper left leg. One went for my throat. He was the pack leader. ”

“I swung at ’em with my rifle butt and got ’em far enough off so I could fire another few shots. I got the leader and four others. Wounded a couple more with my 45 pistol. In all, I got 8 that day. I’ve tracked down the pack several times and shot more. I beat ’em that time.”
“Had their hides tanned and made into a blanket for my bed in there.” I said, gesturing toward my bed room. “I stuck the leader’s hide on my wall. You know the one that went for my throat. You can go in there, if you want, and take a look.” I didn’t know that she already had. “I’m goin’ to go and get some more coffee. You want some more?” She says “Yes.” I go into the kitchen.


I realize he has just let me into a very secret part of his life. It both touches my heart and sexually trills me all at once. Just before he gets up, I reach over to him and place my hand on his injured leg. I do that so my coat’s soft sleeve brushes across his crotch. I notice, even in the fire light, that his crotch swells as my sleeve brushes it.

I say, “I didn’t know. Thank you for letting me into your life.” I smile and let my eyes look deep into his. He eyes look crystal blue in the fire light. I release my hold on his leg and after a moment he gets up to get our coffee.

I take off my fox before I go into his bed room. An idea is taking form. I wander into his bedroom, invited this time, and again go up to the huge wolf skin on the wall and wonder how I
d look in nothing but this wolf skin. My pussy has been slightly moist ever since I set foot in this room awhile ago. I think it is time to introduce Cody to my world of furs. But first I will let him introduce me to his if he wants to.

I take the wolf skin off the hook on the wall. I walk over to the wolf bed spread. Before I know it, I have taken off all of my clothes and thrown myself onto this sea of fur. It is slightly coarse in comparison to my foxes and certainly my sable, but this coarseness seems to have an exciting effect on my nipples. I feel it as I lay on my front and pull myself up and down on the wolf skins. The wolf fur slides up between the folds in my pussy and tickles my clit.

I wrap the large wolf skin around me leaving the fur side out. The tanned leather is smooth against my skin. Suddenly I remember my hair! I jump up and dash into his bathroom. There I find a hair brush and quickly take my hair down. It falls just below my shoulders in and blonde cascade. Dashing back into the room, I also turn on a couple of lamps and turn them down. A soft glow fills the room. One lamp is behind me and softly backlights my naked body.

“I’m certainly going to give him a chance.” I say to myself as I take the large wolf pelt and shove its tail between my legs and wrap the body of the pelt around my naked body. “Who knows, maybe he’ll want to put this wolf skin on my back and we can be like wolves and do it ‘doggy style’ “. The thought sends a quiver through my vagina and makes my pussy start tingling. I close my legs around the fur and squeeze it to my pussy.


As I make a fresh pot of coffee, I wonder how far this playin’ around could go. We have almost nothin’ in common. I helped her out. But even gratitude has its limits. This last time that she put her hand on my leg, it was unmistakable. She intended to brush my crotch and get my excited.

I pick up the mugs of coffee and head back to the living room with more questions than answers. At first, I don’t see her. I set the mugs down and look around the room. No Angel. Then I remember that I told her that she could go to my room.

Just before I turn to go, I spot her silver fox coat layin’ on the couch. I lean over and pick it up. It’s sure soft. I start gently rubbin’ the fur with my hand. Angel’s sweet perfume rises to meet me. Now I’ve got that bulge in my pants again. I gather her coat up into my arms. It’s a large coat.

I walk down the hall to my room where I find her lyin’ stark naked on my wolf bed spread. Well, not totally naked. She’s gotten the wolf hide off of the wall and wrapped herself in it and spread her long legs wide. The wolf’s tail just barely conceals her pussy.

“How do I look?” She asks.

I’m not sure of what to say. I’m taken aback by the sheer beauty of what I see. I mean, it’s a shock walkin’ into my bed room and findin’ a young, beautiful, blonde woman, naked and wrapped in a wolf skin lyin’ on my bed. But there she is!! She’s layin’ there propped up on the pillows with her legs spread out with the pelt’s tail draped between her legs. Now, ya gotta admit, this doesn’t happen every day!!!


I hear Cody coming down the hall. I fluff-up my hair once more and wait. My pussy is tingling with excitement and the anticipation of what’s coming. He appears in the doorway. He has my silver fox in his arms. “Good boy!” I say to myself.

When he sees me, his eyes nearly pop-out! This makes it all the more delicious. I giggle a bit at his reaction. It’s had the desired effect. He’s like a high school boy who’s had his first look at a girl’s pussy. I ask again. “Well, how do I look?”

“Like an angel in fur” comes his reply.

“That’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in a long time.” I say. “However, I’m feeling really devilish tonight. Come over here, Cowboy, and give me a ride.”

As I speak, I spread my legs even wider, and let the wolf skin drop into my lap exposing my 36 CC breasts. I’m proud of my breasts. The wolf’s tail barely covers my shaved clit. My breasts are perfectly matched, round, firm. My nipples stand up at this excitement, wanting to be sucked raw. I hope I won’t be disappointed tonight.

Cody seems to be mesmerized. He stands glued in the doorway. I lower my voice and say in an almost demanding tone, “Cody, my love, COME HERE TO ME!” As I say this, I reach out and offer my open hand to him. I also shake my hair from side to side to entice him.

It breaks the spell for a moment. Cody starts walking to me. His steps are stiff and unsteady, but at least he’s making progress. He’s so cute. His face is actually ruggedly handsome, once all the dust is cleaned off. As Cody makes it to the bedside he reaches out and grasps mine. His grip is powerful, like a vise. His eyes haven’t left my naked body since he first saw me. This is the biggest compliment of all.

He still has my lush silver fox over his arm. I take it from him and say, “We’ll use this in a while.” He still can only nod and let’s go of it. I turn and place the coat on the other side of me, and turn back to Cody. I can see that he is still nervous and also aroused. The bulge in his jeans looks like it�s going to rip through the fabric at any moment. In fact, he’s hardly breathing.

“We need to relax you darling, if we’re going to get anywhere tonight.” I say as I slide over to the edge of the bed. I leave the wolf skin behind fully exposing myself to him now. As I do, the wolf fur slides up into my labia’s folds and caresses my swollen clit. It makes me well-up inside and my whole vagina quiver. I’m close to being ready. I hope I can get him there fast.

I get to the bedside and raise-up on my knees. As I do, I reach out and place my arms around his neck and one hand behind his head. I gently pull his face into the cleavage of my perfumed breasts. He doesn’t, can’t resist. He takes a deep breath of my perfume and embraces my naked back. His hands feel slightly rough and yet tenderly caress my naked back. He lets his hands slowly softly slide down me. It makes me shudder with excitement!

After a few moments, I pull back and unbutton his shirt, looking deep into his eyes. His chest is muscular and pleasantly hairy. I start kissing and licking his nipples as they grow hard. I undo his huge cowboy belt buckle and the let his jeans fall to the floor. I take him behind the arms and pull him unto the wolf furs. I’m dripping wet now. My juices are starting to run down the inside of my legs. He pulls his boots off, and I push him down into the furs, and pull at the legs of his jeans. His jeans catch under him so I roll him over onto his front.

What I see next makes me cringe and gasp. There on the back of his left thigh are angry, reddish purple gashes and depressions in his skin!! In the middle is a baseball sized depression where muscle had been ripped out. “My God!” I say in a whisper, “You weren’t just telling me a story.”

Cody just shakes his head “No.”

I feel waves of revulsion sweep over me for an instant, and then strangely, I’m turned on even more by the battle scars this man carries. I go to touch his wounds but Cody recoils.


She suddenly stops undressin’ me and I glance behind at her. I sense there’s somethin’ wrong. Her face is a mixture of fright and revulsion. Even in the soft light, I can see that she has gone completely white. Quickly, I grab for her coat to cover my legs. Just as I get the coat over one leg, Angel puts out her hand and stops me.

She says,”No. It’s OK.” She finishes taking off my jeans.

The color returns to her face, and her expression turns from fright to an expression of a lustful, smolderin’, determined woman. I see respect in her eyes. I see a wellin’ arousal that has replaced the playfulness. She now seems to want me for a lover, an equal, not just for a boy-toy.


I take my silver fox coat and put it on. And leave it unbuttoned so Cody can get at my breasts.

My pussy is throbbing now for this warrior. I want his meat deep inside me. I let my coat fall down around my arms so he can see my breasts and pointed red nipples. I take the edge of my sliver fox and flip it under so the fur side caresses and teases Cody’s cock.

I lean down and kiss him driving my tongue deep into his mouth. Cody answers my kiss with his own deep probing. “Maybe he’s not such a ‘hick’ after all.” I say to myself. I press my mouth down harder on his and suddenly tear it away with a smacking sound.

I slide up onto his chest and rub my pussy on his chest hair. His chest hair feels rough on my clit. Finally, I slide up to his mouth and place my slick, shaven folds on his mouth. I let him smell the perfume that I have placed all around my pussy. I hold my cunt on his nose and mouth and caress his face with my furry sleeves.

Cody seems to know what I want for he grasps my hips through my fox coat and guides my sweet smelling folds down onto his tongue. His tongue probes me looking for my pleasure button. It flicks in and out of my pleasure box until he finds my sweet spot! I let out a little gasp which lets him know that he’s found it.

I feel his cock starting to wiggle up and down on my fur coat in back of me. I say, “Cody darling, are you ready to fuck me?” His eyes are growing wider with passion.

He gasps out a “Yes!” through his clenched teeth.

I bend down, force his mouth open and give him another tonguing, full mouth kiss. At the same time, I slide my overflowing pussy down to his cock. I leave a very wet trail of pussy flow all the way down his chest.

I grab his hard shaft and guide it between the folds in my labia. I start stroking his shaft slowly with my clit and folders. My building climax makes me light-headed with the feeling of my approaching orgasm. Almost there!

I take his shaft and slam it into my juiced-up cunt. Cody suddenly grabs my buns through the fox fur and rams his hips into mine. It sends his cock right up against my cunt’s back wall and crushes my clit. It suddenly feels like my whole insides are filled with him. I moan and then squeal with sudden excitement and lust. I pump up and down on him to get every last nerve tingling sensation.

Cody is bucking me up and down in his building explosion. I have trouble staying on him. He rams his penis into me so hard! He grabs at my breasts and then at my fox coat, running his hands up and down the sleeves of my fur coat.

Finally, Cody gasps, long rasping breathes. His pumping increases to an explosive crescendo of cum and sweat. I feel the hot cum warming me deep inside and his penis pulsating between the walls of my pleasure box. My labia and clit feel like they’re almost bruised. But soothed by his hot cum.

Now I’m coming! I grab the wolf skin and rub my breasts and nipples furiously with it. Cody is still pumping me madly and suddenly reaches up and tweaks my nipples.

I explode into orgasm like I haven’t had before. It’s so intense that I can’t breathe.

I open my mouth and finally a piercing scream of “Oh Yaaaaaah!” leaves my mouth. All I manage to say is, “Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh!”

Cody grabs me under my arms and suspends me in air above him, and continues to pump me, raking my vagina’s sweet spot with his cock’s head and sending wave after orgasmic wave through me. All I can do is grind on his hips with mine as my whole body shudders and bucks from the orgasms. Finally he let’s me go.

I roll off of him, catch my breath for a minute and retrieve the wolf skin. I get up on me knees and pull it up over my back so that it covers me completely. I get down on my hands and knees with the wolf’s tail draped down the split in my buttocks and spread my legs.

“Cody, come show me how the wolves do it.” I ask.

Cody’s eyes narrow. I don’t have to ask twice.

“As you wish.” He says in a guttural voice.

Suddenly Cody leaps behind me with the quickness of a wolf. His quickness startles me. He lifts the wolf skin’s tail. Bending down, he sniffs my pussy loudly and starts licking up our cum from my dripping cunt. Slowly, deliberately he mounts me from behind and slides his still bulging cock into my sweating cunt.

He begins thrusting again, but this time even harder and more wildly. His force and power are painful, animal-like. He grunts loudly and even growls slightly. I start whimpering and crying. I didn’t know it would be so raw, so barbaric!! It hurts and fulfills me all at once. I feel waves of spasms gripping my vagina, and waves of nausea gripping my stomach.

Cody stops for a second and withdraws only to ram his cock up my anus and starts ramming me even harder!

“Oh, it hurts so good!”

I’m almost hysterical now with pain, with lust, I feel totally trapped. I can’t believe that this shy, man-child of a few minutes ago is now this wild animal, doggy fucking my brains out!!! All I can do is grab the wolf skin blanket and scream!

“If I get out of this alive, I’m going to make him mine!” I hiss.

I can’t stand any more after what seems like an eternity. I slip from my knees and fall face-down on the wolf blanket. Sore, exhausted, a little frightened by his animal magnetism. But fulfilled and content, VERY CONTENT.

Cody falls with me to the bed with his cock still locked in my ass. He quiets down after another few more thrusts. After a moment, he slides out and lays down beside me on his back. I manage to pull myself up and lay down on his chest. He pulls my silver fox up and covers us with my coat and we sleep.

We wake up at daylight. It’s cold in the room. Cody says he’s hungry and jumps out of bed. I stay under the warmth of my coat and tell him

“I’m not coming out until I have something warm to wear.”

He goes to his closet and produces a nice full-length coyote coat for me. He also puts on a shorter Beaver coat. As I get off the bed, he embraces me and we start kissing deeply, probing each other with our tongues.

Cody pushes me up against the bedroom wall and pushes his already stiff and ready cock into me. filling my pussy again. This time he seems to want to take the lead. He doesn’t say a word. His cock shaft rakes across my clit and he has me screaming for joy in a few seconds..and I was wondering if he would respond to furs! I have my answer now. This gives me an idea for tonight. I WILL introduce him to my world of furs. I know that he’ll enjoy it.


We spend the day getting a tow truck up to her car and lookin’ around my ranch. She wears the coyote coat out around the ranch. It’s large on her and it bathes her in fur. She seems to really like it. Her car will be fixed by tomorrow afternoon. This gives us time to get to know each other better. We find that even though we come from two different worlds, our likes and dislikes are very close to being the same. As it gets dusk, we go back to the house.

She’s from Denver. Never even been on a ranch before. She thinks that I’m a bit rough around the edges. But then she says,

“However, of all the men I’ve ever known, they have all been smooth and sophisticated. They will tell me anything that I wish to hear. You tell me the truth. And there is truth in the way you make love to me. That is worth more to me that all the pretty boys I have met. I intend to educate you tonight in my world of sex. You will be mine by the end of the night.”

This takes me by surprise. I think it over, and then say, “You want me and my ‘rough edges’, huh? ”

She says, “Yes. The rough edges we can solve. But a man who is a good, true lover and who enjoys furs is hard to find. If you have what I think you do, you are worth your weight in gold to me. Our differences notwithstanding.”

After dinner, we sit in front of the fire and start to talk some more. Angel asks me about all of the furs that I have in the house and asks me point-blank if I have a love for them. I answer that I really liked the way they feel and I sleep with them. But it took her makin’ love to me last night to really connect the two. “After last night,” I say, “I’ll never be able to look at furs again without getting’ a hard-on.” “In fact sittin’ here with you right now on the coyote blanket is enough to get me goin’ again. I hope you’ll be able to help me out.”


I say, “You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that, my love. Tell you what. You wait here until I come and get you. It will be a while, but it will be worth it. OK?”

Cody smiled his disarming smile as he nodded “Yes”.

I go into my room where Cody had laid out my golden fox bedspread on my bed. I had unpacked a few things earlier in the day. I decided that even when my car was fixed that I would stay longer. So now I unpack the rest of my things.

I take my two fox coats and lay them on the pillows at the head of the bed making a billowing mound of soft fluffy fur that we will sink into. I go to the bathroom and touch up my pussy making it smooth as silk. I also dab an extra amount of perfume all over me and especially around my pussy and breasts.

I go to my closet and take out my sable trimmed night gown. I designed it myself. It is made of transparent, pale blue material chiffon. The hem has lace on it between the transparent material and a generous 6 inch border of medium brown sable. The sleeves are trimmed the same way.

My gown’s top is what makes it so nice for these occasions. It has an open front. My breasts rest nestled on a bed of sable. The fur is supported by underwire which holds up the fur and supports my breasts. There is a slight lip 1 inch lip of fur on the edge of the that barely hides my nipples while leaving the areola exposed.

The trim extends from the front up around my upper arms and forms a border leaving my naked shoulders exposed. The 6 inch trim continues around down the back of my gown. The gown has no back. The sable trims the material which exposes a couple of inches of my slit in my buttocks. I like it this way. The soft sable tickles my rear when I walk around. It really arouses me. I hope he’ll like it.

I leave my blonde hair down on my bare shoulders. It contrasts nicely with the brown sable trim on my see-through night gown. I also get two of my toys out.

One is a brown sable mask. It matches my gown. It not only covers my nose and around my eyes, it also covers my forehead and just below my cheeks. I fasten it up under my hair. Finally, I put on my gold heels, and slip into my beloved golden sable. There. I think I’m ready.

For him, I take out a little something that I also designed. A blue fox penis sheath. It mounts over the penis and balls and is tied up under the man’s ball sack, firmly so it won’t come off easily. I think he’ll like this too.


I wait for what seems like forever. Finally I hear Angel come in. As she comes around the end of the couch, I see her sable coat for the first time. She literally glides as she walks into the room. She looks and holds herself like a queen, full of confidence. Sure of herself and who she is.

I look her up from head to toe.

Again, she looks like an angel in fur. The collar is HUGE and the coat is so long. The coat just seems like the fur goes on forever. Her sable fur mask makes her look exotic. For a second, I don’t recognize her.

All I can manage to get out of my mouth is “WOW!!”

She grins at me from under the mask and quietly says “Thank you. But this is just the beginning.”

She comes over to me and inserts her foot between my feet and pushes on them indicating that she wants me to spread my legs apart. I do it gladly. I can hardly wait to see what she is going to do next. My cock is already stiff as a board and hurting’.. trying to get out.

“What type of fur is this!” I ask.

“It is Russian Crown Golden Sable, darling.” She says. “The most expensive, softest fur money can buy. You like it, don’t you?”

I say, “No, I love it!”

Angel steps in between my out spread legs. She just stands there for a minute letting the sexual tension/anticipation rise my cock. Nothing is said. The only sound in the softly lit room is the crackling of the fire. I lean up off the couch and embrace her around her hips and softly, almost reverently stroke her back and buttocks through the sable. The sable feels so heavenly, soft and deep!! I can tell that she’s getting a rush from this too.

She gently takes my head in her hands. I feel the fur surrounding my face as she pulls me forward, burying my face in the front of her sable. She holds my face in her perfumed warmth and the fur. She then starts to slowly rotate her hips from side to side rubbing her pussy from behind the fur in my face.

Then she steps back and slowly removes her golden sable coat. I don’t want her to do this. I make a move to encourage her to leave it on, but she says in almost a whisper,

“We’ll take this in the bedroom when we go. Don’t worry. You’re going to see a lot more of my beautiful coat before we’re through.”

I stop resisting her.

She proceeds to remove her coat and what meets my eyes is this vision of a goddess in fur. Her sable mask matches the sable trim on her gown. She stands there clothed but nude. Her golden hair falling about her shoulders. I continue to look downward and see her beautiful breasts just peeking out at me as they’re nestling on a bed of deep brown sable fur. The fur flows up and around her upper arms framing her soft, perfect creamy breasts, chest and shoulders.

She stands there in front of the fireplace with her legs apart. The fur on her sleeves and around the hem of her gown contrasts with the delicate lace. I can see the folds of her labia against the flames of the fire. Her breasts are full and taunt. Her nipples peek out at me as the hide in the sable fur.

I can’t stand it. I lay back, thunder-struck by the whole vision and moan grabbing at my aching cock.


I can see that I have totally disarmed him. In fact, I am not sure he can get up off the couch. His cock is bulging so much he’s in pain. His eyes are wide again and are riveted on me.

I lean down and seize Cody by the front of his shirt with both hands and pull him up-right.

“You aren’t going to get out of it that easily, Cowboy! I say. “You’ve been in tougher fights than this!”

I pull Cody up and kneel down. Again I take his head and pull his face down into my sable breasts. His face is buried in perfume, sable, and my creamy soft breasts. Cody is moaning loudly now a squirming on the coyote covered couch.

I know that I had better get him into my bedroom before he cums.

I say to him, “Hold on darling, not yet. I have some more things I want to show you. Hold it as long as you can.”

I reach down and help Cody to his feet, gently nudging him toward the hallway. As I do, I pick up my sable. I entwine my arm in his and walk him to my room while I gently caress his face with my creamy golden sable.

After I get him into my bedroom, I quickly undress him. This time Cody helps and in a minute he stands there before me in his naked manliness. His cock standing almost straight up and dripping. I want to use my fox cock sheath on him so much, but if I do, he’ll cum too soon. I invite him onto my mound of fox furs. As we lay down, we sink into a sea of perfumed fox fur softness. I relax with him for a while to slow him down. I tenderly and ever so softly caress his face with my sable. I keep the coat closed so as not to excite him any further.


I can hardly make it her room with my cock hurtin’ so bad. It doesn’t help AT ALL when she turns her back to me and I see her beautiful, unblemished, naked back and her buttocks. All of her is framed in the lush brown sable.

Angel pulls my pants down stripping off my briefs in one move. It’s a relief when my achin’ cock is released. Angel pulls me onto her huge fox bed spread. I remark how beautiful it is and she tells me it’s golden fox. Her silver fox coat and another grayish looking fox are on the pillows. We lay down together on the fur and sink down into them. I never realized that anything could feel soooo good. Angel then starts singing to me softly and stroking my face with the huge sable cuffs on her gown.. It hypnotizes me and I start to feel warm and sleepy. After a while my cock starts to relax too.

She cradles my head in her furry breasts and softly sings to me. I’m REALLY relaxed by her soothing voice and her gentle caressing with her sable coat. I’m almost asleep now. I feel her move out from under me. I’m not really aware of what she’s doing.

I feel her licking my cock’s head and suckin’ it loudly. She massages my sack to get more pre-cum out. Then I feel this incredible softness around my cock and balls. I look up in time to see her placing this long-haired fur over my penis and balls. It has fur both on the outside and on the inside.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“It is blue fox. She says. “I designed it myself. Does it please you?”

“OOH YES, it sure does!” I say.

Angel ties the fur up under my balls. It feels snug but not cutting off anything.

She then starts massagin’ the fur producin’ an almost overwhelmin’ sensation on my penis and balls!! My erection returns within a minute or two. I rise up, turn around and come under her and suck her tits. It seems like I can’t move fast enough to do all I want to do.

After a while, I come up from under her and gently remove her gown. I help her back into her lush, endless, sable coat. All the while she is massaging my cock with the fox sheath. I lay her down on her golden fox blanket and straddle her hips facing her. My red cock pointing at the ceiling at the ready.

She removes the fox sheath.

Without warning, she grabs me by the balls and yanks good and hard bringing me upright onto my knees. She pulls my stiff rod to her mouth and sucks my balls and cock. She puts just the head in her mouth and rolls her head around. The tension in my cock is killing me. I want to die!!!

Her sable mask softly brushes my cock’s shaft and my belly. I ooze pre-cum freely now.

I say to her, “If you want to get on top, you’d better do it now!”

She bucks me off and with a sweep of her sable coat, mounts me and quickly guides my throbbing cock into her wet pussy. Her warm, moist pussy sheaths my throbbing penis. I can’t take this much longer. I reach up and roll her erect nipples between my fingers.

Suddenly, without thinking, I sit up, grab her breast and nip her left tit with my teeth.


I let out a scream of pain and surprise. I wasn’t expecting that at all!! I loved it, and hated it all at once!! On impulse, I slap Cody so hard that knock him back down on the mound of foxes. I can see my hand-print on the side of his face. It stuns him and I throw myself down on him. My huge sable hood falls over the both of us enveloping us in a sea of soft sable and fox fur.

The sudden pain sends my clit, vagina, everything into an explosive climax. My tit burns from his bite. Now I’m the one who let’s go. I dig my finger nails into his shoulders and grab the golden fox fur.

I grunt with my hip grinding exertion. I feel like I want to grind Cody down through the bed with my pussy. Cody moans with a building climax too. He fingers my one good nipple. His back arches wildly and his hard cock thrusts into me with renewed power.

We hump each other once, twice, three times more. We both explode, fucking each other in unison, perfectly matched stroke for pussy stroke. Cody has buried his nose in my hair and fur. I end up kissing his neck and face where I slapped him. I continue to pump him and tighten the muscles in my pussy. I want to milk this cowboy dry!

I can’t help myself. I breathlessly repeat over and over, “I love you , my Cowboy, I love you.”

As I fall asleep, I whisper softly to Cody, “You gave me your leather, darling, and I gave you my lace.”

We fall asleep in each other’s arms with cum oozing out of my hole down his sack. My Barguzin golden sable, the golden fox blanket, and my other fox coats wrap us up in a soft, warm, furry cocoon.