The Girl from Sable

By Stacyanne

 Part 1

Samuel Roberts opened the letter from his stepmother again as the train left the city. His destination was the town of Sable located in northwestern Connecticut. He’d been away at a military school for the last three and one half years of his high school education.

His parents owned a small successful cosmetics company. His father Samuel Louis, or S.L., as he preferred to be called, ran the business end of the company. His mother, Stacyanne, ran the research and development part of the company.

Stacyanne was also interested in genetics and did a lot of research in her private laboratory while bringing up Samuel. She also had a strong passion for furs and kept her laboratory room temperature rather low so she could work in her furs. She also encouraged Samuel to wear a fur when he was in the laboratory. She also taught him biochemistry as he was growing up. Samuel became knowledgeable enough to do the filing and record keeping for the experiments his mother was conducting. Stacyanne suspected that someone was breaking into the laboratory looking for information about her work. She impressed her suspicions and the need for security upon Samuel. He developed a filing system on discs so that information would be partially stored on several discs with several experiments stored on each disc.

Life was good for Samuel. At least until that eventful day, three and one half years ago. Stacyanne was at a conference in Los Angeles, so he was home. S.L. was at work and would not be home until late in the evening. It was a good afternoon to go into Stacyanne’s closet and play with her furs. He did not expect S.L., who came home early, to tell his son about the accident. Stacyanne was killed in an auto accident that morning. S.L. was furious about finding Samuel dressed in furs and shortly after the funeral, Samuel was off to military school to help him correct his masculine failings.

The first three months of school were pure hell for Samuel. S.L. had seen to it that young Samuel was put into the worst barracks on campus. It was composed mostly of good old southern boys, whose main objective was girls and to win the yearly school war games. The one thing they were short on was intelligence. Samuel was able to use this to achieve an understanding with the rest of the group. He would undertake the intelligence part of the war games while the remainder of the barracks would take care of the winning of the games. This resulted in the barracks winning the games for the next three years and the rest of the barracks not picking on Samuel.

Samuel also did not go home over the summer vacation. He remained at school where he had access to the chemistry labs, the library and the school Internet connection. The staff paid little attention to his Internet use once they became aware he was using it to contact various colleges and prestigious research organizations. This gave him the opportunity to learn and review his mother’s work, which he kept with him on computer discs. A few weeks before graduation, he received a letter from his new stepmother inviting him to come home and continue his college education at Sable College.

Samuel opened the letter from his stepmother again as the train left the next-to-last stop on his journey. He’d been at military school when his father and his new wife decided to move to Sable. He knew nothing of the town or the reason they decided upon Sable. Now, in this letter, Diane, his stepmother, had requested that he come to their new home and to begin his college years there. She also promised him lots of surprises when he arrived.

By the time he had finished re-reading the letter, the train pulled into Sable. As he stepped off, Samuel noticed that he and the train conductor seemed to be the only males in the station. The stationmaster, all the other departing passengers, and all those waiting to greet new arrivals were female, either women or girls of various ages. And all of them were attractive and dressed in furs. There didn’t seem to be an unattractive or plain woman in the whole town.

“Samuel, darling, over here!” He turned at the voice calling his name. It was Diane, dressed to kill in an expensive black mink sheath, belted tight around her wasp waist. Her blonde hair cascaded in soft waves to her shoulders, its golden color contrasting with the ebony of her clothes. Her long legs, revealed to mid-thigh by the mini-skirt of the dress, were covered in sleek black nylons and perched on black patent-leather pumps with five-inch heels. Over the dress was an ankle-length black mink coat with dolman sleeves and shawl collar. Though she was smiling, Samuel found the woman a little imposing. He walked toward her with some trepidation.


|“Samuel, it’s so good to have you home,” she cried, putting her arm around him and leaning down to kiss the short, slender boy. “I have so much to tell you!”

“Where’s S.L.?” Samuel asked. He had expected to be picked up by his father at the station. “He’s at home, taking care of his duties,” Diane replied, a hint of amusement in her voice. She led him to a dark luxury car, with a fur-clad young woman beside it. The chauffeur assisted them into the car. “Will there be anything else?” the chauffeur inquired, in a sexily husky voice. Diane replied, “No, Jeanne, just take us home, please.”

Samuel’s impression of the town’s population was not changed by what he saw on the way to his new home. Not a male was in sight on the streets of Sable. The women and girls seemed to come in two types. The first type were fur-clad women and teens who walked with a sense of assuredness and the others dressed in frills and extreme high heels, almost caricatures of pure femininity.

“I see you’ve noticed one of the unusual features of our little town, Samuel,” Diane said. “Yes, there are no apparent males here but, I assure you, there are men and boys here. Most of those adorably frilly and frothy young women you see out there are in reality males transformed into images of female beauty,” she went on.

Samuel questioned, “Transformed?”

“Yes, dear. One of Sable’s founding women has determined that this town shall never suffer from the depredations that male control brings to all cities. She developed a fascinating device that helps all the women in Sable control their husbands, sons and boyfriends by converting them into feminized sissies.” Diane saw the blank look that suddenly appeared on Samuel’s face. “Yes, Samuel and that means you, too. And don’t bother trying to escape! I’m quite capable of handling you physically,” Diane advised him. “Besides, all the car doors are locked from Jeanne’s control panel.”

Overtaken by Diane’s words and demeanor, Samuel finally spoke. “Fantastic,” as he started to burrow his head under one of her fur clad arms and past her collar, resting his head on one of her breasts. Diane closed her collar over his head, burying him even deeper in her mink. For the first time in over three years, he felt the softness of fur covering his head. He remained in this position for the rest of the trip home. Both his response and the manner in which he buried himself in her fur coat astounded Diane. He was supposed to resist his feminization and he was accepting it without any hesitation.

In a short time, the young man and his beautiful stepmother pulled into the driveway of a large brick home. The lovely chauffeur opened the doors of the car and helped them out of the car. “Samantha, we’re home!” Diane called as they walked toward the front door.

The door to the house opened and a vision in sexual femininity minced out. The tall redhead was dressed in a classic French maid’s uniform, a black sheared nutria mini-dress over a froth of white fox petticoats and a white sheared beaver apron tied in an over-large bow in the back. Her outfit was complete with black seamed stockings and black patent pumps with six-inch heels, their ankle straps secured with tiny padlocks. “Welcome, home, Mistress Diane. Hello, Samuel.”

Samuel stared at this lovely creature. The face was familiar beneath the carefully applied cosmetics, the voice had a familiar ring within its breathy tones. It couldn’t be! But it was! “Samuel, say hello to your ‘father’,” Diane chuckled, watching the embarrassment on Samantha’s face and the amusing astonishment on Samuel’s face. “Hi dad, or should I say Samantha,” Samuel responded carefully considering his words.

Once inside, Samuel noticed that there was fur everywhere. All of the seating areas were upholstered in various furs. The windows were decorated with fur drapes and curtains. The carpeting was fur. They went into the living room and Diane promptly seated herself on a mink covered sofa. She motioned Samuel to join her. Samantha remained standing in an erect position showing off her D cup breast forms. Samuel started the conversation, “Diane, there are a couple of things that we should discuss. First, Samantha always liked to be called S.L. and I think we should accommodate her. I think we should call her Samantha Louise instead of just plain Samantha. And I am going to need a more fitting name. I would like to remember my mother and be called Stacyanne.” Diane looked at him and after a couple of minutes said, “Stacyanne, those are wonderful ideas. Don’t you agree Samantha Louise.”

“Lunch will be ready in one hour, Mistress,” Samantha Louise informed them. “And Samuel’s appointment at the beauty salon is set for 3 p.m.” “Excellent, Samantha Louise,” Diane replied.

“That is not what Mistress Diane asked you. And my name is Stacyanne. You may address me as Miss. Stacyanne. You were asked two specific questions which you have not answered,” added Stacyanne.

Samantha Louise appeared to be on the verge of crying as she answered, “Those are wonderful ideas, Mistress. I’ll be pleased to comply with Miss Stacyanne’s ideas.”

A diabolical smile appeared on Diane’s face. Her original plan of feminizing Stacyanne had disappeared. It appeared that Stacyanne was going to make Samantha Louise’ life a living hell. Rather than making her submissive, Diane would give her a free hand in her new life and see where it would lead. Diane would be entertained by Stacyanne’s action and besides, if it didn’t work out, Stacyanne could always be conditioned into submissiveness at a later date.

Meanwhile, Stacyanne asked Diane, “Are there any suitable clothes for me to change into or do I have to wait until after we go shopping?”

“I picked up a few items to get you started,” Diane replied. “Let me take you upstairs and show you your room.”

Stacyanne smiled, “Good, it will allow me to change before lunch.” She followed Diane upstairs and they entered a back bedroom. Stacyanne was impressed the way the room, or more correctly, rooms were decorated. It was decorated in pink sheared beaver. The queen size bed was covered with a matching bedspread and a number of additional fur pieces. There was a sitting area with every piece upholstered in pink beaver and a huge picture window complete with fur drapes. On one side of the room was an entrance to the bath and dressing area complete with a huge walk in closet. There was a make up table complete with lights and surrounding mirrors. A complete set of cosmetics was on one side of the table. Jewelry drawers were stacked up on the other side of the table. A separate dressing area was complete with three floor to ceiling mirrors. True to her word, the closet was basically empty with only a few items in it. Diane left her alone so that Stacyanne could relish her new home. As Diane left, she mentioned to Stacyanne, “I put some clothes on your bed to help you decide what to wear.” With that she went back downstairs.

Stacyanne was overwhelmed. She made her way into the bedroom and saw the clothes spread out on the bed. A pair of sandals with five-inch heels, a pair of fur bikini underpants, a pair of D cup breast forms, a short miniskirt and a tank top, both also in fur. The selection did not move Stacyanne. She went back into her closet to see what some of her other choices were. There were a few dresses, skirts and tops. Underclothing consisted of some panties and bras. Then she saw something that aroused her interest. Six sets of Victorian styled full-length waist cinchers, each in a different color of fur. Each was complete with a string bikini with a penus sheath. Each cincher was heavily boned, laced in the back and buckled in front and a built in bra. She picked out the white sheared beaver cincher. After some consideration, she decided that nothing additional was needed on top. The sandals were satisfactory, but she still needed something to wear over her hips and private parts. She called for Samantha Louise to come up and lace up the cincher from the back. She kept yelling at Samantha Louise to make the laces tighter, but to no avail. It appeared that her waist was taken in about three inches and Stacyanne was expecting five or more inches. However, the tightening of the bra pushed her breasts up into a very noticeable position. She put the sheath on and after pulling her privates between her legs, she attached the bikini to the corset.

Suddenly Samantha Louise was called back downstairs. Something about food on the stove starting to burn. Stacyanne called down; “She’s on her way down. And I need something else to wear. I’m going to look in your closet.” Diane yelled back, Stay out of my bedroom or else.” But the warning fell on deaf ears.

The master bedroom suite took up the front half of the house. The layout was similar to Stacyanne’s except larger. She found the closet and was astounded by its size and contents. The wardrobe was huge and everything was in furs. All types of fur. Coats, jackets, dresses, suits, evening gowns, lingerie and all sorts of accessories. Moving up and down the rows of clothes, Stacyanne finally came upon some casual wear. There it was. Just what she was looking for. A pair of black mink pants. They looked as if Stacyanne would have to be poured into them. She went back to her bedroom and put them on. She was right. It was an extremely tight fit forming tightly around her cheeks. It clung to every one of Stacyanne’s artificial curves. Together with the five-inch heels on her sandals, it shortened her stride to six inches, causing her ass to wiggle most provocatively. She then sat down at the make up table and just applied some bright red lipstick. The beauty salon could take care of the rest. Opening one of the drawers she found a selection of costume jewelry. She selected a faux diamond choker and drop earrings. Looking at some of her accessories, she found a pair of white fur belts. They each were supported on one of his hips, crisscrossed at the crotch, emphasizing the false curves of his body.

She checked herself out in the full-length mirrors and went downstairs. Diane almost passed out when she saw Stacyanne. A white beaver waist cincher with 38D breasts boldly extended, a pair of black mink pants causing a provocative wiggle and no unsightly bulge between the legs and a pair of sandals with bulky five inch block heels. The only make up being the lipstick. The only remaining item was a complete beauty treatment, which was scheduled for later in the day.

Samantha Louise appeared from the kitchen and announced that lunch was served. Diane said, “Come, Stacyanne, let’s eat. You have a full schedule of activities this afternoon.” As they were getting ready to leave, Stacyanne told Diane that she was going to fix her lipstick. She did not tell Diane about some of the other additions, which she found in Diane’s closet. After fixing her lipstick, she put on a huge chinchilla hat, which added about six inches to her height. A full length black mink evening gloves with chinchilla cuffs that stopped just short of her shoulders. A black mink shoulder stole worn over one shoulder and a chinchilla muff. When she came back downstairs, Diane was shocked at the outrageous sexy look that Stacyanne presented. After all, just this morning he was a handsome young man who had just arrived in town. Aside from HIS makeup, she could not determine if Stacyanne was a sophisticated young lady or a sexy teenager.

At 3, Stacyanne appeared in the waiting area of the LeSable beauty salon. As Samuel, he had been to such places before, when his mother was alive, so he knew what to expect. But there were subtle differences to this salon. First of all, the magazines were not just the typical women’s titles, such as Glamour, Vogue and Mademoiselle; there were also magazines with such strange-sounding names as Transformation and Petticoat Power. The pictures on the wall also seemed unusual and it took Stacyanne a few moments to realize that all these seemingly beautiful women were actually men in makeup and feminine hairdos. And the attendants! They were not dressed in the usual sensible smocks, but in short, tight fur mini-skirts, fur tank tops and six-inch heels. And a closer look let her see that most of them were male, as well.

After a few moments, Miss Jennifur came in to escort her latest challenge to a seat in the front of the salon. She wore what seemed to be the town ‘uniform’ for the real women. A red fur business suit, with an extremely short skirt, white fur blouse and matching red heels. Without paying any attention to Stacyanne she declared, “Now, Samuel, we’re going to do the outer changes on you before the ‘inner’ ones, at your stepmother’s request. Isn’t that right, Diane?” Then a shocked look passed across her face as she saw Stacyanne.

“I’ve changed my mind, Jennifur. Stacyanne is totally aware of what’s being done. What you see is her own doing. She has been nothing but surprise after surprise since she arrived this morning. I don’t think that you need to outfit her with your little toy.”

Jennifur was about to strap Stacyanne’s hands to the arms of the chair and her legs to the footrest when Stacyanne stopped her saying, “That’s not necessary.” Jennifur looked at him saying, “I don’t know about that. Little boys don’t wear pants.” To which Stacyanne responded, “Little boys also don’t have hairy legs.”

“We can include a shaving as part of the routine.”

“I don’t think so.” Was the reply from Stacyanne, “I’m sure you have an excellent selection of hair removal lotions and cremes. Please make sure that Samantha Louise has what she needs to do the job. That is a major item on her schedule this evening.”

Jennifur smiled as she turned her attention to Diane. She and Diane began looking over a number of beauty magazines, deciding on the new look. They did not notice Stacyanne getting out of the beauty chair and was now standing behind them. Finally, they both stopped on the same page as a devious smile appeared on both of their faces. Stacyanne completely surprised them saying; “I’m afraid not. My hair is not long enough to do a proper pageboy. Go back about three pages.” They turned the pages back and stopped on a shag cut. The problem was that is was shown in a mousy brown color. Stacyanne continued saying, “The cut looks good. We’ll let it grow out into a short soft wave style and perhaps later on a pageboy cut. Let’s make the color a very light blonde, almost bleached, but one or two shades darker than a complete bleaching. The polish and lipstick should be a shocking shade of flaming pink along with green, no, make that a light blue eye shadow. I’ll leave the rest up to you, Miss. Jennifur.”

Diane looked up, “ Stacyanne you are even more outrageous than both Jennifur and I put together. I think the look you put together is just fabulous.” Jennifur admonished her assistants saying, “Stacyanne is going to make an extraordinary sissy for some lucky woman. All of you should have the same burning desire which she has to become the best sissy you can be.”

Stacyanne sat quietly in the beauty chair as the women of the salon worked on her: cutting, coloring and setting her hair; plucking her eyebrows; applying cosmetics, including false eyelashes and fingernails. Two hours later, Jennifur swung her chair around and allowed the transformed boy to see his new look. Stacyanne gasped. Her hair had been shaped into shag cut and dyed to an extremely light shade of blonde. Her ears had been pierced and, in addition to her drop earrings, a pair of diamond studs placed through the new piercing. The newly arched eyebrows, the light blue shadow and the new long black mink eyelashes adorned her eyes. All of her nails were polished with a bright pink nail polish and her lips were painted with a matching lipstick.

“Excellent!” Stacyanne exclaimed as she got up from the chair. Jennifur and Diane both exclaimed, “Absolutely outrageous,” as Stacyanne got ready to leave the shop. She stopped after she put on the chinchilla hat. It had to be adjusted just right so it came down to the top of her eyebrows and almost touched her new mink eyelashes. Then she put on her mink gloves, threw the mink stole over the shoulder, picked up her chinchilla muff and left the shop with a provocative wiggle in her tightly wrapped ass, no unsightly bulge between the legs and waving to the girls with a, “Ta ta girls. See you all next week.”


Attach:Stories8.jpg   The pleasant atmosphere of the mall made shopping an enjoyable experience. The temperature was kept cool so that the wearing of furs was always pleasant. Diane and Stacyanne wandered down the mall promenade, with Stacyanne amazed at the number of shops dealing in all types of fur wearing apparel. The only annoyance was Stacyanne’s constant complaining that the waist cincher was not properly laced. As Diane pointed out the shop where it was purchased, Stacyanne turned and dragged Diane into the shop. Samantha Louise, who was some distance behind because of the purchases she had to make, was fortunate to see them disappear into the shop. If she lost contact with them and they called her, she would not be able to respond to their wishes. This would mean she would be receiving a severe punishment from Diane.

Diane was greeted by Mimi, whose outstanding features were her sixteen-inch waist and her nine-inch heel ballet shoes. “I’ll let Mistress Yvette know you’re here,” as she minced into the back of the shop delicately balanced on her nine-inch heels. Yvette greeted Diane as she appeared from the back of the shop, and Stacyanne immediately got into the conversation letting Yvette know of her dissatisfaction with the waist cincher. Yvette was not used to have a sissy boy speak to her without being told to do so. She viewed this outburst as a breech in discipline, so she grabbed Stacyanne and spun her around so she could look at lacing. She then lashed out at Stacyanne with, “What foolish idiot laced this cincher. I have never seen such a dismal attempt at lacing a cincher.” In a firm voice Stacyanne called out, “Samantha Louise, get your skinny ass up here now.” As Samantha Louise came forward, Stacyanne turned to Yvette with, “Here’s the culprit.”

Yvette took some measurements and unlaced the cincher. Stacyanne had an unrestricted 31-inch waist, which had been reduced to 28 inches. Yvette thought that right now it could be reduced to 25 inches with a final reduction to about 23 to 24 inches. Let’s go into the sissy fitting room and we’ll lace it up properly.

It seems the fitting room was in the front of the store, with one side facing the store window and the promenade and the other three sides were open into the store. Yvette flipped a switch and a red light started flashing in the front of the shop. This was the signal that a lacing was going to take place and an invitation for all to watch. Soon the shop and the space in front of the window were filled with women. Everyone enjoyed watching a new boy girl getting laced up in a cincher. This was a form of entertainment for the women in the mall.

Mimi will take care of you. As Mimi adjusted the lacing bar and was about to strap Stacyanne’s hands to it, Stacyanne resisted with a “I’ll just use my hands to stay on the bar. Yvette angrily motioned Mimi aside and confronted Stacyanne with, “I’ll lace you up myself and don’t you even dare let go of the bar.” She anticipated Stacyanne to let go after the first few tugs of the laces and that Stacyanne was just trying to show off. She would put a stop to such foolishness.

Stacyanne looked at Samantha Louise instructing her to watch carefully, since there were five more cinchers at home and that they were going to be laced up in the morning. Also, Samantha Louise was to have a lacing bar set up by morning so that Stacyanne’s body could be stretched and the lacing performed properly. She was going to be responsible for any lacing that Stacyanne would require. Samantha Louise was about to complain that she could not be ready when she saw the look in Diane’s eye. Diane was totally enjoying the situation that Stacyanne was forcing Samantha Louise to endure. Complaining would only add Diane’s wrath to the situation.

Mimi lifted the bar so Stacyanne’s body was fully stretched and only the tip of her toes could reach the floor. Yvette started to lace the cincher, five or six eyelets from both the top and bottom of the cincher before tying them off. Then she went back for a second and then a third tightening before starting a new series of eyelets. Stacyanne was moaning as Yvette tightened, but did not let go of the bar. Finally, Yvette was finished and the bar was lowered. Stacyanne steadied herself with her hands on the bar as she regained her composure. Her waist had been reduced to 25 inches. Her new dimensions with the breast forms were a respectable 38D, 25 and 33.

The crowd, which had gathered to watch, applauded for both Yvette, who performed the lacing with her usual professional attitude. For the first time they also applauded Stacyanne for staying on the bar without having her hands cuffed during the lacing and for not breaking down into the usual crying masculine sissy, who could not undergo the pain of the tightening. They were expecting Stacyanne to let go and to complain about the tightness of the cincher, at which time, Diane and Yvette would humiliate him beyond belief.

As Stacyanne regained her composure, she admired her improved figure. Miss. Yvette was a professional. The cincher although tighter felt much more comfortable. It also gave her some additional support for her breasts and, as she learned in military school, to have the correct posture. Stacyanne looked over at Samantha Louise with a, “See how much fun your going to have tomorrow morning unless you don’t lace the other cinchers the way Mistress Yvette just did.” She then thanked Mistress Yvette with a proper curtsey. Inner satisfaction filled the thoughts of Mistress Yvette; Stacyanne had appeased her anger. Mimi discretely smiled knowing that, as a result, Mistress Yvette would only pleasantly play with her sex, rather than ravish and plunder her sex, that evening and possibly even allow her to try on and tighten her new fourteen-inch corset.

Stacyanne readjusted her pants so that they felt comfortably tight. She again put her outerwear on with the same care as before. With, as before, a “ta ta girls,” she left the shop.

She was a sight mincing down the mall promenade with her newly acquired provocative wiggle. Sandals with chunky five-inch block heels. Extremely tight black mink pants clearly outlining her cheeks, with a pair of white crisscrossed fur belts, one supported on each hip forming an X across both her crotch and ass. A white beaver exposed waist cincher, buttoned in front and laced up the back shaping the hips waist and bust into an outrageous feminine figure. Diamond choker and earrings, although faux, adorning the neck and ears. A new hair style and properly made up face. A chinchilla hat and muff, black mink full-length evening gloves with chinchilla cuffs and a black mink shoulder stole draped over one shoulder.

Mothers and daughters looked and smiled conspiratorially at each other. A new look of planned anticipation appeared on their faces. The boy girls cringed.

Has a new dress code been established in the town of Sable?

To be continued.