The Initial Consultation

By Piotr Barguzin

Come on, you can do it. They won’t bite ya. You might even enjoy it, once you get over your fears. Talking to yourself is a great way to build up courage. Thoughts tumbling in free-fall and still Gavin maneuvered between running and making a timid entrance. A deep Breath, that’s what was needed. And a stiff scotch. Okay, just the stiff double scotch.

The door opened and a pleasant aroma drew him further inside. A saleswoman approached him, smiling, welcoming. Gavin breathed out, hopefully not too loudly. No she hadn’t noticed.

“How may I assist you, Sir?”

“I, um, I’m looking for a fur.”

“Well, we are a furrier, so you are in the right place. Any fur in particular you are interested in?” She moved over to a rack of furs and, as if showing off the prizes in “Wheel of Fortune” proceeded away from him. He couldn’t help but notice that the back of her hand seemed to accidentally bump every sleeve and cause it to move against her. “These are mink.” She turned to her left and proceeded down another rack. Gavin followed, as if in a trance, hands firmly buried in pockets, feeling the allure of the furs she was repeating her showcasing on, again the accidental bumping of the sleeves. “These are minks trimmed with various fox collars, highlights, sleeves and so forth.” She stopped abruptly, cocked her head slightly to the side, her eyes seemed to be burning into his, passing through the optic nerves to his brain, seeking the answer to her initial question.


“For your girlfriend?”

Okay Gavin, this is it! out with it, come on, be brave. “My sister.” You bloody idiot.

“Wish I had a brother like you. Mine would clean the urinals at Central Station barehanded before buying me an ice-cream, let alone a fur. What size is your sister?”

Gavin blushed. “Actually, it’s for me.” Had someone lifted a weight from his shoulders? He actually felt like he was flying. The sales assistant smiled. She smiled more broadly than when he had entered the shop.

“First time you’ve admitted that, isn’t it?” Gavin could but meekly nod, although the blush was now making way for a smile which almost matched the saleswoman’s for intensity. “Okay,” turning on her heel, “follow me to the men’s section. It’s up these stairs.” She had stopped and pulled aside a curtain that revealed a flight of thickly carpeted stairs that turned back on themselves. She waited ’til he had passed her and then followed.

A mirror on the wall revealed that his face was still slightly flushed, but his gaze turned almost immediately to the scene that appeared at the top of the stairs.

Along the far wall were more furs than he had ever seen. They turned back towards him at the corners and seemed to completely encircle him until he realised that there was more than just the mirror he had passed in the room.

“Hmm Fox fur. The furs from the banister on your left to the corner are fox. Any type of fox in particular?”

Gavin’s eyes feasted on the plethora of fox furs that were in vision. His head moved from left to right and back again, slowly, taking in the variations in color, shades, and length.

The saleswoman gently touched his shoulder, drawing his attention to her. “Do you have a type of fox in mind, say Blue or silver?”

“How many kinds do you have?” His attention had returned to the row of shining furs.

“Blue, silver, red, black, brown, fawn, white, golden island, platinum, shadow white, shadow golden island” she took a breathe, “and then we have the dyed furs.” She stepped to the side to see his face more clearly. “Judging by your expression, you didn’t expect such a selection.”

Gavin shook his head, answering and at the same time trying to put a cohesive thought in place.

“This floor is just for men?”

She nodded.

“Hell, I expected maybe five, six coats and a few jackets. Nothing at all like this.”

The saleswoman took his hand and led him to a sofa that was off to the side, but gave a full view of the fox furs. “Why don’t you sit down for a while and I’ll show you some of the better furs we have here.”

Seated, still overwhelmed by the furs opposite, and now to his side, Gavin could but nod as she made her way over to the seemingly endless rack and removed a jacket. Before him once more, she showed him the jacket. “This is blue fox. It has a notched collar and we call it our bomber style jacket. There is a zipper instead of buttons or hooks and eyes.” As she spoke, she highlighted the aspects whilst holding it just out of his reach. She took the sleeve and moved it towards his face, stopping just in front and then caressed it against his cheek. “It has nice long silky guardhairs,’ she pressed it against his cheek, “and a dense underfur which gives it the body.” Gavin’s face was pained as she removed the softness from his cheek. “If you were to run your hand against the pile, you’ll see how dense the underfur is. You’ll also notice that the pelts have not been thinned by inserting small strips of leather between the strips of fox when they were sewn together.” She held the sleeve in front of him, allowing him to do as she said. He nodded, his palm loving the way the fur teased it. “What size are you?”

“Eight inches.”

“I’m sorry, we don’t have anything that small.” Not missing a beat. Gavin stared at her. She returned his gaze. “Personally, I’d say you were a 42, long.”

“42 regular, actually.” He rose and followed her as she went back to the rack and started moving along, grasping each sleeve, reading the tag, until she had found what she was after. She turned, removed the coat from its hanger and waited as he turned his back to her for her to slip the coat up his extended arms. Gavin shuddered involuntarily as he felt the cool lining and then the fur cuff against his wrists. She then fussed over him as she fitted the coat upon him, doing up one clasp at his belly then sliding her hands up the fur, under the collar and lifting it so that it framed his face. She then directed him to the mirror.

Gavin smiled wryly at his reflection. Who’d have thought it would be this easy. He ran his hands slowly, lightly, up and down the fur, watching as the guardhairs were bent back on themselves, the same guardhairs that tickled his palms as they were pushed aside caressed the back of his hand as they fell back into place.

“Blue fox creates a lovely tactile sensation doesn’t it?” She was at his side, her hand lightly caressing the sleeve. “This coat is a similar quality as the bomber jacket. It is just a lighter shade of blue fox.” He bent his arm and ran the free hand against the pile, seeing as she had shown on the jacket the denseness of the underfur and the lack of anything other than fur. He moved around to see how the coat fitted and moved as he moved. The fur rippled at times, catching the light and shining in a faint bluish hue. He could not take his eyes from the reflection. A movement at his periphery brought him up short.

He looked down to see the sales assistant’s face buried in his furred groin. Her hands were grasping his ass and pulling his hips hard against her face, a face that was not content to just press, but moved back and forth, up and down, moans issuing from her lips. Her hands came forward always against the fur until they reached the general vicinity of his fly. He couldn’t see, but the sound of a zipper opening and then the coolness of the air followed by a hand grasping his shaft, guardhairs grazing against head and shaft as it was pulled free of underpants and then the warmth of her mouth as she swallowed him. Her head fell back on her shoulders slightly and their eyes locked together as she started running her tongue along the underside of his shaft, her mouth drawing back at the same time leaving a trail of red lipstick on top as her hands pressed the coat around the now exposed shaft causing Gavin ‘s knees to nearly buckle.

There was no mistaking her intentions. She again took most of his shaft into her mouth, burying her face into the bunched fox, moaning, licking, sucking. Gavin looked about him for support. No use. His hips started thrusting as she teased his slit with the tip of her tongue, then swallowed him again. She drew back along the shaft, teeth lightly gnawing at his swelling penis. He was losing it, his hands were stroking against the fur, pushing the collar against his face, a face that now twisted to get as much fur as possible against it.

As suddenly as it had started it ended.

She rose and walked back to the rack, to the far end where she removed another blue fox coat and then sauntered over to the sofa.

“Strip off, yes, even the coat.” Gavin paused, then followed her lead as she began removing her clothes. Naked, he gazed at her taking in the fullness of her breasts, the flatness of her stomach, my god, and the naked pussy. God I’m gunna cum, he thought as he felt his shaft twitch alarmingly. “Come here.” He obeyed. She took the coat she was holding and turned it inside out. “Give me the other coat and put this on.” Handing him the inverted coat and slipping into the other after having also inverted it.

Gavin shuddered, his shaft jerked furiously as the new coat encased his body with millions of teasing guardhairs which seemed intent on seeking every pore of his body. She was now reclining on the sofa, one foot resting on the floor whilst her hands feverishly worked the fur into her body. Gavin continued rocking back and forth, letting the fur tease, stir, with each movement, movements aided now by his hands. On a shelf behind the sofa were hats. Without a thought, he grabbed a golden coloured one and shoved his shaft into the fur gasping loudly at the sensations as fur entered his sensitive slit and caressed the equally sensitive head. Hips thrusting he groaned as he squeezed the hat about his shaft and thrust hips forward and drew hand down.

Her eyes intently fixed on his shaft, her hands were now pressing fur about and over her naked pussy, her hips moved in time with his driving hips. Both her hands were pressing fur into her, she writhed inside her furry cocoon, hips rising from the sofa, then falling back into the cool dense fur.

Gavin was cumming. Hips jerked spasmodically as did his buried shaft. He felt the semen about his head, matting the fur as his knees buckled and he fell to the floor. Damn the sensations that were running up and down his spine! he’d never felt anything like them before. His flesh tingled and it seemed he’d never stop cumming. The woman groaned.

“Put that shaft of yours to better use. Screw me.” His girlfriend had never been able to convey desire in the manner he had just heard. He pulled himself up, gazed down at her feverish face, let the now ruined hat fall to the floor and positioned himself between her thighs.

He slid into her as a hot knife into butter. Her vaginal muscles clamped his shaft within her and seemed to be milking him of what little cum he had left. Her arms wrapped about him, crushing more fur into him than he could stand. His hips jerked and then drove his shaft into her, his hands grasping her asscheeks, pressing fox into her asscrack, asshole, against his balls the shaft that was now pummeling her pussy, crushing fur into it from above below and from all sides.

For her part, the woman met his thrusts with fierce thrusts of her own, now wrapping her arms about his back so she could crush her breasts into the dense fur that covered them. She felt fur sticking to her pussy lips, buried her face in his coat’s collar, groaned, moaned, thrust, screamed as she felt every inch of his shaft expand, grind and throb within her.

Gavin could feel the fox against his ass, between his asscheeks. He clenched them, trapping those teasing hairs, thrust and released them. He drew his legs close together, trapping, bunching the fur against sensitive inner thigh flesh. She did the same, making her pussy tighter, then the leg that had been hanging over the sofa wrapped about his ass, pressing more fur against him. He stopped. Pushed up. His shaft popped free.

Grabbing her legs, he positioned them so that they were now crushing fur against her breasts. He tugged at her coat until he had enough fur to cover her pussy. Leering at her, he grasped his lubricated shaft and drove it through the fur into her, and then collapsed upon her, arms and shoulders positioned so her legs were trapped and her pussy fully exposed to fur and shaft. His feet dug into the armrest, allowing him to drive harder into her. She cried out with a mix of pain and joy as her pussy was flooded by the fur and his shaft as he pounded into her. Hands grasped his shoulders, her shoulders. Faces dived into collars, moved against the fur as their bodies moved and were moved. She gasped, then moaned then went quiet, the only noise emanating from her being her breathe as Gavin pounded into her.

“Oh yes, screw me, ram your shaft into me and make me cum, fuck fuck fuck mmeeeeee. Oh fuck yessss.”

Gavin buried his face in a now damp collar, his balls were twitching, his feet were tingling he was going to explode within her any second. She bucked, he thrust, and they writhed, wiggled came as one.

“Cut! For fuck’s sake.” The voice emanated from behind a mirror and then a man appeared. Veins throbbing across his forehead, he stormed over to the couple, dragged Gavin from her and dropped him to the floor, his foot rising and aiming a blow at his still spurting penis. “You little shit, I oughta kick your ass to the fuckin’ moon and back. How many damm times have I gotta tell ya, ya pull out when ya cum. For fuck’s sake, are you a fuckin’ moron?” He turned his attention to the woman. “And you, ya cunt, what the hell is the idea of hiding all the fuckin’ action with the fuckin’ fur. This is a fuck flick. You know, we see the shaft pounding into your cunt, ya useless shit. Geeeeeezzzzz Why the hell do I even bother!”

“I dunno, Maestro, I thought they were bloody hot.”

“And who the hell are you?”

“The furrier. This is my salon, my furs, and my movie. Remember?” The director studied the furrier, glared at the two prone bodies, then the furrier, shook his head and stormed down the stairway. The furrier assisted Gavin to his feet. “That was a very nice job. I liked the grabbing of the sable hat, although you could have grabbed the mink one beside it instead.”

He smiled, offering a hand to the lady which she accepted. “And you, my dear, was it really necessary to use both coats?” Gavin and the woman bowed their heads, then looked sideways at the other before looking directly at the furrier.

“Yes.” In unison. Both wrapped their coats about them and sat back on the sofa, contented smiles on their faces as they watch the rest of the crew emerge from behind the other mirrors in the room. Various bits of equipment were then transported down the stairs until just Gavin, the woman, the furrier and another lady remained.

“There is one thing though, Saul.” It was Gavin speaking.

“What’s that, Gav?”

“I still haven’t cum in Tatiana.”

“I see.” Glancing at the other woman, “What do you reckon, Tatiana? Want him to cum in you as well?” Tatiana stood there for a couple of seconds, pondering, then moved towards the staircase.

“Be right back,” She said before disappearing from view.

“And what am I supposed to do whilst they get it off?”

“Why Simone,” Saul reached out and stroked the collar of her coat against her cheek, “you can have your way with the furrier.” To emphasis the point, he undid his fly. “Gav may be 19, you may be 28 and Tatiana 27, but this 40 year old furrier still has some bullets to fire. Ever made it in sable?”