The Mynx Chronicles

By Raven’s Den

Chapter 1.

Bruce Wilcox sat at the breakfast table with his wife, Beth, reading the paper. Yet another robbery reported. This time it was Beguiling Furs on Carroll St. The owner, Bonnie Kovak was reported missing. Thirteen fur shops and nine jewelry stores over the past several weeks, and the pattern was always the same. The owner of the store would go into work, conduct a normal day’s business, lock up and set the security system. The next morning, the store would be empty, the security tape removed, and the owner would be missing. The police would investigate every crime scene and never come up with any clues.

Bruce was the owner of Wilcox Furriers, the largest fur distributor in the area. So naturally he knew a great many of the missing owners, including Bonnie. They were his friends and colleagues. He could not help but worry about their fate.

He was not the only one worried. Beth was looking down at her bagel trying to hide her tears. Out of nowhere she blurted out, “I just know you’re going to be next”.

Bruce had heard this before. “Beth, honey. Please. I’ve taken every precaution imaginable”, trying to calm her down. “I’ve added more surveillance cameras and even hired Mike and Tom to guard the place at night as you suggested. What else can I do? The only thing I haven’t done is to hire an armed personal bodyguard.”

“Well?” Beth replied. All she got in return was a smirk. “I know, I just can’t help but worry. I love you so much.” She smiled at her husband lovingly.

Bruce got up, went over to his wife, picked her up, and kissed her gently. “I love you too sweetheart.”

During the next several weeks the robberies continued, although the shops were small in comparison. The police were still baffled and none of the owners had ever resurfaced. Bruce was sure his extended security was the reason why he was being left alone.

One breezy spring afternoon in April, Bruce was decided to go to lunch a bit early. As he was getting into his car, he felt a soft brush on the side of his neck. It felt like fur. Almost immediately he felt light headed. What was that? He turned around slowly and came face to face with the most gorgeous woman he had ever beheld. His mind clouded as he stared into the face of this beautiful angel.

“Oh, excuse me darling. I was wondering if I might have a moment of your time”, she cooed. She looked at this man in his early 40’s and smiled seductively. Like it mattered. She knew that she could spit in his face and all he would be able to do is smile back. She had done this to so many people she knew exactly what Bruce was feeling and how he would respond. The initial effect of her virus was so much fun to watch.

Her velvet voice seemed irresistible to Bruce. Was he dreaming? He could only stare at her perfect figure. She was in her late 20’s, about 5’9″, with long silky blonde hair. Diamonds glistened in her ears. Draped across her shoulders was a full a length white mink coat, which was open to show her perfect hourglass form, highlighted by her pink mini skirt and black top. He felt weak in the knees. Bruce tried to speak, but her crystalline blue eyes transfixed him. All he got out was, “Ahhh…mmmah….ohhh”.

She pressed her finger to Bruce’s lips and purred, “It’s ok, baby. I understand. Just relax. Why don’t we go back to my limo and have a little chat.” Bruce just gazed into the vision before him. How could he refuse her anything?

With that she blew him a kiss and sauntered over to a black stretch limo on the other side of the parking lot. There was no need for her to look back to see if Bruce was following. Of course he would. What choice did he have? She knew the small dose of her “love virus” she planted on his neck would affect him long enough so they could be alone.

When she was within 20 feet of the limo, her driver, Mark, practically jumped out of the drivers seat and opened the back door. On his Mistress’s arrival, he immediately sank to his knees. She turned to him and caressed his cheek with her hand and said, “Thank you, darling. Such a good boy.” With that, Mark took her hand and gently kissed it as a sign of his devotion and returned to his upright position.

Bruce’s legs seemed to move on their own volition. He had to be near her. She was a Goddess. About halfway to the limo however, he started to get confused and reality seemed to set in. He slowed. What am I doing? Who is this woman? I am married to… what is her name…um… Beth. Yes! I love Beth, I love…Beth, I love…no! I love…those eyes. Those unbelievable blue eyes. He sped up. He needed to be near her. At the door to the limo he froze. Not because of resistance but because he felt he needed for approval to enter. Then he heard her beautiful voice. She held out her hand, smiled and said, “Get in darling, we have much to discuss”. Bruce took her bejeweled hand and slid into the back seat. Mark closed the door, returned to drivers seat and the limo sped away.

Bruce just stared starry-eyed at the fur-clad Goddess before him. She picked up a mirror and began to gaze at her reflection. She then pressed the intercom to give Mark directions. Bruce longed for her to gaze into his eyes again but no. She loved to tease her admirers. After about half an hour, Bruce was beginning to get confused again. Reality told him this wasn’t natural. He needed to resist whatever was causing him to feel this way.

Beth. I must think of Beth.

He finally uttered, “Who are you and what do you want with me?” He tried to sound as authoritative as possible, but authority was replaced with fear.

She stroked her coat and said, “Mr. Wilcox, you may call me Mynx, or Mistress Mynx if you prefer.” With that she turned her crystalline eyes directly on him. “As for what I want from you? Right now I just want you to relax and tell me what you’re feeling.”

He tried to say, “Tell me what’s going on?”. But what he heard was, “I…. I love you, Mistress Mynx. I love you more than anything!”

“I know baby. Isn’t it wonderful? Would you like me to explain what’s happened to you?

“Yes please, Mistress”. I have to resist her. I need to resist her…Beth… need to think of Beth.

“Basically, I have infected you with a virus which contains a composite of a hypnotic and pheromone extract. It completely takes over the pleasure centers of the brain. All pleasure is thus routed through a love object, making it virtually impossible to resist anything the love object says. Simply put darling, I have infected you with a virus that makes you fall madly in love with me. And it’s completely irresistible, and only I have the antidote”, chuckled Mynx. She then reached and touched the bulge in Bruce’s pants. She licked her lips and he almost exploded.

No. I must concentrate. I will resist. I must resist. I will resist. I must resist. I will resist. I must resist.

“I impregnated the outer coating of this beautiful fur I’m wearing with the virus. When I brushed my cuff against your neck the delivery was complete. It was only a small touch but enough to bring you to me.”

“Why me?” I will resist. I must resist. Beth. I will resist. I must resist. Beth. I will resist. I must resist.

Mynx noted a stubborn tone and that he did not use the title “Mistress”. No matter. She knew the initial delivery was not enough to enslave him. Let him struggle a bit longer. They all kneel in the end.

“Because darling, I have this affinity for furs and diamonds. I just can’t get enough of them. I simply infect all the owners of the furriers and jewelry stores in the area. Male, female, it makes no difference. They fall madly in love with me and obey any command. And now it’s your turn baby. I mean you are the owner of one of the largest furriers in this area, are you not? So, you are going to donate everything from Wilcox Furriers and present it to me as a tribute to my beauty and a testament to your love. Then, you will serve me forever as my love slave in whatever capacity I deem fit. And if you’re a good boy I might even let you curl up beside me like a little puppy.” she giggled.

Bruce’s mind was in complete turmoil. He wanted so much to submit, but at the same time wanted to run away. Oh my God, those eyes! Maybe he could reach the door handle and escape. If he could get away from her maybe the infection would wear off. She just sat there staring into his eyes, filling him with desire. Her lips weren’t moving but he could still hear her voice in his mind… “You Love Me, You Adore Me, You Worship Me” Using all his willpower he moved his hand closer to the door handle.

Mynx then shook his finger at him and, “No, no baby, you don’t want to escape. You’ll miss out on this”. Mynx laid back and pulled down her pink mini skirt to reveal her beautiful pussy. She pointed at her pussy and simply said, “Lick”.

That was more than Bruce could bear. He moved his face moved closer and closer to Mynx’s pussy. He began kissing the insides of her thighs. He started with the left thigh, then the right, pausing in the middle to touch her glorious pussy with the tip of his tongue. Mynx groaned with pleasure and he could see her nipples harden. He continued to tease her with his tongue and he could feel the heat and moisture build. While Bruce’s tongue was pleasuring his Goddess, she completed his conditioning by taking the virus-infected fur and caressing his cheeks. Almost the instant the fur touched his face he moaned and thrust his tongue deep inside her pussy and began to tongue fuck her over and over. He was hers forever. There was no Beth. There was no world without Mistress Mynx.

After Mynx’s fourth orgasm, she put her finger under his chin and guided him back to the seat.

“Well done, slave. Now I think it’s time we get down to business. Don’t you?”

“Yes, my love.”

“Tell me about your security system, darling.”

Bruce told his Mistress about all the extra safeguards he implemented. When he was though, Mynx knew every camera, every code, every detail of his security system. Upon mentioning Tom and Mike, his nighttime security staff, Bruce suddenly felt ashamed he put such a barriers in front of his Mistress’s plans. Mynx curled herself up against Bruce and stroked her fur playfully. She then turned to Bruce and purred, “They are of no consequence, baby. I’ll bet they would just LOVE a visit from me”. Mynx laughed, turned, and gave Bruce a deep passionate kiss.

Around midnight, Beth was getting worried. Bruce had called and said he was going to be working very late, but he was NEVER this late. She called the police who were dispatched to Wilcox Furriers immediately. What they found was an empty storeroom, no security tapes, no security guards, and another missing owner.

Beth was beside herself with tears. She needed to find out what happened to her husband and would use all her resources to do so.

Bruce however, did not want to be found. He was right where he wanted to be; curled up on a sable blanket next to his love. Mynx would stroke him and whisper in his ear, “Nice puppy. Nice sweet puppy!”


Chapter 2.

As Mynx strolled down the hallway of her new chateau, she stopped on front of an older gentleman. She ran her fingers through his hair and gazed into his eyes.

“Thank you Frank, darling, for the lovely chateau. It suits my purpose perfectly” she said.

“Anything for you, my love”. Franklin Ellis donated his chateau to his Mistress two months ago as a sign of his complete devotion. It was the happiest day of his life.

She continued down the hallway, which were lined with her collection of kneeling admirers. She liked to tease them and play her little nightly game. Which slave would she pick for petting this evening. They all stared lovingly at her and prayed they would be chosen tonight. Her long blonde hair shimmered as she walked. Her naked body covered only by her long fox fur coat. Her piercing blue eyes rested on each one of her slaves. She could only imagine what was going through their minds.

She stopped in front of the kneeling Nicole McAvoy. In her former life, Nicole was the manager of a small jewelry store on the south side. Mynx put her finger under the girls chin and brought her to her feet. She cupped her perfect 36C breast in her hand, stared deep into Nicole’s eyes and purred, “Come, lover”. Nicole was beside herself with ecstasy as she suckled and kissed Mynx’s breast.

Feeling her own arousal, Mynx turned her eyes on her newest slave, Bruce Wilcox, and ordered, “Brucey darling, fetch me my sable blanket immediately”.

Elated, Bruce ran off to do his Mistresses bidding. He felt complete bliss when his love called out his name, let alone be asked to obey her command. He grabbed her sable blanket and ran back to his Mistress.

“Lay it down here darling, then strip for me.”

Mynx used her hands to guide Nicole’s mouth away from her breast and stared deeply into her eyes. Nicole’s eyes glistened with love. “Lay down, Nikki, and remove your top”. A rush of excitement passed over Nicole as she dropped down onto the fur blanket.

Bruce stood next to Mynx, his cock throbbing in time to his pounding heart. He could not imagine a life before last week, when his Mistress came into his life. Mynx leaned against him seductively and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me, lover”.

With that, Mynx sank down onto the blanket and began to kiss and fondle Nicole’s breasts, teasing her erect nipples with her tongue. Bruce moved behind his Mistress and lifted her fur coat, and entered her glorious pussy. Minx moaned with pleasure when Bruce entered and began french kissing Nicole. Her tongue would probe Nicole’s mouth in time to each one of Bruce’s thrusts. Bruce was in complete ecstasy. Each pump, brought waves of pleasure across his love-struck mind. Mistress Mynx was the source of all pleasure.

Ever since Bruce’s disappearance last week, Beth Wilcox had been in contact with all almost all the spouses of the missing store owners. She was trying to get as many details as possible to figure out what happened to her husband. Now she was headed over to see John Kovak. His wife, Bonnie, had been missing for about a month now, with no clues.

Beth arrived at John’s house around 4:00. When John opened the door, Beth was a bit taken back with John’s appearance. He looked older, drawn, and completely exhausted. Beth had called him almost every day and John would never answer any of her messages. I just wanted to be left alone to mourn the loss of his Bonnie. The police told him they suspected the worst for their fates and John spent his lonely days trying to accept it.

“Hello, John” Beth looked at the grief stricken man before him.

“Come in Beth, I’m not sure how much help I can be, but please, sit down” John motioned her into the living room. He thought, “Let’s get this over with”.

After some casual small talk she began, “As you know I’ve talked to almost all the spouses of the missing store owners and all the stories are identical. So, I just want to verify my findings with your story again. Did Bonnie call and tell you she would be working late the night she disappeared?”

“Yes, for the umteenth time. The police already went over this.” John replied with his head hung low.

“Who else knew she was going to work late?” asked Beth

“No one that I know of. The police questioned all the employees and none of them knew anything about it”

Beth sat silent for a minute or so. She looked at John and said, “Doesn’t that strike you as odd?”

“I don’t understand”, John’s curiosity was stirred.

“Listen John, these robberies took some planning. The thief had to know they would be working late. If they ONLY told us, then how could the thief know and be prepared for such an excursion? John, I have this theory.” Beth spoke slowly and thoughtfully. “The thief met up with Bonnie, Bruce, and the rest of them and forced them to help with the robberies.”

Forced them? That’s insane!” John hesitated for a long while and then uttered in a low voice, “then killed them?”

Beth reached out for John’s hand, “I don’t know, but I am going to find out. I have to find out.”

She then started to think out loud, “It’s the only thing that makes sense. It HAD to happen earlier in the day. One of us would have picked up on something otherwise It was probably not at the store. It would be too risky. It had to be during a lunch hour or when they were away from the store.”

“Oh my God.” John mind was swimming. “So what do we do, go to the police?” John asked

“I will handle that, and I think I need to do some investigating work on my own as well. There is a jewelry store on the parkway, Camelot Jewelers, getting a huge shipment this weekend.”

“How do you know that?” asked John

“I have my sources. Anyway, I think they will be next. I am going to stake out the store and follow the owner for a few days. Hopefully it will lead me to Bruce… uh, and Bonnie”

“I think we should just let the police handle it.” John suggested.

“I’ve been talking to Detective Irving almost everyday trying to get him to do something. He won’t listen to me now unless I have something concrete. And that’s what I’m going to give him”. Beth made her soft plea, “You know John, I could use your help.”

“What can I do?” Bruce was finding renewed strength in her resolve.

Beth went out and rented a van so they could hide in the back and keep an eye on Jim Ripley, the Owner of Camelot Jewelers, without being seen. John and Beth took turns watching the store.

On Friday, Beth noticed a black stretch limo, pull up and park in the corner of the lot. Not totally uncommon, but it was just sitting there. Beth wrote down the license plate number just in case. About 11:30, Jim Ripley, the owner left the store and walked over to his car. Beth jumped into the front of the van, preparing to follow him.

Beth noticed a young woman get out of the back seat of the limo. She was tall, blonde and very attractive. She was wearing a short top, exposing her mid-drift, leopard skin mini skirt, and high heels. Draped across her shoulders was a long black mink coat. She walked up behind Jim, caressed the sleeves of her fur against his bare arms. Jim spun around, obviously taken off guard. His face had a blank expression on it momentarily which was replaced with this look of absolute bliss. She smiled, blew him a kiss and turned abruptly and headed back to the limo. She seemed so arrogant, so self-absorbed. Jim was following closely with that stupid grin plastered on his face.

“What the….” thought Beth.

Then she saw something that had her completely baffled. A man jumped out of the front seat of the limo and opened the back door. When she approached, he knelt down as if she were some sort of royalty. Beth suddenly became afraid. Who was this bitch? What was this bitch? What had she done to her husband?

Jim Ripley got into the back seat with the woman without hesitation, and the limo sped away. She was tempted to follow, but decided against it. If she was right, and this mink wearing bitch was responsible, Jim would have to arrive back as to not arouse suspicion.

Instead, Beth called John. John had a friend at the DMV. She ran the plates for John and found it belonged to Sir Franklin Ellis. He was a well known recluse which owned a chateau on the outskirts of town.

The next day, the paper reported the robbery of Camelot Jewelers and the disappearance of Jim Ripley. Beth made a call into Detective Irving. He was “not available” to take her call. She left a message, “Detective, this a Beth Wilcox, I think I’ve figured out what’s going on. Please call me as soon as possible”.

She waited by the phone all day and there was no reply from Detective Irving. She decided to take matters into her own hands and check out the Ellis Chateau. John insisted on coming along.

Around 9:00pm they drove to the Ellis Chateau. They parked the van about a half mile away as to not arouse suspicion. They crept up to the chateau and looked for some kind of opening. They heard noises coming though one of the open windows. Beth stood on John’s shoulders and almost died of shock as to what she saw.

Oh my God.!!! Bruce!!!!

Bruce was on his knee’s rubbing his cheek against the young blonde’s legs. She was explaining to him something about “how her furs needed to be treated”. She was holding an atomizer and petting Bruce. With them was Bonnie and another woman, naked and kneeling. The young blonde then rose to her feet, walked to the door with the atomizer and simply said, “Follow, my darlings”. The three got up and followed without hesitation.

When the fur clad Goddess and her entourage left the room, Beth climbed into the room, and helped John up. It looked like a bedchamber. Beth began to examine the room as John crept into the hallway. Beth saw him and tried to get him back before he was noticed. John however, saw his wife walking down the hallway. He was so overcome with joy he shouted, “Bonnie”.

He ran to her and grabbed her. There was no response in Bonnie’s eyes. She struggled free from John ran into a nearby room. Bruce called after her, “Bonnie, come back” and ran into the room after her.

Upon entering the room, he saw Bonnie, kneeling at the side of the young blonde Beth told him about. She was naked and wearing a long lynx coat. The young blonde stood there petting Bonnie, and smiling at him seductively. John was dumbfounded. Four men grabbed him from behind and held him tight. Struggle as he might, he could not break free.

“Bonnie, darling, who is he?” asked Mynx

“His name is John, Mistress. He was my husband” Bonnie replied

“Was? What’s going on? Let me go you bitch!” he yelled

“Tut tut, dear boy. Such language. Why don’t you just relax. You are going to be here for some time. And LOVING every minute of it..” purred the young seductress.

“Who the fuck are you???”

“Mynx, darling. My name is Mynx.”

“What have you done to Bonnie?” yelled John.

“The same thing I am going to do to you, baby” Mynx smiled while she stroked the deep pelt of her fur coat. “So tell me, to what may I owe this pleasure?”

“I came to take back my wife, now release me!”

“Oh darling, she doesn’t want to go back with you. She wants to stay here with me. Don’t you baby” Mynx leaned over and kissed Bonnie deeply. Mynx then opened her legs and guided Bonnie’s head down to her pussy. She looked down at her kneeling slave, smiled and nodded her head. Bonnie moved in close and teased the outside of Mynx’s pussy with the tip of her tongue as she had been taught.

Shocked, John struggled again to break free, to no avail. For 5 minutes he was forced to watch his wife grovel in servitude before this woman. “Oh John, I can see why you want her back. She is so good with her tongue.” Mynx looked down at the her pussy slave, stroked her and said, “Good girl, you may get up now. How did you enjoy that?”

“Oh Mistress, it was the greatest pleasure of my life!”

“Of course it was.” smiled Mynx.

“Now darling, back to you”. Mynx strolled across the room and stood in front of John. “Feel this nice soft fur and relax for me. Welcome to your new life, baby”. Mynx slowly slid the sleeves of her coat around John’s neck. She knew there was no way John, or anyone would ever resist the effects of her “love virus”. John shut his eyes hoping to avert what was about to happen.

The moment the fur touched his neck he gasped and felt a cloud drift across his mind. She was beautiful. No, she was gorgeous. What was this. What was he feeling. LOVE, my God, it’s LOVE. I am in love with this heavenly creature. I will do anything for her, absolutely anything. I am hers to command.

“Release him. He’s mine now” Mynx commanded. The four slaves that were holding him released him immediately.

Mynx walked to the other side of the room and stood there looking at John. She loved to imagine what was going through their minds when they were first infected. “Come to me, baby” Mynx cooed..

John began to walk over to Mynx. She held up her hand, and pointed at the floor, and said, “No, baby. On your knees!” John immediately sank to his knees and made his way over to new love.

“Excellent. Now how about a kiss.” He rose to his feet and took Mynx into his arms. Mynx then continued to use the sleeves of her fur to rub the “love virus” into his skin. John was unable to think of anything but Mistress Mynx. He just stared into the most gorgeous eyes he had ever seen. He kissed her passionately until he finally found the strength to speak.

“I love you, Mistress Mynx. I adore you. I am yours forever”.

“I know baby, as she slid her tongue back into his mouth. “Now slave, tell me, did you come here all by yourself?” Mynx asked

“No my love, I came with Beth Wilcox. She has been looking for her husband. She traced him here. She is here now. ” John fell to his knees, his eyes filed with passion. Then trying not to displease his new love, he said, “She is probably headed back to the van. It is parked down the road. Would you like me to bring her to you? Command me!”

Mynx snapped her fingers, “Bruce darling. Go with him. Find your wife and bring her to me!!”

“At once Mistress Mynx.” John and Bruce sped away to intercept Beth.

The rest of Mynx’s love-slaves were turning the chateau up-side-down. She had to be found. Mynx’s commands had to be obeyed.

When John was captured, Beth hid in the bedchamber and listened to his ordeal. She wanted to rush in to save him but needed to be patient. She had no desire to end up like the rest of them. She tried to make sense out it. Fur? She rubbed his neck with fur. Yes, she rubbed her coat against Jim Ripley in the parking lot. What is it about her furs? What kind of power do they have? The atomizer. What did it contain?

Beth had to get back home to figure out what to do. She ran back to the van. She crawled into the drivers seat and started the van. She then felt a pair of arms grab her from behind. Bruce. It was Bruce. He dragged her into the back of the van while John drove the van to the chateau. Bruce took the struggling Beth back to his Mistress. All the while Beth was trying to reason with her husband. The stone-faced Bruce, was not interested in anything Beth had to say. His only purpose in life was to carry out his task like the good love-slave he was.

Bruce and John entered Mynx’s chambers and presented Beth to his Goddess. “Well done darlings, you are such good boys. Now remove her clothes and tie her to the bed.. Bruce and John obeyed without question.

“John darling, How do you like your new life? Mynx loved to hear her slaves rave about her.

“I love it more than anything. I love you more than anything.”

“Excellent darling. I am so pleased. I want you to leave us now, but I will be joining you later, alright baby?”

His heart jumped with anticipation. He wanted so much to be near her. “Yes, my love”, was all he said. With that, he left the room, where Bonnie met him and escorted him to the suitor’s quarters.

Mynx looked at Beth strapped to the bed. Fear showed in her green eyes. Her athletic body, and shoulder length brown hair stirred something in Mynx.

Mynx turned her crystalline eyes on Bruce, “I had no idea your wife was so attractive”.

“She is nothing. You are everything”. Bruce replied.

“You’re sweet baby.” Mynx cooed.

Mynx turned and looked at Beth, “You know, darling, Brucey is such a good fuck. Even though he’s only been in my thrall for a little while, I am very satisfied with his performance. And you wanted to take him away from me. Oh, darling, how could you refuse me such a man?” She turned back to Bruce and blew him a kiss. Bruce lost complete control and ejaculated right on the spot.

Mynx giggled and stroked her fur playfully. “Brucey, your wife is such a clever woman to track me here. Maybe I can make use of her talents in the next phase of my plan.” Mynx turned and stared deep into Beth’s tear-stained eyes. Mynx laughed seductively and purred, “Tell me darling, what do you think of this beautiful fur?”

Chapter 3.

Earlier that afternoon, Detective Tom Irving was simply exhausted. He had just come from the Chief’s office after another tongue-lashing. He went back to his desk, opened his filing cabinet and pulled out his bottle of Jack Daniels. Almost non-stop he had been working on the series of robberies that have plagued the city for the past several weeks. Not one credible lead. He ran his hands through his dark hair and took a deep sip from his glass. He looked much older than his 36 years. He had people calling him all day long with their whacked out theories about the case. The worst was Beth Wilcox. There was nothing worse than a pushy, grieving wife playing detective.

He listened to the messages on his answering machine and heard Beth saying she knew what was happening and to call her immediately. “Oh Jesus, not again” he thought. The last thing he wanted was another confrontation with her. He sat there in deep thought for sometime. He hated the thoughts coming into his brain. Mrs. Wilcox didn’t say she had a theory this time, she said she “knew” what was going on. “Oh why is this woman doing this to me.”

He had come to know the tenacity and persistence of Beth Wilcox. If she honestly believed she figured out what was going on, she would dive right into harm’s way. Against his better judgement he decided to follow the activities of Mrs. Wilcox. If she was correct, she would lead him right into the heart of what was going on. He would use her as bait.

He finished off his whiskey and left for the Wilcox residence. Along the way, he equipped himself with all the surveillance equipment available to him; long range directional microphones, night vision glasses, high tech video and audio equipment.

A few hours later, Tom was in a car watching the Wilcox, residence. He noticed she was not alone. He recognized John Kovak, the husband of Bonnie Kovak, one of the missing owners. “What are they up to?” he wondered. “Stupid fools.”

Around 9:00pm, Tom saw Beth and John leave the Wilcox residence and headed out. By their attire, they didn’t appear to be headed out for a late dinner. Clothed all in black they were up to something. Tom would find out. He would follow and observe; moths to the flame.

Beth never dreamed her evening would have turned into such a nightmare. But here she was, captured and tied to a bed by her husband, Bruce, and her friend, John. In a matter minutes, she witnessed John transformation from a distraught husband, to a subservient love-slave, who’s only purpose in life was to serve this Mynx. Was her husband’s transformation just as quick? Was she next?

Beth laid on the bed, searching her limited options as she saw Mynx approach wearing her luxurious fur coat. She struggled to break free from her bonds. She looked hopefully at her husband, who just stood there, gazing lovingly at the gorgeous blonde approaching her. How could he have betrayed me like this?

“Mmm, I am going to have so much fun with you darling.” Mynx purred, as she looked at Beth’s neatly trimmed bush. “Now just relax and let yourself drift under my irresistible power.”

“Never!” Beth was showing her defiance. She would not let this bitch take control. She would resist. She must resist. “I will NEVER kneel before you,” she yelled.

Mynx chuckled. “Let’s not be so hasty, darling. You have no idea what you’re up against. You are way out of your league, sweetie. Did you know that I can enslave you with a mere touch? Yes, just one touch and you will kneel and worship me like all the others. Don’t worry though baby, you will love every minute of it.”

“I saw you with an atomizer.” Beth shot out. “I know you treated your fur with it. What’s in it? ” Beth asked defiantly.

Mynx’s blue eyes grew wide with surprise. “You mean this?” Mynx lifted a heart-shaped atomizer and held it up to Beth. “Oh, you are just full of surprises, aren’t you baby. No matter. It contains a viral chemical capable of instantly inducing passionate and erotic feelings. Simply put, it’s ‘love in a bottle’.” She smiled mischievously “It’s completely irresistible and will enslave anyone for as long as I desire.” Mynx ran her jeweled fingers through the deep pelt of her coat. “It excites me to use my passion for furs to deliver my ‘love virus’. Not a necessity, I assure you, just a personal preference.” she giggled.

“Why aren’t you affected?” Beth pressed.

“Why Beth, what an inquisitive little girl you are. I can see you are going to be quite useful to me.” Mynx started to lean in close to her bound captive. “That’s not really important now, is it baby? Now I think it’s time you answered me a question. Tell me, do you find me attractive, lover?” she purred.

Mynx gazed ever so deeply into Beth’s eyes until their faces were just inches apart. In a last ditch effort, Beth hurled a huge wad of spit directly into the face of young blonde. Mynx drew back furious, as Bruce leapt onto the bed and wrapped his strong hands around Beth’s throat. He needed to protect his Mistress from this bitch. She deserved to die for her actions.

“Stop!! Leave your bitch wife to me.” commanded Mynx

Bruce immediately removed his hands from around his wife throat. He ran to Mynx’s side and wiped the spittle from his Mistress’s face then sank to his knees. “Thank you my pet” she said as she pet him like a good little puppy, while her eye’s burned with fury at his wife. “Ever been enslaved by passion, my dear?” Mynx uttered coldly.

With that she took her hand and slid it down in between Beth’s legs. Mynx’s finger tips touched Beth’s pussy as did the furry cuffs of Mynx’s coat. It was such a light touch, but enough to send Beth’s mind reeling, just as Mynx desired..

Beth was so confused. Try as she might, her eyes were immediately drawn to the blonde sitting next to her. God, she was so beautiful. She just gazed at her. Her perfectly formed breasts and tight abs were causing her pussy to twitch. She struggled to break free from her bonds.

“If only I could touch her, be near her.” thought Beth. “Mmm. NO, it’s not real! Think! It’s artificial! But those eyes, those lips, those breasts! I need her! I LOVE her! But it’s impossible. I have never been attracted to a woman before. Oh, if only to kiss this love goddess I would give up everything”

As her mind was continuing to argue with itself, Mynx leaned in close, licked her lips, and asked seductively. “How does oral sex sound, baby?”

Beth’s already dripping pussy almost exploded. “Mmm…Waa… waa … wonderful”, she whimpered. No, I have to resist. Oh God, I can’t succumb to her. Think!! But the only thing Beth was able to think about was the Mistress’s tongue touching her hot pussy.

“Sound’s wonderful to me too, baby.” Mynx turned her irresistible eyes on Bruce and commanded him to stand. She looked at the massive bulge in his pants, giggled, and purred, “For me, baby? Thank you.”

Bruce’s heart was pounding so hard he thought it was going to burst from pleasure. He was about to receive the greatest pleasure of his life. He removed his pants immediately and presented his cock to his Mistress. “Now baby, I want to make this last, so you are not to cum without permission. Alright darling?”

“Of course, my love.” Bruce would do anything. After all, she owned his cock. It was hers to use and control as she desired, thought Bruce.

Beth started to cry. “But…. But. But, I thought… please.”

“Oh please, Brucey here is a such a good boy. He’s earned this. You have simply been a pain in my beautiful ass”

Beth started to cry as she fought the conflicting feeling rage within her. Bruce. I have to think of Bruce. My husband. I have to think of him. I love him. I have to protect him from this woman. This BEAUTIFUL woman! This irresistible creature. Beth’s rational mind seemed to be winning, but she still was having intense sexual feelings for Mynx.

Seeing the resistance in Beth’s eyes, Mynx leaned over, brushed the collar of her lynx coat on Beth’s cheek, and whispered in her ear, “Jealous?”

The fur had delivered another dose of Mynx’s “love virus”and Beth’s infected mind floated right back to the blonde goddess next to her. She moaned in She screamed in ecstasy. With tears streaming down her face, she thought, “Love. My love is all that matters. Bruce was immaterial. I don’t want anything to do with him. There is only the gorgeous, true love of my life, Mistress Mynx.”

Mynx turned back to Bruce’s waiting cock. She took her tongue and ran it from balls to tip. His cock pulsated with pleasure as she kissed and suckled each ball. After a full two minutes of teasing, Mynx took Bruce’s throbbing member into his mouth and began to run her lips up and down his shaft. As if it was even possible, Bruce’s cock grew inside the mouth of his Goddess.

Beth struggled frantically to break free from her bonds so she could be near this woman. Jealous? Damn right she was jealous! She could provide her with so much more pleasure than this man. She looked desperately at Mynx, and with tear stained eyes, whimpered, “Please, oh please. My turn? I beg you!” Even though she knew it was futile, she HAD to ask.

Mynx released Bruce’s cock and turned to the whimpering woman. She looked deep into her eyes, ran the cuffs of her coat over Beth’s erect nipples and simply asked, “Why?”

When the lynx cuffs ran over Beth’s nipples, a wave of pleasure washed across her mind. “Because I love you. I adore you. You are my everything!”

“Hmm. Do you now?” Mynx teased. “So tell me, what would you do for me?”

“Anything!. Absolutely anything!” pleaded Beth

“Would you lie, cheat, and steal for me?”

“Of course, my Mistress.”

“What about your husband?”

“He means nothing to me. You are my only love, now and forever.” Beth confessed.

“Alright darling, I will give you the opportunity to prove yourself to me. But remember this, if you ever disappoint me, I will never speak or look at you again, which would be enough to destroy you.” With that Mynx ordered Bruce to untie her newest slave. Bruce obeyed without question and returned to Mynx’s side.

As soon as Beth was free she dropped on her knees before her new Mistress with her eyes glistening with love. There was no resistance. There was no world except in her eyes.

Mynx rubbed up against Bruce and teased, “Oh, I’m sorry darling. No, I didn’t forget about you. I know you want to cum. Mmm, to see your tribute spurt forth on my command would be very exciting, however I don’t let my slaves cum in my mouth I’m afraid.” She turned and transfixed her eyes on the kneeling Beth, “But since I want to make my baby happy….”

“Beth, darling, you wouldn’t mind being my personal sperm receptacle tonight, would you?”

“Of course not, my love. I will be whatever you desire.” The thought of being near Bruce again disgusted Beth. Her only desire now was servicing her Mistress. And that’s what she would do. She would be her love’s sperm receptacle forever if that is what Mynx desired. She could refuse her nothing.

“Excellent, my dear. You may begin” exclaimed Mynx.

Beth reached out for Bruce’s cock. At Beth’s touch his cock began to loose it’s rigidity. Expecting this, Mynx turned back to Bruce, who looked disturbed and confused. He didn’t want anything to do with the kneeling woman.

“I understand, baby”, Mynx cooed. “I am going to help you. Close your eyes, relax, and listen to me. Let my words become your thoughts. Can you do that for me baby?”

“Yes, my love”

“Gooood boy” Mynx whispered softly in his ear. “What you are feeling is MY lips wrapped around your cock. My beautiful lips. The most beautiful lips in the world. Can you see them, baby?”

“Mmm. Yes my love”, Bruce moaned. Beth could feel his cock grow and fill her mouth. She began to pump faster and faster not wanting to displease her Mistress.

“Yessssss. That’s it. Feel me all over you…” Mynx then kissed him and slid her tongue deep inside his mouth. She ran her bejeweled fingers all over his naked form.

Bruce was beside himself with pleasure. Never had he been in more ecstacy. He started to moan. It was time. Mynx moved back to Bruce’s ear, licked it and purred, “Cum for me, my darling! Show me how much you adore me. Give me every drop of your love!”

Bruce screamed in ecstasy as Beth could feel cum spurt inside her mouth. Mynx patted Beth on the head and said, “Swallow it all, darling. Don’t let any of his delicious cum go to waste.” Beth swallowed hard as she heard Bruce moan again with the delivery of more cum. Wave after wave came. Beth sucked and used her tongue to gather every drop, just as her love commanded.

After they were finished, Mynx put her finger under Beth’s chin and brought her to her feet. “You were wonderful, darling. Such a good little girl. I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship”, Mynx giggled.

Never had Beth been happier. She was hers, all hers. Beth just stood there smiling and gazing lovingly at her new owner, while still feeling cum running down the back of her throat.

Tom Irving was so confused. He saw and heard everything that happened with the help of his surveillance equipment. His first instinct was to run in and save John Kovak and Beth Wilcox. But what was he saving them from? Some sex-crazed bimbo? A very attractive one at that. He saw many of the missing owners and had to be patient if he was ever to rescue them, even if that meant temporarily sacrificing John and Beth. Yes, patience is the key.

He tried to piece together and make sense of everything he heard. This woman had an atomizer which contained a chemical that induced love. Not just love, but an all-consuming love, which turned anyone into her slave. Beth asked the key question. Why wasn’t this Mynx affected by the chemical? What did she say? A VIRAL chemical. If it was a virus, then there had to be an anti-virus. In order to crack this, he needed that anti-virus!

He knew there was no way he could find the anti-dote in that place. It was too large and could be in any form. But he did know the atomizer was in the same room with the Wilcox’s and their captor. How could he get it a sample of the chemical? He would have to wait. He would wait until they were asleep and sneak in. It was the only way.

Around 3:00am, the chateau was completely dark. Wearing night vision glasses and gloves, he approached the same window where Beth and John entered, and lifted himself into the room. He saw the trio laying on the bed. Beth and Bruce were on opposite sides of Mynx curled up against her like faithful dogs. He looked onto the night stand and saw the heart-shaped atomizer. He took a small handkerchief and carefully sprayed a couple of shots of the chemical into it. He placed the handkerchief into a zip-lock bag and sealed it.

Sneaking back to the window he saw Beth stir. He froze. He could feel the beating of his own heart. Mynx instinctively wrapped her arm around Beth as she would a child. A look of bliss passed over Beth’s face as she settled in next to Mynx.

Tom left the room and crept back to his car. He was afraid of the power of the virus he was carrying. He wanted to insure there was NO chance of infection so he carefully removed his gloves and threw them into a nearby ditch.

Two weeks had gone by since Tom gave the handkerchief to the bio lab to analyze. They were analyzing the virus and determining it’s contents. Hopefully soon they would be able to recreate it and produce an anti-virus. It was just a matter of time. But time was running short.

Tom spent his days in the office, but his nights back staking out the Ellis Chateau. Try as he might, he could not seem to get a clue as to what Mynx was up to next. There have been no more reported robberies but Tom knew something was up.

Around 9:00 on Tuesday, Tom was called to a meeting with the Mayor Fleming and the Chief Harding. As he entered the room, the mayor said, “Tom, come in please. Have a seat.”

“Thank you, your Honor” Tom said, trying to hide is displeasure at being there..

“I wanted to talk to you about these robberies, Tom.” the mayor began. “I know you are doing everything you can, but it’s no secret that this administration has taken a lot of slack over our recent failures. I mean eighteen missing persons, and not one lead. I have been in contact with Beth Wilcox. I believe you are familiar with her?”

A look of shock appeared on Tom’s face. “Yes, I am”, he replied slowly.

“She has suggested a task force to assist you in your investigation. I think it’s a great idea, but it’s going to cost some major bucks. When I told her, she simply said, ‘it’s already underway’. She gave a huge donation herself and is organizing a benefit to raise money. She is a very tenacious woman.” Mayor Fleming noted.

“I’m sure” Tom said thoughtfully. “Benefit?”

Yes. At the Ellis Chateau. Frank Ellis wanted to help out as well and will host the event. Amazing isn’t it? No word from him in over four years and then wham. Isn’t it great the way the community comes together in a crisis?” The mayor beamed. Just then his phone rang. He walked over and answered it. “Oh excellent, send them in.”

Mayor Fleming’s secretary opened the door, and in strolled Beth Wilcox. Tom instinctively stepped back when he saw the woman following Beth. It was Mynx. She was wearing a silk blouse and black trousers, and high heels. Across her shoulders was a long white beaver coat.

The mayor motioned the ladies to the long leather sofa on the other side of the office. He went straight over to Mynx, held out his arm to assist her, leaving Beth to herself. She put her arm through his. She took hold of the mayor’s hand and instinctively rubbed it against her pelt of her fur. Tom was sure the fur was tainted with the virus. He looked closely for some kind of change in the mayor’s expression. He found none. At that moment he knew the mayor was completely under her power, and this was a trap!

Mynx looked at the mayor as if she was giving him silent instructions. He turned, walked in front of the ladies and asked, “Mrs. Wilcox, I believe you are already acquainted with Detective Tom Irving?”

“Yes, so nice to see you again, detective.” Beth responded. Her tone seemed different from their last meeting; more confident, self assured.

“You too Mrs. Wilcox.” He said cautiously. “I’ve been listening to your plan for the upcoming benefit at the Ellis Chateau.”

“Actually, I can’t take credit for that.” Beth turned to the woman seated next to her. ” I would like to introduce you to my husband’s sister, Jennifer Wilcox. She is responsible for organizing the entire affair.”

Tom could not let on that he recognized the young blonde. He bowed his head slightly and said, “A pleasure Miss Wilcox. Organizing such an event must me very exhausting.”

“Don’t you worry about me, detective, I have everything well in hand.” With that, she stood, smiled wickedly, and offered her hand to Detective Irving. Tom felt trapped. He looked not at her hand, but the fur clad arm attached to it.


Chapter 4.

Tom could feel his stomach churn as Mynx reached out for his hand. The sleeves of her white beaver coat extended past her wrists to the base of the thumb. Tom knew the fur was tainted with her “love virus”, and any contact would infect him. He wanted to run, but knew if he did Mynx would know he was on to her. He alone knew what was going on and it had to stay that way, for now. What would he do. What could he do.

When her hand was just inches away from Tom’s, his cell phone rang. Thank Christ. Tom immediately backed away and held up his finger to signal he would be just a moment. He stepped away from Mynx, or as she was calling herself, Jennifer Wilcox, and answered the call.

“Hello?” Tom said. “Yes. Could you hold on one moment please.”

He then turned to the Mayor Fleming and Chief Harding and said, “Will you excuse me please? I really need to take this.”

“Of course” Mayor Fleming said. Mynx flashed an angry glare at Bob Fleming. A look of panic fell over Bob’s face. He had just disappointed his one true love. It was too late however. How could he rectify his blunder.

The moment Tom left the mayor’s office he bee-lined right for the elevator. The phone call was simply a friend asking about lunch, but it gave him the opportunity to escape. As soon as the elevator door closed Mayor Fleming burst through the door. He asked his secretary where Detective Irving was. When his secretary told him, he reluctantly turned to go back to his office, obviously distraught.

“Where is he?” Mynx demanded.

“Gone” Bob said sheepishly. He walked over to Mynx and dropped to his knees. “Forgive me, my love” he pleaded.

“Fool” Mynx snapped.

Police Chief Bill Harding had a look of puzzlement on his face. What’s going on? Tom must have been on to something. He turned to Mynx and the kneeling mayor and announced, “If you will excuse me?”, and headed for the door.

Mynx immediately stepped in front of him and said, “You’re not going anywhere, baby?”

“Get out of my way!” yelled Bill. He walked up to her, took the back of his hand and pushed the beautiful blonde aside.

Mynx smiled mischievously and allowed him to pass. She knew when the back of his hand touched the beaver pelt she was wearing, he was hers. She watched him slow down as she took her place next to Beth sitting on the leather sofa. Beth placed her head on Mynx’s furry shoulder, closed her eyes, and smiled dreamily. Mynx petted Beth and watched Bill struggle his way to the door.

And struggle he did. He used every ounce of will power to reach the door, but all he could think about was the gorgeous blonde on the sofa. Then he heard her velvet voice.

“Billy” She purred seductively. “Where are you going, darling? You don’t really want to leave me now, do you? Hmm?”

Chief Harding froze. He turned to the owner of that irresistible voice. She was gorgeous. She was right too, he didn’t want to leave. Her clear blue eyes seemed to reach out and draw him to her. He started to move toward her but stopped. What am I doing? I have to get out of here. He mustered all his strength and started to back away.

Mynx sat there smiling with Beth curled up next to her. Mynx stared straight into Chief Harding’s eyes and slowly unbuttoned her silk blouse revealing her perfect breasts. Beth looked hopefully at her Mistress and licked her lips.

Mynx petted Beth and answered her silent plea. “No, no, my dear. Your turn is coming, but right now these are for Billy.” Mynx then began teasing the nipple of her right breast and moaned. “Mmm … If you want them baby, come to me.”

Bill could feel his heart beating in his throat. Before he was even aware of what was happening, he was standing in front of the irresistible blue-eyed blonde. He didn’t even remember walking over to her. She seemed to have total control of his body; and he loved it.

Mynx looked at the bulge in Bill’s trousers. “Oh darling, that must be very uncomfortable. Beth dear, would you be so kind as to lower the chief’s trousers and allow him some freedom?”

Beth obeyed immediately. He was hardly aware of Beth preforming her duty as he was consumed with the vision of loveliness before him. Beth removed Bill’s underwear and his cock stood there eye level with Mynx’s lips. Mynx took the sleeves of her coat and caressed the pulsating cock in front of her, rubbing in more of her “love virus”.

“Doesn’t that feel good baby?” She purred.

“Ye… Yea…..Yes, Mistress Jennifer” he confessed. “I.. I….I love you. I adore you. I am yours forever.”

“Of course you are, darling. And by the way, the name is not Jennifer. It’s Mynx” she said triumphantly. “Now Billy, how about some relaxation before I put you and the mayor to work.” She released his cock and drew him down to her breasts. He suckled them voraciously and used his tongue to play with her ever hardening nipple. It was the greatest pleasure of his life.

As Tom was leaving City Hall, relief was still a long way off. He needed someplace to think, and think quickly. So much was going on in his brain, he needed to sort things out. He got into his car and drove to a nearby bar. He ordered a drink and sat in deep thought.

His thoughts turned to the events in the mayor’s office. Thank God that call came in from his friend. It was just a simple invite to lunch but played itself perfectly in his feeble attempt to escape. Was Mynx aware that he was trying to escape? Probably not. How could she?

But escape he did, only to leave that bitch to her seductive enslavement. Oh, the mayor. How long had he been under her influence? And what about the Chief? If he wasn’t enslaved, he sure as hell is now. How could he have just left him there like that? He took a long sip from his glass and forced his mind to concentrate on the problem at hand: What was to be done now?

For the present, he could not go to his office. He could not go home. He had to work in secret and have minimal contact with the department. That was not a problem, he was always considered a rogue. The lab that was working with the “love virus” was an independent bio-lab affiliated with the local university hospital. He told no one of their involvement. He needed to contact them. They had to hurry with the anti-virus. It was his only line of defense.

Tom did not get an exact date, but the upcoming “benefit” was when he had to make his play. He was going to need assistance. Tom had friends which were private investigators. He would cash in on some old favors. He couldn’t do this alone.

Two weeks later, Mynx was stretched out in her limousine. Beth was sitting next to her holding a tall rectangular atomizer. Mynx turned to her, lifted her face, closed her eyes and said, “Ready darling”.

Beth sprayed a fine mist of the new compound all over her Mistress. Mynx could feel the tiny droplets absorb into her skin. The inside of the limo was filled with the sweet scent of jasmine. Mynx swung her head from side to side trying to gather in all the perfume she could.

Thank you, baby. Now for the test.” Mynx leaned to the side and gave Mark, her personal chauffeur, instructions. She instructed Mark to drive them to the Stand Alone, the hottest nightclub in town.

“You are so clever, Beth. I’m so glad your mine” Mynx purred.

“Now and forever, my love.” With that the two lovers kissed passionately as the limo sped along.

The limousine dropped off the two ladies in front of the Stand Alone. As they approached, the bouncer’s nostrils filled with the scent of jasmine, and he just stared at the approaching blonde. As she approached, he stood in front of her and instinctively said, “$10 cover.”

Mynx could see the effect of her perfume in his eyes and simply replied, “Look at me, darling. I’m gorgeous. Why oh why would you want to charge me? Just the honor of having me in your club would be payment enough, don’t you think?”

The bouncer looked at this crystalline eyed blonde in her tight top and leopard skin mini. She was right. She was gorgeous. It would be an honor. How could I charge her? With that the bouncer stepped to the side and allowed Mynx to pass. As she passed, she turned to the bouncer, pointed at Beth, and announced, “She’s free too, baby.”

Mynx and Beth made their way to the bar. They noticed a young couple, an Asian girl and dark haired boy, probably in their early twenties. The girl got up to use the bathroom, which left the boy all alone. Perfect, thought Mynx.

As they maneuvered through the crowd, Beth noticed their faces as her Mistress passed close by and caught a whiff of her perfume. They looked dazed and confused, as if they were lost puppies awaiting guidance.

They sat down and looked around. Beth was making mental notes. The next phase of Mynx’s plan would only be accomplished with a successful test of her new perfume. It was all Beth’s idea; create a perfume which contained the same extract as her “love virus”. The perfume however, was not designed to enslave, only to enrapture. It would make the wearer’s suggestions irresistible to the infected person. And the effects were temporary, just as Mynx desired.

As Mynx sat next to the boy, she saw his head move back and forth as if trying to clear his head. Mynx leaned over to the dark-haired boy sitting next to her and whispered in his ear, “We would LOVE some champagne. Won’t you buy us a bottle? After all, we are the two most gorgeous women in the room.”

The boy’s head was swimming. The perfume this woman was wearing was really sexy. He tried to avoid looking as not arouse the wrath of his girlfriend. But upon hearing her voice, he couldn’t help himself. He turned directly into the waiting eyes of the most beautiful woman in the world. His eyes floated between Mynx and Beth. He was totally enraptured. He called the bartender over and ordered a bottle of champagne.

The boy’s girlfriend returned to find her boyfriend pouring champagne for the two scantily dressed women.

“David, do you mind introducing me to your friends?” She snapped. Then she smelled this woman’s heady perfume. It was making her dizzy.

The boy looked at his date and responded dreamily, ” Not at all, Ann. These are the most beautiful women in the room. I was buying them champagne.”

“I see” Ann was having a terrible time concentrating. Why couldn’t she think of anything to say.

Mynx could see the confusion in the girl’s eyes. “Ann, darling, don’t be upset with him. After all who could blame him” Mynx suggested. “You know, Ann, I think you and my friend Beth would make a lovely couple. Why don’t you ask her to dance? Who knows where it might lead.”

Ann looked hungrily at Beth. She could feel herself getting moist. “Would you care to dance?” she asked hopefully.

“I would love to, my dear.” Beth smiled at Mynx and walked over to the dance floor with the enamored Ann.

Mynx then called the bartender over to herself and the enraptured David. Within seconds the bartender was totally under the perfume’s influence. “I am organizing a benefit in a week or so. I was wondering if you boys would like to contribute to a very good cause?”

“Of course, what’s the cause?” asked the bartender. Like it mattered.

“Me”, Mynx giggled.

David immediately took out his wallet and gave Mynx all his ready cash; $147.

The bartender grabbed his tip jar and handed it to Mynx. She laughed and said, “Darling, you can’t expect me to carry around a jar all evening. Be a dear and cash in now. Large bills are fine.” When the total count was done, the bartended handed her over $400 and change without batting an eye.

In the meantime, Ann was slowly recovering from the perfume’s influence. What was she doing? Who was this woman, and why was she dancing with her? She shook off the final effects of the perfume and walked back to her boyfriend leaving Beth alone on the dance floor. Beth followed Ann back to the bar.

“We’re leaving”, Ann announced to her starry-eyed boyfriend.

“There’s no need, we were just leaving ourselves. We have much to do. Thank you for the champagne. Come, Beth darling.” And with that, the two women left the club, leaving David and Ann confused as to what just happened.

Once inside the limo, Mynx looked deep into Beth’s eyes. “Oh baby, that worked perfectly! Nothing can stand in my way now. In a little more than a week, I will be rich beyond my wildest dreams. All because of you, darling.” Mynx then laid her back and made love to her all the way home.

Tom entered the university bio-lab. He needed something, anything to help counteract the affects of the virus. The benefit was tomorrow night. Time was not on his side.

“Detective Irving, how are you?” asked Paul Malone. Paul was in charge of developing the anti-virus. He knew by the look on Tom’s face he was pissed.

“Have you got it yet?” Tom blurted out. Tact was not his strong point.

“Well, I do have something but it hasn’t been tested yet.”

“I need it NOW, Paul!”

“Just 2 more days, that’s all I need”

“I don’t have 2 fucking days, you piece of shit. Just gimme what you got and I’ll take my chances” Tom was losing it.

“But…” Paul saw Tom unholster his gun, point it right at his head. “Over there, Tom. Jesus.” Paul figured Tom would never have pulled the trigger, but didn’t feel like staking his life on it either.

Tom went over to the adjacent lab table and picked up the untested anti-viral capsules. “How long do they last?”

“I don’t know. There’s no guarantee they will even work” Paul confessed.

“I’ll have to take that chance.”

Tom spent the remainder of the evening planning his raid on what was known as the “Law Enforcement Community Benefit”. With him were the two private investigators he contracted to help him; Phillip Barker, and Tony Whyte.

Because of Tom’s extensive surveillance of the Ellis Chateau, he knew the habits of Mynx probably better than she herself knew. He knew when she was alone and where. He would use that knowledge to capture her and bring her to justice.

He was ready. His men were ready, and unbeknownst to him, Mynx was ready.

Chapter 5.

It was mid-afternoon in the Ellis Chateau only one day before the “Law Enforcement Community Benefit”. Mynx, dressed in a fur trimmed mint green teddy, was lying on a thick raccoon blanket on her enormous bed. Surrounding her were a few of her key slaves; Beth and Bruce Wilcox, Frank Ellis, and Chief Bill Harding. They were all naked and staring lovingly at their Goddess.

“Billy, darling, have you been able to find Detective Irving after that idiot of a mayor allowed him to escape?” Mynx was obviously still peeved. For the past 3 weeks she had ignored the mayor as a form of torture.

“No, my love.” Bill’s eyes glistened with passion. “I’ve had his home and his office staked out ever since that day and he is nowhere to be found. I have even had his friends and favorite hangouts watched as well. I am so sorry, my darling.”

“He knows, Mistress” Beth interrupted.

“Yes… Of course. Do you think he’ll come after us?” Mynx asked.

“He is very dedicated. Unorthodox, but dedicated, Mistress” Bill answered. “If he comes anywhere near you, I’ll kill him.”

“Thank you sweetie, but I don’t believe that will be necessary. Beth, dear, analyze the situation for me. How much does he know and how will he strike?” Mynx leaned over and rubbed Beth behind her ears.

Beth sat in deep thought for quite a while. She finally looked up at her dearest love and spoke slowly, “He knows about the “love virus” and the power it holds; that much we know. He had a look of fear in his eye in the mayor’s office when you approached him. I never really thought about it till now. He tried to hide it, but fear was definitely there.” Beth sat silent for a moment, then started again slowly as if thinking out loud. “And how would he know? Of course, the same way I found out!” She turned her eyes to her love and said, “He has been watching us!!”

Mynx looked at Beth, while tracing heart shapes on the racoon blanket, and asked, “If he knows the power I hold, why would he come here?”

“He must have some sort of plan” Bill noted.

“It’s more than a plan, Mistress” Beth interrupted. “I think he must have obtained the antidote! He would never attempt to stop us without it. The fool. If he only knew how much pleasure you bring to us” she cooed and stared into her crystalline eyes.

“You are sooo sweet, my Beth, and I intend for him to find out. He will be enslaved by pleasure very soon.” Mynx giggled. “How did he get a hold of the antidote?” She asked.

I have no idea, my love. You are the only one who has access to the antidote with the exception of your former associates, now slaves, you keep tucked away downstairs.. Not that we would ever betray you. Loving you is the greatest experience of my life. I don’t ever want to stop.” Beth confessed.

“I would never allow that to happen.” Mynx bent over and gave Beth a soft kiss. “Hmm. Do you think he knows of my perfume?” Mynx inquired.

“I don’t see how he could. You only used it at the Stand Alone, with wonderful results I might add.”

“Yes, it was quite impressive.” Mynx giggled, “Ann was quite taken with you, my dear.”

“I only have eyes for you, my love” Beth purred. Mynx leaned over and gave Beth another kiss; this one passion filled. It sent Beth’s mind into a blissful frenzy.

Mynx drew away from Beth and turned to Frank Ellis. “Frankie, darling? Those wine cellars in the basement, they are enclosed with an iron gate, correct?”

“Yes, my love” Frank’s heart lept for joy when Mynx uttered his name.

“Brucey, dear, have you finished “treating” all my furs?” Bruce was sitting in the floor, rubbing his cheek against his Goddess’s long silky smooth leg.

Bruce looked up, smiled and lovingly replied, “Of course, my love. Everything you’ve asked for has been done.”

Excellent, my darlings. You leave Detective Irving to me. I know just what to do with him. Now, here’s what I want you all to do.” Mynx told her slaves her plan to bring Detective Irving into their loving fold.

It was 4:00 am when Tom Irving arrived about a mile down the road from the Ellis Chateau. He pulled the car into some nearby brush and turned to Phil Barker and Tony Whyte.

“Ok guys, are we ready?” Tom was trying to steady himself. He was so nervous and he only had one shot at this. Everything needed to go exactly as planned.

“Ready, boss” Phil said.

“Tom?” Tony asked. Tony was a smart detective but a little thick sometimes. “I still don’t understand something. Why are you the only one taking the anti-virus capsules?”

“Jesus, how many times do I have to tell you, Tony. The capsule is untested. Who knows what it will do to me? You will be safe as long as I am your backup. I know the way that bitch operates. Everything is going to be ok.” Tom was doing his best to reassure Tony. He was beginning to wonder if he made the proper choice. Tom had taken 2 of the capsules a few hours ago and hadn’t noted any strange affects. He hoped that was a good sign.

Ok. If there is nothing else, let’s go bag a Mynx.” Tom said.

The three investigators made their way to the Ellis Chateau. Tom had taken this trek many times in his late night surveillance excursions. Phil and Tony stayed close behind. As they came out from the trees, Tom put on his night vision glasses to check the area. All clear. They made there way to Mynx’s sleeping chambers and stationed themselves right outside the window. They peeped inside and saw the blonde beauty lying with her back turned away from the window. Surrounding her were two men curled at her side.

Tom whispered to Phil and Tony, “Ok, I’ll be back. Don’t do ANYTHING till I get back.” That was directed at mostly at Tony. With that, Tom sped off around the side of the house. He arrived at another open window and looked in. Lying on the bed was a naked, sleeping, Beth Wilcox. Her fingers were slowly working their way down her body and stopped on her nicely trimmed bush. She was obviously having a very intense erotic dream. Her mouth was partially open and she was moaning, “Oh Mistress… I love you Mistress.”

Tom maneuvered himself into the room and crept across the floor to the sleeping beauty. He carefully reached into his pocket and took out two of the anti-virus capsules. Like a cat he pounced on Beth, forced the capsules into her mouth, and covered her mouth with his hand. She struggled frantically to break free to no avail. Tom was a strong man. In her hazy state, she swallowed the capsules. With a free hand he took a hyperemic which was attached to his belt and rammed it into her side. She struggled for a few more moments and then her body went limp. The tranquilizer he gave her was enough to keep her asleep, or at least manageable, for a little while anyway. Hopefully, it would be long enough for the anti-virus to kick in.

Meanwhile, Phil and Tony were sitting underneath the windowsill in Mynx’s bedchamber. After a few minutes, Phil shook his head as if in wonder and looked at Tony. “Do you smell something?”

“Yeah, smells like jasmine. What the…. ” Tony seemed to be losing his concentration.

“Wow, I feel dizzy” Phil noted. “Hey, we better get outta here until we figure out what’s going on.”

“You don’t want to leave, boys.” Her soft sexy voice seemed to come out of nowhere. Phil and Tom both looked up and looked directly into the beautiful face of Mynx. “You’ll miss the show.”

“The show?” Tony asked dreamily.

“Yes, darlings. You want to come in, don’t you?”

“Yessss”, he two investigators replied in unison.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” She suggested

The two investigators entered the bedchamber of the blue-eyed seductress. Their bodies seemed to move of there own volition.

“Now darlings, I want you to do something for me. You can do that can’t you?” Both men nodded their head in agreement, as if they had a choice. Now you be good boys and strip for Mynx while I have my pets fetch something. You boys are going to LOVE this” She purred.

“Kimberly, darling” Mynx called. The blonde that was curled on the bed with the two men immediately rose and knelt before the foot of her Goddess. Mynx snapped her fingers and pointed to the closet. Kimberly scurried off to preform her prearranged task. “She’s a lovely little thing isn’t she? From the back she looks a great deal like me. I knew it would fool you boys. Of course, seeing us both head on, there is no comparison. I am so much more gorgeous. Don’t you agree?”

Tony and Phil were incapable of rational thought now. They simply nodded there heads. Anything this beautiful creature suggested was implanted deep into their minds. There minds belonged to Mynx, and now she was going to bind their hearts as well.

Kimberly ran back to her Goddess with a long rabbit fur coat. The pelt was so deep and soft. Kimberly held the coat out for Mynx to slip into. As the fur was slipped over her shoulders, she looked at the two entranced investigators. They looked back at Mynx and each was thinking the exact same thing. Her previous words were echoing in their brain; “Of course, seeing us both head on, there is no comparison. I am so much more gorgeous.” Indeed she was.

“Thank you, darling” Mynx transfixed her eyes on Kimberly, “I give you permission to pleasure yourself in the corner.”

“Thank you, my love” Kimberly responded as she rubbed her face against Mynx’s breast.

She turned back to her naked, entranced, captives, “Now my dears, let me explain. You are completely under my power and will do anything I command without question. However, I have no need for mindless slaves. I insist all my slaves adore me and worship me, and in exchange, I provide the greatest pleasure of their miserable lives: total servitude to the ultimate Love Goddess, me! The blonde seductress then extended her fur-clad arms and simultaneously ran each sleeve over the cheeks of the two investigators. After the first delivery of the “love virus” was delivered, she turn and sat down on her sofa on the opposite side of the room.

Immediately Tony and Phil felt their rational functions return to their minds. However, all thoughts were directed on the crystalline beauty strolling across the room. She was beautiful. She was the most gorgeous, perfect creature in existence. She was everything. They would do ANYTHING for her. They loved her. They needed her. They had to serve her!!! Tom and Phil moved to the edge of the sofa and dropped tp their knees.

“I adore you, my love. I am yours forever.” Phil confessed.

Tony could barely speak. He was so enthralled, the ability to complete full sentences will still beyond is grasp. “I…. I…. um …. love …. worship” was all he got out.

Mynx petted her two newest slaves, “Yes my darlings, but now I have a few questions. Where is Detective Irving right now?”

Tony tried to answer but Phil spoke first, “He went to Beth Wilcox’s room, to give her the anti-virus, my love. He is going to wait there until the chemical kicks in. We must stop him.”

“All in good time, my pets. Did he take the anti-virus himself?”

“Yes, my love” Tony blurted out. He desperately wanted the chance to answer his Goddess. “It was untested so we were not allowed to ingest it.”

“Interesting. Untested eh? Where did he get it?” Mynx was intrigued with Tom’s ingenuity.

“He stole a sample one evening when you were asleep, Goddess” Tony said.

“I see. How dare he believe that he can actually take Beth from me. Beth is mine and will remain mine, just like all my darlings.” Her blue eyes glistened in the candlelight. “You are both such good boys. Would you like a little treat? Of course you would. Curl up against me, darlings.” Tony and Phil curled up against her fur insuring a more complete “love virus” infection . “Ok, boys, here is what we are going to do about Detective Irving” Mynx began.

Tom was sitting in a chair by the window of Beth’s room watching the groggy brunette toss and turn. He could tell by the murmuring that the anti-virus was starting to have an effect.

“Mistress…. I love my Mistress. No Bruce… husband. Save him… but serve my Goddess. Need her… Pussy.. Beautiful blonde pussy. Have to resist….. No…. Please. Need help…. Must concentrate…. Mynx…. Love my Mynx….” Beth rambled.

His focus was so intense on Beth he didn’t notice the gun protruding through the window. It was inches away from his head. He spun around the moment he heard the gun cock. He froze in fear.

“Don’t move, Tom” Phil said. Tom knew immediately what happened. How could he have been so stupid. “All secure, my love” he called.

Mynx entered, followed by Tony. She was still wearing her rabbit fur coat and holding the heart-shaped atomizer. Tom immediately recognized the atomizer as the one which contained the full strength version of her “love virus”. He was praying the anti-virus he took would be enough to resist her. She set the atomizer down on the corner of the dresser.

“Tom, darling, how nice to see you again. I would advise you not to move however, baby. They have orders to kill you if you struggle, and I believe you realize they would NEVER disobey me.” she smiled. Mynx looked at Beth struggling on the bed. “Tut tut, Tommy. She doesn’t really want to go back to her dull urban existence. What she really wants is to stay under my loving care. Please detective, watch and learn. No one can ever escape me. True love conquers all.”

Beth was starting to come out of it. Mynx wasted no time. She spread her legs and crawled into the bed with her. She looked directly into Beth’s eyes. “I’m here, baby. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be alright now. I’ll bet I know what my Beth wants more than anything in the world.” Mynx ran her finger down and touched Beth’s pussy lips while she licked her lips seductively. On the way down to her pussy, she caressed her thighs with the rabbit fur pelt.

Mynx could see Beth’s nipples harden as she started her way down Beth’s slender body. Her long silky, blonde hair caressed Beth’s body as Mynx stopped periodically to kiss Beth’s athletic form.

“You don’t want Bruce, darling. What does a man know about pleasing a woman? Nothing.” she shrugged. “Only I can provide you with what you need. Isn’t that right, my dear” She purred.

“Yea…. Yessss… Yes, my Mistress.” Beth confessed. Her mind was in complete turmoil. She was aware of predicament, but unable to focus on anything but her Mistress teasing her body with her mouth and hair. The erotic remembrances of pleasure were too ingrained into Beth’s mind for her to resist, even though her rational self told her no.

Mynx swirled her tongue around in Beth’s bush while gazing hungrily into Beth’s eyes. Her tongue slowly descended and touched the lips of Beth’s aroused pussy. She slid her tongue around its edges and started to probe slowly. She was trying to simulate what Bruce did to her on their first encounter, making Beth believe Bruce’s performance was substandard to that of hers. How could it possible compare.

Each probe brought a shiver of excitement up Beth’s spine. Never had anyone provided her with such pleasure. Probe! Oh Mistress Mynx! Probe! Love Mistress Mynx! Probe! Need Mistress Mynx!

Mynx looked up quickly and commanded, “Darling, please tell me what is going through your mind as you receive this great honor. It turns me on. Ok, baby?” Beth shook her head in the affirmative as sweat formed on her brow..

The probing continued for the next 20 minutes slowly growing in speed. “Oh God, Mistress. I love you. Please, more. I need more. You are driving me insane with passion. You are divine. I adore you. I am yours forever. I don’t need a man. I only need you, my Goddess. Uh, oh…God!!!! I want to cum. Please Mistress, I need to cum. I beg you, my love. Allow me to cum.”

Mynx looked up from Beth’s over-stimulated pussy, and nodded her head. “Once you cum, my sweet, you are mine forever. Won’t that be wonderful, baby?” she purred softly.

“Oh yes, my love. Wonderful. Nothing would give me greater pleasure!” Beth cried.

“Yes, once you cum, you will be mine forever” Mynx repeated.

“Yes, Yours forever!” Beth screamed.

“Then accept your wonderful destiny…. now!” Mynx announced. Beth could feel a wave of pleasure wash across her mind as the first orgasm hit. Her body shook with excitement. Beth felt light-headed as the second one hit. Oh God. These were the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced. Her body clenched and flinched as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. Each wave, brought the voice of Mistress Mynx with it. “You belong to me, You are mine forever, “. She believed it with all her heart.

Mynx moved up her body and gently kissed Beth’s erect nipples before rising. Triumphantly, Mistress Mynx got off the bed and stood in front of a baffled Tom Irving. Beth immediately followed her Goddess and knelt at her feet. She was still having her orgasmic spasms, but needed to be near her. Nothing else mattered in Beth’s mind. Mynx reached over and pet Beth gently. She looked at Tom. “You see, baby, No one can resist me. It’s pointless to even try” she giggled. “Tell me truthfully darling, did that make you hot? I’ll bet it did. I’ll bet you were secretly wishing I was licking you instead. Come on baby, be honest.” she prompted.

“I would rather die!” Tom yelled.

“That can be arranged, baby. I assure you however, the alternative is much more exciting” Mynx purred. Mynx looked at Phil and Tom and smiled seductively. The guards attention was distracted momentarily by the glistening smile of Mistress Mynx. In a lightning fast move, Tom broke free, grabbed Phil’s gun and ran behind Mynx, holding her at gunpoint. He knew it was a risky move because she was wearing the rabbit fur coat. He prayed the anti-virus was working. He felt nothing but disdain for the fur wearing vixen. It worked! Thank Christ!

Instinctively, Tony pointed his gun directly at Tom and Mynx. Seeing this, Beth screamed, “No!!! Drop your weapon you fool. Do you want to endanger the Mistress?” Tony immediately dropped the gun.

“Let her go. Please. Take me instead. Anything. Just please don’t harm her”, Beth pleaded.

“I don’t think so. I like my catch for the evening.” Tom said.

Mynx struggled frantically to escape, but Tom was just too strong. He started to back away to the door, holding Mynx in front of him as his only protection. As he passed the dresser he saw the heart-shaped atomizer. He grabbed it and held on tight, while Mynx struggled even harder. Beth, Phil, and Tony all watched helplessly as Tom and Mynx left the bedchamber. Their turn would come.

As Tom passed the threshold of the doorway, Mynx placed her foot behind Tom’s, causing him to fall backwards. The unexpected loss of balance caused the heart-shaped atomizer to dislodge from Tom’s hand. As the couple hit the floor and the heart-shaped atomizer landed right on top of Mynx. The top came off the bottle, and it’s contents poured out, all over Mynx. Tom seemed to be temporarily isolated from the bottles contents by the rabbit coat Mynx was wearing. Thinking quickly, he shoved Mynx to the side to avoid the “love virus” spill. He was unsure as to whether his anti-virus capsules would be enough of a barrier against a full dosage.

He got his answer when Mynx turned and looked at Tom. Her crystalline eyes became orbs of love as she gazed at the detective. Her heart was beating rapidly in her throat. She screamed in ecstasy. “Oh my God, Tom. I love you, darling. Take me, NOW!!! I’m yours!” Mynx started to approach Tom with hunger in her eyes.

“Freeze! That’s far enough” he shouted. Mynx froze on command. Thinking quickly, Tom jammed a chair under the doorknob to room, temporarily sealing in Beth, Tony, and Phil.

Tom looked at Mynx frozen in place. He saw the glistening of the “love virus” on Mynx’s skin. It was a full dose and obviously so strong the anti-virus she was using was not strong enough to combat it. It had to be removed.

What do I do now? Think, detective, think. Let’s see, she is now my loving prisoner and that plays perfectly. However, my biggest problem is how to get her away from a household full of slaves that would live and die at her whim. I simply have to get away from these people.

“Take me back to your room. I want to be alone with you. You will order all of the rooms inhabitants to leave you alone with me. You will not let on your newfound feelings to them. Is that understood?”

“Oh yes, Master. Anything!!” Mynx obediently replied. “I adore you” she added.

“Yeah, yeah. Come on, let’s go” Tom said flatly.

Mynx walked confidently into her bedchamber, followed by Tom to find Kimberly laying in the corner working on her third orgasm and the two young men sleeping on the bed. The moment she entered, Kimberly got up and ran over to her Mistress and dropped to her knees.

“Awaken them and leave us. I want to be alone with this one” Mynx commanded.

“At once, my love.” Kimberly rose and carried out her task without question.

As soon as her slaves left the room, Tom ran to the door and bolted it. Next he ran to the window, closed it and drew the blinds. Mynx walked slowly and seductively over to Tom. She needed to be near him. Her entire life just found a new meaning; his name was Tom Irving.

Tom’s first thought was his own protection. She would eventually make contact with him. Every chance Mynx had she edged closer to him. He needed to get that chemical off her skin and fast. She approached Tom again. “Stop!!” He commanded. Mynx froze on the spot. “Strip for me.”

“Mmm, darling” she purred. “I’d LOVE to” the love-struck woman responded.

Mynx stripped ever so slowly for her Master. She was actually dancing as if performing a strip-tease. If the situation wasn’t so serious, Tom would have jumped her right there. She was gorgeous. Her long silky blonde hair was cascading back and forth across her tanned body as she moved. Her beautiful eyes transfixed his. He had to force his mind back to the problem at hand.

“Hurry” Tom’s mind snapped back to reality.

“Yes, Master.” In no time Mynx was kneeling in her bedchamber naked staring lovingly at her new owner.

“Get in the shower, now!”

“Will you be joining me Detective Irving?” She purred seductively.

“Not right now, my dear. The quicker you finish, the sooner we can get started..” Tom was trying to give her an incentive to move quickly.

In a flash, Mynx entered her private bath attached to her bedchamber and jumped in the shower. Tom was unsure of how much time he had left. He knew Beth, Tony and Phil were on their way to search for their Mistress.


The window in the bedchamber shattered as a chair was thrown through it from the outside. Shards of glass flew everywhere.

“Freeze, asshole. One move and I’ll kill you. I swear on my love for the Mistress.” Tony said as he held the weapon directly at the head of Tom Irving. Phil and Bruce broke out the rest of the glass and crawled though the window. They went over to Tom, grabbed him, and handcuffed him to a chair. Bruce went over to the door and unbolted it. Beth strolled in followed by the two men which were previously sleeping on the bed.

“Fetch the Mistress and hold her. Remember what I told you” Beth commanded the two men.

The men nodded and grabbed Mynx out of the shower. They dragged her naked form dripping water into the bedchamber. She saw Tom and screamed, “Oh my God, Tom. Are you alright? Are you hurt? Oh, my love.”

Mynx tuned to her captives and screamed, “Release me, immediately!!!” Mynx could feel the grip on her arms weakening. She was hoping to still exert her influence over her subjects.

“Don’t listen!! Remember, the Mistress is under the Detective’s control. It is our responsibility to bring her back.” Beth shouted. The grip on Mynx’s arm tightened again. “Take her to the designated area.” As she was being hauled away, Beth could hear the screaming voice of Mistress Mynx, “Beth. Damn you Beth. I’ll kill you! Do you hear me? I’ll kill you!!!”

Beth was not concerned however. She walked slowly over to the handcuffed detective in the corner. “And as for you, sweetie? Mistress Mynx has already made plans. Those plans will be carried out.” Beth cooed.

“Plans? What plans?” Tom asked defiantly.

“For the benefit this evening, of course. You are scheduled to be the featured entertainment.” Beth giggled. “Take him to the cellar.”


Chapter 6.

Tom woke up with his face buried deep into a fur pelt. His head was pounding and rational thought was slowly returning. He moved his head slowly as he examined his new environment. He looked at himself first. He was naked. He remembered hearing something before he was knocked out about being taken to the “cellar”. That is exactly where he was, except there was a gate locking him in. The strangest thing about his newest surroundings was EVERYTHING was covered in fur. There was no escaping it; the floor, walls, ceiling, and even the steel gate. He saw at least 8 television sets hanging strategically throughout the room, both inside and out of his furry prison. On every monitor was Mynx lying on her bed, fondling her breasts, looking deep into the camera’s eye and purring seductively at the screen.

“Come to me baby. Don’t you want to make love to me? To serve me?” she purred.

Was this a live broadcast? The last thing he knew, Mynx was infected with her own “love virus” and Tom was the person she imprinted immediately after being infected. Did she recover? How long have I been down here?

“To run your tongue over my irresistible body. Mmm. Yessssss.”

The question he didn’t have to ask himself was why he was down here. All the furs surrounding him her obviously tainted with Mynx’s “love virus” and she believed his constant exposure to it would ensure his eventual enslavement. She’s got another thing coming.

“Just give in to me. Surrender. I am your Goddess, Your queen. Your one true love”. Her voice seemed to penetrate every corner of the room. There was no escaping it.

He ran to the gate and examined it closely. He pulled and pushed against the fur covered bars frantically. They did not budge an inch. He meticulously tested every part of the gate; no breaches at all. He tried to remove the fur from the bars but there seemed to be no way of removing it.

“You are my slave. My perfect little love slave. Go on, darling. Admit it. It’s ok.”

He then proceeded to examine the remainder of the room. He found no breaches anywhere in his fur lined prison. There must be a way. He looked on the opposite wall on the other side of the gate. He saw a set of keys, except there was absolutely no way of reaching them. He had to think. If he didn’t think of something, he was going to be enslaved forever by the woman caressing herself on the monitors.

Scott Pierce was sleeping on a futon inside the servant’s quarters, which had been converted into Mynx’s private laboratory. Scott was Mynx’s former lab partner at Anadyne Industries. He helped the then, Jennifer Donley, create the “love virus”, as well as the antidote. Later, after she became the Love Goddess he came to adore, she changed her name to Mynx. He was her first slave. He was lying there having the most wonderful dream. He was reliving his beautiful enslavement. It was a reoccurring dream for Scott. It was the happiest day of his life and he loved to relive it. Every detail was imprinted on his mind.

Jennifer Donley, his new lab partner, had been instrumental in the creation of a new pheremonal virus, designed to enhance sexual arousal in animals. The results were amazing.

One day, without authorization, Jennifer ingested the antidote and decided to try out the virus on her partner. She impregnated the sleeves of her lab coat with the viral substance and brushed the sleeves against Scott’s bare arms. Scott’s eyes glazed over immediately and gazed upon his blonde lab partner. He always thought his partner was attractive but suddenly he was totally enraptured. She was perfect; a virtual Goddess.

“Are you ok, Scott?” she purred.

“Oh yessss, Jennifer. You are so beautiful. Have I ever told you that?” Scott could barely keep from shouting it out.

“No, but I have feeling you will from this day forward.” she giggled. “What do you feel when you look into my eyes, darling?”

“Love, I feel love. I love you. More than anything I love you. I’m yours, Jennifer.”

“Excellent” Jennifer was elated. Her crystalline eyes sparkled with seduction and greed. “Scott darling, what would you do for me?”

“Anything, my love. Absolutely anything.” Scott dropped to his knees. “Did you infect me with the virus, my love?” the starry-eyed scientist asked.

“Yes I did, baby. You don’t mind, do you? I mean, have you ever been happier?”

“Never, my love!” Scott was beside himself with pleasure.

“And you don’t want to escape me, do you, hmmm? I mean, you would never take the antidote, would you baby?”

“Of course not, my love. I belong to you forever. I never want to leave you.” Scott confessed.

“Perfect, darling. Then you will assist me in my future plans?” She did not even wait for a response. “Mmm, of course you will. I plan on making full use of this virus, but the antidote will stay between us, is that understood? And you will be rewarded for your obedience.” Jennifer started to disrobe.

Scott was so focused on his lab partner’s irresistible body, all he could do was nod his head in agreement.

“Now baby, make love to me and begin your wonderful destiny.”

In his dream state, Scott could feel Mynx’s body warm under his touch. He could feel the heat from her pussy engulf his cock. His mind was in complete ecstasy as he squirmed with remembered passion. Suddenly he was stolen away from this paradise by Beth hanging over him screaming. “Scott, you have to give me the antidote, now. The Mistress is in need.”

“Wha.. What are you talking about?” Scott was trying to focus, but couldn’t take his mind away from the dream. He was infuriated to be taken away, especially by Beth.

“Scott, God dammit, this is an emergency! The Mistress has been accidentally enslaved by her own virus. She is enraptured with Detective Irving. I, uh, we need to save her. Now give me the antidote, now!!”

“Impossible” Scott yelled. “I swore to my love I would never give up the antidote.. She made me swear, and I can never break my promise to her.”

“Are you listening to me! She needs the antidote. If she doesn’t get it quick, she will be under Detective Irving’s power forever and I, I mean we, will loose her. That can’t happen! I won’t let it happen!” Beth was screaming while practically in tears.

The thought of losing Mynx was too much for Scott to imagine as well. He quickly moved to the lab table, grabbed a syringe and filled it with some liquid. He turned to Beth and said, “Take me to her. I will administer the antidote myself”.

“Fine, whatever, let’s go. Hurry!!” Beth ordered. She ran upstairs with Scott following close behind.

Mynx laid naked on a gigantic bed lined with silk sheets. Her arms and legs were tied to the bedposts with fur straps. It was only thing they her captures could find quickly to restrain her. In the Ellis Chateau, furs were always on hand. Her naked, wet form glistened as she struggled. She needed to escape. Her only concern was to get back to one true love, Tom Irving. If she only had a weapon of some kind. She laid there thinking, and looked down at her glistening nipples. Yes, that’s it!

Mynx began to move seductively. “Mmm. You know darlings, I have the most beautiful tits” she began teasing her captures. As she spoke she saw the eyes of her two guards drift to her perfect 38C breasts.

“Yessssss, I wish I could lick them. That would make me sooo happy. Just the feel of lips on my erect nipples would make me so hot. Do you know what I mean?” Mynx looked at her captures. One of her guards, Bob was licking his lips involuntarily. The other guard, Ben, was obviously aroused but seemed to be more in control.

“Don’t listen” Ben shouted, obviously trying to convince himself.

“Oh, Benny, I thought you loved me. Is your passion for me gone?” Mynx teased.

“Of course not my love, but you are not yourself, Mistress. Beth has…”

“Beth?” she interrupted. “Do you serve Beth now? What happened to me? Look at me baby. I am gorgeous. I am a Love Goddess. Mmm. Yessss, your Love Goddess, whom you serve, worship, and adore. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, but….” Ben was so confused.

“But nothing. Oh Bobby. Come to me. Let me feel YOUR lips on my beautiful nipples. Benny obviously doesn’t want to partake.” Mynx teased.

Bob’s heart as well as another part of his anatomy felt like it was going to explode. He moved and sat down next to the wet, blonde, Goddess spread out before him. He moved his mouth to her breasts. He kissed and teased her nipples with his tongue. Bob could feel her nipple grow on his lips. He suckled her breast while moving his hands down her beautiful tanned body. Ben only stared, his mind in virtual agony. He needed his Mistress.

“Please, Mistress” Ben blurted out, unable to control his arousal.

“Well, I don’t know, Benny” Mynx purred. “Are you worthy of me? No, I don’t think so. How do I know you are truly devoted to me, baby.”

“Ask anything of me, my love” Ben was now totally oblivious to his assigned task of guarding his Mistress. All that mattered to him was her loving approval. Life was non-existent without that!

“Then come. Join Bobby in worshiping me. Yessss, that’s it. Mmm. Now darlings, wouldn’t you LOVE to feel me caress you in return?” Mynx purred.

Both men nodded their heads agreement.

“Then untie me darlings, and increase your pleasure. Don’t worry darlings, I would never leave such wonderful boys.” With that she looked at the bulge in each of the men’s trousers and licked her beautiful lips. Both men obeyed immediately without hesitation.” Why don’t you boys get a little more comfortable.” Immediately both men began to undress.

After about 10 minutes of Mynx’s seductive caresses, Mynx cooed, “Wanna play a little game, my darlings? Mmm, of course you do.” Mynx took the fur straps and tied her captures to the bed. As she was restraining them, she kissed each man passionately and worked her tongue down to each man’s chest. There was no resistance to the beautiful Mistress Mynx.

Mynx rose leaving her captures wriggling in ecstasy. “Gotta go now, lovers. Thank you. The pleasure was all yours.”

Mynx ran to the door. She had to get back to Tom. That was all that mattered. She opened the door and came face to face with Beth and Scott. Mynx threw herself directly at Beth knocking her down. Mynx started to run, but before she could leave Scott rammed the syringe directly into her thigh. Beth saw the syringe enter Mynx’s leg and watched as she pushed Scott aside and ran down the hall.

Scott started to run after her, but Beth shouted, “Stop. Let her go.” The authority in Beth’s voice caused Scott to freeze. “How long till the antidote takes effect?” Beth asked.

“No idea. It will depend on a variety of factors. But it will work. It’s just a matter of time. Shouldn’t we follow her?” he asked.

“Why? We know where she’s headed, and that plays into her ultimate plan perfectly. Let’s go to the control room, we can watch that Detective Irving’s enslavement from there.”

Mynx ran down the stairs to the wine cellars. Her heart was fluttering with anticipation. Oh, to see him again she would give up everything. Upon entering the cellars, she saw her love sitting on the furry floor, eye’s closed, rocking back and forth as if trying to block out the world.

“Tom, darling” she shouted lustfully. “Oh my love. Thank God your safe.”

Tom looked up. He saw her blue eyes and felt a twinge through his entire body. Oh God, it’s starting, he thought. He tried to look away, but found her eyes too entrancing. He stood up and backed against the fur-covered wall.

“Don’t worry lover, I’m here.” Mynx ran to the opposite wall and grabbed the key. She quickly unlocked the gate and ran to her one true love. She pinned him against the fur-covered wall and began kissing him passionately. She thrust her tongue deep inside Tom’s mouth. Tom was floating between ecstasy and fear. He wanted her so much, but knew he had to escape. Every time he was tempted to break away from her, her tongue seemed to draw him back into her loving embrace.

“No, please. I can’t” Tom whimpered.

“Of course you can, baby” she purred. “I’ll be everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman. Simply ask, and it will be done, my darling.” Mynx cooed. “In fact, I KNOW what baby needs.” She looked down at Tom’s massive erection. “I am going to suck, and suck, and then suck some more. I want to taste your cum. I want to drain you dry” she stated as she felt chills run up and down her spine.

Tom was shaking his head from side to side. He had to resist her. But how could he. She was gorgeous. Oh no! He was falling under this woman’s lovely influence. No, he had to resist, but didn’t really want to either. He instinct was to fall down in absolute worship of the heavenly creature before him. He kept saying to himself, “Concentrate. I have to concentrate”.

Mynx looked straight into Tom’s eyes. She felt strange. She began to question herself. Why was this man so attractive? My God, he’s irresistible. I want to throw myself at him, but it’s not natural. The virus. It has to be the virus. I’m under it’s influence. She looked deep into Tom’s eyes. Oh, what does it matter. He’s divine. She kissed his neck and slowly worked her way down his chest. Upon reaching his abdomen, she stopped looked into his gorgeous brown eyes. He looked at her with lustful anticipation. He nodded his head in approval. With that nod, Tom felt all resistance fade away. He was hers. I didn’t want to resist any longer. Nothing mattered except for Mistress Mynx. He fell completely under her spell. He loved her beyond reason.

What am I doing, she thought. This can’t be happening. Even as she was thinking it, her lips moved closer to Tom’s cock. She took it into her mouth and began running her lips up and down his throbbing shaft. With each seductive gyration, rational thought invaded upon her love-struck mind, but it was not enough to make her stop. His cock tasted so good. After several minutes, she could taste the pre-cum on its tip. He was ready to explode, and she wanted to swallow all he had to give.

Suddenly, her mind snapped back to reality. Immediately, she released Tom’s cock from her hot mouth. She shook her head as to shake off the final effects of the “love virus”. She looked back at Tom’s cock just as he ejaculated all over her face. Infuriated, she rose wiped her face, and slapped Tom with all her might.

“How dare you” she screamed. Her eyes burned with fury. “I will make you pay dearly for that.”

“Oh my love, please forgive me.” Tom pleaded.

“Silence, you fucking little worm.” Mynx could feel her anger getting the best of her. She turned and walked to the other side of the cellar. She had to calm herself, to regain her composure. Losing her temper would not do any good. She put her head down and tried to think rationally. She knew her greatest asset was her ability to seduce. She wielded seduction better than anyone. Anger would only frighten Tom, but teasing and then spurning him would surely destroy him. That was the weapon she would yield.

“On your knees, slave boy” Mynx demanded in a much calmer tone. “Do you honestly believe you hold any interest for me? Hmm?” With that she turned and motioned to the hidden camera in the corner of the cellar. She nodded her head to the camera to beacon her slaves to her side.

Beth was upstairs in the control room watching the entire affair. Scott had watched for a while but had to turn away when he saw his Mistress sucking voraciously on Tom’s cock. He went into the corner of the room and cried in fits of jealously. Beth was disturbed as well, but knew she had to be strong for her love. She knew as long as she maintained control the reward would be far beyond her wildest dreams. Relief came the moment Mynx unleashed her fury on Tom. She knew at that point that everything was going to be all right. All that was left was to be called to her Mistress’s side. That moment had just arrived.

Mynx turned to the monitor still displaying her induction. “Mmm, I am quite the beauty, aren’t I? I can see why you, or anyone for that matter, would want me.” She smiled at him seductively. “You want to pleasure yourself, don’t you, darling? My beauty has that power of people” she purred.

“Oh yes, my love” Tom answered as he moved his hands to his cock.

Chapter 7

It was only one hour away from the Law Enforcement Community Benefit and Mynx was finalizing the preparations. Before her stood Beth and six beautiful female love slaves Mynx acquired one evening at a local strip club. She slowly paced back and forth in front of her naked beauties.

She stopped in front of Beth Wilcox, and ran her fingers through her shoulder length auburn hair. “Beth, my sweet, are you prepared for this evening?”

Beth sank to her knees and lowered her head, “Of course, my love. Everything is prepared. You will have everything your heart desires.”

“Mmm. Excellent baby.” She slowly stroked the full length lynx coat she was wearing, “Do you remember this coat, darling? It was the coat I used to enslave you. I thought it appropriate to use this evening.” Mynx put her finger under Beth’s chin, guided her to her feet, and kissed her deeply. Beth knees weakened as their tongues intertwined.

The entire benefit was Beth’s idea, and she had planned every detail. Mynx gave all the preparation instructions but the design was always Beth’s, and her only motivation was her undying love for Mistress Mynx.

Mynx continued to stroll in front of the rest of the ladies. She stopped in front to each one and kissed them while reassuring them of their ultimate success. In addition to Beth, there was Wendy, Maria, Shelia, Cindy, Eva, and Lori. The 6 strippers, turned love-slaves, were to act in the capacity of cocktail waitress, which gave them the opportunity to maneuver through the crowds.

Mynx moved to the dresser and picked up the atomizer containing the mind-influencing perfume. She sprayed each girl with a heavy dose. The scent of jasmine filled the room. Each girl moved slowly as she was being treated to allow the perfume to invade every pore.

As she was finishing up with the last girl, there was a knock at the door. “Come” Mynx instructed. In walked Mark, her personal chauffeur. He immediately sank to his knees.

“He has arrived, my love” Mark stated.

“Excellent. Thank you darling.” She then turned to the ladies and said, “Leave me. I need to attend to this. You know your duties, and I know you won’t fail me.” As each girl left, they bowed obediently before their Mistress.

As the last lady left, Mark rose and signaled for the man to enter. Mynx crossed to the opposite side of the room and sat down on the love seat. She turned to see Mayor Fleming kneeling in the doorway.

“Bob, come to me. We need to talk.” She said coldly. Mynx had ignored the mayor ever since he allowed Detective Irving to escape. To the mayor, this was torture; to be ignored by the woman he adored. It didn’t matter to Mynx that Detective Irving was being held captive in the wine cellars. Disobedience would never be tolerated. Mynx saw Mayor Fleming crawling on his knees to her side. She saw tears in his eyes. He didn’t speak a word. He knew he had to be careful not to upset her anymore. He would do anything to get back into her good graces.

“So what do you have to say for yourself, your honor?” Mynx asked mockingly.

Bob Fleming threw himself at her feet, and with tear stained eyes pleaded, “I beg for your forgiveness, my love. I know I don’t deserve it, but please, please give me another chance to prove myself to you. I adore you. My only purpose is to serve you. Please, my love, tell me how I can serve you.”

Mynx picked up a mirror and sat gazing into her own beautiful reflection. She never looked at the mayor, much to his dismay. “There is no doubt that you are a fool, but occasionally fools have their uses as well.” The mayor looked up hopefully. “This evening I am in need of your presence.”

Mayor Fleming was beside himself with joy. “Oh Mistress, I will do anything you ask. Command me. I am yours.”

“Yes, of course you are” Mynx stated. “My command is for you to simply act normally this evening. For the present you are the mayor of this city, and that is how you will act. No one must know your true feelings. No gazing at me like a lovesick puppy, or rushing anxiously to my side. Is that understood?”

“Oh yes, my love” the mayor replied.

“You will not be the mayor much longer, darling, but your performance this evening will play a part in my deciding what position I will eventually assign you to. The better your performance, the closer contact you will have with me.” She stroked her fur playfully while she was stroking her own ego. She extended her leg so that her foot was directly in front of the kneeling mayor. “Now darling, kiss my foot and carry out your instructions.” Bob Fleming gently kissed the foot of the irresistible Mistress Mynx and backed away toward the door. Mynx knew right there that he would not fail her. His eternal happiness was in the balance.

An hour later, the guests began to arrive. Due to the hidden cameras throughout the chateau, each guest was identified and “tagged”. Frank Ellis was standing at the entrance greeting them all, which was a treat in itself. The famous recluse was always a source of conversation among the elite of the community, and they all were there too. Every government official and law enforcement executive, along with every rich entrepreneur in the city was there. The board members of all the major businesses arrived, including banking officials, and land developers. Even Senator Kolba and his young beautiful wife were expected. It was simply, the social event of the year, and it was expected to be a night none of them would ever forget. How right they were.

All guests were escorted to the grand hall, which had been converted into a casino. At the far end of the casino stood the bar, and several tables. The entire bar area was serviced by one cocktail waitress. She was a young raven-haired beauty named Maria. She was constantly maneuvering her way through the crowded bar area.

Mike Phillips, a city councilman, was sitting at the bar and smelled the sweet scent of jasmine in the air. He began to feel light-headed. He set down his drink to try to regain his balance. He turned right into the waiting brown eyes of his cocktail waitress, Maria.

“Oh Councilman, I thought you LOVED your drink. I was sure you would want another, so I took the liberty of ordering it for you. That was ok, wasn’t it” she coaxed.

“Yes, of course. That was fine, my dear” the Councilman stated flatly. He then reached into his pocket and gave her a couple of bucks for a tip.

“Tut tut, my services are worth far more than that. After all, I am the greatest waitress you have ever had, so to speak” she teased. Mike Phillips immediately reached into his wallet and pulled out a fifty-dollar bill and handed it to Maria. In addition, all the people within earshot of Maria also pulled out large bills and handed them to their cocktail waitress. After all, she was the greatest waitress they ever had.

Mr. and Mrs. Levenson were enjoying themselves at the blackjack table. This was evident by the stack of chips in front of them. Ken Levenson was the president of the local television studio and his wife obviously relished in her husband’s success as evidenced by her glamorous attire. She wore the most ostentatious jewelry in the room.

Denise Levenson was latched on to her husband’s arm when she noticed a sweet scent of jasmine filling her nostrils. The betting at the table slowed down as its patrons were trying to clear their heads.

Cindy, their cocktail waitress, leaned in between the Levenson’s. “Looks like you are doing well this evening sir?”

Ken turned to the side and looked deep into Cindy’s emerald eyes, which were framed by her golden blonde hair. “Yessss”, Ken said dreamily.

“You know, I am excellent at this game. You could learn a lot from me” Cindy suggested. She knew the perfume’s influence would make any suggestion virtually impossible to resist. “Please, continue with your game.”

The game resumed with Cindy giving “advice” as to the play on each hand. In a matter of 15 minutes, Ken Levenson’s stack of chips decreased to almost nothing. He didn’t seem to mind though. After every loss he heard the voice of his cocktail waitress, “You are having so much fun.”

Noticing his lack of chips, he and his wife got up to leave. They turned right into those beautiful emerald eyes. “Oh, but you can’t leave yet. You both love this game too much.”

“Yessss, we love this game, but we cannot play without money.” He looked at Cindy in hopes of some kind of solution. She would not disappoint.

Cindy reached out to the sparkling diamonds around Denise Levenson’s neck and held them in her hand. “These are worth quite a bit of money. I’m sure you could trade them in for credit. Would you like me to take care of that for you?” she suggested.

“That would be wonderful.” It was not Ken responding, but Denise. She reached around her neck and unlatched the diamonds and handed them to Cindy. The necklace was handed to the dealer who took them and put them below the table. In exchange, he handed Cindy fifty dollars in chips. The diamonds were worth at least five thousand.

“You see, such a fair exchange. Now you can play some more” she said as she flashed a beautiful smile.

“Thank you. You are so kind. Would you continue to advise me, my dear?” He asked hopefully.

“Of course. That’s what I’m here for.” She cooed.

The rest of the Mynx’s cocktail waitresses were just as successful as Cindy. Each table incurred severe losses, but none of the patrons seemed to mind. They were having the time of their lives.

Beth was on a different mission. Her job was to coax the most powerful and wealthy men away to her Mistress for enslavement. Already, many of the guests were introduced to the lovely Mynx and enslaved by her irresistible presence; that of course and her lynx coat impregnated with her “love virus”.

Beth was now on her way to see Senator Kolba. She found him at a table near the bar sitting with Mayor Fleming. Beth saw him receiving a fresh drink from Maria and handing her a $100 bill. Beth smiled to herself. Everything was proceeding perfectly.

After Maria left, Beth approached the table, looked at the mayor and asked, “Excuse me, your Honor, I wonder if I might steal the Senator for a bit. There is someone he MUST meet.”

“Of course, Mrs. Wilcox” the mayor said. He was behaving perfectly as Beth and Mynx knew he would. Senator Kolba, still under the perfume’s influence, could hear his own voice echo in his mind, “There is someone I MUST meet”. He immediately rose and followed Beth, arm in arm, out of the room.

As they approached the drawing room in which Mynx resided, Beth turned to the Senator. “Yessss, she has had her eye on you for some time. I’m sure you will find her absolutely fascinating. Don’t be shy, Senator, just go right up to her. You will have so much in common.”

Again, the Senator’s mind was echoing with Beth’s suggestions. “Absolutely fascinating … go right up to her … so much in common”. His legs were moving of his own volition as he entered the doorway. He saw a beautiful young blonde lying on a sofa. She was dressed in her leopard skin mini skirt and black top. Draped across her body was a full-length lynx coat. At the base of her long silky tanned leg was a diamond anklet, which glistened in the Senator’s eyes as he approached. He thought he was dreaming, and if he was, he NEVER wanted to wake up.

Beth was standing at the Senator’s side allowing the perfume to invade upon the Senator’s mind. She kept whispering in his ear, “She’s gorgeous.” “You are gorgeous…. absolutely fascinating” the Senator said dreamily as he stood looking at the young blue-eyed seductress. He just couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Oh, baby, you have no idea” the vision purred. “Come closer, darling. Let’s get better acquainted.”

At her suggestion, the Senator moved closer to the beautiful blonde. “Tell me sweetie, are you married?

He was having a hard time focusing. Her beauty was holding him captive. After a full minute he finally was able to speak. “Uh, yes I am,” he said sheepishly.

“I’d be willing to bet right now you wish you weren’t,” she teased. It was true. The Senator was fantasizing about the woman lying before him.

“Who are you?” he asked. Mynx heard desperation in his voice.

“I am the woman of your dreams, baby” Mynx said as she leaned in close and gave the Senator a deep kiss while letting her fur collar rub against his cheek The Senator was already feeling attracted to this woman, but that was nothing to the way he suddenly felt. He thrust his tongue deep inside her mouth while she grabbed his hand and caressed her fur with it. Mynx lead the Senator’s hand up and down her voluptuous body while thoroughly infecting her willing victim with a massive does of her “love virus”. He was hers, forever.

“I love you. Oh God, I adore you. Please, please, tell me your name,” he begged.

“All in good time, darling,” she teased. Mynx then transfixed her crystalline eyes on the Senator, “Mmm. So, you love me. How wonderful, but whatever are we going to do with your wife, baby?”

The Senator tried to answer, but he was at a complete loss. Yes, what was to be done with her? She was nothing. This blonde Goddess was everything. He tried to say something, anything. Mynx put her bejeweled finger to his lips and purred, “Shhh, It’s ok, darling. I know what to do.” She looked at Beth, and smiled. “If your wife was attracted to someone else, then maybe…” The Senator was nodding his head hopefully. “I have a feeling Beth here and your wife might just hit it off. In fact, I know your wife is simply going to LOVE her.” Mynx nodded to Beth who immediately turned and left the room.

“Now baby, it’s time for you to return to the festivities” Mynx commanded.

“No, no, please. Let me stay. I beg you. Please, I love you so much.” He pleaded.

“Of course you do. Don’t worry though darling, I will be joining you all very soon for a very special auction. I’m sure I can rely on your support, can’t I?”

“Of course, my love”

“Then go,” she commanded. “If you are very good this evening baby, I may allow you to escort me to Washington,” she giggled.

Beth continued in her task of bringing the wealthiest and most powerful people in the city to her Mistress. By the time she was done, over fifty of her guests were now completely enslaved and madly in love with the seductive blue-eyed blonde. Just like the senator, they were sent back into the mix, very distraught at being ripped away from their Love Goddess, but anxiously awaited her reemergence for the “special auction”.

The Senator’s wife, Sandra Kolba, was sitting at the bar, mad as hell. Her husband had been totally ignoring her for the past hour or so. She was furious. She wanted to leave, but Maria kept bringing her fresh drinks. She accepted then graciously because Maria was the greatest cocktail waitress she ever had.

Sandra suddenly noticed the light scent of jasmine, which filled her nostrils become overpowering. She turned directly into Beth’s waiting eyes.

“Is something wrong, my dear? Tell me.” Beth stated.

“It’s my husband,” the dazed woman confessed. “He has been ignoring me all evening. I don’t understand it.”

“Men,” Beth said with disgust. “They are all the same. I used to be married myself, until I discovered something that changed my life forever.” Sandra looked at Beth glassy-eyed, hanging on every word. “Men are worthless. They think they know what a woman needs, but how can they,” she shrugged. Beth reached out and ran her fingers between Sandra’s breasts. “You would LOVE for me to show you what I mean, wouldn’t you,” she suggested. Sandra only nodded her already swimming head.

“Come then, my dear. Come experience the pleasures that ONLY a woman can provide.” Beth took Sandra by the hand and led the senator’s wife to her bedchamber.

“Ready to experience the magic of a woman, darling?” Beth teased. Sandra nodded anxiously.

Beth duty was to implant the seeds of discontent in Sandra’s mind, allowing the senator free to serve his Mistress as he desired. Beth knew the only way she would be successful was to be convincing in her passion for this woman. However, Beth was not the least bit interested in the senator’s wife, but Mynx assisted and commanded Beth to replace, in her mind, Sandra’s sexual responses with her own loving embraces.

Beth cupped Sandra’s face in her hands and kissed her gently. Beth could feel Sandra’s lips respond accordingly. Instinctively, Sandra’s tongue entered Beth’s, who accepted it lovingly.

Sandra’s hands were moving up and down Beth’s body. Beth however, concentrated her touches to Sandra’s blonde bush and surrounding areas. Sandra twitched with passion, each time Beth’s finger touched her aroused pussy.

Beth started slowly kissing her way down Sandra’s body. She reached her erect nipples and played with them with her tongue. The senator’s wife was moaning continuously as Beth moved from the left breast to the right.

Sandra was in total ecstasy. This woman was right. No MAN ever made her feel this way.

Beth continued working her way down and began lightly touching Sandra’s pussy with her tongue. Sandra started shivering, “Please. Please. More! I need more!” Beth never responded verbally. She thrust her tongue deep into the woman’s pussy and began fucking her rhythmically. She started slow, allowing each thrust to invade upon Sandra’s mind. Each thrust took her further and further away from her husband. Then slowly, Beth increased the speed. Sandra was sweating and beginning to quiver. She was close to an orgasm. She continued, faster and faster.

Beth then looked up from Sandra’s pussy and stared deep into Sandra’s green eyes, “You are ready now. Cum! Cum, for a WOMAN!!! On command, Sandra exploded with ecstasy. It was the most intense orgasm she ever experienced. And it was only the beginning. Wave after wave hit Sandra. She was screaming. After several minutes she collapsed on the bed.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you lover?” Beth asked, as if she didn’t know the answer.

“Oh God. That was incredible.”

“That was nothing, darling. Giving is so much more exciting than receiving,” Beth said. She picked up the atomizer, which was full of the jasmine scented perfume and gave the senator’s wife a massive dose. Sandra would now believe and do anything. “It’s my turn now, lover. Believe me when I tell you it will be the most intense sexual experience of your life,” laughed Beth.

At midnight, Frank Ellis rose and walked to the front of the hall, followed by Mayor Fleming and Chief Harding. Frank stood in front of the microphone and announced, “Ladies and Gentleman, I trust you are having a good time?” Cheers erupted from the crowd even though every guest this evening was being slowly drained of their wealth thanks to the evening’s cocktail waitresses and Mynx’s irresistible mind bending perfume.

“Great, the police department will be most grateful,” he laughed. “Now, I would like to introduce you to the woman who made this whole evening possible. It is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to, Miss Jennifer Wilcox.”

The lights immediately dimmed and a spotlight was aimed directly at the door at the opposite end of the hall. In strolled Mynx in all her seductive glory. She looked like a queen in her long lynx coat trailing behind her. Diamonds glistened from her neck and fingers. The wealthy elite pushed and shoved their way to the front to be close to the blonde Goddess. As Mynx sauntered past her newest admirers, she stopped and caressed their cheeks with the cuffs of her fur. One such admirer, Karen Cook, screamed in orgasmic ecstasy upon receiving Mynx’s touch and feel to her knees.

Even the non-infected guests were held spellbound by the woman’s entrance. As soon as Mynx walked through the door, the cocktail waitresses uttering phrases such as; “Wow, she is sooo beautiful” and “She is absolutely fascinating”, and “You MUST get to know that gorgeous woman”. Absolutely everyone in the hall was staring at the young Goddess maneuvering her way to the stage.

Mynx walked on the stage and stopped in front of each one of her presenters and kissed them passionately. After she kissed Bob Fleming, she whispered in his ear, “You are doing very well, my slave. Keep up the good work.”

“Welcome. Thank you all for coming. Now as you all know we are here to raise money for a VERY good cause. I want to help in my small way as well. I propose a special little auction. Would you all like that?” she teased.

“That is the most wonderful idea. Her ideas are always wonderful. You love her ideas,” the waitresses were suggesting to the bewitched crowd. Cheers of approval erupted again throughout the hall. They were putty in Mynx’s hands.

“Let’s start with something simple. A kiss. Just a simple kiss. How much would you pay for a kiss from these gorgeous lips?” Mynx asked.

Shouts were heard from all over the hall, “$1000”, “$1500”, and up and up and up. The price finally rose to $8750.

Mynx stopped the bidding. “That’s high enough, my dears. We must save some for the other pleasures up for auction.” She pointed at the middle-aged gentlemen in the back of the hall. “Come and claim your prize, darling,” she commanded.

The man practically ran to the stage where he stood before Mynx. She looked down at the massive bulge in his trousers. “Maybe I can play with that later, baby.” She moved in close and slid her arms around the man’s neck and gave him a seductive kiss on the lips. The moment the lynx pelt touched the man’s neck, he lost all control and leaned in close and tried to thrust his tongue into her gorgeous mouth. She backed away immediately and held her hand over the man’s mouth. “Patience, darling. Patience.”

Mynx then signaled for two of her slaves to come and take the man away. They grabbed him under his arms and hauled him away. As he was being removed he was pleading, “Please, let me stay. I love you, Jennifer. Please….”

Mynx turned back to the microphone. “As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, it was well worth the price, and I want all of you to have a chance to experience what this man did,” she giggled. The price has been set at $8750. Anyone willing to pay may approach.” Every person who was “introduced” to Mynx earlier in the evening immediately ran to the stage. They would pay any price imaginable to be near their Goddess. Twenty-two other guests also rose and approached the stage. Obviously these individuals were wealthier than the reports originally suggested. As each one of the anxious guests approached the blue-eyed Goddess, the enraptured crowd just stared, wishing they had the resources to be in line as well.

One young woman was so upset, she sat at the bar sobbing. Maria walked over to her and whispered in her ear, “Don’t be so upset, my dear. There are many methods of payment. Let me see what I can do.”

The auction continued. Mynx auctioned off everything from articles of clothing, all the way to the juices from her surging aroused pussy. Nothing got Mynx more aroused than seeing people fall down in absolute adoration of her irresistible self.

As a grand finale to her auction, Mynx nodded to Kimberly, who was standing at the door. She ran out to perform her appointed task. A minute later Kimberly reemerged and Mynx addressed the crowd yet again. “Alright now, my darlings, you have been most generous with your money, but I hope you have saved some for this last and final item. I would like to introduce you all to Detective Tom Irving.”

Kimberly opened the door and started toward the stage. Behind her, a naked Tom Irving was being lead on a leash to the stage on his hands and knees. Mynx began coaxing Tom on his journey to her side. “Come here, puppy. That’s a good puppy.”

During the entire auction, the cocktail waitresses were continually “influencing” the perceptions of the crowd, but no more than now. The guests were being constantly bombarded with phrases like; “How wonderful it would be to be brought to her like that. Don’t you just wish more than anything you could be him.” The crowd believed it without question. They felt intense jealousy toward the naked man approaching the stage.

Tom was led to the foot of Mynx, where he immediately fell prostrate before her. Mynx petting him and took the leash. “Heel baby. Show the nice guests what a good little puppy you are,” she whispered. Tom looked up at his owner and nodded obediently. Mynx strolled back and forth across the stage with Tom obediently following at her side. She would return to the center and bend down and rub her little obedient puppy behind his ears and giggle, “Good boy. Such a sweet boy.”

Tom was in total ecstasy. Never in his life had he been happier. There was no humiliation involved in being naked and led around on a leash. That is what his Goddess wanted, so nothing else mattered. When Mynx rubbed him behind the ears, he felt as if he was going to explode, but knew I must not cum without permission.

Mynx noticed the purple tip on Tom’s cock and smiled wickedly. She turned to the crowd and asked, “Want to see a little trick? Watch, my dears.” She turned back to Tom and said, “Roll over, baby.” Tom immediately flipped onto his back. “Good boy. Now on the count of three, I want you to cum. One … Two … Three.” The moment Tom heard the word “Three” he exploded with all the force he could muster. He screamed in ecstasy as wave after wave of orgasmic delight spewed forth. Mynx clapped her hands in delight and laughed. “See how much he enjoyed that? Now, my dears, who wants to be next? I will start the bidding at $10,000.”

Bids erupted from every corner of the hall. People were rushing the stage holding up wallets, checkbooks, credit cards, anything they could find. Being this woman’s puppy was all they could think about. In a matter of seconds, the price rose from $10,000 to $850,000. Mynx held up her hand to stop the bidding.

“Excellent. Senator Kolba has set the price. He knows my true value. Anyone else wishing to experience “puppy love”, the line forms over here. All forms of payment are accepted,” she said. She then pointed at the senator, “Now senator, strip and take your place at my side.” The senator obeyed immediately and fell to his knees before his true love. She bent down, attached the leash, and whispered in his ear, “I am going to love Washington.”

After the last guest was lead around the room, the hall was cleared and the guests were sent home. It took some convincing to get some of the guests to leave. The cocktail waitresses handled the majority of cases, but some needed Mynx’s special intervention. She told them if they refused or resisted, they would never see her again. That was enough to incite perfect obedience, and all guests were gone within the hour.

Mynx retired to her bedchamber and was resting in her oversized leather chair. She was surrounded by many of her slaves who were counting the profits from the evening’s affair. On the floor was Tom Irving curled up under her feet acting as her footstool. Beth approached with a huge smile on her face. Mynx looked at her and smiled anxiously. “Well? What’s the count, baby?”

“Just over 62 million, my love” Beth reported.

Mynx reached for Beth and screamed excitedly, “Excellent!! Oh Beth! We’ve done it!!! I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams and I have you to thank for it! Come here, baby, and let me thank you right.” Beth climbed on top of Mynx and kissed her passionately.

As Beth began working down Mynx’s body, the blonde Goddess picked up a stick lying next to the chair and struck her human footstool with it. Through her moans she commanded, “Higher, detective. Raise me higher.”

The End.