The Night of All

A Gay Story
by Annika

It was the second of February. The snow was laying high in the landscape

of my mom and father’s winter-house. It was the fourth day in our holiday and we was going to stay there for one week. It was the evening of the fourth day. We had planed to eat out. You was standing in the door asking me what took me so long as it came in wearing a full length silverfox coat with a matching hat with mink inside of it. Pete maked big eyes when he saw me standing there looking very sexy..

Pete : “I know that I just has bought a new Mercedes but.. Do you then have to buy a fur-coat ?”

Me : “Take it easy.. It’s my mothers..”

Pete : “Don’t you think she mind’s ?”

Me : “Well it’s not because she need it. she has plenty enough”

I opened the closet and once more Pete maked big eyes.. the where Mink’s, fox’s, beaver’s, lynx’s and many more…(sexy coats.. Are -you- rubbing and wearing fur ?) As we entered the door to the restaurant, I think all men got a hard on when Pete to of “my” long thick and fluffy silverfox, and when I took of my hat and my long dark hair came to sight.. It was quite late when we came home. Pete got his pains and shirt of and laid all naked on the bed. I went to the bathroom and came back still wearing “my” silverfox. Pete was a sleep.. I took a mink with a white fox collar, a lynx and an other fox (red) on and put it on my side of the bed. Then I rolled Pete over so he now was placed on the furs. Slowly he woke up and saw me standing the on the silverfox. Pete : “Why are you still wearing that fur ?”

Me : “Why..? don’t you like it ?”

Pete : “Suddenly do but take it off..”

I took the collar up so I could fell the soft hair.. then slowly I opened the fur feeling the soft cold hair on my fingers as I one by one unbutton the fur… And there I stood all naked wearing nothing but my fur. Pete maked big eyes, and as he moved and felt the soft mink on his balls and the lynx on his ash he got a hard on as I never had see. I went to him and took his cuck in my hand and as I licked it I slowly rubbed it with my silverfox/mink hat. But at once he went up. Took on a redfox, turned me so my ash was in the air but covered with the silverfox – “I want to fell it. we just have to give her a new” he said and then he maked a hole where my pussy was.put his hard cuck in and fuck me hard as ever as he was felling the fur on his balls, cuck and every where. I laid down and covered myself with the silverfox so the hole was above my pussy and the fur was on the inside rubbing my breasts as Pete fucked me soft into fur-heaven