The Parallel World

An Introduction to the Fur World

By StaceyAnne

Fred Slater has always had a fascination about women in furs. His favorite pastime was going to the city so he could watch women in fur as they were shopping. He would also admire the furs which were shown in the display windows of the better furriers.

It was a cold clear winter day when Fred decided to go to the city and engage in his favorite pastime. He was amply rewarded for his effort. Many of the shoppers were wearing their furs. He stopped at the display of his favorite furrier. An elegant ankle length Russian white lynx belly coat was spread out in the window.

As he was admiring the coat, the event occurred. Suddenly there was a blinding white light, the display window parted and Fred was pulled through the window. The entire event lasted less than five seconds and no one was aware of Fred being pulled through the window. Life continued as normal with the exception that Fred was no longer outside engaging in fur watching.

The first thing Fred noticed was that he was on the other side of the big mirror located in the rear of the fur salon. He was looking out into the salon. His first instinct was to get some ones attention by hitting the glass. He was quickly disappointed when his hand was stopped from hitting the mirror when it came closer than an inch from the surface.

A gorgeous young lady wearing a sable coat approached the mirror. She was admiring herself and appeared to be unaware of Fred’s presence behind the mirror. She would occasionally smile seductively at the mirror and gave the impression that she knew that Fred was watching her. Fred tried shouting at her, but it appeared that the sound did not attract her attention.

A second young lady in another sable came up behind the first and put her arms around her, cupping her breasts. Fred could hear the first young lady moan in satisfaction at her friend fondling her breasts. The moans and the sight of the two girls in fur having a girl-girl sex act excited him and his member became hard. Fred had a very hard time trying to control himself. Finally the two young ladies left and Fred was looking out at an empty fur salon.

His attention was now drawn to the rest of the room. He noticed the racks of fur located along the back wall of the room. They were massive rotary racks with multiple sub racks within each one. He counted ten rotary racks of fur, each with an unknown number of sub racks. Closer inspection revealed that the sub racks went down through the floor as well as up through the ceiling. Fred tried to touch the furs in the racks, but the same force that kept him from hitting the mirror, prevented him from touching and stroking the furs.

The reflection of a blinking light made him aware of a chair, desk, computer screen and keyboard in front of one of the rotary racks. The lynx coat that was in the salon window was draped across the chair. The message flashing on the screen was “Welcome Frederique” with a picture of a young lady in fur under the message. A third item was a note to click on the fur to view a tutorial.

He wanted to view the tutorial, but was embarrassed to sit in the chair while the fur was draped over it. But he unable to remove the fur from the chair and he was unable to move the chair away from the desk. Fred wanted to see the tutorial and finally overcame his self consciousness about sitting down in the fur. The fur was soft and quickly excited Fred. Within seconds he felt himself climaxing. It was an event which was one like he never had before. He just kept climaxing and climaxing and he was sure that his shorts were really wet from all of the juices caused by the climaxes. He was astounded when he looked down and saw that his pants were still dry. His body was tingling from the softness of the fur. He had never experienced anything like this before.

The first thing he did was type in a message that his name was Fred and not Frederique. It was ignored when the computer responded with “Would you like to start the tutorial now, Frederique.” Fred reluctantly conceded the point and clicked on the fur. The computer controlled the racks of fur and all of the furs and other items that made up the new wardrobe of Frederique. Most of the items were restricted for the time being. The only items available for the tutorial were coats and jackets. There were drop down menus for a multitude of parameters such as the fur, day or evening wear, length of the coat as well as other features of the coat or jacket. There was also a feature to move the racks and the sub racks in a stepping manner. Once a sub rack was selected, a description of each fur was provided. When a fur was selected, a detailed description was provided and a full size interactive visual display of Frederique wearing the fur was provided on a screen located at each side of the mirror. The number of fur coats in the wardrobe overwhelmed Fred. For coats alone, there were over 50 racks, each having at least 50 sub racks and each sub rack holding more than 25 coats. The number of racks for jackets were similar to the one for coats. Some of the restricted categories included capes, stoles, hats, scarves and gloves, handbags and muffs, shoes, jewelry, dresses, pants, suits, tops and evening gowns. As he was looking over the list of items, Fred casually draped the lynx over his shoulders and fastened the top button of the coat. He was unaware of his action since he was deeply engrossed in the tutorial.

Fred was using the different menus to select furs. With each selection the visual display would show how he would look in the fur and was rewarded with a feeling of sexual satisfaction generated by the coat. With one selection he was given a choice of visual displays. The first was “Frederique Today” and the second was “Frederique in 7 Days.” Fred viewed both. By now he knew what to expect by selecting the “Today” choice. He was stunned when he saw the second visual. He was shown as a statuesque female with a fantastic body, in full make up and wearing extremely high heels along with the selected fur. The message underneath her was “Welcome Frederique” and after a few seconds the screen went blank. Fred was traumatized. Was this really going to happen to him?

The visual screens on each side of the mirror activated again. The display was showing women having sex with each other. It was complete with the sound of women enjoying the pleasure of each other. The sight and sound was overwhelming to Frederique. He was rubbing the lynx against his body and once again he was enjoying a series of climaxes unlike any he had before. Next a fur fashion show was started, but the sound of sexual pleasure of women having sex did not diminish, but became more intense. At first there was one model at a time displaying her fur. Walking seductively she would go to end of the runway and turn two or three times. She would drop her fur from her shoulders down her back and always smile at Frederique. He was again becoming excited and the lynx draped over his shoulders was not reducing his excitement. After a few moments, the fur clad models were appearing in pairs, seductively removing the furs and engaging each other in girl sex. Their movements were designed to encourage Fred to remove his own clothes.

The lynx coat was again having its effect on Fred. His clothes were becoming very irritating to him. They felt like they were becoming tight and restricting. His movement was being limited. They also felt very coarse to his skin and were starting to cause him pain. He had to get out of his clothes, but would he be able to wear one of the furs. He opened the clasp of the lynx coat so he could take it off and get out of his own clothes. However he was unable to take the coat off. The models were smiling at him and he could hear them speak for the first time.

They reminded him that his name was Frederique and that she would only remove her clothes in a seductive manner. They then demonstrated how to undress seductively. Fred followed their instructions and he was able to get undressed by being extremely seductive. The models commented that she was a good girl and would be rewarded. Fred picked up the lynx and began caressing his body with it. He was quickly rewarded with another series of climaxes more enjoyable and intense than any previous series of climaxes. Suddenly he realized that the furs were controlling his life. He would be rewarded if he followed the instructions he was receiving and the rewards were very satisfying.

He put the lynx coat on and buttoned it up. The feel of the fur against his skin was extremely sensual. He also felt secure in the coat. It would take care of her and provide for all of her needs. The lynx coat would also provide all of his sexual desires which far exceeded his sexual needs. The special features of the lynx coat were starting to have their desired effect on Fred. He looked up at the screens and they were blank. He saw the computer screen was activated and a message telling him to become more familiar with her furs was displayed. Fred sat down in the chair at the screen and began selecting and viewing different furs. When the fur was displayed on the full size screen, the display showed Frederique in her new body along with a message reminding him that this was her new name and her new look. He was no longer bothered to being referred to as a woman or the name Frederique. Finally Frederique realized she would never be without furs anymore as she wrapped the collar of the coat around her face and pulled the sleeves of her coat down over his hands. She felt totally secure as she fell asleep in the chair completely wrapped up in the lynx coat. As far as Frederique was concerned, Fred no longer existed. He was not even a figment of her thoughts.