The Reunion – Part 1

By Rongav

Saturday 1:35PM

It is November of 1994. I look out the plane’s window wondering why I am doing this. Though I enjoy traveling home to the San Francisco Bay Area, the thought of going to my 30th High School Reunion seems a waste of time. I try, but cannot come up with one good reason why I would still have anything in common with the kids with whom I had graduated over a quarter century ago. Sure, I’ve kept in touch with one or two close friends, but that’s it. We’ve each gone our separate way, started new lives and grown into new people. I never dated much in high school, though I participated in lots of school events. I had some sort of an inferiority complex when it came to girls, though I felt very confident in other areas of my life. Now, I find myself most interested in seeing how the girls turned out. I have this latent desire to compare my classmates with my ex-wife.

“That’s ridiculous,” I say to myself, “Forget it. Hell, I don’t have to show up if I don’t want to…” well, except my one best friend, Bruce, is the chairman of the reunion, and I vowed to him I’d attend. Damn!

My thoughts are shattered as the plane bumps down with a screech onto the runway at San Francisco International and taxies to the United gate ahead. The flight attendant welcomes me to the Bay Area where I had grown up, (that feels odd), and informs us of the local time and that the temperature is a brisk 50 degrees. It seems redundant to tell me what time it is since we just flew from Los Angeles.

I stare blankly out the window as we make the long taxi to the terminal, passing other planes being serviced and airport utility vehicles scurrying about the tarmac. My thoughts drift back to the days in college before I was married. I would fly my then fiancée, Judy, to visit me. Those were exciting days, being young and really in love for the first time. She would fly up during the holidays to visit with my family. I would wait at the gate praying she would walk off the plane wearing one of the two fur coats I had bought her — one a black rabbit coat and the other a mouton jacket. I always have considered fur sensuous and sexy and I would encourage Judy to wear one of her coats whenever she could. I visualize her stepping off the plane in her full length rabbit coat, which was a nice coat in the early 70’s for a 21 year old girl. I would hug and kiss her, and feel a little extra excitement swell within me as we held hands walking the concourse to pick up her luggage.

Those were nice times, but after our marrying quite young , 25 years of maturing and somehow growing apart, Judy and I divorced over a year ago. I guess she needed more independence, I don’t know. I thought I was always kind and fair to her. It was her choice.

But that’s history. I am now on my own, feeling freer but still very alone. I dread the thought of “dating” in the 90’s. The whole sexual thing is scary – especially after the deteriorating sex life with my ex-wife. My confidence in today’s sexual environment is zilch. After being out of circulation for 25 years, I would rather not date anyone than deal with the whole sex thing.


Saturday 7:18 PM

I hear music playing upstairs as I climb the curved staircase to the second floor of the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon. My heart is pounding an anxious rhythm. I contemplate a whole night feigning interest in a gathering of people I now hardly know or care about any more. I have a sudden urge to bolt. Why am I doing this? As I near the top of the stairs, two women sitting at the reception table see me. Trapped!

“Ron? Cathy Grey, how are you?” she shrieks. Cathy was a long time neighbor with whom I attended both grammar school and high school.

“Hi Cathy! Well, I’m doing fine. Looking forward to seeing how badly the gang has aged. You know counting bald heads and face lifts,” I joke. “But you look terrific, though,” I add quickly. Though Cathy has put on a few pounds, I don’t want to alienate the first person I meet! God, I hate being so phony.

Cathy passes me over to her partner at the table. It’s Barbara Stone – the class brain. The women use their maiden names for ease of identification. . Some have even gone back to their previous names following divorces. I sense an upbeat mood about the two women that can’t quite place. Barbara hands me the obligatory nametag with my high school picture on it. I look at the 30 year old picture. Why couldn’t I have held on to just half of my hair?

Time for a drink. I head for the bar where several small groups have formed. I order a glass of cabernet, and fume over the $6 charge for a totally mediocre glass of wine. As I mingle I don’t recognize many people, but do find an occasional old friend with whom I share a little recent history and an old memory. OK, so this isn’t so bad. The conversations rekindle more memories and more stories.

“Where is Steve Tennison?” I ask. “Is he coming?” No one knows. Steve and I were inseparable during our junior and senior years. We played every Beach Boys album until the needles wore out, we worked on our cars and played football into the dark each afternoon. Though I lost contact with Steve after high school, he would be fun to find.

I walk over to my buddy Bruce who is talking with the club manager about the dinner schedule. When the conversation ends, Bruce turns and screams, “Hey, Labonz !.” That was a term my Dad used to call Bruce when we were little kids. I’m not sure why, but it was some Italian term of endearment – or insult, but I’m not sure which. We hug and catch up a bit. He points to his wife Justine across the room, and I head over to say hi. As I wend my way through the large throng that has formed in the main room, I am tapped on the shoulder. I turn.

“Hi Ron.” It was Julie Barber.

“Julie, how are you doing?” I reply. Julie was my date for our Junior Prom. We were friends in high school, but never dated beyond that. With her bright green eyes and short sandy blonde hair, she still looks even better than I remember her. The years have been kind. She offers me a great smile and offers her hand. I take her hand and hold it in both of mine.

“I am doing fine,” she answers. “ I am living down in San Leandro now as a consultant with a software company. I’m widowed. I lost my husband to a brain tumor 3 years ago … and I have a 13 year old daughter,” she says proudly. Julie’s eyes show slight sadness but she offers a tight smile that confirms she is dealing with life. “How about you, are you still in the TV business?” she asks.

“Yes still, videotape editing. I’ve been at the station for close to 25 years. I divorced last year. I kept the house, but I think I’m going to sell it soon as it’s much too big. You know the kids have pretty much grown. Jason, my 16 year old lives with his Mom, and the girls are out on their own, so I am pretty much free to do my thing… whatever that will be… but God knows I have no social life!” I admit.

Julie laughs. “Don’t feel badly, I don’t either,” she laughs as she touches my arm, “ but I’m really glad to see you again.” I blush, and realize that one of the most empowering feelings in a man is to have a woman take an interest in him.

“I am delighted to see you too, Julie. You look terrific and you’ve given me my first reason to appreciate coming tonight!” I admit.

The DJ is playing an old ballad from our high school days. It stirs me to ask, “How about a dance?”

“That would be nice.” She answers warmly. I take her hand and walk toward the dance floor on the other side of the room. We start to dance and she leans close. It feels great to have a woman care, if only for a dance. We dance silently for about a minute before Julie whispers.

“This is fun. I thought this might be a very long night, but, you know, it’s amazing feeling to be in a room with everyone who grew up in the same area, at the same time, sharing the same school, the same music …and the same sense of history.”

She is right. There is a unspoken feeling of unity among us all for the exact reasons Julie mentioned. I am glad I came, but with Julie dancing close to me, now even more so.


Saturday 8:40PM

After mingling about, both together and apart, Julie and I meet up again just as Bruce announces that “dinner is served.” I invite Julie to join me at dinner. We both know it was understood, but I want to be a gentleman and still ask. We stand in line at the buffet table. I hand her a plate and the silverware wrapped tightly in a red cloth napkin. We share more news about who’s here and who’s not. Julie whispers some juicy gossip about the couple in front of us, trying not to be overheard in the process. I laugh out lout and she embarrassingly puts her hand over my mouth and shushes me. We snicker some more quietly as the line inches forward.

We each fill our plates, and I offer to buy drinks if she will take my plate and find us seats. She agrees, and I head to the bar to buy us each a glass of Chardonnay. After waiting 10 minutes to get the wine, I search the room trying to see where Julie might have landed. She waves at me from the balcony outside the main room where several tables have been set up. I walk outside and feel the cold, but notice the club has set up numerous patio heaters throughout the balcony. I approach the table and Julie offers a big smile. I feel tingly inside knowing Julie has taken a liking to me and I to her.

“Is this OK? There wasn’t any room inside, and it’s so pretty out here,” she explains.

“Of course, if you’re not too cold. Would you like my jacket?” I ask. “No, I’m fine. But I’ll let you know if the heaters don’t do their job,” she says.

The view across the bay to San Francisco is like none other. Tonight is crystal clear due to a high-pressure system over the area. Even the fog is held at bay beyond the Golden Gate. It is truly a perfect night.


Saturday 9:25PM

After dessert, Julie and I walk to the railing at the end of the porch and look at the view. I offer my jacket without her asking. She accepts and I put my arms around her from behind.

“There just isn’t a prettier sight, is there?” I ask.

“No, I don’t think so. Though we live here all our lives, at least we can appreciate the city for all its beauty,” Julie replies. She turns to me, “You what I wish…? I wish we had known each other better in high school. This is fun.” She pauses and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“That it is,” I reply. “I couldn’t imagine a nicer evening either, it’s been a pleasant surprise.” I confess. “Meeting you again is the best thing that has happened to me in long time. It’s just too bad we live so far apart. It would be fun to hang together now and then.”

“I know,” she replies. “But we can phone, email and visit. I come to L.A. often, and you said you visit the Bay Area several times a year.”

I realize the only way I could be happy right now would be to see her every day. “You’re right, we can do that,” I sadly admit. “But I sure would like to be able to see you more, you know, in person.”

“Well, we’ll work on it,” Julie says as she smiles and grabs my hand and leads me back to the dance floor. “Come on, let’s do the twist!” We walk inside to the sounds of Chubby Checker singing his classic.

I feel really old now! We twist a little, laugh some more, and eventually cease this ugly effort. We join a gathering group watching two very outgoing classmates put on a dance exhibition. The music changes to a jitterbug swing and the dancing couple provides a great show to everyone’s delight. Suddenly the man slips and falls to everyone’s laughter and catcalls. Bruce appears out of nowhere, bends down and gives the victim mock medical attention.

“Medic! We need a medic!’ Bruce screams. I’m not sure why he had it, but Bruce pulls a flask from his pocket and offers it to the fallen dancer. More laughter. Bruce is always available for a quick laugh.

Julie and I look at each other and realize that the night is getting late. Our thoughts shift to how our time together tonight is going to end. She asks where I am staying. I tell her in the city, at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf. She says she has a room at the Ritz-Carlton. Her company has a contract with the hotel for a standing order on a suite. We both think of a way to prolong our evening together.

“Might I drive you back to your hotel?” I ask, knowing that earlier she told me she rose over with her girlfriends.

“That would be great,” she says. “I’ll tell Amy and Brenda I am grabbing a ride with you.”

I can imagine the rumor-mill firing up once Julie’s girl friends hear this one! “Tell you what,” Julie suggests, “Why don’t we drive back to the Ritz-Carlton and have a nightcap in their bar. It beautiful and would certainly be a lot quieter there.”

“That sounds great,” I agree. Julie says she needs to use the powder room and I want to say good night and thanks to Bruce for all his hard work. We agree to meet downstairs in a few minutes.

I find Bruce and Justine and thank them and suggest I might be back to visit after New Year’s. We hug and I head downstairs.

As I head down the stairs I am dumbstruck by a gorgeous vision. Julie is standing by the door wrapped in a full-length sable. She is wearing a gorgeous long coat of dark rich brown tones, with an oversized rolled collar and large cuffs. My heart races and I force myself to breathe.

“Are you ready?” she asks.

After what seems like an eternity, “Yea…. Wow, that is a stunning coat,” I babble. I try to act cool. “You look absolutely breathtaking,”

“Well thank you, it’s my love and joy. My parents gave it to me for my 40th birthday. I’m not sure exactly why such a nice coat…I guess they felt sorry for me or something. But whatever the reason, I’m not giving it back!” she laughs. “I love wearing it, specially on cold nights like this when I come to the city. Sometimes I even wear it at home on cold nights like a bathrobe!” She blushes.

“Well, I must confess that there is no one prettier – or sexier – than a woman in a fur coat. And that is one beautiful sable coat,” I added. She smiles back with a twinkle in her eye. I figure that I had better let her know how I feel about Julie and her coat with the little time I have left.

Julie pulls the collar up framing her face. “Well, thank you. You’re very astute to recognize it as sable.” Julie gently rubs the sleeve. “Most people think it’s mink. I admit I do feel very special wearing it, and yes, I do feel very sexy too,” she whispers.

She takes my hand as we walk toward the car. I can’t stop staring at her, hopefully without her noticing. Halfway to the car I place my arm around her shoulders and pull her a little closer. She smiles and put her arm around me. After a few more steps, she pauses, turns to me, places both arms over my neck and she kisses me.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for hours,” Julie says. “Now I’m embarrassed. Is that OK? I don’t want to appear too presumptuous.”

“Oh believe me, you’re not presuming anything, I feel the same way.” I reply. I know she feels the stiffness happening within me as we hug. She pushes her body closer. I slowly rub my hands over the fur on the back of the coat and up to her collar as I hold her. It feels so wonderful hugging her, wrapped in that softness.

After a long pause she says softly, “Let’s go get that drink. What do you say?”

“Sure thing. My car’s right here.” I open the passenger door to my rented Sebring convertible and assist Julie into the car. I get in and start the car.

As I start the car, Julie suddenly exclaims, “Let’s put the top down, what do you say?”

I turn in surprise. “Really? Are you sure you’re hair won’t be blown to hell? You won’t be too cold?” I ask.

“Absolutely, my hair can take it, and I certainly won’t be cold,” she says hugging herself. And you can use the car heater for our legs right?” She teases. “Let’s do it. It will be fun going across the bridge with the top down. It’s such a beautifully clear night.”

I pull the latches at the windshield and push the button to drop the top. Effortlessly the top folds into the rear compartment and the moon and stars reveal above us.

“Now this will be fun. Now as long as I don’t freeze to death,” I say.

Julie laughs and leans over to me. “Oh, I’ll keep you warm you big baby, don’t worry,” she says in a sultry voice. Her hand reaches over to my leg and she gives me a squeeze. She steals a glance down at my crotch to see if she is getting the desired result. Though it is dark in the car, she knows she is. She leaves her hand on my leg as I back the car out of the parking spot. We drive out the club’s gate and down the main street of Tiburon, passing the old Tiburon Theater, Sam’s Anchor Café and a host of tourist shops. The Tiburon Ferry blows its whistle announcing the last sailing back to San Francisco.

Once out on the main road toward the highway I place my hand over hers, still resting on my thigh. I gently rub my hand up and down her sleeve feeling the soft sable, but still letting her know I love her attention. She turns at me and smiles.

I ask, “How ya’ doing? Are you OK?”

“Yep, just fine, this is great” she replies. We make the tight right turn on the cloverleaf onramp to the southbound 101 and head for the short drive to San Francisco. The wind picks up but the heater is doing its job keeping us both warm. I fumble trying to find a suitable radio station. Julie reaches for the controls. .“Here, I’ll get it. I know a good FM jazz station,” she says.

She quickly turns to a station and a cool sax melody emits from the radio. Julie places her hand back on my leg, only this time higher up. I reach for her leg and stroke it through her coat. She squeezes my leg gently and starts to rub it. I can tell what’s coming. I feel myself swelling inside. If and when she touches me “for real”, she’ll know how excited I really am. As we approach the Golden Gate Bridge – and the reduced speed limit – she lightly slides her fingers over my enlarged penis, now bulging under my pants. Oh, God help me.

“Ooh, now that feels like someone is enjoying this,” she says softly. I don’t say anything but offer an embarrassed smile and a slight nod. She continues to rub me gently, up and down and across. I place my hand above her wrist, responding to her touch as I gently rub her hand.

Earlier I pulled out the $3.00 bridge toll so I didn’t have to disrupt this wonderful moment by reaching in my back pocket for my wallet. As we approached the tollbooth, I took a deep breath as Julie discreetly slipped her hand away and I paid our toll.

Once on our way again, Julie asked, “When are you leaving tomorrow?”

“I have a noon flight back,” I reply. We realize that we now desperately both desire to have more time together — somehow. Although I feel Julie would love me to delay my flight, she would never presume to ask. Since my ticket was non-transferable I don’t even suggest changing it.

“Well then…” Julie takes a deep breath trying to overcome her sadness. “We still have some time tonight.” She leans toward me jokingly. “Now, where were we?” Quickly she places her hand back on my leg and rubs her way back up again.

“I think you are exactly right where we left off,” I reply.

We continue down along the Marina. I reach over to Julie’s breast and place my hand over it. She takes my hand and guides it under her coat and places it over her right breast. My heart races as I gently rub over her firm raised nipple. She throws her head back and sighs.

“We shouldn’t be doing this! We just met – or at least just got reacquainted again,” Julie giggles.

I take her hand and squeeze it. “Julie, I want tell you that you’ve made me very happy. Tonight has been magical. Finally I want be sure you know how much I treasure you coming into my life right now.”

Julie’s closes her eyes and seems to bite her lip. Nothing is said.

Finally Julie looks up, “That’s sweet, Ron. I still feel a little confused though, I guess,” she begins. “I didn’t really want to come tonight either. Since Roger, I haven’t been able to face the idea of having any social life. My whole world has been dedicated to Katelyn. The thought of attending a large party, seeing anyone or meeting anyone new was too much to handle. But Amy and Brenda caught me in a weak moment and convinced me to come. Then tonight, when we were driving over to the reunion, I remembered you and found myself hoping that maybe you would be there tonight. Then when you were, and acted so sweetly to me, well, I felt very scared.”

“You didn’t appear scared, you seemed very confident and to be having a great time” I counter.

“I mean my brain was saying ‘keep your distance, don’t start anything’ while my heart was saying something else. What I mean to say is, in spite of my reluctance to come, tonight has been wonderful for me too, and I love that we’re able to spend more time together now.”

I give her hand another squeeze. “Me too.”

Julie turns from me and leans back into the seat. She seems relaxed as though some heavy weight is lifted from her. She raises her face to meet the wind. She closes her eyes and smiles, as the wind blows through her hair.


Saturday 9:51PM

We pull into the driveway of the Ritz-Carlton and I drive up to the valet. I rush around to help Julie out of the car. She pulls down the vanity mirror and after a few quick strokes of her hair brush, slaps the mirror back up and says, “I’m ready!”

We walk inside the spacious lobby as guests meander about. I see Julie entertain numerous glances from men and women alike. She does look classy wearing that coat, I repeat to myself. I feel empowered walking next to her. She takes my arm and we then hold hands. I give her another squeeze.

We enter the bar to the sounds of a woman at the piano singing “Stardust.” It’s a wonderful setting. I notice a nice table with two club chairs in the corner and guide Julie in that direction. I pull out the chair that faces the piano for Julie and she sits down keeping her coat on — to my delight. She adjusts her chair slightly in the direction of the singer, snuggles down and crosses her legs.

“Are you comfortable?” I ask.

“Very…”she answers sweetly. “So what are you having? I think I’m going have an Irish coffee.”

“I was thinking the very same thing.” I say. A waitress approaches and we order our two coffees. I stare at Julie as she listens to the singer. Again I am captivated by her loveliness and the beauty of her sable coat softly wrapped around her. She seems so cozy, so happy. As she listens to the song, her mood changes.

“You know, every time I hear that song I think of Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle. You know where he is remembering his wife. That part always makes me cry,” she confesses. “It’s horrible to lose someone you love so dearly. You really have to value every moment you have with them, otherwise… well, there are no guarantees about tomorrow.” She turns to me and our eyes meet. We both realize the impact of her words. We lean in and kiss.

The waitress appears with our drinks and asks if she should keep the tab open. I look at Julie and she shakes her head. Julie perks up.

“No, we can take the check whenever,” I say.

“You know, we still need to exchange phone numbers and addresses. Why don’t we take our drinks up to my room and do that. Besides, you have to see this suite — it’s incredible! It’s got a separate sitting area, a beautiful cherry desk, a wet bar, entertainment center, separate dressing area, a huge marble bathroom with a spa tub, it’s gorgeous! Besides these shoes are killing me, I gotta take them off!” she says with a Bronx accent.

My heart races into a high gear, as I try to comprehend Julie’s real intent of inviting upstairs. “Sure, your suite sounds magnificent. I’d love to see it,” I reply. “You must be a biggy in your company to get that suite!”

“I got the suite because it wasn’t being used by some visiting client.” She counters. “Otherwise I’d be at the Motel 6 where I really belong.” We laugh.

The waitress returns with the check and I leave a $20 bill.


Saturday 10:15PM

The chime sounds as the large brass elevator doors part. Julie inserts her key and presses the button for the top floor. I’m impressed. The doors close silently leaving us alone.

Julie turns to me. I reach for her and bring her close and kiss her, stroking the back of her coat. She feels divine. She places her hands on my cheeks and presses her pelvis against me gently and kisses me again as the bell rings announcing our floor. We separate reluctantly and Julie takes my hand and leads me down the long hallway.

As we walk to her room, I am impressed with the elegant furniture, the fresh flowers and beautiful artwork placed along the hall. It is truly a lavish display of opulence and good taste.

Julie inserts her key into the door and the security lock turns green. We enter and again she grabs my hand. “Are you ready to see how the other half lives?” she asks.

Once inside I take in the large room with a sitting area near the window. The suite is tastefully decorated in shades of pale green and cream. Several lamps are on and the shades drawn. In the bedroom the canopied king bed has been turned down with the obligatory mint on the pillow. A TV Guide and remote control rest on the bed. I notice a bookmark in the TV Guide, no doubt to today’s date. There is a giant cherry finished armoire with open doors housing the TV and other video equipment. In the outer room the mirrored bar is lit and looks nicely stocked. Julie pulls me back into the dressing area. There is a large granite tiled makeup counter along one wall and a long closet on the other. The bathroom beyond is of marble and brass and larger than most bedrooms. I can see the large spa tub lined in marble tile and an equally large shower behind.

“You’re right. This… this is really something,” I stammer. You could fit an army in here.”

“Well, that would be more men than I could handle tonight,” she laughs. I laugh too and am relieved to see her sense of humor is intact. “Tell you what, I am going to get out of these shoes and use the bathroom. Maybe you could write down your address and phone information. There is some notepaper on the desk out there.”

Julie disappears into the dressing area as I go to the desk to write my address and phone number for her. Once finished I walk to the window and pull back the curtain slightly. The view from the room was not what I expected. I figured that this suite would open to a gorgeous view of the lights of the city and the bay. But all I could see was a few tops of buildings and an angled view down California Street. A cable car rattles by with the traditional ringing of its bell. I hear the toilet flush.

Soon Julie appears from the bedroom, shoeless, but she’s still in her sable coat clutching it closed with a coy look on her face. As Julie approaches me, she allows her coat to fall open showing she is wearing just a lacy bra and bikini underpants. She places her arms around my neck and kisses me, letting her tongue slip into my mouth. I return my tongue and gently play with hers. She can tell I am excited.

“You said you find furs sexy,” she whispers, “let’s see if you were telling me the truth.” She leads me to the chaise in the bedroom and sets me down. She kneels next to me and slowly begins to loosen my tie. I place my finger under her chin and tickle it slightly. She smiles. She slips my tie over my head and places the tie on the table next to her. Julie then begins to unbutton my shirt, one by one, top to bottom. After the fourth button, she separates my shirt and lowers her face into my chest. She softly rubs her face on my chest. Her tongue makes gentle circles around my nipples. I close my eyes in delight. She moves to the other nipple as her hand gracefully slips up my leg and finds my stiffened penis beneath my pants. Now there is no question why she asked me up here.

Julie starts to rub my penis up and down as she takes her other arm and rubs the cuff of her sleeve against the side of my face.

“Does that feel good?” she asks, now rubbing the other side of my face.

“Very… good,” I answer. “You’ve done this before,” I suggest.

“Well, not quite like this. My husband never discovered the sensual pleasures fur like you apparently have,” Julie replies. She bends over and kisses me, caressing me again with her tongue. Below I feel her hand pushing harder between my legs and getting me more excited. She unbuttons my last shirt button and reaches for my belt. Slowly she unbuckles my belt and undoes my pants and zipper seemingly in one move. She slips off my loafers. I raise my hips slightly to allow her to slip off my pants.

I reach out for her to lie next to me on the chaise. She slips up close to me and wraps the coat around us both. I hold her close silently. She closes her eyes. She looks so peaceful and lovely. I want to capture this image forever.

I take my hand and gently place it under her bra and massage her breast. She kisses me as I make small circles on her nipple. She adjusts her body to rest more upon me, with the coat falling on each side of us. With her virtually on top of me, I stroke her breasts through the fur coat. She throws back her head and moans. “Oh, that feels so good,” she says. I reach under her coat and unsnap the bra that fastens in the front. The bra falls open revealing her two luscious firm breasts. Her nipples are extended in erotic pleasure. I take the edges of her coat and rub the fur up and around her breasts. Her eyes close in delight.

“Oh, I like that…,” she sighs.

She places her arms on each side of me and raises slightly. I kiss and lick her nipples as she brings her furred arms around my face. I hear her breathing more heavily.

Beneath I feel my stiff member poking through my underpants. Julie rocks back and forth, feeling my extended penis rub against her panties. Soon Julie slides back and kneels at the foot of the chaise and slowly pulls down my shorts and places them on the floor. She takes her arms and gently rubs the cuffs and sleeves inside my legs. I spread my legs more to expose myself to her. She moves her cuff to my erect penis and rubs it slowly around the base and then to my testicles. Julie leans in and kisses my tip and begins to lick in small circles ending underneath. She licks up and down my extended member, ending by licking my testicles.

I feel so excited having a lovely woman treat me with such a loving touch “You are magnificent,” I finally am able to say.

“You’re pretty magnificent yourself!” she adds as she lowers her head and sucks on my fully extended cock. Julie continues to slowly stroke the inside of my legs with her arm and I feel the fur gently rub against my thigh. I feel the blood race through my penis. It is all I can do not cum in her mouth. I don’t want this to happen too soon. I need to please her too.

“Here, let’s not rush this” I gasp. “Let me pleasure you…” I roll to the side. Julie lowers her bikini pants to the floor and she joins me. She lies facing me and throws her coat over me. I kiss her passionately as my hand slips down her stomach to her thighs. I slowly massage up and down her thighs and back up to her stomach, purposely staying away from her vagina for now. I can feel her getting excited.

I slowly circle closer between her legs. I feel her jump a little as my hand crosses her clitoris. She is wet and apparently very willing. I gently caress her outer lips and make small circles as I finger her vagina. She makes sweet moans that tell me she is enjoying this. I slide over and gently spread her legs. I slide her panties off, take my tongue and enter her sweetness. I lick up and down and soon move higher to make little circles with my tongue around her clitoris. Julie tenses in delight. I start a rapid tongue movement across her clit. I feel her tremble throughout her legs. After several minutes, she reaches down and motions me to lie next to her again. I move next to her again.

Julie’s hand reaches down and gently strokes my still extended penis. I feel the fur against my stomach and it makes me even harder.

I kiss her again as I slide my hand up her moistened labia to find her now stiffened clitoris. I know she loves my touch. That’s reassuring. I slowly make circles around her extended clit. Again Julie flinches in erotic excitement. She places her whole hand against my penis, but I am concentrating on her. I start to make quick light movements over her clitoris. She moans slightly as I lean in to lick and suck on her breast. She rolls over slightly and holds me tighter. I quicken the speed of my stroking and Julie raises her hips against my fingers. I can feel she is getting close.

I stop rubbing, but continue to kiss her. I read if you pause briefly throughout the process it builds for a much greater orgasm. I hate thinking so clinically during moments like this but I want her to feel the most pleasure possible.

I resume fingering lightly and quickly across her clitoris again. I can feel her quickly come alive again. She spreads her legs more for me. Her breathing is heavy now. I stop and make my finger draw slow but firm circles around her sensitive firmness. She tightens beneath me and makes a small sound that I interpret as “don’t stop.”

I switch to kissing her other breast. I place my other arm under her sable collar to support her. I move my finger back rapidly sweeping her clitoris as lightly but as rapidly as I can. She stiffens again. I hold her firmly beneath enjoying the feel of the sable against my arm. She begins to shake inside.

Suddenly Julie explodes, “Oh…Oh….Oh my God, Ron…..this is incredible!” Her body erupts in uncontrolled wavelike convulsions. She grabs me tightly and buries her nails into me as she continues to shake in ecstasy. “Ron, Ron… I want you…I want you….” She repeats. She slides over and straddles me with both feet on the floor. Julie reaches for my penis now sticking straight up and lowers herself on it with one large moan. Julie doesn’t allow it enter all the way, but raises and lowers herself just enough to excite the outermost part of her vagina. I place my arms around her waist as I feel the softness of her coat rub against my legs. She continues to raise and lower her pelvis and obvious pleasure. She places her hands on her breasts and rubs the fur of the coat against them in a continuous pattern. I feel the stirring in my testicles but hold back the urge to release within her.

“Oh, you’re so big,” she says. “You feel so good inside me. God, how that feels!” Gradually Julie lowers herself and I totally fill her. She leans forward and lies on top of me. She wraps her arms around me and I pull her close. I stroke her back through the fur. I stroke back and forth and feel the soft resistance of the lush sable She slowly lifts and lowers her pelvis upon me and I rise and fall in harmony with her. She lays her head next to me as the collar of her coat falls against my cheek. I move my face against it to feel its softness and I turn to kiss Julie. I stroke her back and her neck as we kiss.

We lie together united kissing in this position for several minutes, slowly moving our enjoined parts, maintaining just enough pleasure for each of us.

“Do you want to do me on top?” Julie asks.

“Yes.” I reply softly. Julie sits back upright and then leans all the way back toward the end of the chaise. I follow and rest on top of her. She reinserts me and pulls me down to her. I feel the coolness of the room on my back as she wraps her coat around me. She holds it around me as I begin to thrust within her.

“So I guess you do enjoy this furry sex, huh?” she asks.

“I can never imagine anything more sexy than you wrapped in that coat, making love to me,” I answer. I stop and kiss her. Our tongues probe deeply and passionately as I begin to thrust stronger and faster. Her fur wrapped around me stirs animal tendencies within me. My strong legs propel me deeply, forcibly within her exciting us both. She rises with me and feverishly pulls my buttocks toward her with every thrust. I feel an uncontrollable sensation form within my thighs, then swell up within my groin to finally explode throughout my whole body . I drive back and forth emitting my essence within her. Julie pulls me tighter knowing the pleasure I am experiencing. I pump until I run out of energy and collapse upon her.

We hold each other in silence — in ecstasy. Julie gives me a gentle kiss. “You know what, you are great at sex!” She senses that I was unsure of myself earlier but her assurances are exactly what I need.

“You make me feel like a real woman, a loved woman, and that’s a wonderful feeling,” Julie sighs. She buries her head on my chest.


Sunday 12:10 PM

My United 727 plane banks left climbs over San Francisco below and heads south. I have an ache in my heart leaving Julie behind. Last night was pure magic. I try to replay every moment in my mind from first laying eyes on her at the reunion to finally having to leave her this morning. I try not to think of what might lie ahead — only that we have promised to call tonight and make sure each other got home safely. The rest is in God’s hands.

She, in one night, revived my manhood — my sexuality, and gave me reason for living. For that alone I love her. As we kissed goodbye this morning, she said we will get together soon. I know we will. I will make sure of it.