The Sweetest Seduction

Editors note. This is a romantic short story for fur lovers in eight chapters. The story is written from both the male and female perspective, each author writing alternate chapters. I’m sure our authors, Ms. Barguzin and FrBrGr are known to all of the long time fur enthusiasts. The story has been around for some time and FrBrGr asked if we could post it in the library. Of course, we are pleased to do so and hope you will enjoy it.

by Ms. Barguzin and FrBrGr
Chapter One – Loneliness by FrBrGr

The stillness of the night enveloped me as I made my way down the street. Only an occasional car horn broke the silence of a night that promised to break all records for being the coldest on record. I pulled the collar of my coat further up over my ears as I trudged on through the snow. I was warm enough. The coat was the one I bought myself as a Christmas present last year. I had my eye on it for months, but just didn’t have the nerve to get it. It was a sheared beaver topcoat, a jet-black, double-breasted beauty that I finally couldn’t resist any longer. This was the first night that I actually needed it, although I had worn it several times before. Just to wear it. I loved its luxury, and I loved its softness. I have always loved fur, and had collected several coats that I kept in my pad, but none of them were for wearing.

At least not out in public. There were a full-length blue fox and a blush fox, a full-length Canadian lynx, several fox jackets, and the prize of the collection, a full-length chinchilla coat. I also had managed to collect several hats of different sizes and descriptions and furs, as well as two fox boas and a pair of oversized fox mittens.

They were kept in a special closet in a special room that I call my fur room. There is very little in the room – just a king-sized bed, a couple of small tables and chairs, and an entertainment center, complete with a giant screen TV, VCR, CD, refrigerator and portable bar. I had installed indirect lighting in the room that could be dimmed, and had the ceiling completely mirrored.

The rest was fur. A huge Arctic fox bedspread covered the bed, and the chairs, floor, and one whole wall were covered with Arctic fox as well. This room was an absolute haven, and I loved it. I spent many hours in there, but there was one thing that was missing.

I didn’t have anyone to share it with. I had always had a very well defined love for the softness and the magical sensuality of fur. It drove me wild with desire. I couldn’t ever get enough of it. Oh, sure. I had dates. I took women out. We became friendly, and with some I even became intimate. I have always loved being a man, and loved being with women. I love their company, their wit, charm and their intelligence. I also love their looks, their curves, their softness, their sexuality, their scent. But every time I began to approach the subject of bringing fur into the love equation, I was always met with disbelief, ridicule and sometimes even with hostility. Was there no one that understood? Was I the only one who lived in this fantasy world? It was, indeed, a fantasy world, a fantasy that had come true for me. A fantasy, though, I was living in alone. Without anyone to share it with. And this was making me very, very unhappy.

These thoughts were going through my mind as I trudged through the snow. Damn! I needed a drink before I got to my car and went home to the loneliness again.

The lounge was on the corner of Fifth and Market. A real cozy place I had visited before. Low lights, a lot of plants, great jazz, and a fantastic conversation pit next to a huge fireplace. You could snuggle down into one of the overstuffed chairs with your drink, listen to the music, feel the warmth from the fire and let your troubles just melt away into the night.

Why was tonight different? As I walked in, I could feel something in the air, a strange electricity. A really eerie feeling that snuck inside of me and started to tickle my stomach and made my heart begin to beat a beat or two faster. My eyes grew use to the darkness and I made my way to the bar, still feeling like I should be expecting the unexpected. I shrugged it off, though, and sat down to order my favorite drink. A concoction of vodka and amaretto called a “Godmother.” A great drink that could get you nice and warm, then numb. I needed numb. It had been a long day, and with the loneliness that had seized my heart, I needed numb really badly!

Halfway through my first drink and second cigarette, I was gazing into the mirror behind the bar, and suddenly I saw something that froze my heart for an instant, then made it start to beat furiously within my chest. That electricity shot throughout every inch of my body, and I suddenly found my breath coming in short gasps. I couldn’t see that clearly in the mirror, but what I saw was one of the most beautifully incredible women I had ever seen in my life. A beautiful face surrounded by soft, fluffy hair. Slender, beautiful body encased in an unbelievable cloud of angora. I couldn’t tell if it was a cat suit or jump suit, but it was one of the most seductive outfits I had ever seen on a woman. She was sitting in the conversation pit, alone, listening to the music and nursing her drink as if she had a lot on her mind. I could see a blue fox coat draped over her chair, and what looked like a huge blue fox hat resting on the table in front of her.

I closed my eyes for a brief moment, thinking that I was dreaming; that this was only a vision and an element of my desires, my fantasies and my loneliness all taking its toll on me. I opened my eyes again. This wasn’t a vision. She wasn’t my imagination. This woman was very, very real, and I certainly wasn’t going to let this opportunity escape me. I made my way over to the conversation pit, wondering what I would say to this dream woman in fur. What if she was waiting for someone else? What if she didn’t find me attractive? What if the vision would be tarnished by an attitude or something else beyond my control? What if . . . ? I found myself standing in front of her, and realized that we were gazing into each others eyes without saying a word. She reached up and ran her hand over the soft beaver that was draped over my arm, and without breaking her gaze into my eyes, she was the first to break the silence.

“Is it you?”

Chapter Two – The Encounter by Ms. Barguzin

I pulled my hand back from the soft beaver gasping . . . afraid I had broken the spell and not knowing how to mend it. I could not believe the man standing before me. His eyes clung to me so that I could hardly breathe . . . I could not break my gaze and I felt myself blushing from the very tips of my toes . . . I repeated, this time in a whisper, “Is it you?” and knowing in my heart that it could not be . . . reality could never be this wonderful.

I had dressed so very carefully for my blind date and waited for so very long. Sitting in my white mink bra and panties and angora jump suit had heated my body in places that were driving me insane. Did I dare wish . . . ? He seemed reluctant to speak but said, “Oh, you ARE waiting for someone. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” I spoke quickly, “I have been stood up, I believe. Please won’t you sit down?” I moved to the side feeling fur and the softness of angora move against me, almost moaning with that pleasure. I was flushed as I lifted my eyes to his once again hoping that he had not seen but yet wishing he had. I felt my nipples harden and ache within the soft white mink as I wondered if he could possibly share my thoughts and my feelings about fur. He moved to sit beside me and I was wishing he was even closer. The fact that he was wearing sheared beaver was the most wonderful sign I had seen in any man for a very, very long time. Idly, I picked up the sleeve of my blue fox coat and stroked it against my face and down my neck wishing I could stroke it between my breasts. Oh God how I wanted to! I had never felt such an attraction to any man in my life!

I wiggled in my chair; so aware of the fur rubbing against my pussy and then I hear his low sexy voice slip into my fantasies once more. “May I ask your name? I never expected to meet anyone here this evening. I thought I would drop in and have a few drinks before I went home.” He smiled and oh what a smile as his eyes followed the trail of blue fox down my neck, resting just above my breasts. I caught my breath. It was such a sensuous look. I knew. I knew in my heart that he felt for fur as I did. “My name is Sandy. May I ask a question?” I reached out and once again stroked the sheared beaver that he seemed so reluctant to part with. “Do you wear fur often? So many men will not wear it and I think it is so attractive on a man. You are wearing such a beautiful sheared beaver. It is so black; so soft looking.” I blushed once again, feeling I was revealing too much too fast and feeling the throb in my panties strengthen.

“Yes,” he said. “I wear it as often as possible. I do have other furs as well.” For a moment he seemed to hesitate. My mind wandered back to my apartment and the Arctic fox bedspread on my king-sized bed wondering if I dared to take this man – this stranger- back there. I had taken no one there since I had purchased my new fur play toys. The pillows. The boas. Silence loomed between us as I wiggled in my chair again.

“May I buy you another drink?” He inquired. “Yes, please” I said with a smile, thinking a little liquid courage could not harm me at all. “I’m having a Singapore Sling. What is that you are drinking? I think it might be fun to try.” He signaled for a waitress as he told me about his drink but still he had not put his coat down. I smiled wickedly to myself as I wondered if he was hiding something. I wondered if I had gotten to him more than I thought. He ordered drinks not even noticing the waitress in her short little skirt and low-cut blouse. His eyes constantly strayed back to our hands, which were simultaneously stroking our respective furs. The magic between us hung in the air. Strong and unmistakably sexual.

We downed our drinks quickly and nervously. Few words were spoken between us but those looks! Each look spoke a thousand words! As I finished my drink, he looked at me and said, “Could I entice you into going for a walk in the little park across the street? This is very, uh, public . . . and there are too many people there this time of evening. I promise I will be a gentleman.” I smiled and said, “Oh, I would never have thought differently of you but you have not even told me your name.” As I stood slipping into my blue fox coat, arranging my hair so that I could put on my hat, his eyes never left me, he was speechless and I loved the effect I was having on him. As my hands stroked down my body doing up the clasps, I deliberately kept my eyes on his face. He seemed frozen in place and then he abruptly flew from his chair and slipped into his wonderful coat. I shivered just seeing him in fur. I shivered as he took my hand and placed it on his arm and we moved toward the door. It all seemed so natural, like we were made for each other. More than one set of eyes followed us to the door.

It was a beautiful crisp night. The blustery winds of earlier in the day had all but disappeared. Snowflakes gently fell to the ground and caressed our faces as they went past. We crossed the street into the park. I was not willing to let go of his arm. My fingers dug into the deep plush fur as I leaned into him for support. The pair of boots I was wearing was not exactly sensible for walking in the park with their high heels but they gave me an excuse to stay close and hang onto my dream. We did not feel the need to say very much. I knew that I felt as though I was a kindred soul as his hand came to cover mine on his arm and I looked up and smiled at him. We threaded our way through the paths and I felt more alive than I had ever felt before. I scooped up a handful of snow and tossed it at him and he chuckled the most wonderful sound I had ever heard. I giggled and leaned against a birch tree, watching and wondering what he would do in retaliation. He moved closer gazing into my eyes and as my eyes fell to his sensuous mouth he leaned forward and kissed me so softly. My hands moved around his neck and pulled his collar up to stroke against his face. I heard him moan softly as he pressed against me and claimed my lips for his. My breathing quickened. I had to regain some control! I quivered and I stammered, “You still have not told me your name.”

A determined look came over his face and the words that passed his lips made me swoon. “My name is Alan and I want to take you home and make love to you, to fur you all over your body because I believe you are the fur queen I have dreamed about all of my life and I want you.”

Chapter Three – Prelude by FrBrGr

The look that came across her face made me realize that I had just done something incredibly stupid. I could tell I caught her entirely by surprise. Surprised? Hell, she looked shocked. “Alan, you idiot! You moron!” I thought to myself. “Why did you say that? And after you told this woman that you’d be a gentleman! You blew it, guy. This was your big chance to be with your dream, and you just frigging blew it! How could you have been so stu. . .

“OK!” she said.

I could have been hit by lightening and the effect wouldn’t have been as intense. “What?!” I gasped. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I expected a tongue-lashing, but instead I got a huge, beautiful smile. “Yes, I would love that,” she purred. “You . . . you would?” I stammered. “I mean, I didn’t mean to come on so strong, I’m sorry, I, I . . .” She moved close to me and put a finger over my lips. “Shhhh. . . .” she whispered. “Just kiss me again.” Our eyes met again, and for a moment, this moment was frozen in time. Her beautiful face smiled up at me, a little flushed either from the cold perhaps, or maybe just because she was caught up in this moment as much as I. “Just kiss me,” she whispered again, as she searched my soul with those unbelievable eyes. Just then, a breeze caused the fur around her face to gently move. It was all I could take.

“Oh, yes!” I whispered as my arms went around her, pulling her warmth and her softness into me. It was as if we melted into each other. I could feel her hands moving against my back, and I realized that she was doing the same thing I was doing. Her fox felt so good to touch, to hold, to squeeze. My excitement began to build as I felt it go through my fingers. I knew she thought the same about my beaver. The kiss itself, while so gentle, soft and tender, was a prelude to what was about to come, and would have been an answer to my question. It was clear that she was as into this as I was. She wanted me and she wanted the fur to be a part of it all.

Visions of us furring each other on my bed started to race through my mind, and I could feel my cock straining at my pants as if it had come to life with a mind of its own, wanting to break through its restraints and seek the softness of her blue fox. I was vaguely aware of our bodies beginning to move rhythmically against each other, and I could hear her moaning her approval as she broke free from the kiss and began to kiss my neck, my cheeks, my ears. My hand was now on her ass, and I pulled her tightly against me as I continued to move and grind my hips against hers.

Suddenly, she turned me around, and I was now leaning up against the birch tree. For the first time, I could see that we were in a very secluded area of the park, and even though couples were walking by on a nearby path, we were practically hidden from view. Those amazing eyes of hers were again burning into my soul, wondering, yet promising what was to come next. She broke the silence. “Be still. Keep your arms around me and close your eyes. Don’t open them until I say you can.” I did as I was ordered, and I could feel her unzipping my pants. Suddenly, I gasped as she took my rock-hard cock in her ice-cold hands. I couldn’t believe how incredibly erotic that felt, and when she pressed my cock into her fox coat, which was also quite cold, I could hardly contain myself. “You can open your eyes now!” she said. “How do you like this?” As I gazed into her beautiful eyes and saw her face smiling at me from under all of that fur, I knew that I was falling for this woman, and falling for her fast and hard. It was now her turn to start grinding her hips into mine, except that now, my aching cock was caught between her blue fox and my sheared beaver. She ground harder, and forced me back against the tree. I realized that her smile had faded, and a much different look started to appear on her face. A very sultry, determined look. A look of a woman wanting to please and be pleased. She started to kiss me again and again, and I could feel myself beginning to lose control – something I just did not want to do yet. Oh, but how I wanted her to continue pressing up against me! I would have given just about anything to lose my load into her soft fox right then and there, but I had other ideas.

“Stop!” I said, as I eased her away from me. She looked down at my cock and took it in her hands again. “What’s wrong, my fur stud? Doesn’t this feel good? Isn’t this what you wanted? Didn’t you want to rub up against me the first time you saw me in the lounge? Didn’t you want to fuck my fur and fuck me in the fur? Why are you resisting this?” I smiled at her and said, “Because I want you to be thrilled, too, Sandy. You want it as much as I do. You want to be furred. You want to be loved, and I want to do that for you. I want so much to pleasure you like you have never been pleasured before.”

I couldn’t help but think about my fur room. I had been dreaming of this night all of my life, and it looked like it was finally going to happen. I had prepared for that perfect woman. I had several different bottles of wine – a Merlot, a Chardonnay, a Cabernet . . . I knew she would be pleased with my music, and I had been to the local adult store several times over the last several months and had picked up some toys that were guaranteed to bring her to ecstasy. I thought about the fox mittens and boas, and I thought about what would be a special toy for this woman; something she would particularly like. A vibrating dildo covered with sable fur. “I live only a couple of blocks from here,” I continued. “I have a special room in my apartment that I think you’ll find very exciting. In fact, you may never want to leave it! Please, Sandy. Come home with me . . . This will be a night we will never, ever forget. Tonight, every one of our dreams, every one of our fantasies will soon be realized.”

Chapter Four – Paradise Found by Ms. Barguzin

“May I fulfill all of my fantasies?” I asked tentatively . . . biting my lip . . . not quite knowing from where I was getting all the nerve. Never had I been so aggressive . . . so brazen . . . but I could not resist . . . he offered me the fur world and I wanted to grab hold of it and live it. Oh how I wanted to live it! Every dream . . . every fantasy . . . every sensual second of it. His eyes darkened with curiosity. “Yes, anything you can dream of.” I opened my coat and for the first time as I turned it back he could see the inserts that I had so painstakingly sewn inside of it. His eyes lit up as he realized the significance of the blue fox sewn there. I couldn’t help but giggle. I told him to make himself decent while I made myself positively indecent. Doing up the clasps of my coat . . . Pulling my arms in the sleeves and pulling my jump suit from my shoulders . . . Stripping it off under my coat and slipping it into my oversized purse. As I slipped my arms back into the sleeves, I closed my eyes for just a moment and shivered as I felt the inner fur caress the parts of my breasts not covered in white mink as well as my tummy. I opened my eyes to find Alan looking at me and licking his lips. I smiled softly, “Take me home?”

Once again he took my hand and led me to the path. Taking every opportunity as we crossed the street to run his hand down my back and over my ass. I was quivering beneath his touch. I felt so wicked. So wanton. So alive . . .

Alan tenderly guided me down the sidewalk. We found each other looking into each other*s eyes, trying to see what reactions the fur and the seductive play were doing to our bodies. We made such a handsome couple. Eyes followed us everywhere but we were oblivious to all outside influences. The doorman of his building opened the door wide and we nearly floated through. “Good evening,” he said. I smiled and blushed and Alan smiled brightly at him and replied “The very best of evenings!” As the elevator doors closed, he once again took me into his arms, pushing me back into the wall and kissing me breathlessly until the doors opened. He grabbed my hand and we moved quickly just down the hall to his apartment door.

He did not offer to take my coat . . . instead he went to the windows and opened each one of them halfway. I knew why. We would not have to remove our furs. Not yet . . . I moved to the couch and Alan offered me a glass of wine. I stood up again and slowly undid the clasps of my coat as he poured the wine . . . his eyes moving to me as I did so. I slipped my hand inside my coat and put my hand on my hip. The coat pulled back and revealed my white mink bra and panties. Alan groaned and the wine began to overflow the glass. He swore and I giggled as I went over to help him clean up the mess, barely finishing before he took me in his arms once again, lifting me up onto the counter.

He buried his head between my furry breasts, rubbing his face there . . . kissing and licking any exposed flesh. My hands stroked up and down his back . . . Pulling his collar up to fur his neck . . . Running my fingers through his hair, encouraging . . . tempting . . . I wrapped my long legs around his body and pulled his hips closer. I felt his teeth biting the fur. . . . Grasping my hard swollen nipples as he pulled at them through the mink. The furry sensation and pressure made me whimper. There was urgency in my voice as I said. “Your clothes, honey . . . Please . . . Oh, God, please take them off!” I let my legs release him and he stepped back and took off his sheared beaver. His pants dropped, he ripped off his shirt and pulled his briefs down to reveal a wonderfully hard cock.

I was busy turning his coat inside out and holding it for him to return to. As Alan slipped back into it, I fondled my furry breasts and slid my hand down to my mound and massaged fur into it. His eyes lit up as he watched. His cock, so wonderfully hard, was looming through soft beaver fur in the opening of his coat . . . I watched it and trembled as he made it flex against the fur. “Yes baby, show me how good it feels to be furred. I know you have been furring yourself as I have for a very long time. Show me what feels good.” His words, although a whisper, were a sexy demand, one that shook me and excited me. For him – just for him I was going to give him a show he would not soon forget. I bit my lower lip and bent my leg bracing my heel on the counter and as I watched his face I rubbed my white minked pussy . . . Massaging my full mound. The other hand rubbed my breasts. My breathing deepened. My eyes darkened with lust as I watched his hand move down the front of his sheared beaver to rub it over his cock. My fingers moved to the clasp in the front of my bra. I unfastened it and my breasts sprang free. Gathering the blue fox of my coat in my hands, I cupped my breasts in it. The paleness of my flesh made the darkness of my swollen nipples appear even darker. Slowly sliding down on the counter . . . laying there . . . writhing . . . my eyes never leaving Alan’s, I arched my back as I pleasured myself. The only noise in the room was that of our breathing. I slid both hands down and pulled at the ties on my mink panties, pulling them away from my body and tossing them at Alan. He reached out, grabbed them out of the air, pressed them to his face, and put the crotch in his mouth as his hands moved back to his cock . . . He gathered the sheared beaver around it and gently started stroking as I smiled and parted my thighs wide, as I ran my fingers down my slit . . . fingering my oh, so wet, tight pussy. I pulled folds of blue fox between my thighs, but not before I showed him just how wet and excited I was. I clamped my thighs tight with blue fox stuffed into my slit, hips making fucking motions as my hands went back to my breasts . . . furring and teasing . . . pinching and pulling and furring my nipples. Alan moved closer. I watched him as he leaned over and buried his face in my fox-covered mound grinding his face into me. At that instant, I felt myself lose control, and I gladly gave in . . . Feeling the moment. Relishing it. I knew it would be the first of many tonight. “Oh, God, Alan. I*m cumming baby, I*m cumming! I*m cumming! Oh, God, oh God, oh God, baby, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yessssssssssss . . . !

Chapter Five -The Fur Room by FrBrGr

Just hearing those words from this magnificent woman was possibly the most erotic moment in my life. I had always dreamed of fulfilling the woman of my dreams, to pleasure her beyond fantasy, to take her into heaven and keep her there. As her hips came up off the counter, humping my face in her moment of passion, the fox fell away from her perfect little mound, and it was at that moment that I took her into my mouth, licking and sucking what seemed to be an endless flow of her love juices. Her clit was ever so hard, and as she continued to hump and scream, I took it into my mouth and made love to her as I had to no other woman. I wanted her to feel all of my love and all of my passion, and as I suckled, kissed and licked her, she fell back against the counter, swooning from the effects of what was happening. “Oh my God Alan . . . Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Alan, Alan Oh God I love you Alan . . . Love me, love me, love me, love me, Oh God love me!!” Now whispering, “Yes . . . yes . . . yes . . . yesssssssss . . . ” as she came again. Her hands went from behind my head to her breasts to back behind my head; pulling my face tighter and tighter against her exploding pussy; almost as if she wanted to pull me inside of her. I really wanted that. I wanted desperately to go inside of her, and I wished that was possible. To just be sucked up inside of that flaming hot cunt, to become one with her. One thing was for sure. We couldn’t continue this here.

I pulled her off the counter and held her close to me. So violent were her orgasms that she was having difficulty standing, so I picked her up in my arms and started walking toward the fur room. Her fur-clad arms were around my neck, and her head was resting against my shoulder, and as I walked with her toward the fur room, I looked down at her face. Tears were trickling down her cheeks and I realized that she was quietly crying. But then as she started to kiss my face and neck and started to giggle, I knew these were tears of joy. “This woman is happy with me,” I thought and as the next barrage of kisses started coming, I intercepted her mouth and started returning the kisses. I was ecstatic!

We were now in the fur room, and I eased her down on the floor. “Wait here for just a moment,” I said as I moved over to the fur closet and brought out the lynx, fox and chinchilla coats. As I threw each one of them on the bed, her smile got bigger, and as I removed my beaver and put on the lynx, she voiced her approval. “Mmmmmmmm. . . . You look good enough to eat,” she purred. “Later, my darling, later,” I cracked as I put on a matching lynx hat and took the fox mittens and boas as well from my little “treasure chest” of toys in the closet. She had already put on her fox hat, and as we stood looking at each other covered in fur, the only sound that could be heard was our breathing. I broke the silence. “Your Merlot, darling!” I handed her the wine and moved over to the CD player and found some very light jazz. Just piano, drums, bass and sax, but great dance music. And even better love music! I also turned on the lights in the room. They were indirect blue lights that I had rigged to a dimmer, and they cast a very pale blue light over the room, which made the white fox look even whiter and softer, and made her look absolutely stunning in her blue fox. I hope I looked as great to her. I took a sip of my wine, and as I put the glass on one of my little tables I said, “May I have this dance?”

She moved to me with that beautiful smile back on her face, and a wonderful, dreamy look in her eyes. I fell in love with her all over again as we held each other at that moment, looking into each other’s eyes, listening to the music, looking at ourselves in the mirror, looking at the lynx and the fox becoming one as we pressed closer and closer to each other. We started the kiss as we were dancing, and held it forever as we moved over the fur-covered floor. We released, and stood for a moment so close to each other, just looking into each other’s eyes. “Take off your coat and lie down on the bed, Sandy. I have something I want to give you.”

I put on the fox mittens and by the time she had taken off her coat, I was already at the bed with the other coats. “Just lie there on that soft, beautiful fur. I know it’s cold in here, so I want to make sure you’re warm.” With that, I put the chinchilla over her, fur side down, and one of the foxes over the chinchilla, fur side up. I took another fox and put it over one of her legs, and her own over that one. She was completely covered with fur now, except for the one leg. “How about my other leg?” she pouted, “It will get cold if you don’t cover it, too.” I chuckled. “Oh, I have plans for that other leg right now.” I immediately started to rub her leg with the mittens. Ever so softly. Ever so gently. She voiced her approval and soon I was at her feet. I continued to caress her leg, and I began to kiss and lick her feet, running my tongue from her ankle, underneath her foot and to her toes, licking between each one as I continued to ever so softly and gently caress her leg with the fur. I could hear her start to moan, and as I moved further up her leg and started to caress, kiss and lick behind her knee, I could hear her gasp. Further up . . . Rubbing her thigh ever so softly, kissing all the way up to her crotch, where I could see that she was wet – so very, very wet. Her cunt juices were beginning to flow out onto the fur, and her breathing was becoming heavier. I couldn’t resist. I buried my face in the wet fur, licking and sucking her juices until the fur was damp, then moving up to her pussy that was so, so ready to be fucked. “No,” I thought. “Not yet.” Instead, I placed my tongue at the bottom of her slit and took one, long, slow lick all the way up to her rock hard clit, then flicked my tongue over it several times for good measure. I thought she was going to come off of the bed with that, moaning, “Now, daddy, now,” but I whispered, “Not yet, my love. Not yet.” I switched legs and put the coats over on the leg I had just devoured, and began to devour the other one. Slowly and purposefully. Kissing, licking, nibbling . . . and furring. I took the remaining fox coat and put it over her other leg, and I moved to just above her red-hot pussy, already waiting to be devoured again, then fucked and fucked some more. God, I was tempted, but I didn’t want to do that yet; I wanted to fur this woman until she couldn’t stand it any longer; until she would beg me and beg me to finish her off. The tongue started at her cunt hair and moved up to her navel. I moved my fox hands under the chinchilla, and caressed her sides and back as she arched herself off the bed, gasping for breath. Then, as I straddled her, I moved my hands over her breasts, and ever so lightly started to massage her nipples. I felt her trembling underneath my touch, and as our eyes met one more time, I could see the desire, the lust, in her darkened, half-closed eyes.

I stopped for a moment and looked into the mirrors. I don’t think I will ever forget that picture. This beautiful woman lying there in the dim, pale blue light on my bed of fur, completely covered with soft chinchilla and fox fur, still wearing her fox hat, holding and caressing the fur. She was so very, very hot. Wanting me, wanting more fur, wanting fulfillment like she had never had. Her hips rose rhythmically off the bed as she made soft, whimpering animal sounds.

I reached for the boas and gave them to her. “Take these, Sandy. Take these and let me see you pleasure yourself with them. Do that and watch me pleasure myself at the same time.” I moved off of her and beside her, kneeling on the bed just over her head and shoulders. Towering above her, covered in lynx and fox. Only my face and now my rock hard cock protruding through the lynx coat could be seen. As she cupped her breasts with one boa, she forced the other between her legs and then began to force it inside of her pussy. As she moved her hands back up to her breasts and began to caress them with the fur, I began to stroke my cock with one of the fox mittens, while reaching underneath to massage my balls and ass with the other. I moved closer and closer to her face, pumping harder and harder until I was only inches from her eyes. “Do you want me, baby? Do you want this big, fur-covered dick? What do you want to do with it?” I saw her eyes widen, then shut and then I heard possibly the most erotic sound I have ever heard in my life. Low. Guttural. A moan. No, a growl. She began to hump the mound of fur that was piled over her hips, and was now squeezing her breasts and nipples to the point where I thought she was going to hurt herself. She was cumming and cumming in a way I had never seen before. Wildly. Furiously. Growling, moaning, crying, screaming, calling my name over and over again. I put my arms around her and lowered my lynx-covered body over her, totally engulfing her in my soft fur. Her arms went around me, pulling me closer and closer, her hips grinding into me, still humping the fur, still cumming. It was all I could do to resist cumming with her.

When I lowered my body over hers, my cock became nestled in the wonderfully soft chinchilla. It had just gone through a good fox furring, and the chinchilla was a wonderful, erotic contrast to the fox. I laid there as still as I could, just holding my baby as her orgasms began to subside, watching the pleasure, the ecstasy that was spread across her face. I started to gently kiss her face, her neck, her ears. I was about to kiss her fully on the mouth when our eyes met. “The night is still young, my love. There are more pleasures coming.” With that, I smiled and continued to look into her eyes. “I love you, Sandy. I love you, my baby,” I whispered as I began to kiss her deeply and tenderly.

Chapter Six – Reciprocity by Ms. Barguzin

I dug my long fingernails into his fur-covered ass, holding him tight against my furred pussy, returning each and every kiss. I was high with lust and love and fur as I had never been in my life. I pushed him over and rolled on top, the furs falling from my naked body and onto him. I took his hands in mine and pushed them over his head and gazing down into his eyes as I straddled his hips, I said, “Enough! Now it’s your turn!”

I ground my pussy into fur and onto his cock. My body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, my hair curling around my face in its dampness. My breathing was still heavy with exertion and passion. I smiled down into his face and bent my head to rub my hair and hat over his face, still holding his hands over his head, still grinding . . . Wanting ever so much to hear his moans . . . No, needing to hear them! I lifted my head and arched my body so that my breasts rubbed his face. My hard, dark nipples traced his lips and I watched his mouth cover one. He gently bit it and began to suckle it. I interrupted him. “We*re playing by my rules now, baby! Don*t move your hands. Leave them there.”

His eyes smiled back at me as he released my nipple from his mouth and began to speak but I covered his mouth with mine, probing it with my tongue and pressing my body against his. Slowly, I moved down his body; rubbing and furring, never letting my eyes leave his; letting my hands show me the way. At his chest, I rubbed his nipples into fur, pinching them and pleasuring them, moving down, rubbing his belly . . . I glanced down to see the furry tent that was his cock. The fur covering him was wet from my juices and I knew that the inner fur was wet with his. He lay back against the pillow, watching each slow move down his body. His cock flexed and flexed, rhythmically moving the fur. I licked my lips and slowly began to part the fur over his cock until I reached my treasure.

I heard myself say, “Part your thighs, lover,” as I inserted my fingers between his legs and pushed fur beneath his balls and against his ass. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Something I had only dreamed about before; a fantasy now coming true. His turgid cock stood up straight from between the furs. I just couldn’t help myself. I dropped my face to it and devoured it. I tasted his pre-cum as my tongue teased his slit. I engulfed his cockhead with my mouth, taking him deep into my throat until my face was buried into the fur covering his groin. We both moaned at the same time. I ground my pussy into his fur-covered legs, my breasts into his fur-covered thighs and my mouth onto his fur-covered cock. I needed it! I needed it more than anything I had ever wanted or needed in my life! I needed his cum and so my mouth fucked his cock. Fucking, sucking, and loving. Oh, God, yes – loving! His hips began to raise up off the bed in a slow, thrusting motion as he began to fuck my mouth. Fucking my mouth . . . Loving my mouth. Thrusting harder and harder as I sucked harder and harder. Both of us fucking and loving harder and harder . . .

I started to stroke that intimate place between his asshole and balls with the fur. Furring and teasing. Furring and loving. Furring and sucking. Furring and loving. Slowly I moved to his asshole and pressed fur into him; my finger probing and pressing and pushing the fur deeper and deeper inside. Fur-fucking his asshole with my finger. Suddenly I felt his body tense. I suck-fucked his cock faster and faster. I finger-fucked his ass faster and faster. Harder and deeper until I knew he was filled with fur. Taking his hardness deep into my mouth and throat . . . whimpering and moaning as I craved his cum, his cum deep in my mouth. “Oh, God – Christ!” went through my mind. My cunt is so on fire! I need cum! I need him to fuck me! I want his cum in my mouth and in my cunt! I could feel the cream pouring from my pussy as he started to moan and scream and his cock started to pump his hot cum down my throat. Cumming hard! Great wonderful wads of cum that went into my mouth and into my throat that sent me over into ecstasy and still I sucked and still I fucked his ass with fur never wanting it to stop. I sucked and licked and drained him.

Every last, delicious drop and still I wanted more and I was going to get more. I knew I was going to have him over and over again and I was not going to let go – not now, not ever. He was mine now. Nothing; no one could ever take him from me.

Slowly I crawled through fur and up beside him into his arms and shared kisses with him. I tasted his mouth and I tasted his cum, and I knew he could taste it, too. I wondered how he liked the taste of his cum, and if he liked it as much as he liked the taste of my cum. My hands softly stroked and caressed his body as his hands caressed mine.

I reached down and pulled fur coats over us. We laid in each other’s arms, content to be close and warm in the fur as we slowly began to regain our strength. We dozed off for a few moments as we held each other. We were oblivious to time . . . To the rest of the world. This was our world and our time. This was the realization of all of our dreams and all of our fantasies. We were content to revel in it.

Chapter Seven – The Challenge by Ms. Barguzin

I awoke to feel fur once again being moved over my body. I opened my eyes to find Alan looking at me. He whispered, “It really is you. You really are here with me aren*t you. Tell me I am not dreaming.” My voice was husky as I replied, “If it is a dream, I never want to wake up.” I took his hand and put it on my breast “Remind me of what I have been missing my whole life.” My hand moved through fox and lynx to grab his already hard cock and stroke it into fur. A sexy smile on my face I was ready for more and I know he was, too.

Carefully I eased from the bed and headed toward the bathroom. His voice followed me, “Don*t be gone too long I have something for you.” And I heard his chuckle. I had yet to be fucked and I was not going to miss out on that pleasure. I searched for my lost purse and chuckled when I found it with my clothing in it. I brushed my teeth marveling at the “just-fucked” look my hair had – when I had yet to be fucked! I chuckled at the irony, and as I applied fresh perfume and made a vain attempt to repair the hair damage, I noticed a small tuft of fur sticking out from one of the drawers. My curiosity got the best of me and I slowly and quietly opened the drawer. To my amazement, I found a vibrator. Not just any vibrator. This one was covered with a fur that I had only heard about before. It was covered with the softest and richest fur in the world. Sable! I couldn’t contain myself. I thought, “Wow! This man really did have all the toys!”

Giggling, I walked nakedly back into the bedroom with the vibrator in my hand. “You*ll never guess what I just found . . . !” I said as I rubbed it between my breasts. I managed my most wicked smile. “Now just what do you do with this??” I said, as I made my way over to the bed. Our eyes met as I pressed the button and it whirred in action. As I teased it over my nipples, I noticed that his full attention was on the way I was beginning to pleasure myself. I dragged the furry vibrator from nipple to nipple. They hardened and began to swell. Then slowly I trailed it down and over my mound, I lifted my leg to the side of the bed and began to rub it along my slit. “Do you like what you see, lover? Have you always wanted to see your lover pleasure herself with fur? Is this why you had this vibrator? Was it waiting for me? I have a little secret for you. I have dreamed of the day I could do this in front of a man who would appreciate it. A man who could relate to how good it feels.” A shudder went through my body. “Oh look!” I pouted prettily, “I am getting all wet again after having washed so nice and sweet. Do you think you can help a lady who will soon be in distress??” I used my fingers to part my pussy lips wide and show off for my lover then took the end of the vibrator and gently touched it to my clit. It sent another shudder through my whole body. It felt so very good. I rubbed it there as he watched; moving closer and closer to see my pussy flush a deep rosy red as I pleasured myself.

I could see his cock flexing steadily beneath the furs and I loved it. I loved the control I had over his cock and that he had over me. I felt so wanton just for him. I eased the furry vibrator down to my entrance and began to slide it in, my hips moving sensuously – fucking the sabled cock right in front of his face. The look on his face was unforgettable. I knew he loved every minute of this! The buzzing sound of the vibrator, the gasps and little whimpers that were now coming from my lips and our heavy breathing became a symphony of sex, and was the best music I could imagine.

“Alan? I have a white hot cunt baby. See what you have done to me?? You have me fucking furry vibrators, lover. You haven*t even fucked my pussy yet, baby. I need you to fuck my pussy. Will you fuck my pussy??” I moaned, as waves of pleasure shook my body and I could see the effect my pleasure was having on him. I waited . . .

Chapter Eight – Nirvana by FrBrGr

I had just had possibly the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life, and I was amazed that I was hard and ready to go again. But how could I not be? I could see the look of pleasure and lust all over this magnificent woman’s face. I could feel the heat from her skin, and I could feel her body quiver every time the sable-covered vibrator found its mark. Just the sight of her pleasuring herself with the fur was enough to excite me, but now the prospect of making love to her was almost more than I could take. I watched in the mirror as she straddled me on the foxes, the lynx and the chinchilla; her skin so soft and satiny in the pale blue light; the fox hat almost like a halo over her head. It was as if I was watching a dream – a beautiful, soft, out-of-focus dream as she slowly and sensuously maneuvered that sabled dildo in and out of her body. I wanted her. I needed her. I was panting with desire. I had to have her now. It was time.

“Baby, you must be cold. Why don’t you lay down on the bed? I have an idea that I know will make you warm.” She was quickly by my side, her eyes searching my soul once again. I met her gaze and as I mounted her, one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen spread across her face. I stopped for a moment with my cockhead inserted just inside her pussy lips. I reached for one of the treasures in my little box from the closet, and came away with a fur cock ring, which had a built-in vibrator. I placed it on my cock, and then began to massage her clit with the head of my cock. Slowly . . . ever so slowly . . . Wanting her as she wanted me . . . But not wanting to rush . . . Wanting to make it last and last and last. Now putting my cock back in between her cunt lips and now starting to ease it slowly . . . ever so very slowly into her hot love box.

I pulled the sleeves of one of the fox coats between my legs and looped them around my cock so that we would both be fully furred where we would be joined together. Deeper . . . and deeper . . . and deeper until I was inside of her all the way up to the hilt of my now-throbbing dick. Her eyes slowly closed and I heard a soft, low moan come from somewhere deep inside of her. I could feel her vaginal muscles begin to flex over my shaft, and I mused that even though I was now on top, she was still in control. Incredible! I pushed harder, even though I was all the way inside of her, feeling the fox fur closing in around my ass and balls, and feeling her pussy milking my cock. It was all I could do to keep myself from cumming right then and there! I pulled the other fox coats over us, and brought the lynx and chinchilla to either side of us so that we were now completely surrounded by fur. I pulled two more sleeves between us so that now we were completely engulfed in fur as I began to withdraw and thrust . . . withdraw and thrust . . . Slowly . . . Purposefully . . . and with every movement the fur caressed us, teased us and brought us to newer and higher levels of passion. I raised up a bit so that I could see her underneath me. Only her face and her nipples were visible in all of that heavenly softness. I covered her mouth with mine, and as my cock moved back and forth inside of her, my tongue did the same in her mouth, and hers in mine. I moved to her neck, licking, sucking and biting as I inhaled lynx into my mouth and nose. We must have been thinking the same thing, because as I raised up to move to her magnificent breasts, she was already cupping them with the sleeves of the chinchilla coat. She guided first one, then the other into my hungry mouth. I suckled first one, then the other and I continued to slide my dick in and out in her hot, creamy cunt. In and out . . . around and around I screwed her as I licked and suckled and nibbled.

I was suddenly aware of another sensation that was becoming more and more intense. The fur that I had pulled between my legs was beginning to work its way into her vagina as I continued to move my cock slowly in and out of her. It was absolutely the most incredible sensation I think I had ever felt – the combination of fucking my woman and fucking fox fur at the same time! It must have felt as incredible to her, too, because she responded like a wildcat – Her hips coming off the bed, her legs wrapping around me, her furred hands cupping my ass cheeks as she helped me pump my cock and the fur deeper and deeper inside of her. I felt her finger beginning to probe my asshole with the fur. I could feel a faint sting as the fur found its way inside, then this incredible, erotic itch as I felt myself starting to lose control. I managed to find the control to the vibrator on the cock ring. I turned it on; to about one-half intensity and raised up enough so that my cock and the furred vibrator were making full contact with her clit. Strange, animal sounds started to come from somewhere deep inside of her – low, guttural sounds that sounded like a low moan and a growl all at the same time. I turned the vibrator on high, now pumping my cock into her in full fury, now gripping her ass in my furry hands. Both of us growling now . . . Moaning, screaming, spitting, cursing, as the fur swirled around us, furring every inch of our bodies. Furring and teasing and caressing and smothering. Our heads, our necks, arms, legs, in our asses, in her pussy, around my balls and cock as it drove deeper and deeper in side of her . . . Spewing hot wads of cum all over her uterus. I could feel her clenching and releasing; milking me dry as she surrendered to me, both of us cumming and cumming and cumming . . . cumming together in a glorious symphony of love and passion.

My love for her, her love for me, our love for the fur that was engulfing us in a wonderful, soft, sensuous cocoon. Both of us hopelessly trapped now, unable but not wanting to escape this soft, furry prison as we continued to make love. Again we were cumming together, and as we reached this new plateau, we sealed our love with a kiss of all ages. Giving ourselves to each other – totally and without reservation.

The End