The Twist

by Southern Fox


Chapter 1 – The Contract

She introduced herself as J.D. Moving to the rack of furs, she stroked the sable pelt with her left hand as she admired it. Then turning toward me, she flashed a wicked little grin, and moved down the rack of furs, just meandering along and touching those that interested her.

“So you think you can shoot some pictures of me that will get my husband excited?”

I swallowed hard, feeling the slight bulge in my pants harden with each fur she stroked.

“Absolutely, I have yet to have a client complain about my work.”

“Three hundred dollars for a series of six photo’s,….is that right?”

“Yes, three hundred.”

“And I get all the negatives,…right?”

“If that’s what you want,…you’re the client.”

“What about ‘coaching? Do you provide coaching?”

“I’m sorry,…I guess I don’t understand your question.”

She turned toward me again as she pulled an arctic fox coat off the rack and held it up to her and looked in the mirror across the room.

“It is a simple enough question, do you provide any coaching services,…you know,… show me how to get the best bang for my buck with my husband.”

“I suppose that could be arranged, it depends on what you had in mind.”

She put the fox coat back and put her pocketbook down on the red velvet chair by the rack. She shrugged her shoulders, and her trench coat slide off and fell to the rug. She turned to me again and looked me squarely in the eye.

“If I’m going to spend three hundred dollars, trying to get this cheating bastard in my bed and teach him a lesson, I want it done right.”

I was at a loss for words. Her angelic face had hardened and a scowl crossed her face.

I put my portfolio catalog down and looked at her. “I guess I’m confused, I thought you wanted some,…ah,…provocative pictures to tease him with,” I replied.

“That’s part of it, but what I really want to do is teach the bastard a lesson, and have some fun doing it. Let me start at the beginning for you.”

She pulled a full length sable off the rack and went over to the velvet chair and sat down. Her hands caressed the sable, and she brought the sleeve up to her face and slid the silky fur down her cheek.

“You see he’s got a mistress that I’m not supposed to know about. We are really quite wealthy, mostly my money from my fathers’ estate, but he is a,…how do I say this nicely,…a “pussy hound.” I have been putting up with it for the last five years, but no more. I want to teach him a lesson once and for all. That is where you come in. In short I want you to do a still series, and a video, one that will drive him wild. Then I want to give him the best sex he has ever had,…bar none,…and when he is finally at the point that he wants me, and only me, you know, …just about ready to lose it. I am going to serve him with divorce papers and leave the bastard flat. There was that simple enough?”

I stood there in shock for a minute. She was now unbuttoning her blouse and stroking her breasts with the sleeve of the sable.

“Ummmm. This is divine, I think this might be more fun than I thought,” she cooed. “Well, do you think you can handle this?”

Without thinking, and without a seconds hesitation, I stammered, “Yes, I think I can.”

She got up and threw the sable over her shoulders and came over to me.

“Does this one look sexy on me?”

“Ah, it,..I mean,…yes it does.”

“Good, let’s get started shall we?” She turned and went back to the chair and dropped the sable over the arm and proceeded to take off all her clothes.

“You can watch. After all, we are going to make a video together that will stiffen his penis like he never had before, right?”

“The client is always right, ma’am. That ‘s what I always say.”

“Good,” she said as she pulled off her panties and reached for the sable. She put it on and pressed the collar to her cheek as she pulled the coat close around her. “There now, doesn’t that harden your penis a little?”

“More than you know. What shall we do first?” I replied.

“First let’s see how long I can keep him hard and stiff, then lets see how much I can get him off, you know, a blow job or a hand job, before we go for his fucking balls.”

She laughed as she moved her hand down to her pussy and grabbed it like they were his testicles. “Yes let’s really give him a night to remember. Well, you’re the ‘guinea pig’ I guess we’ll start with you. I want you to tell me how it feels and what would make it better for you, consequently him, OK?”

She came toward me and let the coat fall open revealing her gorgeous pussy. She took the edge of the coat and began stroking her pussy with it using slow deliberate strokes. My penis was bulging against my pants now, and I just watched her every move.

She looked down at my pants and giggled, “God, I hope he’s not as easy as you, after all I want this one to last till it hurts.”

She pushed up against me and put her arms around my neck. The soft sable collar caressed my cheeks, and her perfume drifted into my nostrils.

“Do you have a timer on that camera. I want to be sure we get your big,…hard, penis in the picture? Now, are you going to stand there all day with that hard on or would you like me to suck it off and stroke your testicles with this sable? Come on, get those clothes off, I am ready to practice.”


Chapter 2 – The Tease

I set up the camera equipment and checked the remote timer shutter cable. I worked as fast as I could getting the lighting set and focusing the cameras. I always used at least five cameras, that way every angle was covered. It made it so much easier later to pick the best picture.

I used an old brass king size bed for which I had a local furrier make up three different fur bedspreads. There was an arctic fox that really stood out, particularly if the model was well tanned or had dark hair. It contrasted nicely and the deep rich fox would tend to engulf them and soften their images. The second one was a BlackGlama mink. This was spectacular with a fair skinned model, particularly with long blonde hair. Although the mink was not as deep as the fox, the flexibility of the fur allowed me to sort of “wrap” them and made for some very provocative shots. The third was my personal favorite. It was custom designed for a fur fetish series I shot several years ago. It was a golden fox with several carefully placed mink inserts. Each had a hole about one inch in diameter in it and was set to allow some large dildo’s to pass through them. The other “special” features included a hole about three inches around strategically placed for a “pussy” and two “nipple” holes. This one was also fur on both sides. The under side was sable and it was reversible.

“That looks like a fun one, ” she said as I put the special one at the foot of the bed covering the end of the arctic fox. “Have you had fun with it Paul?”

My hard on was beginning to throb even harder. “Yes, it really is my favorite,” I replied.

She came over to the bed and sat on the edge, still wearing the sable coat.

“Warm me up Paul,” she commanded. “Lick my pussy.”

I couldn’t resist any longer, I dropped to my knees and sank my face into the opening in the sable and began to tongue her clitoris with great gusto. I could feel her hands on my back and her fingers running through my hair. The sable brushed against my cheeks and my penis was throbbing. It didn’t take long for her to cum. She pulled my head further into her pussy and the waves of the orgasm almost sucked me in. She moaned and cooed, and moved my head in time with each wave that swept through her. It seemed to last for fifteen minutes until finally the waves subsided and she lifted my head up and looked down at me.

“God that was exquisite. You are one hell of a pleasure, my toy, one hell of a pleasure. I can’t wait for more.”

She lay back on the fox and pulled me up over her, “But we have to lose those clothes, can you arrange that my little toy?”

I quickly rolled off the bed and stripped off the clothes. When I turned around again she had shed the sable and was rubbing her pussy with it and cupping her left breast in her hand and licking the nipple with her tongue.

I stood for a minute watching her pleasure herself. Her eyes were closed and she was slowly grinding the sable to her pussy and her tongue was flicking the nipple.

My erection was huge, as big as I had ever seen it. Even I was amazed at how big and hard it had become. I reached down and put my hand over hers that was rubbing the pussy, and began moving it with hers. She moved her hand away leaving mine to slide the sable over the pussy and I felt my penis become engulfed in sable. She had taken her other hand and brought the sable up to surround me. I was definitely weakening. She stroked me in long slow strokes, ever so gently, letting the sable do its work and putting me between agony and ecstasy. After a few minutes she pushed me over on to my back and knelt up beside me. Still with the sable stroking my penis, I felt more sable engulf my testicles, gently squeezing, then stroking them in rhythm with the other hand on my penis.

“One good turn deserves another ” she whispered, and her head lowered and I felt her lips take in the head of my swollen penis. Her tongue darted around the head as she continued to stroke the shaft and squeeze my testicles. She began to hum as she sucked on it and licked the head. It was driving me crazy. I had never been in the position of feeling so totally vulnerable, and also turned on. By now I was usually clicking the shots and directing the model.

My throbbing had turned into an aching and I knew it was only a matter of seconds until I would explode. I tried to pull her away and she shook her head, never missing a stroke. She picked up the pace and sucked even harder, her tongue now feverishly flicking the head of the beast. I felt her let go of my testicles and felt her fur covered hand slide up my stomach to finally come to rest on my left nipple. I felt the gentle pinch through the sable and then she slides the entire shaft in her mouth, moving her other hand back to my testicles and stroking them.

I exploded at that instant. It felt like the Hoover Dam had erupted. The more I pumped and came the more she sucked and flicked. Her hand on my nipple was flicking the sable over the aroused nipple. After what seemed like forever my pumps began to subside, but I was still hard. She lifted her head and ran her tongue around her lips and looked up at me.

“I guess I’m a little better than I thought,…wouldn’t you agree, my toy?”

“You can bank on it.” I replied. “That was the best blow job I’ve ever had.”

She covered me with the sable coat and slid her hand underneath it and took my penis in it. She began stroking it again and sliding the head all over the deep rich fur.

“I do want to make one little rule before we go any further, my toy. Is that all right with you?”

“Sure.” I said. “What is it?”

“Well since we are by the client/contractor stuff there is one little thing I want you to do for me, and one little promise you have to make.”

“What is it,” I asked still savoring the sable stroking my penis?

“First you must agree not to cum on the furs, not even a drop. I will take every ounce of cum you have, but not on the furs. Can you do that?

“Sure, I can handle that.”

“Good, then secondly I want to see you do yourself while I take the pictures.”

“But what about when I cum, I mean you said not on the furs.”

“Angora, darling, angora. I have brought a little something for you to work with. Is that a deal?”

“Well, I never tried angora,….I don’t know,….”

She flipped the sable back and dropped her lips over the penis again and began to suck it off again. Then she abruptly stopped, lifted her head and let those baby blue eyes meet mine.

“OK? ” she said, and let her tongue slide around her lips with a wicked grin.

“OK.” I agreed.


Chapter 3 – A Little Break

“I’m a little hungry, why don’t we go out and get a bite to eat.” She was lying back on the fox spread and just letting her hand stroke the sable. “Besides, I think you might need a little time to recover for our next session. OK?”

“Well, why not. What did you have in mind?”

“Now promise me you won’t laugh Paul.”

“Sure I promise, why?”

“Well,… I know this nice little place, very quiet and sort of dark, know the kind of place you take your secretary for a drink when your ‘working late’, know what I mean?”

“Yeah sure, that’s fine.”

“Well there’s more,” she giggled. “I want to wear this luscious sable, and nothing else.”

The thought of that started my little thing to begin again. My mind raced, and I thought about how many times I fantasized about that kind of trip. It really turned me on.

“That would be perfect for me. You know, and I’m a little embarrassed, but I have thought about that for years. Let’s do it!”

“Oh one more thing.”

“Yeah sure, what will it be?”

“I want you to wrap your penis in fur and wear it that way while we eat. Do you have anything appropriate?”

“If I don’t, we’ll make something work. “I replied.

We searched around and settled on a golden fox boa. She took a pair of scissors and cut off about eighteen inches of the boa, including the tail, then she cut an opening in the middle of the pelt about two inches around. I watched in fascination as she crafted me a unique little toy.

“Come here,” she said, “Let’s try this on.” She slid the hole in the pelt over my testicles so they hung below it, then wrapped my penis in the deep fur, she finished off by slipping the tail under my testicles and up toward my ass. “There, a perfect fit. Shall we go? And don’t wear any underwear, in case I need to apply mouth to penis resuscitation, …sometimes these urges strike me.”

My penis was hard again and it was all I could do to put my pants on. I threw on a trench coat over my clothes just in case the bulge got too obvious. She donned the sable and took me by the hand and we headed for her little restaurant. All the way over the fox kept rubbing my penis, it was sheer heaven. At first I balked when she said let’s walk, but after the first block I would have walked to LA, or at least as far as I could before my penis burst again.

Several blocks later we reached this little Italian restaurant and she led me inside. We quietly took a booth in the corner. She was right, it was dim and shadowy everywhere. I could barely make out patrons at the other tables. We no sooner sat down than I felt her hand probing my little fox package. She guided her fingers up and down the shaft and fondled my testicles. After the waitress took our order for drinks she reached over and pulled down my zipper, slowly reached inside and pulled out the entire fur package, still gift wrapped. By now the penis was regaining it’s strength and standing fully erect. She stroked it with the fox and I felt it grow and harden even more.

“I’m getting an urge Paul. How daring are you tonight?”

Before I could answer she had bent over and had wrapped her lips around my penis and began flicking that tongue gently over the tip, at the same time she was gently squeezing my testicles and fingering their underside with the fox tail. I was caught between the ecstasy and the fear of the waitress returning with the drinks, and she knew it. She teased my penis ever so slowly and applied just enough pressure with her fingers to keep me from cumming again. I closed my eyes for a second just to relish the feeling.

“Will there be anything else?” I snapped them open to see the waitress putting the drinks down and just standing there like everything is normal.

She never missed a stroke, her tongue pushing me too new highs and stroking me so lightly and delicately.

“Ah,.. no ,.. I’m, ..ah I mean ,…we’re fine for now thanks.”

The waitress looked down at her sable shrouded head in my lap and shook her head. “Well, call me if you need anything stud.” Then she turned and walked away.

Maybe it was the sense of danger , maybe her tongue, but as soon as the waitress left I exploded again it seemed to go on for ten minutes just orgasm after orgasm, and she just kept sucking me dry and moaning on my penis. I noticed I had put my hand down and was stroking the back of the sable coat in time with each new burst of cum. Finally it subsided and I tried to regain my composure a little. She lifted her head and sat up still holding my fox covered penis so gently.

“Mmmm, that was good Paul. I must say this is the best meal I’ve had here.” and she laughed. “Now my little toy, it’s time for dessert.”

“I don’t think I can get it up again for a while.” I stammered.

“Not you silly,…me.” She rearranged the coat so her pussy was exposed. “Diddle me Paul, make me feel good.”

I reached over and my hand slide inside the sable to her pussy. I felt it’s wetness and warmth and began sliding my finger up and down her crack. It didn’t take long till I found her swollen little clitoris and began working it with two fingers. She leaned back against the booth and closed her eyes.

“Yes my toy, that’s it , tickle it, deeper, go deeper,…ohhh, yes make me cum”

It took about three minutes till her first orgasm, then another, and another, and another. I stopped counting at ten. She held my hand in place and urged me on. When she was finally satisfied she leaned over and kissed me gently on the cheek.

“My God you are such a wonderful coach. Keep this up and maybe there will be a bonus in the job.”

We finished our drinks and headed back to the studio. She wanted to take a cab, but I could see she wanted to take me again,… in the cab. I was still a little weak from the second blow job and was really getting into the fox pleasure against my penis, so I insisted on walking.


Chapter 4 – The Finale

I set up the video camera and adjusted the lights over the bed as she refreshed herself in the bathroom. By the time she came out all was ready.

“Now you lay down on the fox and put that peek a boo cover over you, I’ll start the camera when your ready.”

I lay down on the fox bedspread and pulled the mink insert holes up so my penis was poking through, I arranged it so my face was covered all except the three inch pussy eating hole which was over my mouth and nose.

She had gone over to the rack and taken a full length sheared beaver coat and put it on, she came back over and climbed up on the bed, kneeling with her pussy right over my mouth, she was facing my swollen penis, and went down on all fours and began to kiss the tip of it.

“Eat me, my toy, make me orgasm again, better than the restaurant.”

Her pussy lowered and met my tongue, I stretched the tongue and found her clitoris again and began flicking it vigorously.

“Oooh, that feels great, this is going to be a great movie, my toy. Suck it!”

I felt her mouth descend over the tip again as she licked and sucked and stroked the shaft with something different. As she began cumming again she sucked me even harder and again I exploded at the same time, only this time she lifted her head just as the first load shot out. She continued stroking my penis, milking it for every precious drop of cum I had in me. I licked her, I sucked her, I felt wave after wave of pleasure shoot through her body, until she went limp, and rolled over. I pulled the cover away from my head and saw her holding this bright red angora piece covered with my cum.

“That was delicious my toy, absolutely delicious. Was the angora good for you?”

“It felt wonderful, I thought it was a fur.”

“Remember not on the furs, right?”

“Oh yeah.”

She rolled over and kissed me on the forehead looking deep into my eyes.

“Now for the finale.”

I groaned, “can we wait a few minutes, you’ve drained me dry.”

She laughed and rolled from the bed in the beaver.

“Oh all right, just a few minutes though, I am now ready to get fucked!”

Just like that she announces it. It dawned on me that for the past three and a half hours of sex, I hadn’t put it in her.

Chapter 5 The Ultimate

She slide gracefully off the bed and went over to the video camera I had set up. She focused the lens and after she was satisfied came back over and sat down on the bed. She reached over and gently took my penis and stroked it for a few seconds then she pulled the sable coat over it and I felt the long soft hairs of the fur beginning to slide up and down my pole.

“This has to be a one shot movie,” she said looking into my eyes and never missing a stroke with the sable. “I want it good, and long and hard, then my toy, I am going to give you the fuck you always dreamed about.”

I lay there blissfully enjoying the feeling of the fur under me, and over me, and stroking my penis back to life. She squeezed it a little harder, almost till it hurt.

“Do you understand, my toy?”

“Yes, yes,…I understand.” , I whimpered, not wanting he to stop.

“But first you promised to let me watch you get off,…remember?”

“Yes,…but now?”

“My toy, I already started, you just show me how you finish the job when your alone. You know, when all the models are gone and you have all these lovely furs to yourself. Show me how you hump them, I want to watch a good man fur fuck,….perhaps it will get me even hornier.”

She pulled her hand away and mine automatically took over the stroking. The sable felt so good and the mink on the spread tickled my ass. i rolled my head into the fox on the spread and began moving my penis inside the fur, slowly and gently, just letting the sensation build.

“Don’t just lie there stroking it, hump it, make it moan with pleasure, fuck that fur fuck it hard,….maybe a little help, look over here my toy.”

I opened my eyes and turned my head toward her. She had pulled the other fur bedspread up and was rubbing her pussy with one hand and had her breast cupped with the other, licking her nipple with her tongue. She was beginning to get aroused again I could tell as the dreamy look in her eyes began to take over and the sable worked it’s magic on her pussy.

“Ooohh, I feel good my toy, but you need to work yourself a little harder, I want us to both cum at the same time. I’m getting close, hurry up you have to catch up.”

I worked the sable even faster and I could feel my penis getting bigger and harder, in a few seconds a little drop of pre-cum formed on the tip and lingered, it would not be long now. My eyes were fixed on her rubbing her pussy and I was beginning to feel the pulsing beginning from deep within.

From out of nowhere she produced a cock ring and slid it over my penis, by now it took a little doing, but she managed, never missing a stroke on her pussy with the fox spread. Then she dropped her head over the tip of my penis and began to flick her tongue against it. The ring was doing it’s job, holding me back, the intensity was building and I was as hard as a rock.

She pulled the fox from her pussy and placed her hands over mine and began moving them faster and faster over the sable covered penis. The ring was tight and the pain of my orgasm coming but being restricted was exquisite. Just as I could contain myself no longer between the agony and the ecstasy she slide the red angora around the tip and milked me till I exploded. I strained and pumped and the angora was getting filled with my cum. She was moaning and stroking and just waiting for it to subside as she played with her own pussy and was cumming in wave after wave, after wave. The camera was catching it all, the waves of pleasure passing over her, me humping the hell out of the sable and the mink and the fox all at once and the pure unadulterated pleasure we were both immersed in.

She collapsed on top of me and began kissing my neck, up to my ear, and then back over to my mouth. They were deep hot kisses and I knew she had reached anew high in her orgasms.

As it faded for both of us she lay on me stroking the sable against my side and nibbling at my nipples, first one, then the other.

“Oh that was the best yet, you have a great rhythm and I love seeing men out of control when they finally cum, that makes me horny as hell.”

“Well thanks but you don’t seem to have much control either.”

“Enough” , she replied, “enough.”


Chapter 6 – The Final Fuck

After a while she rolled off me and leaned down and took my penis in her mouth and began to bring it back to life again. she left the cock ring in place, and by now I didn’t care. I was so pumped up now at the thought of sticking it in her she could have surrounded it with nails for all I cared.

After a couple minutes she slipped the sable coat on and went back to stroking and sucking. Pretty soon I was back at full capacity and ready to fuck her as hard as she wanted.

She sensed it because she slide her leg over me and positioned her pussy about an inch from my throbbing penis. She moved back and forth letting the edges of the sable brush over it, then she lowered her pussy to make the first contact, she teased me just slipping it over the head and then pulling it away, her hands went to my nipples and were rubbing then gently, then she lowered herself all the way down the shaft, and I heard a huge moan of pleasure.

“Ohhh,… this was worth waiting for, I like it deep and hard in me, …can you feel my pussy, my toy?”

“God yes, it’s wonderful, I want to hump you and go deeper.”

“No my toy it is I who will hump you. My three hundred dollars,…right?”

“Whatever you say, but I won’t last long.”

“My toy, are you fading? Here let me help you.”

She began to ride me with a vengeance, her pussy was all over me she pinched my nipples a little harder and began a movement with her pussy that was excellent. I felt like I was growing larger with each move and the pleasure was bigger than any other fuck I had ever had. She controlled it and me, I was at her mercy now and she knew it. She flipped her head back and brought the sable around her breasts, rubbing them and me at the same time. She leaned over and a breast hung just over my lips, I eagerly licked it with my tongue, straining to get more of it in my mouth.

“That’s it,” she said, “lick it, suck it, make me cum.”

Pretty soon her motion changed, it got harder and faster and I exploded, again and again and again and again. I was thrusting and pumping for all I was worth, and she was riding me in time her orgasms coming in time with my thrusts. She moaned, and she writhed and she pumped me even harder. I began to fade, my penis was shrinking, and I was spent, totally spent. In the four hours we had been together she had me cum more than I had ever experienced in my life.

“Very good, my toy, very good. You do know how to make a woman cum in style.”

She unmounted me and left the bed, pausing briefly to shut off the camera and remove the cassette.

Why don’t you develop those pictures while I take a shower and freshen up, I think I have everything I want now.”


Chapter 7 – The Payoff

I could hear her in the shower as I ran the film through the developer. I couldn’t resist making two sets of prints, this was a day at the office I’d never forget. She was finishing up and drying her hair as I slipped one set of prints in my file and the second set in an envelope for her.

“So how did they come out?”, she asked as she came back into the room.

“Very good, even if I say so myself.”, I replied, handing her the envelope. She pulled them out and flipped through them quickly.

“Hmmm, yes, yes,..these are exactly what I wanted. And the negatives?”

“Right here ” I said handing them to her in as separate envelope.

“If you r husband doesn’t get hot and horny over these,…well he just isn’t human!” I proffered.

She slid the envelopes in her bag and pulled her trench coat on over the white blouse and red skirt she had put on. I could see she had not bothered to put her bra back on under the blouse.

“Here, ” she said flipping a pair of pink panties at me. “A little something to remember me by.” I caught them in mid air and placed them on the table in front of me.

“So,…that’s all then?” I asked

She opened her purse and produced three one hundred dollar bills, which she handed to me. Then she paused a second and pulled out her check book.

“You know I really enjoyed that sable coat,…I don’t suppose you would consider selling it to me?””

“Sure”, I replied. “I think about three thousand would cover it.”

She began to write a check as I went over to the bed and retrieved the sable.

“Oh,” she paused, “and could I have the angora back as well?”

“It’s kind of ,…ah,…messy.” I said.

“No matter, it has sentimental value. Just slip it in a plastic bag or something.”

I went to the kitchen and got a large ziploc bag and came back and put the cum filled angora in the bag, zipping the top closed and handing it to her.

“Anything else I can do for you?” I asked.

She thought a minute then said, “Uh..No,…not now. I have the pictures, and the video tape, I can’t think of anything else. Oh by the way I left you a little present in the bathroom, on the vanity, but don’t open it until I’m gone, you know sentimental old me.”

“Sure” I replied and walked her to the door. She never turned or said another word, just slipped out and down the stairs and into the crowds going by.

I went back into the studio and went to the bathroom. There on the vanity was a 9×12 manila clasp envelope with my name typed on it. I picked it up and went back into the studio and sat down on the couch to see what it contained.

Inside there was a sheet of stationary from a law firm across town addressed to me.

Dear Sir:

Our firm has been retained by your wife to represent her in a divorce action against you. The enclosed papers will outline her terms for settlement. These terms include your entire business, bank and stock holdings as well as your residence.

Her grounds for the divorce are blatant and promiscuous behavior as well as adultery.

She insures us that based on pictures and video tape she has acquired that if you chose to fight this settlement she will insure that your business and reputation in the fashion industry as well as photography industry will be openly subject to further investigation which could very well lead to criminal charges of rape, and aggravated assault.

Please contact us at your earliest convince that we may settle this matter as soon as possible.


J. Donna Mac Inniss Senior Partner