Touch of Mink

editors note. The following story appeared in Penthouse Variations magazine and was submitted to us for posting by Sableman. It is posted in its entireity as it was received.

“Copyright 1987 by Variations Magazine.”

By Melody Monroe

Elegant and warm and soft, I love the feeling of fur as it tickles my bare skin. Sumptuous materials enhance my sexuality; silk, satin, the soft touch of delicate kid-leather straps around my ankles. But more than anything, I love a touch of mink. The pleasure of wrapping my body in fur sends my senses reeling. And oh, the scent and the luxurious warmth as it’s crushed beneath me when I’m raising my legs to accept my man’s hard and horny penis! It’s taken me a number of years to perfect what I call the Million-Dollar Fuck, but it’s been worth it. I’m a tax lawyer with a large firm that handles large accounts. I have fought long and hard to be accepted in a male-dominated profession, and despite my ability to play hard ball with the big boys, I have not sacrificed one bit of my femininity to do so. As a matter of fact, I have honed my soft and feminine side to a fare-thee-well. And I’ll be damned if I won’t use it whenever I can to do me some good. To start with, I am not the shy or retiring type. I am five-feet-eleven-inches tall and tower over many of my male colleagues and litigants. I have a good figure with large breasts that make it difficult for many men to keep their eyes on the dockets. I have sleek long legs that I keep waxed and smooth, and I can feel men’s eyes on me as I walk. My ass has been described as heart shaped, and when I get excited, I let it bounce from side to side without a care. I look and feel silly wearing a classic business-woman’s suit, so I don’t bother. I dress elegantly and creatively and show my figure off whether I’m in the courtroom or at the Derby. My enjoyment of fine fabrics goes back as far as I can remember. Even as a young girl, I felt sexy and special when I dressed up. I never imagined how deeply erotic the experience could be until I began to make my way in the world and had the freedom to pamper myself with luxuries.

My first fur purchase is a dear memory. I had just been promoted to junior partner and decided to treat myself. I went to one of the well-known furriers in the city and tried on several pieces. As I stroked the first soft fur and held it to my cheek, I felt myself flush and get moist between my legs. I wanted to bury myself in the piles of fine, gentle pelts and writhe around as the sensation overtook me. Yet I had to settle for simply trying on the luxurious furs and feeling the weight and warmth of them on my shoulders. I finally decided on a full-length black mink. As I stood admiring myself in the mirror, I felt dizzy. The lining was smooth and made a delicious whooshing sound as I walked. I felt as though I were inside a big, dark, warm womb and my crotch was begging for attention. I paid for the coat, hailed a cab and headed home, feeling hot and sexy. Reaching my apartment, I shed my clothes, put the black mink over my naked shoulders, grabbed a bottle of champagne out of the icebox and headed to visit Rex, my occasional beau and frequent lover. Rex lives in a duplex on the other side of my building, and in order to get to his door, I had to take the elevator down to the first floor. There were two young men already in it, and from the looks of their jeans, they immediately sprouted hard- ons—but I imagine I was quite a sight, decked out in nothing but my fur and heels, my face flushed, clutching my bottle of Veuve Cliqout Pousardin. And considering what I pay my hairdresser, I knew my streaked hair looked great disheveled. I was glad the ride lasted only a few minutes; I don’t know what would have happened if I’d had to stay in the elevator much longer, but the young men exited, looking longingly, and I rode up to the top floor in the other elevator. I dashed out the door, my breasts spilling out into the open, and rang Rex’s bell, praying he was home.

Rex came to the door almost at once. He had just returned from work and had taken his jacket off, but he still had on his charcoal-gray pin-striped pants, his white shirt and his dark-red suspenders. His salt-and-pepper hair was greased back in the “Wall Street savage” look, and his eyes lit up behind his wire-rimmed glasses as I let the front of my coat open to reveal my nakedness in all its glory. “Pleasant surprise, dear,” Rex said in his deep, New England-accented voice. I sighed. I was beyond words, I wanted nothing more than to lie down on the floor and have Rex fuck me instantly. I offered him the bottle of champagne with shaky hands, and he took it, saying, “Later.” He drew me close, his mouth sucking me into him. His tongue was like a dart of fire. I felt the fur being crushed beneath his hands as he pulled me to him. The softness of the fur and the hardness of Rex’s muscular body made my head spin. I could feel his prick stiffen as my pelvis rocked into him. I pushed the silk suspenders off his shoulders and unbuttoned his shirt. The dark hair on his chest pressed against my bosom, and its coarseness contrasted with the fineness of the fur’s pile. I unzipped his trousers and his cock flopped out, the head pushing out from beneath the corona of skin. He stepped out of his pants and stood naked, clutching me to him, his cock pressed against me. I quivered, wanting his inside. He walked me to the center of the living room, drew my wonderful mink off my shoulders, spread it on the carpet and spread me on top of it. The mink was everywhere—cushioning me, tickling me. His cock entered me, filling me up. He pushed his thick, uncut penis deep inside my pussy while my thighs tingled from the prickly pelt on his legs. My cunt was hot, my shoulders perfectly encased in soft, warm luxury as Rex thrust into me.

I could smell the sex heating up. It mixed with the subtle musk of the new fur. The beautiful, downy cushion of elegance that I’d dreamed about for so long became my very mattress of lust. I saw the glint in Rex’s eye as he delighted in my fantasy come true. He smiled at the sight of me—my long legs spread across the perfectly matched pelts, my hair tousled and my pussy exposed, begging for relief. He burrowed into me as I reached a fever pitch of hot desire. My body tingled with the delectable sensations of finery and fucking. Everything was close and warm and wet. Rex bellowed as his orgasm drew near, and I felt the veins in his thick cock expand. My own orgasm sent my whole body into shudders. Fucking naked on top of my full-length fur on the floor, I came, screaming, loving it. Rex was coming, his cock filling me. Afterward we lay, locked together in the afterglow of our rich and glorious lovemaking for some time. Rex smiled and said, “That’s one hell of a nice house call.” I laughed, clamping down on his cock still inside me, as we enjoyed the moment. Rex listened as I described the fulfillment of my desire. As I admitted my growing infatuation with this fur, his cock began to stiffen again inside me. We began another ride, slower this time. Rex rose above me and tickled my cheek with the collar of the coat, then sank his hard-on deep inside me. He pulled me up on all fours and entered me from behind, his cock finding a new venue of hot, willing cunt. His vigorous strokes jammed my breasts into the tickling fur. We thrashed and I gasped as the down slid across my ass. Fine fur stroked my ass as I again felt the stirring of an orgasm. A profound quake tore through my body as Rex pounded into me from behind, his cock making magic inside me. Tensing my cunt, I gripped him and nuzzled his arm, breathing in the aroma of the fur. I came in rainbows. My toes spread out, distended; I bit the fur, thrashed in its enveloping softness, and then screamed—as my body went limp.

It wasn’t too long after that night that I received a package at home from a well-known furrier. I ripped the wrappings off immediately and tore open the box to reveal a lovely cream-colored antique cape made of lynx. The fur was thicker and somewhat coarser than my mink, but truly delicious. I held it to my face and smelled its subtle fragrance. The musk was missing, but in its place was a hint of something sweet and slightly oily, something mysterious and sexy. Perhaps it was my imagination, but I could swear I smelled the sweet/acrid smell of sex about the cape. I pressed it to my breasts as I read the accompanying note: “If I had known that the key to your heart and pussy lies beneath a carpet of fur, I would have had my castle built with the finest pelts the world has to offer. Now bring your beautiful wanton ass over here to me at once, Rex.” I laughed at the outrageous gesture. I was tempted to try another flight in naked fur to the fortieth floor, but decided that the cape was too risky. I put on my best crepe de chine slip—peach-colored and complete with lacy bodice. Beneath it I wore my finest white satin panties. I pulled on a pair of nude silk stockings, using a silly pair of diamond-clustered garters to hold them. Slipping on slightly stacked white kid-leather heels, I grabbed the lynx cape and headed for the penthouse. Rex’s door was open when I arrived. This time he was ready with the champagne. A bottle of Perrier-Jouet sat in a silver ice bucket next to a glorious display of freesia and calla lilies. Rex led me to his good Louis XVI chair and poured me a glass of the bubbly. I sipped and sighed as Rex drank in my silk, satin, and soft fur-covered body and relaxed.

Rex wasted no time undressing; he threw off his Italian jogging suit and stood solid, naked and hard. Kneeling before me, he had his head on my chest and felt the smoothness of the tangerine chenille. Slipping his hand around my neck, he rubbed the lynx against the smooth skin of my throat, and I felt my crotch respond with sudden heat. He slipped my shoulder straps down and pulled down my bodice, and I felt the fur against my bare shoulders and back. His tongue slithered against my belly, teasing me, as the cape teased my back. I stood and pushed the slip over my hips and let it fall to the floor. As I towered over this handsome silver- haired man, my cunt felt moist and wonderful beneath the smooth satin panties. Rex nuzzled my foot and ankle and crawled slowly up my leg, which was still incased in its silk stocking. I petted the fur as I watched Rex ascend and get closer and closer to my pussy. With his hard cock throbbing between his legs, he began tentatively exploring the lace about my panties, then pulled them down with his teeth until they reached the diamond-studded garters. I was fueled with desire and reached down and pushed my panties to the floor. Rex knelt before me, breathing in, and I nuzzled the fur in order to breathe its rich and erotic odor. As I drew in the strangely pleasant smell, Rex’s tongue tunneled into my vagina. I clutched the cape to me in ecstasy as my body shuddered. He continued his stroking with great finesse, finding the jewel of my longing and bathing it with affection. This exquisite treatment of my burning clitoris brought me closer and closer to orgasm, and I became unsteady on my heels. Feeling me sway, Rex reached up and pulled me down to a seated position on the chair. Just as I sat, the cape fell from my shoulders and landed beneath me, and I landed bare-assed on the fine pelt. It’s slightly coarse down felt prickly on my naked ass. I felt my pubic hair against Rex’s face as he licked me to orgasm. I pulled the sides of the cape around my thighs as Rex brought me nearer and nearer to orgasm.

I clenched my spread legs together about his head as I felt the flash of lightning between my legs. I lurched forward and the fur stroked my behind even more, and I continued coming with greater force. Rex sucked my rich love liquid as I gripped my new fur in a tight embrace about me, pulling it toward Rex’s ears while my body shook spasmodically. Coming in fur. I loved the sensation of it sticking into the crack of my ass with Rex and his magic tongue deep inside my pussy. With eyes half closed I saw jewels before me as the consummate sun of fulfillment set upon my shivering frame. Oh, fine fur….lust is thy name. My head was spinning from my orgasm and I lay back in the chair, satisfied. There have been other men and other rich, sensuous experiences—moments where voluptuous furs have softened the frenzy of fucking a long, hard cock. One of my favorite memories of fur-enhanced sex concerns a tall, rich Texan who held my pussy with the arm of a silver mink he’d given me as a joke to lure me into pleasing him. We were both feeling good after a celebratory lunch. I had won a very big case for him and saved him a fortune. Wallace spent the entire meal trying to entice me to his hotel room. He joked that diamonds were a girl’s best friend, but I replied that diamonds, though nice, could leave a good Northern girl cold. He thought I was just putting him off, but I had an eye for the six-feet-four-inch, sandy-haired millionaire with the funny drawl. He did everything short of begging me when I finally told him he needed to cool down. I suggested that a walk would do him some good.

We strolled along the avenue and I admired the display windows of the exclusive boutiques. Wallace kept his eye on me as I took in the baubles and bangles that delighted my senses. It wasn’t until we passed a shop that had a fine silver mink in the window that I paused long enough to draw Wallace’s attention to the object of my desire. Although I had no intention of having Wallace buy me the fur, I couldn’t control my natural attraction to the shiny silver jacket. Wallace wasted little time dragging me into the store. I argued for half a second, thinking about the ethical implications of accepting such a gift from a client, but the truth was that the case was over and I had won, and won big. And it wouldn’t be that unusual for a client to reward an attorney with a gift. I let the saleswoman, who recognized an immediate sale, put the jacket on me. Wallace didn’t even pause; he paid for the oversized, glistening piece as I checked myself in the mirror. The heft of the coat was incredible, yet it made me look so slender. The color was exquisitely beautiful. It was really an unusual piece, and I loved it. And I felt my pussy respond instantly. Still, I wasn’t ready to give in to this fun-but-pushy over-grown rancher so quickly. The saleswoman wrapped the fur up and Wallace carried it out, smiling from ear to ear. “Well, hell, Melody, you don’t have to go to bed with me if you don’t want to, but there’s not a sensible reason on earth why you shouldn’t accept this gift in the spirit in which it’s being given.”

I said nothing but didn’t refuse when he invited me to his room for a drink. I went with him to his suite and poured myself a bit of twelve-year-old scotch and made myself comfortable on the sofa. Wallace unwrapped the jacket and presented it to me. I couldn’t resist its nearly fluorescent lure. The hair was deep and long and shimmering, and I held it to my cheek and slowly pressed the long bristles against me. Slightly damp between the legs anyway, I sighed, kicked off my heels and looked up at the tall Texan, whose crotch looked like a saddle horn. The giant know between his legs looked incredibly sexy, and I scooted out of my skirt and unbuttoned my blouse without saying a word. “Well, my goodness,” Wallace drawled. He pulled the jacket away from me, and I tugged back at it, not wanting to let it go. He had meant to get it out of the way, but when I clung to it he decided I was being playful, and he wanted to be game. He held the jacket with one hand as he undressed himself with the other. I was now tickling my naked breasts with the long, stiff fluff of the coat and enjoying the sight of Wallace’s striptease. When he finally shed his shorts, his cock took my breath away. I had never seen anything like it. Wallace massaged his dick as he pulled on the jacket, leading me with it into the bedroom. “Come on, now, Melody, you know y’all got my dander up now. There ain’t no turnin’ back.” So I allowed myself to be swept off to the bedroom with the sleeve of the fine fur. Wallace continued to tease me with it, and I was getting extremely hot. As I leaned back on the bed, I spread my legs and Wallace brushed my pussy with the fur and my entire body responded with a delectable shiver.

Wallace enjoyed my unexpected wantonness, and his cock stood out like a flagpole as he continued teasing my nipples, underarms and pussy with the striking silver mink. This furry stroking drove me wild. I was writhing in ecstasy as Wallace’s free hand began to explore my vagina. He was still dangling the fur across my pussy as he gently probed with his finger up and down my labia. He found my clitoris as a wisp of shimmery fur swept across my bare belly and I came explosively, delightfully. Head back, pelvis arching, I nearly threw Wallace off the bed. He petted me gently until I calmed down. He then placed the fur alongside me and entered me with his long cock. I didn’t believe he could get the whole thing inside me. I felt it filling my pussy more and more, until finally he was pumping away, his entire cock sliding deliciously in and out. I enjoyed the fucking and pushed my pelvis toward him to receive him. I was aware of the fine fur lying beside me as I began coming again, the giant dick deep inside my burning pussy, probing and pushing all my favorite buttons. Thinking of the same exquisite silver mink so recently in the window of that fine shop now tickling my pussy pushed me right over the brink. Wallace’s prodigious cock bedazzled me, showering me with tremors of joy that built steadily with each stroke.

Wallace was fucking furiously as I clutched him tightly. He gave a giant hoot, and I felt his hot come. A geyser of love spewed inside me as I writhed and shivered underneath him. A million-dollar orgasm, I thought dreamily as we rocked gently back to earth. An overwhelming erotic admiration for fur continues to enhance my sexual life. Sensual, tactile extravagance that it is, it brings delight to my partners as they enjoy my pleasures along with me. Rex has continued to be a steady and appreciative lover. Neither of us is ready to make a commitment to exclusivity, though Rex has been hinting that there may be some special offering along those lines in the near future. He knows me well enough that although he may indeed mean a ring, I secretly hope he means sable.