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Re: Gaming

Postby red_fox » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:13 pm

I found my horizontal case and now I'm, erm, converting it to an ATX. It was a K6-II 350 before, I'm planning to plug it to my tv, since it is CRT and it has S-Video to play some light things and old games W10 isn't capable of play.

I miss Matt Hoffmans Pro BMX and Grand Prix 3
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Re: Gaming

Postby paul2809 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:09 am

Ive been playin WarRobots on the Ipad... Pretty intense game....

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Re: Gaming

Postby Smothered_In_Furs » Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:35 pm

Been playing Terraria on my pc for a while now.

Pretty addicting.

I keep dying -_-

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Re: Gaming

Postby Drew20 » Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:09 am

tonias wrote:
Alyssa wrote:
hypnomink wrote:So I took a long sabbatical from gaming, like four or five years of time, only playing with a friend at his house from time to time as a social thing. He finally convinced me to make a steam account early in the summer, which I used to play the original Witcher (I like some of the books) and which then sat dormant until the finale of Twin Peaks The Return, when I started craving more surreal mystery and learned there were games influenced by the original run of the show.

I found an inexpensive download code online for Alan Wake and played through that, loved it, and have been getting back into games since then, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Life is Strange, and Deadly Premonition being three others that I got and have played on 360. On Steam, I got into games like Virginia, Oxenfree, and Kentucky Route Zero. I still have yet to play Dear Esther, Firewatch, Kona, Stories Untold, and my latest and most anticipated purchase Night in the Woods, but I have them lined up to play. Due to my love of film noir and pulp fiction, my friend recommended Fallout: New Vegas and L.A. Noire, so I got those in October and have been working through New Vegas slowly. This New Year, Microsoft had a big sale, and I got Dishonored, Silent Hill HD, Bioshock, Dragon Age: Origins, and The Wolf Among Us.

These are all the games I will be working through as my time permits throughout the year. I save my Steam for indie games, mainly, since I play them on my MacBook. Eventually, in the future, I would like to build a PC, like most of my friends have. Currently, the nice part of playing older games on my 360 has been how inexpensive they all are now.

On 360 I loved Mass Effect trilogy, and in my humble opinion Fallout 3 was much better than NV. Washington DC was damn atmospheric.

Definitely agree with Alyssa. Mass Effect 2 is still a game I keep revisiting. Fallout 3 has had several replays, as well. Never could get through a whole playthrough of NV for some reason.

For the record, flying through Sonic Mania on Steam at the moment. If you ever liked the original 90's Sonic the Hedgehog games for Genesis, this is a faithful tribute to those with a few enjoyable curve balls.

I also enjoyed other Bioware games like Dragon Age. The story and relationships are intense.
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